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Ron Querry


photograph: Elaine and Ron Querry, Puerto de Luna, New Mexico. 1984.

A Guide to the Ron Querry Papers
Collection 098
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Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Open for research
Preferred Citation: The Ron Querry Papers, Southwestern Writers Collection, Texas State University-San Marcos
Acquisition Information: Donated by Ron Querry
Processing Information: Processed by Amy D. Besa, Ashley Castillo, Katherine L. Koebbe, and Roger Wade, 2009

Biographical Sketch

Ronald B. Querry (1943- ) is an internationally-acclaimed, American author and member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  Querry was in the Marine Corps during the 1960s and, after his term of service, studied English at the University of Oklahoma.   Querry later earned his Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of New Mexico in 1975.  His dissertation, titled “The American Prison as Portrayed in Popular Motion Pictures of the 1930’s,” examined myths and realities in twenty-one popular motion pictures.   Querry has taught and lectured at colleges and universities across the United States and served as writer-in-residence at the University of Oklahoma and the Amerind Foundation in Arizona.  In addition, he has taught and lectured at the Seminar in Native American Studies at Comune di Spello, Provincia di Prugia, Italy;  Étonnants Voyageurs, Festival International du Livre, Saint-Malo, France; and at a chapter of PEN International in Mexico.  In addition to being an accomplished author and scholar, Querry has also served as the Associate Dean of Education at the Penitentiary of New Mexico, as a rancher, and a racing official for the American Quarter Horse Association.  

Of mixed Native American and European American descent, many of Querry’s writings depict the intersection of white and native worlds.  He is the author of two novels, The Death of Bernadette Lefthand, winner of the 1993 Border Regional Library Association Southwest Book Award and the 1994 Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association Regional Book Award, and Bad Medicine, both of which have been translated and published in French and German.  Querry is also the author of the juvenile non-fiction work Discrimination: Native Americans Struggle for Equality, a memoir entitled I See by My Get-Up, and a collection of works titled Growing Old at Willie Nelson’s Picnic and Other Sketches of Life in the Southwest.  He has also contributed numerous articles to newspapers and magazines.   

Scope and Content Note

The Ron Querry Papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, books, literary journals, VHS and audiocassette tapes, photographs, magazines, newsprint, pamphlets, as well as memorabilia.  The Southwestern Writers Collection acquired his papers in 2009 from the author, and it covers the author’s career from his childhood writings, to published works, and his travels related to his career.  His wife Elaine Querry is a photographer with whom he collaborated, is present throughout his papers.  She is in both his personal letters and has contributed photographs.  The papers have a strong southwestern theme, and as a registered member of the Choctaw tribe, include many materials on Native Americans.

The collection is divided into eight series and is arranged by subject or material.  The author’s correspondence comprises the first series.  All material associated with Querry’s published works is in the second series, which comprises the bulk of the collection.  The series containing published works is further divided by correspondence, research and notes, drafts, galley proofs, final copies, and publicity, where applicable.  Other writings make up the fourth series, followed by photographs in the fifth series and audiovisual materials in the sixth series. Artifacts are contained in the seventh series and oversized materials in the eighth series.

Notable objects in the collection include materials related to fellow authors Larry L. King, N. Scott Momaday, and Leslie Marmon Silko; Querry’s application for admission into the Choctaw Nation, and signed copies of his published works.

Querry kept correspondence with several authors, photographers, translators, and presses.  His letters illuminate the life of a professional writer and provide a window into Native American culture and activism.

Series Descriptions

Series I: Correspondence, 1952-2004, undated
Boxes 1-7

The series includes subseries of certificates, legal documents (including publisher correspondence), financial (limited financial documents), notes/story ideas (may provide insight into story generation process), personal papers (includes contacts and calendars), publicity (primarily interviews), readings, and general correspondence (identified by individual or sorted chronologically).

Series II: Published Works, 1980-2004, undated
Boxes 7-19

This series consists of correspondence, notes and research material, draft manuscripts, final copies, and publicity related to Querry’s five major books. Each subseries is divided further when necessary, either topically or by medium.  For example, correspondence may include personal- and publisher-related letters, contracts, permissions, and/or financial documents related to his books and notes and research material may contain newspaper clippings, journal articles, books, VHS tapes, and/or government bulletins.  Of special note is that Querry has signed most of the final copies.  Additional material on his published works may be found in the audiovisual and oversized materials series.

