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Albert Huffstickler

Guide to the Albert Huffstickler Papers


Collection 087


4.5 linear feet

9 boxes plus oversize


Acquisition:  Gifts donated by Sylvia Manning.


Access:  Open for Research.


Processed by: Sylvia Manning, 2006

Series Descriptions:
Series I:           Early publication
Box 1 and 2: Materials as left by Huffstickler marked "Rare," by which he meant the earliest publications he still had.
Series II:          Huffstickler poetry and prose in [mostly] original format
Box 3, 4, 5: Typescripts of poems by alphabetical arrangement and early manuscripts.
(Box 5 includes early San Marcos material and ms. of Walking Wounded)
Box 6: Prose, by alphabetical arrangement, manuscript of novel (the bliss seekers), bibliographic material.
Box 7: Dreams and dream notebooks, examples.
Box 8, 9: Other notebook material, examples.
Series III:         Material written about and for Huffstickler.
Box 10: Reviews and articles, interviews, publicity, photographs, poems written for him.
Series IV:         Later work
Box 11: Press of Circumstance (house publishing)
Box 12: Readings, graphic art, posthumous miscellany
Box 13: Non-print recordings
Box 14: Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream
                        Box 20, 21, 22: Further representative publications
Series V:          Biographical
Box 15: Biographical material – family, health, finances, etc.
Box 16: Austin community and work, including Hyde Park material and UT library documents
Series VI:         Correspondence
Box 17, 18, 19: representative correspondence
Box 1:              “Rare” items
Box 1 has several items which were in a box which Huffstickler had marked with “Rare.” It includes a paperback Bee-line novel by Jackson Harmon (pseudonym which Bee-line Books often used for his contract-written erotica.) Although he wrote many, probably dozens, of these kind of novels for several different publishing houses, this is the only one he had in his papers. Other early publications included here are a 1957 issue of The Script, published by “The English Club” at Southwest Texas State Teachers College, San Marcos [now Texas State University], an issue of The Texas Quarterly from 1962, three issues of The Texas Observer from the 1960s.   This “Rare items” continues to Box 2 which has four issues of Cedar Rock, edited in nearby New Braunfels in the 1970’s.) Also in his “Rare” box were early examples of self-publishing that do not bear the Press of Circumstance publishing credit he would later use.
1-1           The Script: The College Literary Magazine. “An English Club Publication.” 1957. James Rouse, Ed. San Marcos: Southwest Texas State Teachers College. [story, Rabbity, pp. 31-35]
1-2           Artesian. Volume 7 Number 2. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Great Lakes Publishers, Autumn 1962. [story, Threshold, pp. 13-14]
1-3           Texas Quarterly. Winter, 1962. Harry H. Ransom, Ed. Austin: The University of Texas. [story, The Captain Lay Dying, pp. 100-111]
1-4           Poems, by Albert Huffstickler, illustrated by the author. Stapled chapbook. No date, but judged to be from early 1960’s. [7 poems: Beached (for L.); Yacht Basin, Ft. Myers; Young Woman; Genesis; Evening; River; Litany]
1-5           EPOS: a Quarterly of Poetry. (“The Work of American and British Poets.”) Volume 15, Number 4. Summer 1964. Crescent City, Florida. [poem, Old Woman, p. 6; poem, Emergency Room — Saturday Night, p. 7]
1-6           The Golden Lion. story in stapled chapbook format, gold paper, written by A.H., illustrated by Carol Burt (later Carol Huffstickler), 7 pgs. Austin, self-published, 1966?.
1-7           These. poems by Albert Huffstickler, “drawings by Carol Burt.” hand-lettered (on multilith?) broadsheet with four poems: Judgment, The Dream, Woman, Song. Austin: Ichthus Press, 1966?
1-8           Riata: “Student Literary Magazine of the University of Texas.” Fall 1967. Kirk Wilson, Ed. Austin: Texas Student Publications. [poem, Discovery Song, p. 64; poem, Back A Day (for C.), p. 65; poem, Doors, p. 67.]
1-9           The Texas Observer. Volume 58, Number 9. May 27, 1966. Austin: Texas Observer Co. [poem, Piedras Negras, p. 16.];
The Texas Observer. Volume 58, Number 13 July 22, 1966. Austin: Texas Observer Co. [“Four Poems,”— Retreat, Woman, Man, Lament — p. 14];
The Texas Observer. Volume 59, Number 25. December 22, 1967. Austin: Texas Observer Co. [poem, December, p. 12].
1-10         ARX. Volume II, Number 3. July, 1968. Austin: Summit Press. [poem, Study, p. 64]
1-11         ARX. Volume II, Number 7. November, 1968. Austin: Summit Press. [poem, Wanderman, p. 30]
1-12          Lesbo Teacher, by Jackson Harmon [Albert Huffstickler]. New York: Bee-line Books, c1969.
1-13         The Issue [Vista]. Franklin Harr, Ed. Austin: April, 1969. [poem, Elegy, p. 10]
1-14         People. “Albert Huffstickler wrote it. Rob Cogswell put it together. Austin, Texas, 1974.” [10 poems: A Birth; Elegy; My Father; My father, whose shadows were all blue; For Carlos; scene; Claude; For My Mother; vision; gull on a piling; The Guitar player who lost his arm] (This copy has “Merry Christmas, Valerie, from Huff” on title page.)
1-15         Christmas Hymn — 1975, written and published by Albert Huffstickler, with his artwork on cover. No verso publication information. Caligraphy and photocopy in blue.
1-16         A Dream and a Poem, by Albert Huffstickler. Verso: “limited edition on 200 copies, signed by the author. Printed in Austin, Texas by Express Press, February, 1975.”    single leaf folded, no staples.
1-17         2 Poems of New Mexico by Albert Huffstickler. small folded chap with To M. and North of Santa Fe. verso: “300 copies printed by Express Press, Austin, October, 1975”; hand-lettered and photocopied on gold-colored card stock.
1-18         The Rag. Volume IX No. 29. 11 June 1975. Austin. [poem, Dreamscape, in article p. 10]
1-19         The Windless Orchard. Issue 26. Summer 1976. Dr. Robert Novak, Ed. Fort Wayne, Indiana: [Indiana-Purdue University]. [poem, Three Pictures (Improvisations on a Dream I Can’t Remember), pp. 23-24]
1-20         Quê ME: homeland magazine.   Austin, 1977? [poem, Reunion, by “Al Huff,” but also with editorial note beginning “Our friend Albert Huffstickler…”, p. 5]
1-21         Poet Lore: A National Quarterly of World Poetry. Volume 72 Number 1. Spring 1977. Washington, D.C.: Heldref Publications. [poem, Karen, p. 29]
1-22         New Infinity Review. Volume IV, Number 13. Summer 1977. South Point, Ohio. [poem, The Snow (from a dream), p. 37]
1-23         Bird, by Albert Huffstickler. poem and potato print. “30 copies printed …” 1977?
1-24         Two Poems: Bogan & Huffstickler. [1 leaf, folded. Untitled poem by A.H. has “The mountains had stopped…” as first line. Verso states: “Cover by Cecile Bogan; 600 copies printed by The Texas Union Copy Shop, Austin, Texas, July, 1977.” Bears A.H. handwriting: “Mark from Huff July 25, 1977”] 4 copies.
1-25         Distance, by Albert Huffstickler and Mark Christal. small chapbook “published by the Down Home Press at the Texas Union Copy Center in Austin, Texas September 13, 1977.” [poems by A.H., The Runner, Rain Scene, Plaza Santa Fe, adios] (2 copies)
1-26         [Christmas poem on blue card stock with illustration]. “There was a night in Santa Fe/ when I faced my darkness in the falling snow./ Now, when I center,/ I feel the snow falling around me.” “—Huff/ Christmas, 1977”
[End of Box 1]
Box 2:               [Continuation of Box 1]
2-1        Cedar Rock: A Poetry Quarterly. Volume 2, Number 3. Summer, 1977. David C. Yates, Editor. New Braunfels, Texas. [poem, Man of War, p. 8]
2-2        Cedar Rock: A Poetry Quarterly. Volume 3, Number 1. Winter, 1978. [4 poems — Endoctrination and Cora Lee, Joseph, Father Form, She Will Dance, p. 13, with photograph of A.H. by Jim Richardson]
2-3        Cedar Rock: A Poetry Quarterly. Volume 3, Number 2. Spring, 1978. [poem, Reunion, p. 10]
2-4        Cedar Rock: A Poetry Quarterly. Volume 4, Number 4. Fall, 1979. [A.H.’s photograph by Jim Richardson on cover; 9 poems — The Witnesses, Ritual of Encounter, Little Girl Lost, Sleeping Girl, Lament for an Old Woman, Prospectus, Within the Circle, My Grandparents, Last Night at Shoal Creek Hospital — pgs.6-7]
2-5        Cedar Rock: A Poetry Quarterly. Volume 6, Number 1. Winter, 1981 [poem, “Nativity,” p. 16; Bob Gaskin review of The Remembered Light, p. 22].
