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Elaine Querry, Photographer

Elaine Querry

Elaine Querry is an award-winning fine art photographer. Her images have been used as cover art for books and publications in the United States and in Europe. Her photographs have been exhibited widely-- in France, Greece, Mexico, New York, and the southwestern U.S.

Her husband is author Ron Querry, whose literary papers are held at the Wittliff Collections.

The Wittliff also holds twenty-five 11x14” selenium toned silver gelatin prints from Elaine Querry’s “Native Dance Series.” Each image is signed, titled, and dated. The photographs were taken while Ron Querry was researching and writing his novel The Death of Bernadette Lefthand. The photos by Elaine Querry inform and elaborate on the book.

Elaine Querry: artist's website

Selected Images from Elaine Querry's "Native Dance Series"

Inventory of Photographs from the "Native Dance Series"

1. Sunset Grand Entry, 1986
2. Home Boys Dance, 1987
3. Beadwork, 1988
4. Jingle Dress Dancer, 1991
5. Following Footsteps, 1988
6. Mother & Infant, 1988
7. Intermission, 1987
8. Last Minute Instructions, 1986
9. Round Dance-Dulce Comes to Taos Pueblo, 1987
10. Through Their Songs, 1988
11. Summer of Watching, 1991
12. Lakota Fancy Dancer, 1986
13. Little Soldier, 1987
14. Taos Pueblo Fancy Dancer, 1988
15. Batgirl, 1986
16. Dream of Bernadette, 1986
17. Fast Food: Cornsicle, 1988
18. Final Touches, 1988
19. Sisters, 1991
20. Tailfeathers, 1991
21. Teepees, 1987
22. Jicarilla Rodeo Princesses Water Their Horses, 1988
23. At the Arena: Ropers Warm Up, 1988
24. Water Hole, 1988
25. Resting Moccasins, 1988