Series III: Other Writings, 1951-2006, undated
Boxes 19-21

This series includes Ron Querry’s early works and book ideas, such as an early attempt at autobiography, his dissertation from the University of New Mexico, book proposals, and titled sketches.  Also included are published short works in newspapers, journals, magazines, and unidentified articles, and book reviews and papers relating to the Choctaw Nation, for example correspondence relating to The Second Trail of Tears (book), documents concerning “Trail of Tears Commerative Walk,” and Choctaw ephemera and research materials.

Series IV: Subject Files, 1976-1977, undated
Boxes 21 and 22

This series contains correspondence, texts, documents, and photographs relating to William Eastlake, Larry L. King, and Elaine Querry.  Also includes materials relating to “Walk Tall America” and the American Quarter Horse Association.

Series V: Images, 1959-2003, undated
Box 22

This series consists of photographs from  the Querry’s trip to Havana, Cuba and Brittany (France) and various negatives and photographs, and photographs featured in Redneckin’: A Hell-raisin’, Foot-Stompin’ Guide to Dancin’, Dippin’ and Doin’ Around in a Gen-U-Wine Country Way (1983).  

Series VI: Audiovisual Materials, 1987-1994, undated
Box 23

This series consists of VHS and audiocassette tapes.  These tapes feature broadcasts about Ron Querry and other authors and readings by Ron Querry and other authors.  Also included is music by Larry L. King.

Series VII: Artifacts, 1984, undated
Boxes 23 and 24.

This series contains a scrotal sac and an accompanying photograph of a calf being castrated.  Also included are fan gifts, such as a “lefthand” charm, a “New Age” crystal, and artwork in beaded frame.  In addition, this series contains a “Bullie Bag” and associated documentation.

Series VIII: Oversized Materials, 1960-1997, undated
Boxes 25 and 26 and folder in map case

This series includes images of Ron Querry, newspapers with articles by and about Ron Querry, and a book jacket proof for Le Dernier Pow Wow (The Death of Bernadette Lefthand).  This series also contains posters for Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association events, signed publicity posters for The Death of Bernadette Lefthand, and posters signed with inscriptions by Larry L. King and Molly Ivins.        

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Correspondence

    Certificates, 1953-1994

1     1    University of New Mexico transcript, elementary school track, Colorado State University (College of Veterinary Medicine), Border Regional Library Association, Selective Service Card, Domain of Neptune, Corrections Dept. Penitentiary of New Mexico.

    Legal, 1982-2004

1    2    Publishers correspondence (alphabetical), mostly refusals.
1    3    Contracts, Southwest Montage, Elaine Querry Book of Photographs.
1    4    Vicinanza Agency, John Hawkins Associates.
1    5    Choctaw.  Includes Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood.    

    Financial, 1982-1999

1    6    Royalty Statements – University of Oklahoma Press, Red Crane Books.
1    7    Receipts – Mexico.
1    8    IRS – international matters.
1    9    Financial Journals.

    Notes/Story Ideas, 1989-1997, undated

1    10    Titled sketches. Undated.  See also Other Writings series for more titled sketches.  Also includes 1989 journal.
2    1    Southwest Montage, others undated.
2    2    “Serving Suggestions” (a novel in progress), 1990.
2    3    Notes for talk at PEN International and Center for Creative Photography, on writing Bernadette, others.  Also correspondence for Tucson Talking Pictures.

     Personal Papers, 1990, 1993

2    4    Business cards, newspaper clippings, rolodex cards
2    5    Calendars 1990, 1993


2    6    Interview materials

    Readings, 1992-1997

2    7    Readings (chronological)
2    8    Personal reviews.  1992-1997.

    General, 1983-2004

2    9    D. Birchfield (Choctaw writer).
2    10    Choctaw Writer’s Guild, Moccasin Telegraph.
3    1    Don Watt, Craig Womack, Larry Watson, Philip Red-Eagle, Bloomsbury Review.
3    2    Larry L. King.
3    3    Raven Chronicles.
3    4    University of Oklahoma Press, August 1990-June, 2004
3    5    Salem Press.  Primary correspondent is John Wilson.   
3    6    Correspondence.  1983 – 1997.
3    7    Correspondence with family and friends.  1985 – 1995.
4    1    Correspondence.  1983 – 1998, Texas Tech University, Center for Creative Photography, emails.  