2-6        Destination folded cardstock]. on verso: “published in Austin, Texas by the Down Home Press. 300 copies printed by the Texas Union Copy Shop, May, 1978. Peace.”
2-7        Mondo: a River City Journal. Volume one, Number three. September 1978.Austin: Orpheus Press. [17 poems: Mortal Remains, North of Santa Fe, Visionary, Two Old Men, Innocence, Supplicant, Good Friday Austin 1976, Study, Summer and Uncle Joe, Oyster Stew, Long Thoughts, Benediction, Dream, Epitaph for an Old Chinaman, Buck Jones Will Not be Back, Destination, Waiting for the Dance to Start]
2-8        An Exchange of Poems, by Albert Huffstickler and Eutychus Peterson. Austin: Abba Books and Broadsides, 1979. [by A.H., The Night Before Entering the Hospital; by Eutychus Peterson, Upon Hearing a Reading in Holy Cross Hospital] hand-bound hard cover, gold endsheets, hand-tooled title in gold.
2-9        Blind Alley. Volume I, Number 2. March, 1978. Edinburg, Texas: Blind Alley Press. [poem, p. 5, “Asylum.”]
2-10      River City Rising. “First Issue, Autumn 1978.” Austin: River City Publishing Company. [poem, “Secrets,” p. 34.]
2-11       New Mexico Humanities Review. Volume 2 Number 3, Fall 1979. Socorro, N.M. [poem, Friday Evening Poem, p. 18; poem, Stasis, p. 19.];
New Mexico Humanities Review. Volume 3 Number 1, Summer 1980. Socorro, N.M. [poem, At Whitestone Retirement Home, pgs. 74-75.]
2-12       Proof for poem, rosebud, 1976.
2-13      A Layer of Stone, chapbook, 1980
2-14      Manuscript(s) of Remembered Light, published by Slough Press, Edgewood TX 1980 (Chuck Taylor). Two versions: first, “To Bogan,” 12 leaves with title page; second, with handwritten change to title making it The Remembered Light;
with address change and inscription “To Valerie with Love” and publication acknowledgments, 25 leaves with title page etc.;
Copy of original version, The Remembered Light, Slough Press (Chuck Taylor), Edgewood TX, no date [1978?]
2-15      Proofs for Night Diner.
2-16      Published version of Night Diner;
spiral-bound [blue] ms. with production notes, “For Cogswell” written on cover then crossed out to become “For Rob Lewis” [who published Night Diner through Aileron Press, 1985]; galley and mock-up; letter between Rob Cogswell and Huffstickler.
[End of Box 2]
Box 3 :              Original typescripts, and hand-corrected other, poems, by first word in title of poem, A through J/K
File 1:              Typescripts of poems, A through M
Included are manuscript copies of Huffstickler’s poems deemed to be original typescripts but also including some carbon copies and even a few photocopies on which he made corrections or changes. Caveat: This collection does not begin to represent his complete body of poetic work   Also, several of these are poems retyped for a collection but saved again as single poems in his papers. The typescripts are arranged by letter of the alphabet according to first word in title or first line, then alphabetized within each letter category. 
About last week
Across the Counter
Addendum to a Twenty-volume Essay on Love
Adiós, María
After Image
Airport, Albuquerque
Alienation or the Billy the Kid Syndrome
All I’m Ever Going to Write about Tom Hill
All right, this
Alleghanies — W. Va.
American Style
among the knick-knacks
Ancient Evil
and still
And the afternoon wends its way
And Time Here (for Carol)
Another Part of the Continuum
Antidote for a Fixed Role
The Apologist [x2]
Apology for Doll
Apology to Robin
Apprenticeship or
How I Learned My Craft without Wasting a Lot of Money on Fancy Schooling
April 29, 1972
As a river chooses its course
As all things beautiful begin in a stillness
At G.W. Jr.’s
At McDonald’s, 21st and Guadalupe, Nov. 19, 1982, 1 p.m.
At the Café du Jour [[May 22, 1986]
At the Café du Jour [Jan. 10, 1987]
At the End of the Counter
At the Laundromat
At the Wall
At Whitestone Retirement Home
Austin (for Sylvie)
Autumn Signals
Autumn Song (for M.)
Avenue Café, Austin [x2]
The Balance
Battle Maiden
Be Careful with Me: I Used To Be A Flower
because you’ve given [fragment?]
Beethoven Attends the First Performance Ninth Symphony
Before the Rain
A Benediction for Pilgrims
Bernstein Beethoven
Besieged [2 versions]
Between Busses — Albuquerque [x2]
Big Stan
The Bind
Birches (White Mtn. Nat. Forest0
A Birthday Poem for Valery
Black Dream
Blainey’s Mother
The Blessed and the Meek
A Blessing for Will Goodwin’s Home
Blind Courtship
Blue Heron Lake, N.M.
Blue Heron Lake, New Mexico
The Bondage of the Womb
The Border [single poem]
The Border [collection of five poems]
Born Again
Bottomed Out [2 versions]
Boy in the Schoolyard
Broken Statuary
brown and waiting
Buck Jones Will Not Be Back
Burden of Intimacy
Burger Chef Blues [x2]
Burnout [x2]
Buye Pueblo
By the time the river reached the sea             [fragment?]
by windows --
Café on Sixth Street
Captive, The
Captivity [1978]
Captivity [1987]
Carolyn [Dec. 22, 1980]
Carolyn [same date, but different poem]
Case History
Case History No. 999
Case History with Blood
Ceremony (Varsity Cafeteria)
Cerrillos, N.M.
Change Time
Chaparral Hungry Hunter Restaurant
Christ was born [poem 6. from Anima; x2]
Christmas 1976 [2 different poems]
Christmas at Winchell’s
Christmas Poem [x2]
City Morning [March 16, 1978]
City Morning [Aug. 13, 1979]
City Night
City of the Rain
City Scene [x2]
city song
Claude Walker married a woman ten years older than him
Clay, Wanda’s husband, has cancer.
Clear Light Day
Clear Picture
Closing In
Coffee Shop Muse
Coffee Shops
Coffeehouse Poets
Cold [x2]
Come Home. All (More or Less) Is Forgiven (Somewhat)
Comfort Song
Connecting Back to My History: A Retirement Poem [x2]
The Constant
Conversation at G.C. Murphy’s
Conversations (For Patricia of the Cactus Café)
Cora Lee
Cover and Concealment: Anxiety in the New Age
Craving [for Betty Cogswell]
Crazy Pete
Crazy Pete’s Dream
Crisis [2 versions]
Crisis Intervention
Cristo (New Mexican Santos exhibit, Santa Fe, N.M., 1969)
Crossing the Bridge
Crownpoint, 1972
The Crux of the Matter
Cul-de-sac [1976]
Cul-de-Sac [1988]
Dark Cloud Day
Dark Flower
The day goes down
The day is complete (x2)
Days of rain
Dead and Gone
deaf mutes
Death Is a Hard Way To Die
death, loss, memory and other people [x2]
Death of a Mexican General [2 versions]
Death of it
Death of the Hunter
Death of the Year
Death of the Young Pregnant Woman
The Deathless
December Dream
December Mood
decorate this
Del Rio: Stars
delinquency report
Deliverance [1980]
Deliverance [1981](x2)
Departure [June 22, 1978 —3 versions]
Departure [July 31, 1978]
Destination [x2]
Dialogue with My Younger Self
A Didactic Poem
Dirge from a Dream [x2]
Disaster Area
Distance [1977]
The Distance [1987]
The dogs sing their clownish serenade
The Dolls
Don Quixote’s Last Ride
Donut Shop
Down the Rabbit Hole
Down to Earth
Down Where the Dying’s Done
dream—March 22
Dream — Nov. 16, 1974
Dream (April 4, 1982)
A Dream and a Poem
The Dream and the Poem
Dream Figure [2 versions]
Dream Song
Dream State
The Dream
Dreamscape 2 [x2]
Drowned Child
dry—[from Anima, 19; x2]
Dumpster Love Song [“For Renée”]
Dunaya and the Unicorn
Dutiful Son Recalls Doting Mother
A Dying
Dying Inside
Eating jalapeñpo burgers and French fries at Dan’s
The Edge of Doubt
The Electric Man
elegy [no date; “ashes of silver…]
elegy [no date; “old horn man …”]
Elegy [no date]
Elegy [May 6, 1977]
Elegy [1977] [x2]
Elegy [1978]
Elegy for a Beautiful Woman
Elegy for a Dime Store
Elsie (recollection of a visit)
Emergency Room — Saturday Night
EMS Siren
End of Day (from a dream) [2 versions]
The End of It
Endoctrination and Cora Lee
Epilogue [June 17, 1970;2 versions]
epilogue [July 16, 1976; x2]
Epitaph for an Old Chinaman
Epitaph for Miss Bailey
Escape Hatch to Heaven
essence of then
even the taste of/popcorn at the drive-in
Excavation [13 pages]
Execution (from a dream)
Existentially Yours
Exit Lines
Exodus (from a dream, Jan. 1, 1977)
Extended Metaphor
Eye of the Hurricane or
After You’ve Passed the Speed of Light, Everything Gets Real Still

Fact of Life
The Family
Farewell to Flagstaff
The Far-travelers lean against the night
Fathers and Sons
Feeling Your Truth [2 versions]
figure [Oct. 24, 1974]
Figure [Feb. 15, 1978]
Filling the Gap [“for Margaret”]
The Fireswallowers
First Day at the Furniture Factory
The First Lie
First Meeting
First Principle of Psychotherapy
The First Time I Couldn’t Get Back
Fish in a bowl… [3 poems]
Flashback [x2]
The Flat Lands
For Bogan
For Carolyn [Dec. 1, 1980]
For Carolyn [Dec. 3, 1980]
For Carolyn [Dec. 8, 1980]
For Carolyn [Nov. 13, 1980]
For Carolyn [Nov. 20, 1980]
For Carolyn [Nov. 20, 1980, but different poem]
For Carolyn [Nov. 25, 1980]
For Carolyn [no date]
For Darnelle
For Darnelle, Whose Father Died
For Debbie Jennings [x2]
for Dian
For J (April 30, 1978)
For J (March 18, 1978)
For J. (x2)
for jan (reflections on a visit)
for M.
For Martha on Her Birthday
For My Friend Charles Smith
For Rent (from a dream)
For Robert Foster
For Summer with Love and Time
    [for Sylvia Manning]
For the Bad Times
For the Violent Dead
Fourth of July [x2]
Fourth of July, 1979
Friday Evening (May 28, 1982)
Friday Evening Poem (June 2, 1978)
Friday Poem (August 19, 1977)
from a dream [Nov. 13, 1979]
From a dream, April 24, 1982
from a dream (June 20, 1974)
from a dream, May 14, 1974
From a Dream [Dec. 1, 1974]
From a Wooden Bench
From a Wooden Bench III
From the Chinese
From the Window
[note at bottom: “first poem after        Walking Wounded”]
Galveston [2 versions]
Generations [from Small Findings] [x2]
Getting Back
Ghost Poem (from a dream)
Girl [Nov. 22, 1968]
girl [ no date]
girl [March 10, 1976]
The Girl and the Mountain [a mini-play]
The Girl in the Fotomat
girl song
Girl with the Fractured Face
Gladewater, Texas
Going It Alone: Thoughts on a Friend’s Suicide
Good Friday, Austin, 1976 [x2]
Good Friday, Piedras Negras (for Michele)
A Goodbye Poem for Linda
A Goodbye Poem for Pamela
The Gospel According to Quinlen
Graveyard, Flatonia, Texas
grey gull poem
Grey Rain Day
The Griever [2 versions]
Guadalupe St. — 38th to 45th
The Guitar Player Who Lost His Arm
gull on a piling
Hallowed Evening
Hanging Tough
Hard Truth
Harder than Death
He dreamt he saw her
Heart Song
Heroes [2 different poems]]
Highway in Mexico
Hindsight or How I Survived the Depression
His eyes twinkled [fragment?]
His Truth
Hollywood Ending
homage to/the blind king
Homecoming [x2]
Hopes and Dreams
Hotel St. Francis
How Does It?
How isolating the cold is! [unfinished?]
How It Was Then
How Life Is Sometimes Like a Pot of Pinto Beans and Other Times Not
How Things Die Anyway
Hunger [For Betty Cogswell]
Hurricane Dream
Hyde Park Bakery
I am a window by the sea
I am alone inside my skin
I consume my solitude
I did not want to [from Anima, 22.]
I Don’t Think We Should Be Afraid
I invoke you
I killed her down in the red rock quarry, [2 versions]
I Never Went to Paris
I nurse my coffee,
I take back my heart, my love
I talked to Wanda on the phone.
I turned off the lights and left them for a long time
I wasn’t working. I was spaced out.
If Nobody Ever Reads This but Me,
It’s o.k. [x2]
If You Don’t Like It Where You Came From, Why Don’t You Go Back to Here? [x2]
if you’d not/been born of shadows
I’ll go back once too often
I’ve lain awake
Image — August 27, 1975
image [Jan. 16, 1978, x2]
Image [Feb. 15, 1978]
An Image a Day [6 pages of short poems]
Image of Myself: The City
Impressionist Painting
In a Restaurant
In my heart
In Sum
In the corner
In the mountain place
Incident [x2]
inner landscapes
Inside Outside
Interim Report or Ravings
Interlude (for Carol)
Interlude (Houston, 1974)
Intermission [x2]
Interview [x2]
Intimacy [Aug. 15, 1987]
It’s Lonely at the Bottom Too
It’s not you:
It’s the discovery of limitations that we can’t overcome
Jack Kerouac
Jan [May 26, 1969]
Jesus, Crucified, Eating a Slice of Pecan Pie [with letter to Pam at bottom]
The Job
Joe Cunningham Walks to His Car
Johnson City, Texas
journey [Dec. 19, 1973; x2]
Journey [April 13, 1978]
journey’s end
Judgment [x2]
Keeping It Simple
key west [Oct. 13, 1967]
Key West [Sept. 11, 1978]
The Keys to Her Childhood
A Kind of Grace
[End of Box 3]
Box 4:               [Continuation of Box 3]
Lady in the big fuzzy cap
The Lady in the Cloud
lament [Sept. 20, 1974x2]
Lament [Sept. 18, 1991]
Lament for a Dead Child
Lament for January
(for Pearl who broke her
 back at 83 for the 2nd time)
lamentation [April 4, 1971]
lamentation [April 29, 1972]
A Lamentation and Celebration for Sylvia
Lamentation for January
landscape [x2]
Landscape with Tiger
The Last of the Bright Pictures
Last Poem [Nov. 28, 1967]
Last Poem [Nov. 11, 1980, x2]
Last Poem to Jan
leaner than/a winter wind sometimes
leaner than necessity
The Leap
Learning Experience [For Gordy]
Levels of Truth
Life Gets So Daily
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Lights in Your Head Are Real
Listening to the Void
Litany [Oct. 4, 1979]
Litany [May 3, 1984]
Litany [Mar. 22, 1988]
Litany for Wanda and the Rest of Us
Little Girl Lost (for Carol)
Little Girl Whose Death Was True [x2]
little song
Lodging (from a dream)
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Shopper
Long Dream
Long Thoughts
Long Thoughts in Wyatt’s Cafeteria
Long Winter’s Day [x2]
Longing [2 versions]
looking back
looking for strays
The Losers
Lost in Time [2 versions]
Lost World, The [x2]
Love [Dec. 26, 1977]
Love [April 12, 1978]
Love and Death in Hancock Shopping Center
Love and Dogs and Lower Dentures
Love Poem [for Carolyn]
Love Song [Oct. 14, 1984]
Love Song [Oct. 14, 1984;
edited copy and later version]
love song [Dec. 4, 1974]
love song [no date]
Lukewarm: a Social History of the 70s
Lukewarm or Why I Spent So Many Years
on a Dull, Safe Job
lullaby “(written especially
for Poldi Orlando to dance to ….)”
Lullaby [Feb. 10, 1978]
lullaby for an expectant mother (for Sarah)
lunch face
Lunch Room,Travis County
Courthouse (Jury Call)
Lying on the bed reading Basho
M. [Sept. 15, 1967]
M. [Sept. 16, 1967]
M. [Sept. 18, 1967]
m. [Sept. 18, 1967]
M. [Sept. 19, 1967]
M. [Sept. 20, 1967]
M. [Sept. 24, 1967]
M. [Oct. 1, 1967]
M. [Oct. 11, 1967]
M. [Oct. 16, 1967]
M. [Oct. 28, 1967]
M. [Oct. 30, 1967]
[Note: These M poems were all written for Michele Stewart. – sm]
Mad Scene
Madonna of the Dispossessed
Making Do
Making Peace
Mall Thoughts
The Mall-Walker
Mammoth Dreams and Midnight Sorrows
The Man Who Didn’t Try
Manpower #2
Manpower [for Leroy Nellis]
Many Are Called but Few Are Chosen
Maria’s come to live with me
Maria’s Marriage [x2]
 Joanna Nelson was here Aug. 18, 1985
Mary [x2]
Matriarch [x2]
Maud’s Poem
Me and the Crazies at Winchell’s
Mea Culpa [x2]
Meditation in Wyatt’s
Memo [x2]
Memo to Bogan
Memory [from Holy Secrets]
Memory [July 26, 1978]
Men Things
Mercy [Feb. 10, 1978]
Mercy [Jan. 14, 1991]
Mesa Back of Crownpoint [x2]
Metamorphosis (From a Dream)
Mining Town (Helper, Utah)
Mirror [x2]
Mirror Image
Miss Jones has lost her Bible.
miss vicky [2 versions]
Modified Behavior
Monday Night, Dec. 4, 1989
Mood [different poem;
missing 2nd page?]