4    2    Santa Fe Writer’s Conference, University of Arizona Writing Works Center    
4    3    American Indian Encyclopedia, Tucson College, Chicago Tribune
4    4    PEN New Mexico
4    5    Returning the Gift Indian Writers Conference
4    6    SOMOS
4    7    Western Writers of America


5    1    Bermuda
5    2    Bulgaria
5    3    France –Danielle Laurelle
5    4    Saint Malo, ephemera    
5    5    Saint Malo, event correspondence
5    6    France – Morlaix

5    7    France – Morlaix, L’Express
5    8    France - Paris
5    9    France – Publicity
5    10    France – French Photo Book Project
6    1    Germany
6    2    Germany – Publicity
6    3    Germany – Isabel Schneider Dissertation
6    4    Italy – Spello
6    5    Mexico
6    6    Mexico – Notes
6    7    Mexico – Notes and Sketches
7    1    Europe 1995 – 1996
7    2    Foreign Rights
7    3    Miscellaneous

Series II: Published Works

    Growing Old at Willie Nelson’s Picnic and Other Sketches of Life in Southwest

        Correspondence, 1982-1983

7    4    Personal and Publisher Correspondence.              
7    5    Permissions.
7    6    Contracts.  One publishing contract with Texas A & M University Press. 1982.
7    7    Notes and Receipts.

        Manuscripts, undated

8    1    Corrected galley proof with post-its attached.  162 pages plus appendix.

        Final Copies, 1983

8    2    Final copy (1983), signed by Ron Querry, N. Scott Momaday, Larry L. King, Larry McMurtry, Kirk Purcell, Leslie Marmon Silko, William Eastlake, and Lawrence Wharton.  277 pages.  

        Publicity, 1983-1985

8    3    Book reviews.  Newspaper and magazine book reviews, several enclosed in magnetic photo album pages.

        Images, 1982-1983

8    4    Documentation: fee guidelines, copies of images, and source and placement information.
8    5    Photographs
9    1    Original sketch of cow eating.  No artist or date listed.

    I See by My Get-Up
        Book of Days, 1985

9    2    A Book of Days for the Literary Year (1985).  With Querry annotations.  

        Correspondence, 1985-2000
9    3    Personal and Publisher correspondence.  
9    4    Contracts.  1986, 1993.

        Manuscripts, 1983, undated

9    5    “Manuscript pieces for Get-Up.”
9    6     Draft, edited by Larry L. King, with edited forward by Larry L. King.  Also includes copy edit print version.  82 pages.
9    7    Copy-edited manuscript.  203 pages.  
9    8    Final manuscript. 205 pages.  Includes letter from John Nichols dated July 22, 1986.    

        Final Copies, 1987, 1994

10    1    Hardcover first edition (1987).  Inscription to Elaine and Ron Querry by Bill Gersh (artist commissioned to paint the cover image).  Includes photograph of Bill Gersh taken by Elaine Querry.  151 pages.
10    2    One paperback first edition (1987) signed by Ron Querry.  151 pages.  Also, one paperback reprint edition (1994) signed by Ron and Elaine Querry.  151 pages plus afterword.
        Publicity, 1987-1996

10    3    Newspaper articles and announcements, 1988-1994.
10    4-5    Book reviews, 1987-1996.


10    6    Images and photographs.
10    7    Photograph case.

    Discrimination: Native Americans Struggle for Equality
        Final Copies, 1992

11    1    Two signed hardcover copies (1992).  103 pages.
    The Death of Bernadette Lefthand
        Correspondence, 1989-2004

11    2    Personal and publisher correspondence.  Correspondents include Carol Caruthers, Renee Gregorio, Richard Haywood, Jim Mafchir, and Michael and Marianne O’ Shaughnessy. 1991-2001.
11    3    Royalty statements and receipts.  1993-2004.
11    4    Permissions.  1992.
11    5    Contracts with Doubleday, Bantam Books, and Red Crane Books. 1989-1998.