More of the Same (from a dream)
More Questions
morning at work
Morning Coffee [x2]
Morning of the Late Return
Morning, Late Summer [x2]
Morning Light on the Lake
Morning Notes [2 versions]
The Morning Report
Mortal Remains
Mortal Wound
Mortality and Madness:
Bus Stations I Have Known
[typescript and changed copy]
the motion
Moving Account of Backroom Happenings, A
Mrs. Ziegler
Much Too Old To Be In Love …Song
Music of Becky, The
Muted Love Song
Muted Love Song [x2]
My Father
My Father’s Rage
My Father, the Falcon
My Friend Dana
My Grandparents [x2]
My Mother Watched Wrestling
my mother’s doom is of
Mystery Story
Myth [April 18, 1980]
Myth [Feb. 25, 1989]
A Myth [Sept. 27, 1997]
Myth for Becky, A [x2]
Mythical Journey
Need [Aug. 15, 1981]
Need [March 30, 1978]
Need [Oct. 24, 1984]
new mexico landscapes
New Shoes
newsreel ‘75
The Next Beat
The Next Death You Die
Next Time
Night in Chicago [with a poem
by Gustave Keyser — ?]
Nightmare [Jan. 10, 1978; 2 versions]
No Help from the Dead
Nobody Wins (A Summation)
Norabelle Ordez
Norma Said:
North of Amarillo
North of Santa Fe
Not a Poem
Not All There
Not My Turn To Be Jesus
Notes for a Christmas Poem
Notes for a Requiem Mass
To Be Chanted on Easter
Sunday by a Chorus of Gnomes
Notes from a Sunday Outing
Notes in a Diner
nothing yields more soft
Oct. 31, 1981
October morning
Ode to St. Francis (for Naomi Shihab Nye)
Odysseus Stan
Office Picnic
Oh, I know I don’t see her [fragment?]
The Old
The Old Bachelor Shops
Old Fool
Old House
Old Man
Old Man [Feb. 7, 1988]
The Old Man Cleans House
The Old Man Fantasizes
about the Young Man
Old Man in Love [Jan. 17, 1987]
The Old Man in Love [different poem]
Old Man in the Mountains, The
Old Man Passing through a Doorway [x2]
The Old School
Old Silas
Old Woman [x2]
The old woman held me down under the water [fragment?]
On Buying a Couch
On Entering the Hospital
On My Fifty-Seventh Birthday
On My Mind
On the Nature of the Void
On the Road
On the Side of the Other Moon
On the Trail of The Silver Kid [x2]
One evening late, Quinlen was walking
One of Those Days
Optimist, The
Or So I Say
Or, [fragment?]
Ordeal [May 22, 1977]
Ordeal [July 2, 1980]
Oyster Stew
Passage (from a dream Dec. 12, 1974)
Passing Fancy
The Patio, Summer Morning [x2]
Perchance a Love Song
Perfectly Clear
Personal to Pamela
Phoenix (a remembering)
phoenix, Arizona (a remembering)
Phone Call
Piedras Negas
Pilgrim [Oct., 1974]
Pilgrim [Oct. 22, 1976]
Pilgrim [Dec.21, 1977]
The Pilgrim Enters Bondage
Piñon Nuts
Pioneer, O Pioneer!
Place [March 9, 1978]
Place [May 26, 1990]
A Place with Walls
Plain Chant for Carolyn
Platitudes, Platitudes
Plaza Restaurant
Plaza, Santa Fe [2 short poems dated
Sept. 3, 1969 and Oct. 11, 1983]
The Plaza, Santa Fe [x2]
Poem about a Doorbell for Renee,
Poem to Bless Martha Kuhl’s New Home
Poems on a Paper Bag
Point of View
Post Mortem [March 5, 1982]
Post Mortem [July 3, 1982]
Post Mortem [Sept. 18, 1991]
PR Work
Praise the Lord Anyhow
Prerequisites for Martyrdom
Presa Street Drummer [x2]
Presage [x2]
Pre-Spring [x2]
Priority 1
Prisoner [x2]
Procedure [March 20, 1978]
Prologue to a Long Dream [x2]
Protest Poem
Pulp Novel
Quandary [2 versions]
Queen of the Royal Castle
quietly on her
Quinlen on His Travels
Quinlen’s Silence
Quinlen’s Simplicity
Rain Storm
Rain Talk
rainy day
Rainy Morning
Ranch House Restaurant
Ray Moore (A Small Epic of the Fifties)
Reality on the Half Shell
Rebirth by Greyhound
Red River Café, Mar. 27, 1991, 8 a.m.
Reinvestiture (From a dream)
Relationship [x2]
Renee [May 18, 1989; x2]
Renée [Nov. 4, 1987; x2]
requiem [x2]
Requiem for a Tropical Paradise
requiem for childhood
Requiem Lullaby [x2]
Rescue Mission [x2]
Return [April 19, 1961]
Return [Nov. 8, 1974, San Marcos]
Return from New Mexico [x2]
Reunion (Thoughts on nearing my
fiftieth birthday)
The Right Place
A Ritual Song of Parting
road to big spring
Rock Bottom
The Runner
Safe Harbor or
Why Nixon Didn’t Burn the Tapes
the sailor
sanctified in music
Sanctuary [for Susan, July 28, 1981]
Sanctuary [Jan. 11, 1978; x2]
Sand Sharks, Peaches and Regret
Santa Fe [Sept. 6, 1969]
Santa Fe Notebook
 [Nov., 1977; 20 poems; x2]
Scenario [x2]
Seasonal [Jan. 11, 1978; x2]
Seasonal [Nov. 18, 1988]
Second Coming [April 2, 1990]
Second Coming [Jan. 10, 1991]
Secrets [Nov. 4, 1976]
Sept. 30
A Series of Explanations for
an Event That Never Occurred
Shadow [Nov. 21, 1974]
Shadow [Nov. 21, 1980]
She has a tiny dresser down there
[3 pages on memo paper;
a first page missing?]
She Is a Tree
She Said [“No, I never feel very much, she said…”; March 13, 1990]
She Said [“She said it wasn’t hard to be a psychic…”; March 6, 1990]
She Said [“She said she didn’t know if she wanted any more men…”; March 6, 1990]
She Said [“She said when there’s blood on the moon…”; 6 lines]
She said [“She said you could tell the moon was a woman…”; March 7, 1990]
She Said [April 2, 1988]
Shelter [May 23, 1978]
Shelter (for Pamela)
Short Love Poem
Showdown at Staceyville
sing song/ silence tree
Sitting in the Car
Sixteen [x2]
Sixth Street in the Rain
Sixth Street Wino
The Smell of Distance (sequence from a Dream)
The Snow (from a dream)
so delicate.
So soft
Social Comment
Socorro, N.M.
Soliloquy for Motel Room
Something Else
Sometimes I think I remember so much …
Sometimes she’d walk naked across the land,
sometimes the game
song [Feb. 12, 1969]
Song [Feb. 2, 1977]
Song (for M.) [Oct. 13, 1967]
song [no date; “elegant…”
song [no date; “I don’t know about you…”
Song [no date; “never so softly…”]
song [no date; “no, I won’t forget…”]
song [no date; “Will you say …”]
Song [Sept. 25, 1978]
Song for L.
Song for Leah
Song for My Father
Song of the Pilgrim
Song of the Whales
Song to Accompany a Ritual
Explaining How the Dance Started
Songs to Be [5 poems, June 29, 1977]
The Sound of Your Life
 [“for Naomi Nye; Dec. 22, 1983”]
South of Saltillo
Square Pet
St. Francis Hotel II
Stacatto night sounds
stained glass
Status Quo
Still Life [June 23, 1980]
Still Life [Oct. 9, 1990]
Still Life (from a dream)
Stone Birth [x2]
Stone Hymn
Stone Woman
Stones bleed but
Stopped for the Night
A Story
Strategy (From a dream)
Stress Prevention
Study [April 5, 1978]
Study [Aug. 8, 1980]
The Suit
Summer and Uncle Joe
Summer Heat
The sun will cut morning squares
Sunday Morning
Supplicant [Dec., 1979]
Surviving Twin [April 3, 1989]
Surviving Twin [Feb. 6, 1991]
Surviving Twin [March 12, 1989]
Surviving Twin: The Splitting of the Egg
Swedish Ivy (For Renée)
[End of Box 4]
Box 5:                 Continuation of Box 4, ms. of Poet’s Autumn, ms. of Poems for Carolyn, ms. of San Marcos Poems, other writing related to San Marcos, ms. and published version of The Old Man on the Bridge, play written in San Marcos.
Taking Leave
Talk Show
Talking to the Telephone Again
The Tally
That Certain Something
That Moment
That Room
That Stillness
That Winter
There is more than one kind of courage.
There was a state hospital here in the 60s
They have come up out of the gorge
The Things You Remember
Thirty-seventh Birthday [x2]
this body stands [from five inner landscapes]
This Day
This Place
Those Gone Away Eyes [x2]
Thoughts Nearing 58
Three Sections from Night Diner
Not Included in the Published Version
Three-Dimensional Love Song
Throwaway Lighters, Throwaway Loves
A Time …
Time travel (from a dream of June 22, 1974)
Tired Feet
To a Friend
To a Mad Girl
To a Young Woman (for Johanna)
To M.
To My Father
To My Sister
To My Twin Born Dead
To Pam Who Is Leaving
To R.
The Tolling of the Days
Too Late Now
Touch Me Till
Transitional [Nov. 27, 1978]
Transitional [May 8, 1980]
Traveller [x2]
Travelling at Dusk
A Treatise on Economics
Trip Therapy
Truth of Autumn
Turning [March 5, 1987]
Turning [Nov. 14, 1980]
The Turning
Turning Point
Two Dreams [x2]
Two Old Men [poem, Claude
and poem, Clarence]
two songs
Ugly [x2]
The Unburdening
The Underground Man
The Unknown
The Untried
Unwritten Law
Vacation (From a Dream)
Valerie’s Stomach
Value Systems [x2]
variations [four poems]
vision [May 25, 1974]
Vision [July 22, 1981]
Vision [May 11, 1986]
Vision Quest
vision while meditating
Visitation [fragment]
visitation [June 25, 1974]
Visitation [Jan. 13, 1978; x2]
Visitation [July 24, 1983]
The Visitor
Vital Signs
Voyager [Sept. 27, 1978]
The Voyager
Voyagers [x2]
waiting for the dance to start
Wall Poem
Wanda who has no kidneys
got drunk last night …
Wanda’s Dream
Wanda’s Lament
Wanda’s Lament
wandering along the beach
at Boca Raton
Wanderlust [x2]
Wasted Breath
Water’s Edge [x2]
The Water-Bearer [x2]
The Way It Goes [x2]
The Way of Art
Way of Life
The Way Things Come and Go
The Way Things Happen
We sat eating hamburgers at wooden desks
We’ll Say No More for Maudie
Weather of the Soul [Feb. 7, 1978]
Weather of the Soul [Nov. 17, 1980]
Weltschmerz in Fredericksburg
West Coast of Florida
Wet, Gloomy Pre-Christmas Day
“What Are You Thinking?” (for Margaret)
What Comes Next
What Did Death Ever Do for Me?
What Everything Begins With [for Loretta]
What Men Do
What Michael Likes
What She Thought
What To Do about Sex
What to Remember [for Carolyn]
what we keep
What Will Come of It All
What Will Come of This [for Linda]
What You Taught Me
What You Were [x2]
What You Will or Love
 among the Chicken Soup
 [for Felicia]
what’s holy [from Anima, 15; x2]
What’s in a Name
What’s Unfit to Print [Talkin PCL Blues No. xkz]
Whataburger, Sept. 29, 1978
Whatever Works
When Old Friends Meet
When the Cards Are Down (for Valerie)
When the heart grows peaceful [fragment?]
Where It’s At
Where She Lived (from a dream)
Where We Are
Whisper [for Friend Harold]
White Magic [x2]
White Wolf [x2]
The Whole Thing [May 1, 1988]
The Whole Thing [May 1, 1990]
The Whole Truth
Why Crazy People Smoke
Why I’m Not Going To Write about
the Rain Anymore [x2]
The Why of It
Willis, and Others
The Wimberley Road
the wind bright
Wind of No Beginnings [x2]
A Wind Song for Maria
window [for jan]
The Window People
Winter [x2]
Winter Evening, Santa Fe
Winter Night Song
A winter song for Michele
Without a Woman
The Witnesses
The wolves line the bank
Woman [“If stone could be soft …”; Sept. 29, 1987]
Woman {“The rings around her eyes are moons; June 14, 1978]
Woman [“These breasts have suckled.”; March 1, 1985]
woman [no date; “brownly she waits…”]
Woman [no date; “She stalks the edge of the dark ravine …”; x2]
The Woman Behind the Candidate
A Woman Called Death
The Woman Inside Me
Women Peeing
Woolworth’s Lunch Counter
Work [May 2, 1986]
Work [April 2, 1991]
Work [June 22, 1992]
The Work Place [x2]
Working My Way Back
Written in Anger and Not Retracted
Wrong Way
Wyatt’s Cafeteria
yes, I’ll smell
You Can’t Get There from Here [for Jane, Feb. 9, 1978; x2]
The You I Carry inside Me
You, Naked
you were something
young woman
Young Woman Eating an Ice Cream Cone [x2]
Your eyes have
124 Shopping Days Till Christmas
314 McKenzie
4 erotic songs
[6 poems: street, the man in the chair, companion, need, the man in the chair (2), “come down to me”]
7 Changes
File 2:              Poet’s Autumn, 1976, typed manuscript collection, dedicated to parents
                        Clyde A. Huffstickler, Captain U.S. Army and to Pearl Denton Huffstickler.
File 3:             Poems for Carolyn, 1980, typed manuscript collection dated Oct.-Dec. 1980.
File 4:              San Marcos Poems, photocopy of typed manuscript dated 1962. Includes these poems:
                                    San Marcos, 1961 [3 leaves]
                                    Late Summer, San Marcos
                                    Spring, 1962
                                    April Evening
                                    29 Riverside
File 5:              Other poems and a dream related to San Marcos, photocopies, including
§ “Ghosts” [with post-it note to Sylvia Manning, “…It would make a great play – or novel….”; poem is about Ralph Houston.]
§ Derderian [about Jerry Derderuan, student at SWT]
§ “On Guadalupe Street in San Marcos…” from Image in Brown, 1984.
§ “Beginnings” (for Brad Maxim)
§ “I was leaning over the railing…” [This is a dream account, a fragment of an attempt to turn it into a poem? See the dream, next entry. – sm]
§ “New Year’s Dream,” 2 pgs.
§ “The Wimberley Road”
§ “San Marcos, Nov. 8, 1974” (from Soul Gallery)
§ “The Things You Remember”
File 6:              The Old Man on the Bridge, one-act play written in San Marcos in 1958, original typescript manuscript and published version (small art, Seguin TX, 2000 and 2002) [in his Dobie Paisano grant application, Box 15 File 4, Huffstickler refers to a play done in workshop in San Marcos; this was probably that play – sm];
File 7:              Walking Wounded, copy of manuscript.
[End of Box 5]
Box 6:              Prose, mostly photocopies of typescripts made by Huffstickler himself, with some original typescripts. Some reprints of published versions.(*) Also bibliographical material.
File 1:              7-14-94 [personal essay, 1 pg.]
The Absurdity of Trying to Communicate [essay, 1 pg.]
Accommodation [fiction, 2 pgs.]
Alley Way [fiction, broadsheet, 1 pg.]*
Angels Come in All Sizes [fiction, 3 pgs.]
Annihilation [essay, 1 pg.]
April 3, 10:20 p.m. [probably 1999, personal essay, 1 pg.]
April 6, 1999 [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Aug. 21 [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Aug. 22 [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Bad Hand [fiction; 4 pgs.]
Beautiful Lady Outside of Time [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Bedbugs (A reminiscence) [personal essay, 2 pgs., Oct. 12, 2000]
Being Real [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Biography [personal essay, 1 paragraph, ]
The Blue Peace [fiction 1 pg. ]
B-Movie Dream [personal essay, dream; 2 pgs.; , typescript and copy]
Bondage [personal essay; 1 pg.]
The Book of John the Lost [fiction, reprint, 2 pgs.]*
Bottom of the Curve [prose poem? 1 pg., reprint]*
The Bottom [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Brief Essay on Critics [essay, 1 pg.]
Brief Essay on Loneliness [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Brief Essay on the Creative Process, A [essay, 1 paragraph]
The Burden of the Past [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Bureau of Lost Childhood [fiction, 2 pgs.]
File 2:             Cab Drivers [personal essay, 1 pg.]
[Café du Jour copy for flier]
The Caretaker [personal essay, 4 pgs.]
The Chameleon [fiction; 2 pgs.]