        Research Material, 1980-1988, undated

11    6    Newspaper articles.  
11    7    One hardcover copy of When Buffalo Free the Mountains (1980).  With inscription to Ron and Elaine from “Nancy Wood.”  293 pages.
11    8    One hardcover copy of Bordertowns (1988).  Includes tabs on particular photographs.

        Manuscripts, 1989, undated

12    1    First draft (1989), titled “The Killing of Bernadette Lefthand.”  225+ pages.
12    2    Copy-edited manuscript with corrections.  298 pages.
12    3    Corrected galleys proof.  308 pages.
13    1    Page proofs.

        Final Copies, 1993

13    2    Advanced reading copy, signed by Ron Querry, March 22, 1993 in Norman Oklahoma.  218 pages.
13    3    One hardcover copy of the first edition, signed by Ron Querry, 6/10/1993 in Taos.  218 pages.
13    4    Two signed paperback copies (1993).  One copy is published by Bantam Books and the other is published by Red Crane books.  Bantam Books copy is 218 pages.  Red Crane copy is 214 pages.  
13    5    French translation (1993), titled Le Dernier Pow Wow.  Signed by “Danielle” with inscription.  260 pages.
13    6    Two copies of the German translation (1993), titled Das Kurze Leben der Bernadette Lefthand.  One copy is a hardcover and signed by Querry and with inscription by Bernd Samland.  The other copy is signed by Querry.  

        Publicity, 1992-1998

13    7    General publicity.  Includes publisher publicity, bookstore publications, Publishers Weekly articles, and other materials.  1993-1997.
14    1    Newspaper and journal reviews. 1993-1996, undated.  
14    2    Correspondence concerning endorsements by authors. 1992.        
14    3    Review requests. 1993, undated.
14    4    Related events: awards ceremonies (Mountain Plains and Border Regional Library Association), book signings, and book readings.  1993-1994, undated.
14    5    Press releases.  Undated.
14    6    Publisher catalogs. 1993-1998.

        Amerind Exhibit, 1995, undated

14    7    Materials for Amerind Foundation exhibit, “Imagining ‘The Death of Bernadette Lefthand’: A Collaboration of Words and Images,” opening “August 15.”  Includes placard text, notes by Elaine Querry, revision to “promotional copy” by Anne Woosley (1995).  All other materials undated.  

    Bad Medicine

        Correspondence, 1997-2003

14    8    Publisher correspondence.  Correspondents include Christine Brooks, Beverly Lewis from Bantam Books, Sharon Friedman, Peter Wilfert from Wolfgang Kruger Verlag, PEN New Mexico Publications Committee, and Chris Lotts and others at Bantam Books.  1997-1998, 2003.
14    9    Draft correspondence.  Correspondents include Sharon Friedman and Beverly Lewis. 1997.  
14    10    Personal correspondence.  Correspondents include Tony Hillerman, Silvia Foster, and Colonel Frank Smith.  1997-1999. Also includes Beverly Lewis memorial notice.  1999.  
14    11    Contracts.  Bantam Books, John W. Hawkins & Associates, Inc., Ralph M. Vicinanza, Ltd., Wolfgang Kruger Verlag, and La Presses de la Cite.  1993-1998.
14    12    Expenses and advances.  Ralph M. Vicinanza, Ltd. and Bantam Books.  1998-1999.

        Research Materials, 1977-1997

15    1-2    Audiovisual materials.  Three VHS tapes, titled “48 Hours: In the Danger Zone” (8/31/94), “Hot Zone/Day 1” (2/23/95), and “Hantavirus.” Undated.
15    3    Navajo Taboos (1982), signed by author Eric Bulow.  65 pages.  
15    4-5    Newspaper articles.  1990; 1993-1997.
15    6    Journal articles.  1977; 1993-1996.        
16    1    News bulletins from government agencies and others.  1993-1994.
16    2    Miscellaneous research materials: map of Navajo and Hopi Nation (1992), library book call numbers written on index cards, postcard from El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico, and “How to Protect your Family from the Hantavirus.” Undated, publisher unknown.  
16    3    Notes for text.  Undated.

        Manuscripts, 1997, undated

16    4    First draft.  45 pages.  Includes notes for text.