The Chameleon [published broadsheet]*
The Cold Place [personal essay, 1 pg.]
The Communicants [fiction; 5 pgs.]
Core [personal essay; 3 pgs.]
The Cosmic Crawl [fiction; 2 pgs.]
Dana from Huff [memo on “two manifestations of the Poet.”]
The Deal [fiction, 2 pgs.]
The Denizens [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
The Descent into Time [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
Do the Dead Get Older? A Fable of Mortality [fiction; 2 pgs.]
Down Below [fiction, 1 pg.]
Dream [personal essay, dream; 1 pg.]
Dream Sept. 21, 1998 [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Dream, August 1, 1995 [personal essay, dream; 1 pg., incomplete?]
Dream, Oct. 3, 1998 [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Dream, Oct. 24, 1998 [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Dream Sequence from The Perils of Haggerty and intro. [2 pgs.]
Enigma [personal essay, 1 page]
An Essay on Essays [essay, 1 pg.]
The Fact of the Metaphor [essay, 1 pg.]
Fascination [personal essay, erotica; 1 pg.]
Fat Man and the Little Boy: … [personal essay, 6 pgs.]
Father’s Day, Hennessey [fiction, 1 pg.]
Feb. 3, 1996 [personal essay, 3 dreams; 2 pgs.]
Flower for Hennessey, A [fiction, 2 pgs.]
            [includes handwritten original]
The Flux [personal essay, 1 pg.]
From Threads [personal essay, 1 pg.]
from Threads: A Retrospective Journal [personal essay, reprint]*
File 3:              Getting Your Shit Together [essay, 1 pg.;
Grave Watch [fiction; 1 pg.]
Guest Editorial [essay, 1 pg.]
Harmon Place, The (A Prosey Poem) [For W. Joe Hoppe, 1 pg.]
Hennessey and the Last Hold-out [fiction, 3 pgs.]
Hennessey by Starlight [Hennessey fiction, 3 pgs.]
Hennessey fragment [fiction, 1 pg.]
How a Time Becomes Past [personal essay, 2 pgs., typescript]
How a Time Becomes Past [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
How I Became an Underground Poet [personal essay, 1 pg.]
How I Learned to Function [personal essay, 3 pgs.; , incl. 1 typescript]
How to Begin a Life or Notes of a Non-Hero [personal essay, 5 pgs.]
I just received a warning from the Post Office [fiction, fragment, 1 pg.]
I think of all the years that I lived … [personal essay, 1 pg.]
I Write [prose poem, ms. version, 2 pgs., Aug. 30, 1994]
I Write [prose poem, signed by author, c1995, published version; ]*
I Write [called an essay by editor, reprint from Working Papers Nov. 1994]
Identity Crisis [personal essay, 1 pg.]
If I have a permanent, an everlasting bond, [personal essay, fragment?, 1 pg.]
In the Dying Day [fiction; 2 pgs.]
Incident at Amarillo [personal essay; prose poem; 1 pg.]
Joe Hoppe’s Grand Adventure (from a dream) [prose poem, 1 pg.]
Journey, or Stroke of Fate [personal essay, 5 pgs., reprint from First Class]*
Last Act [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Last Stand [personal essay, 3 pgs.]
Lee [prose poem]
Lee and Gettysburg [prose poem, 1 pg.]
Letter to Pat McKinnon [reprint from Poetry Motel #22, 1 pg.]*
Letter Writers and Letter Answerers [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Liberation [personal essay, 1 pg., reprint from Working Papers]*
Like It Was [personal essay, 1 pg.]
The Limits of Endurance [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Little Cottage [personal essay, 8 pgs.; rejection letter attached]
Living in the Now
The Loneliness [essay, 1 pg.]
Lost [personal essay, 1 pg.]
The Lost Art of Being Crazy [essay, Huffstickler’s hand-written note: “This
first appeared in S.A., A Magazine of Essays, San Antonio TX.”; 4 pgs.; one is reprint]*
Lost Time [personal essay, 1 pg.]
File 4:             A Man Needs a Bench [essay, 1 pg.; including 1 reprint]*
Mandated for This Life [essay, 1 pg.]
Maverick [essay, 2 pgs.]
Maverick [published version, 1 pg.]
May 24, 1999 [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Monuments [personal essay; 1 pg.]
Mood [prose poem, 2 pgs., Jan. 17, 1995]
Mortal Coils [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
My Mother’s Dream [personal essay, 1 pg.]
A Myth [fiction, 1 pg.]
The Next Patient [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
Notes of a Born-Again Economist [essay, 2 pgs.]
Of course we all have our secrets … [prose fragment]
Of Something Bad That Happened to Me Very Young [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Old-fashioned Words on an Old-fashioned Subject [essay; 2 pgs.]
One Man’s Chaos [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
Part of being found is knowing … [one sentence]
Please Don’t Pet the Wooden Dog [fiction; 1 pg.
The Poem as a Holy Secret [essay, 1 pg., attached to poem, Secrets]
The Poet’s Sphere [essay, 2 pgs.]
The Poet’s Sphere [essay, 1 pg reprint from Small Press Review {?}]
Progression [prose poem?, 1 pg.]
Quinlen’s Silence (for Larry T.) [photocopy of publication, 1 pg.]
The Rain [personal essay, 4 pgs.]
Reality [fiction, 5 pgs.]
Redemption [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Re-formation [fiction, 2 pgs.]
Requiem for Dreamers [fiction, 2 pgs.]
Restoration [fiction, 2 pgs.]
Retribution [fiction; 5 pgs.]
Rite of Passage: Confessions of a Non-hero [personal essay; 8 pgs.]
File 5:              Scenario [fiction, 1 pg.]
Shame Alley [personal essay; 1 pg.]
Sleeping with Grandma [prose poem, Feb. 27, 1994]
The Smell [fiction, 2 pgs.]
Smorgasbord [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Sometimes I think … [personal essay, fragment?, 1 pg.]
Somewhere in my deepest heart [personal essay, 1 paragraph]
St. Francis and the Wolf [fiction/fable?, 1 pg.]
Story, A [prose poem, 1 pg., typescript]
The Straight and the Narrow [fiction, 2 pgs.]
Strategy [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Stray Dogs [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
Summons [fiction, 1 pg.]
Sustenance [personal essay, 1 pg., reprint from Hammers; ]
Test Run [fiction; 1 pg. reprint from Hobo Jungle]
That Other World [personal essay, 3 pgs.]
Theme — Exposure [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Threshold [fiction; 2 pgs.; reprint]*
Time Shift [personal essay; 2 pgs.]
To Make a Clearing [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Toiling in the Vineyard of the Soul [personal essay,2 pgs.]
The True Believer [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Turning [personal essay, 1 pg., July 12, 1984]
Vectors [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
Very Important … [poem and letter by request from editor of Working Papers; reprint]*
Voyage Out, The [personal essay, on 4 pgs; reprint from Working Papers]*
File 6:              The Way It Is [essay, 1 pg.]
The Way It Was [prose poem, 1 pg.]*
What I’ve tried to make clear is that I am of the order [personal essay, 1 pg.]
What It’s All About [essay, 1 pg.]
What’s Really Going On [essay, 1 pg.]
What’s so hard to reconcile in this life … [1 paragraph, Feb. 16, no year]
Where I Am Sept. 27, 1989 [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
Where I’m Coming From [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
Wherever You Are [personal essay, 2 pgs.]
Whisperings [personal essay; 1 pg.]
A Wicked Story [fiction, 1 pg.]
Woman Called Death, [fiction; 1 pg.; reprint from The Juice of the Jungle Vine
                                     That Cures Fear; ]*
Work [personal essay, 1 pg.]
Work Is for the Lonely [prose poem, 1 pg.]
The Wounding [personal essay; 1 pg.]
A Writing about Drawing [personal essay, 1 pg.]
You could theorize that the difference … [essay, fragment?, 1 pg.]
File 7:              the bliss seekers, typed manuscript of novel written in late 1960s, Huffstickler’s last novel and not for the “dirty book” market; unpublished.
File 8:              Bibliographical material
§ Huffstickler’s record of publications for certain years. [11 leaves, see front and back. His note has “Accepted 1988-1984.” Maybe he meant 1988-1994?…but there’s a page for 1999 as well.]
§ 1 pg. statement by Huffstickler that begins “In 1989 it will be 25 years …”
§ A typed and illustrated bibliography of published and unpublished poems, etc., 4 pg. and cover page
§ bibliography from the Atom Mind article Poetry by Albert Huffstickler [for mail sales]
§ Bibliography from Albert Huffstickler’s Greatest Hits
§ bibliography on résumé
§ publication information on vita
§ Albert Huffstickler Selected Bibliography [1995 by Felicia Mitchell, 1 leaf/ 2pgs front & back]
§ pages 3-5 of early résumé [see file of résumés, Box 10] with list of publications on pgs. 4-5
§ “List of Publications” from early résumé
§ OCLC print-out of unknown date
§ Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream: Huffstickler poems, bibliography by Sylvia Manning.
[End of Box 6]
Box 7:              Pertaining to Dreams
File 1:              Poetry from Dreams (These are representative, not a complete collection of dream poems. More may be found throughout Huffstickler’s body of work.) 
§ A Dream and a Poem [printed in February, 1975, demonstrates a method of taking a poem directly from a dream]
§ Acceptance letter from Dream International Quarterly, San Marcos CA [2 leaves]
§ Letter describing a dream dated 10-20-93.
§ Poems:
The Smell of Distance
(Sequence from a Dream)
The Corpses in the Bathtub
Dream, June 14, 1982
The Dream
Beat Dream
Night Watch
The Execution
Death by Water
The Healing
Dire Straits
Dream Woman 4.
The Body in the Living room
Fate Worse than Debt
The Talisman
A Game of Handicaps
One of Those Dreams That Are
Better Left Undreamt
Vision Quest
One of Those Dreams
The Annuciation
Dream Coffee
I Dreamed I Lived in Austin*
More of the Same
Death by Water*
File 2:              Dreams, some longhand, mostly typed, 84 leaves includes some relevant poems, notably hand-written first draft of I’ve Been Through the Fire or A Rant for Exiles
File 3:              Two “dream books” [6” x 9”]
File 4:              Dream book begun April 12, 1991 [spiral bound]
File 5:              Dream book begun December 18, 1972.
[End of Box 7]
Box 8:             Notebooks and notebook material [examples]
File 1:              Notebook material, 1970s
— Notebook material, 1970s
                        — Notebook material, 1978 [spiral 8 ½ x 11”]
                        — Notebook material, 1979 [leaves]
File 2:              Small notebooks, 1980s
                        — Notebook [5 ½” x 8 ½”] begun March 9, 1980
                        — notebooks [without spiral, in acetate] begun
                                    Jan. 19, 1980
                                    Sept. 30, 1981
                                    July 4, 1981
                                    Jan. 5, 1981
                                    Feb. 23, 1985
                                    March 8, 1986
                                    July 13, 1986
                                    June 15, 1987
                                    June 1, 1989
                                    April 10, 1989
File 3:              —Notebook material, 1980s
                                    Oct. 2, 1982
                                    Sept. 3, 1983
                                    June 12, 1982
                                    July 28, 1980
                                    March 24, 1983
                        —Notebook begun Sept. 20, 1982 [8 ½” x 11”, plastic spiral]
File 4:              Two bound notebooks, begun March 14, 1983 and Dec. 26, 1980 (“Chestalene’s Book”).
File 5:              Notebook material
                        — from notebook begun Jan. 21, 1990
                        — from notebook begun April, 1990
                        — from notebook begun April 15, 1990
[End of Box 8]
Box 9:              Notebook material, continued
File 1:              Notebook material, 1991
— begun April 28, 1991
— begun July 18, 1991
—begun May 13, 1991
File 2:              Notebook material, 1993
— leaves from notebook begun May 7, 1993
— leaves from notebook begun Aug. 1, 1993
                        — leaves from notebook, Sept. 1993 (Santa Fe)
— leaves from notebook begun Nov., 22, 19923
File 3:              Notebook material, 1994
                        — beginning July 1, 1994
                        — beginning Sept. 4, 1994
                         — Huffstickler’s copy of notebook pages for “Vanessa’s Peace”
File 4:               Notebook material, 1995 [leaves from spiral notebook]
File 5:               Notebook material, 1996
                         — from notebook begun Jan. 8, 1996
                         — from notebook begun Jan. 28, 1996
                         — from notebook begun March 11, 1996
                         — from notebook begun June 25, 1996
                         — from notebook begun July, 1996
File 6:               Notebook material begun Feb. 18, 1999 —
(“How to Begin a Life, Nones of a Non-hero”)
File 7:              Notebook material dated Nov., Dec. 2000
File 8:              Notebook begun June 3, 2000 [spiral]
File 9:               Handwritten notes and poems, miscellaneous, various dates [43 leaves]
File 10:            Handwritten notes and poems, miscellaneous, various dates [smaller leaves, 42 pieces]
[End of Box 9]
Box 10:            Reviews and articles, photographs, Awards and honors (misc.), Poems to and for Huffstickler
File 1:     Reviews of specific publications
§ 314 McKenzie:
Factsheet Five #35. Review of 314 McKenzie. [n.d.] p. 78.
§ Champion and Summer of ‘72, [poems]
Sullivan, Chester. “The Painted Bride Quarterly,” review of PBQ issue 28 includes mention and paragraph devoted to Huffstickler poems.  from Literary Magazine Review, Kansas State University, Winter 1986-7, pg. 25-26
§ City of the Rain
Silva, Lynda S. Review of City of the Rain. 2 p. [n.d.]
Williams, Ric. mention of City of the Rain in “Small Press Round-up”, The Austin Chronicle, Dec. 10, 1993 [n.p.]
§ Cosmology of Madness.
reviewed in The Iconoclast, Issue Number 64. pgs.38-40. [complete issue included]
§ Dishwashers and Other Forgotten Angels
Williams, Ric. “Dishwashers and Other Forgotten Angels” in Litera. The Austin Chronicle, January 17, 1997.
§ Distance
mention of Distance, by A. Huffstickler and Mark Christal, Down Home Express 1977. fragment of newsprint.
§ Embassy Suite Poems
Williams, Ric. “The Embassy Suite Poems.” in Litera. The Austin Chronicle, Jan. 14, 1994.
§ Hindsight or How I Survived the Depression
Mandrake Poetry Review. Vol. 2 No. 4 Winter/Spring 1998. Larkspur CA: David Castleman.
§ Intimacies
Mitchell, Felicia. “Intimacies: Austin Poets Audio Anthology.” Review. Small Press Review, April 1989, p. 13.
§ Markings
McKinnon, Pat. Review of Slipstream No. 11 with mention of Huffstickler’s poem Markings. for Small Press Review [n.d.] [handwritten note from McKinnon to Huffstickler on back of photocopy]
§ Mortality and Madness
Metzger, Joyce. Review of Mortality and Madness: Bus Stations I Have Known. c. Feb. 10, 2002. 1 pg.
Williams, Ric. Litera, The Austin Chronicle Sept. 10, 1999, p. 82, review of Mortality and Madness: Bus Stations I Have Known by Albert Huffstickler.
§ Night Diner
Mitchell, Felicia. Review of Night Diner: A Report to Edward Hopper, by Albert Huffstickler. in the Small Press Review, Vol. 18, No. 3, Issue 158, [pg. 1?]
§ The Old Man
Williams, Ric. Review of The Old Man in Litera, with mention of Rob Lewis.
                   The Austin Chronicle July 29, 1988 p. 42.
§ The Remembered Light
Gaskin, Bob. in Cedar Rock, Vol. 6 No. 1, Winter 1981, p. 22.
Lynskey, Edward C. Review of The Remembered Light. in Gargoyle, 1982.
§ She Said
Home Planet News No. 33. Review of She Said. Spring, 1992, p. 22.
§ The Smell of Things
Zack, Ron. “Albert Huffstickler: The Smell of Things and Twilight on Trinity.   Reviews in Taproot Reviews #3, Dec. 1997. 
“Albert Huffstickler: The Smell of Things.” Review in Taproot Reviews
§ Soul Gallery
Concho River Review, review of Soul Gallery. Fall 1989, pg. 105.
Mitchell, Felicia. Soul Gallery… [review, 2 pgs., copy of galleys for publication in New Mexico Humanities Review. 3 pgs. 1987?]
Mitchell, Felicia. Soul Gallery… [copy of review from New Mexico Humanities Review, pgs. 87-89. [nd]
Woods, Christopher. Review of Soul Gallery by Albert Huffstickler. In Small Press Review, November 1987, p. 4.
§ Twilight on Trinity:
Zack, Ron. “Albert Huffstickler: The Smell of Things and Twilight on Trinity.   Reviews in Taproot Reviews #3, Dec. 1997. 
§ Vanessa
         Inman, Will. [Arizona poet] poem/critique, “Huff’s Vanessa.” dated June 14, 1994
§ Walking Wounded:
Lev, Donald. “High Texas Grace.” Review of Walking Wounded by Albert Huffstickler. in Oxalis, v. 3 no. 4, 1990. 3 pgs.
Mitchell, Felicia. “Two From Texas.” Review of Walking Wounded. Small Press Review, Feb. 1991, p. 13.
Speer, Laurel. Review of Walking Wounded. Small Press Review, June 1990, p. 11.