        First draft, edited by Beverly Lewis  (in 2 folders)

16    5    Pages 1-174.  Includes correspondence with Sharon Friedman (Ralph M. Vicinanza, Ltd. and Beverly Lewis.  Folder 1 of 2.
17    1    Pages 175-474.  Folder 2 of 2.
17    2    Copy-edited manuscript.  479 pages.  Includes “fictional calendar of events” and page layouts/settings copy.    
        Final draft (in 2 folders)

17    3    Pages 1-137.  Includes letter to Sharon Friedman (March 13, 1997).  Folder 1 of 2.
18    1    Pages 138-495.  Folder 2 of 2.     

18    2    Galley proof.  317 pages.

        Final Copies, 1998-1999

18    3    Signed advanced reading copy (1998).  316 pages.
18    4    Two signed final copies in English (1998).  Paperback has note laid in from Beverly Lewis. 316 pages.   Hardcover has a letter laid in from Christine Brooks. 316 pages.    
19    1    Signed French translation (1999), titled La Tablette Sacrée.  Published by Presses de la Cité.  344 pages.  
19    2    One paperback and one hardcover signed German translations (1999), titled Der Tanz des Kojoten.  Published by Wolfgang Kruger Verlag.  Both paperback and hardcover editions are 349 pages.

        Publicity, 1998, 2001

19    3    Publicity.  Includes book reviews and Bantam “New Titles” list.  1998, 2001.  

Series III: Other Writings

    Early Works and Book Ideas, 1951-1991, undated

19    4    Childhood writings.  “An early attempt at ‘Autobiography’” (1951).
19    5    Dissertation. “The American Prison as Portrayed in Popular Motion Pictures of the 1930’s.” University of New Mexico, May 1975.  
19    6    Book proposal for “Getting Here and Then There.” Undated.  Pages 4-33.  Includes documents from Salem Press, calendar of events for Native American Recognition Week (1991), chapter outlines, suggested illustrations/maps, and two envelopes dated 1987.
Series III: Other Writings, continued.        

        “Sketches (Mexico mainly).”  
20    1    Book proposal for “Lidia” (“Bullfight novel”) and “Mexico” manuscript (56 pages). Undated.
20    2    Letters (1989-1991) and titled sketches. Undated.

    Published Short Works, 1956-2000, undated

20    3    Newspaper articles.  1977-1991. Publications include Chicago Tribune, Dallas Times Herald, Taos News, FTen Forum, and Viva Newspaper.
20    4    Journal and magazine articles.  1956-1995, undated.    
20    5-6    Magazine articles, flagged.  1973-1989, 2000.     
21    1    Unidentified articles. 1983, undated.
21    2    Book reviews.  1991-1992.

    Choctaw Papers, 1825-2006

21    3    Contract correspondence for The Second Trail of Tears.  1991-1992.
21    4    Correspondence for The Second Trail of Tears. Correspondents include Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma Press, and others.  1991-1993.
21    5    Documents concerning “Trail of Tears Commerative Walk.”  Includes, letters, pamphlets, newspaper articles, flyers, and other ephemera.  1991-1992.  
21    6    Choctaw ephemera.  
21    7    Research material.  1825-1995. Photocopies of historical documents, scholarly articles, magazine articles, and handwritten notes.
21    8    Research on Mississippi Choctaw.  1961, 1992.  Newspaper articles and programs.
21    9    Rough drafts.  Undated.  Chapters sent in by different authors.
21    10    Native Writer’s Circle of the Americas.  1993-1995. Directory and pamphlets.
21    11    Choctaw Nation Documents.  1903-2006. Photocopies of historical documents, applications for membership, voter registration, letters.  
21    12    Choctaw Nation Ancestral Documents.  1898-1906. Photocopied historical documents.  

Series IV: Subject Files, 1976-1997, undated
21    13    William Eastlake.  1990-1993. Annotated bibliography of Eastlake’s work, rough draft of Querry’s introduction to the annotated bibliography, correspondence, and Eastlake’s obituary.  
22    1    Larry L. King. Texts.  1983-1986. Plays written by King.
22    2    Larry L. King.  Articles about King.  1985-1994.
22    3    Elaine Querry.  Photographs in magazines and document concerning Saint-Malo Exhibit.  1988-1990; 1997.
22    4    Walk Tall America ephemera.  1978-1983. Bowling shirt, photograph of Querry, letter dated 1983, and certificate dated 1978.
22    5    American Quarter Horse Association documents, press badge, membership cards, postcard, and business card.  1976-1984.

Series V:  Images, 1959-2003, undated

22    6    Havana, Cuba photographs.  February 1999.
22    7    Brittany photographs.  1997.  “Photos of Peter and Sabina (and us) on our drive through Brittany after Saint-Malo.”  Includes a postcard from “Sabine and Peter.”
22    8    “Negatives-Various.”  Undated.
22    9    Various photographs.  1959-2003; undated.   Includes photographs of Ron and Elaine Querry, Nancy Griffith, Leslie Marmon Silko, Larry L. King, Larry McMurtry, John Nichols, N. Scott Momaday, and others.
22    10    Redneckin’: A Hell-raisin’, Foot-Stompin’ Guide to Dancin’, Dippin’ and Doin’ Around in a Gen-U-Wine Country Way (1983) with inscription on acknowledgment page.  175 pages.  Pages 112-113, 165, 170 flagged.

Series VI: Audiovisual Materials, 1987-1994, undated       

23    1-2    Five VHS tapes.  “Books and Company” (October 1994); “Books and Company – Ron Querry, #221”; “On Assignment, #2005” (November 4 and 7, 1987); “RQ/Sherman Alexie/Annie Hausen-Reading: Seattle” (11/1992); “Houston Live,” “On Assignment,” (11/4/1987) and “Arizona Illustrated” (7/15/1993) (all on one tape).
 23    3    Ten audiocassettes.  ‘Writing the Southwest: A Radio Documentary Series” John Nichols and Barbara Kingsolver (undated), two copies of  “Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public” (1994), “Ron Querry Reading Death of Bernadette Lefthand, 5/5/1994,” “Bad Medicine, Dr. Ron Querry” (undated),  “Kuat Feature with Ron Querry: ‘The Death of Bernadette Lefthand’-Aired 6/30/1993,” “Ron Querry: Arts Upbeat and Kuat Feature-Aired 6/30/1993 Tucson,” “The Death of Bernadette Lefthand, KSFR 98.7 FM,” “Music and Lyrics: Larry L. King, 1990.”

Series VII:  Artifacts, 1984, undated   

23    4    Fan gifts. Undated.  Metal “Lefthand” charm, “New Age” crystal, 2 x 3 picture of native man with beaded frame.
23    5    Scrotal sac and photograph of castration.  From Lake Ranch in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.  Note with sac reads, “I believe the first one I ‘cut’ during that summer of 1984…”  Photograph has quote from John Graves from “Nineteen Cows.”
24              “Personalized” Bullie Bag.  Includes article from New Mexico Horse Breeder titled “Bullie for Lewis Kinkead.”  August 1984.  

Series VIII: Oversized Materials

    Images, 1992-1997, undated.

25     1    One headshot of Ron, taken in Dragoon, Arizona by Ann-Simmons Meyers.
25    2    Photograph of “Ron, St. Malo, Mai 1997” by David Belicki.
25    3     Group photograph of native writers at “Returning the Gift: A Festival of North American Native Writers, University of Oklahoma, July 7-10, 1992.”
25    4    Photograph from Medicine River Photographic Expedition, with correspondence, release forms, and a copy of Hungry Mind Review.

    Newspapers and Book Jacket Proof, 1960-1997, undated.

26    1    Book jacket proof for Le Dernier Pow Wow (The Death of Bernadette Lefthand).  Undated.
26    2    Newspapers with articles by Querry.  1960-1997.
26    3    Newspapers with articles related to Querry.  1963-1993.

     Posters, 1988-1994
Map case    “The Night Hank Williams Died.”  Signed with inscription by Larry L. King.  2/29/1988.
         “What Does Molly Say?”  Signed with inscription by Molly Ivins.  April 30, 1994.
        Two copies of “The Death of Bernadette Lefthand.” Signed by Ron Querry.  Undated.
        Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association “Authors’ Banquet.”  March 19, 1994.
        Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association “1994 Regional Book Award Winners.” Signed by Ron Querry, Anna Castillo, Barbara Kingsolver, Larry Watson, Susan Lowell, N. Scott Momaday.