Woods, Chrstopher. Review of Walking Wounded in “Writers’ Library” column, Austin Writer, April, 1990, p. 11.-
§ The Wander Years
Olson, Norman J. “Recommended Reading.” Review of The Wander Years by Albert Huffstickler. in a view from the loft: a magazine about writing, Volume 22 No. 7, Feb. 2000, pgs. 16-17. [complete issue included]
pg. 10. [includes the poem Kinfolk with credit to “Repository.”]
§ A Web of Light and Quinlen:
Woods, Christopher. Review of A Web of Light by Albert Huffstickler. [n.d.]
Factsheet Five #37. Reviews of Quinlen and A Web of Light by Albert Huffstickler.
§ Why I Write in Coffee Houses and Diners
Williams, Ric. Review of Why I Write in Coffee Houses and Diners by Albert Huffstickler. The Austin Chronicle [no page, n.d.]
§ Work
“Albert Huffstickler: Work.” Review in Taproot Reviews, pg. 14 [n.d.]
“Albert Huffstickler: Work. “ Review in Taproot Reviews, WWW Edition[printout] 
§ Working on My Death Chant
Dolley, John. “Europa Bookstore Reading.” Oxygen No. 1 1993, Austin: Mark Rosenburg.
Hildebrand, Don. in Poetic Space. Fall/Winter 1992-93, p. 4; Eugene OR: Poetic Space.
Speer, Laurel. “Huffstickler Praised.” in Pecan Press reprinted from Small Press Review March 1993. May, 1993. pg. 8.
Speer, Laurel. “Speer Reviews.” in Small Press Review, March 1993.
Woods, Christopher. “Poems Focus on the Lost, the Forgotten, the Wounded.” Review of Working on My Death Chant by Albert Huffstickler. Texas Books in Review, Vol. XII No. 4, Winter 1992, p. 11. [complete issue]
File 2:                  Comments on Huffstickler’s writing
Hoppe, W. Joe. “Getting Over Yourself: Personality vs. The Poem.” signed “Austin International Poetry Festival 3/30/96.” 8 pgs.
Reitz, Del. “It Holds Till the Rope Breaks,” in Newsletter Inago Vol. 3 No. 2, February 1983. Tucson, AZ ISSN 0743-6882. [entire issue devoted to Huffstickler. 5 pgs.
Reitz, Del. “Somewhere between the Ecstasy and the Rage,” in Newsletter Inago Vol. 15 No. 7. Tucson, Arizona. [complete issue devoted to Huffstickler.] July 1995.
Bradley, Jerry. “Albert Huffstickler writes …” Nw Mexico Humanities Review. [n.d.]
File 3:                  Articles about Huffstickler
Abbott, Timothy Cleve. “Albert Huffstickler.” Texas Beat, Feb. 14 1992, p. 14.
“Staff Profile: Albert Huffstickler.” in University of Texas General Libraries Bulletin March 18, 1988, reprinted from Waterways, NYC.
Albert Huffstickler. [n.d., with “Transformation Blues”]
Backen, Bud. “Albert Huffstickler in Duluth MN, 1992.”
Greth, Carlos Vidal. “The Meter’s Running: Poet societies find audience lured by rhyme and reason.” Austin American-Statesman, Aug. 12, 1989. Pgs. C1 and C5.
Herndon, John. “Austin project captures essence of living poetry.” Austin American-Statesman. Dec. 10, 1988, p. E18.
Huffstickler, Albert. Climbing the Tower with picture and comment about Huffstickler.
Jayson, Sharon. “Sharing the Verse.” Austin American-Statesman, Sept. 23, 1993. 
Lindell, Chuck. “Bard of Hyde Park lived a life of everyday poetry.” Austin American-Statesman, Feb. 27, 2002, pgs. A1 and A9.
Martin, Ken. “ The Old Man and the Poem. Albert Huffstickler: Poet Laureate of Hyde Park.” The Good Life. No. 50, pgs. 26-29. Austin TX.
Mitchell, Felicia [?], Albert Huffstickler, n.d.
“Poets’ fest.”  The Bisbee Observer August 22, 1991 (Bisbee AZ). [pg. 12 jump only from page 1 but pg. 1 missing]
“Poet’s Night.” in The Austin Light, June 21-27, 1989. [no pg. no.]
Press Picks. Albert “Huff” Huffstickler, Tuesday January 30. Houston Press January 25-31, 1996, p. 18.
Rossignol, James. Preface for The Certitude of Laundromats (p. 3) c1995. 
Szilagyl, Pete. “Chicago House offers the write stuff.” Austin American-Statesman Dec. 25, 1991, p. B10.
Thibodeaux, Ray. “Coffee Talk.” Austin American-Statesman [XL?]. November 10, 1994, pgs. 38-40.
Williams, Ric. Litera, The Austin Chronicle Feb. 8, 1991, p. 50.
Williams, Ric. “Senate Resolution No. 432…” in Litera, The Austin Chronicle, July 21, 1989, p. 30.
.Williams, Ric. Litera, The Austin Chronicle May 21, 1993, p. 52
Williams, Richard Lance. “Poetry Reflects Travels of Albert Huffstickler.” The Austin Light, Vol. IX No. 40, Oct. 12-18, 1988, pgs. 1 and 5.
Wiseman, Joseph. “Hyde Park poet finds other jobs to make ends meet.” from Austin American-Statesman/ Neighbor, p. 9, Dec. 25, 1986.
Wright, Kenneth. “Huffstickler: poet amid the stacks.” Images: the Daily Texan weekly arts and entertainment magazine. Nov. 29, 1982. [no pg. number]
File 4:                  Interviews
§ Tipper, John Mark. Interview: “I Believe in the Sea.” in Earthwise Newsletter, 1983. Austin: John Tipper.
[includes note from Huffstickler to John [Tipper?] dated 5/10/83, typescript]
§ “Huff,” by Mark Longley, 16 pgs.
§ letter from Lynda Silva dated 21 December, 1993; with “Interview with Albert Huffstickler” (correction), then 3 pgs. of interview
§ review by Joyce Metzger includes interview
§ Felicia Mitchell’s interview from Sow’s Ear, 5 pgs.
§ Felicia Mitchell’s “Interview with Albert Huffstickler: Observations on the Writing Workshop,” 9 pgs.
§ Ric Williams’ “Huffstickler Talks About Life at the Laundromat” from The Austin Light”
§ Vita page with Interviews mentioned
[See also, in Biography file:    “The Living Poet Series: Albert Huffstickler.” in Atom Mind, Vol. 5 No. 17, Winter 1996, pgs. 105-114. followed by “Albert Huffstickler 1927—: A Self-Portrait,” pgs. 115-125. Albuquerque NM: mother road publications. ISSN 0004-704X. ]
File 5:              Awards etc.
  • poem, “Awards, Honors, Etc.” written 1-19-90
  • letter from Concho River Review with check for “Best Poetry of Festival”
  • letter from Huffstickler to Elaine which mentions winning
        • Austin Book Award for 1989
  • Senate Resolution 432 [copy]
  • letter from Nerve Cowboy with mention of poem for 1996 Pushcart Prize
  • San Antonio College reading certificate, March 17, 1994
  • letter to Huffstickler saying he did not win a Guggenheim, dated March 12, 1997
  • letter announcing Hyde Park Poets won 1994 Innovative Volunteer Program Award; clippings, etc. related to this 1994 TXMHMR award.
  • A Tribute to Albert Huffstickler
  • Copy of 1st edition of Walking Wounded and letter
File 6:              Photographs [50]
File 7:               Poems to and about Huffstickler, including
  • “Huff,” by Naomi Shihab Nye, with note
  • “A New Place,” by Daniel Herb [Texas prison inmate]
  • poems by Michelle Stewart Montemayor
  • “letter to Huff,” by Susan [Bright?]
  • “Huff,” by Benny McAdams [?]
  • “Old Fuck,” by Kurt Nimmo
  • “Response to Albert Huffstickler,” by Carole J. Heffley [editor, Feelings]
  • “Homage to Huff,” by Patricia [?], with note
  • “Every Other Sunday is Poetry Night at Huff’s,” by W. Joe Hoppe
  • “To Albert Huffstickler,” by Miguel González-Gerth
  • “To Albert,” by Laura [?]
  • “Hombres Solitario,” by W. Joe Hoppe
  • poem by Margi Bienemann
  • no author, dated May 9, 1982
  • “Huffstickler,” by Steven De Frates, from Concho River Review, Fall 1993
  • “Where Huff Goes When He Writes,” by Sherri Solomon
  • “Sherry Reads on the Radio,” by Theresa May
  • “Homage to Huff,” by Patricia Fiske
  • “Valentine for the New Millenium,” by Felicia Mitchell
  • “Certainties,” by Jerry Hagins
  • “Red Bench Next Day,” by Mike Cosper
  • “Remember Huisache,” by Sylvia Manning
  • “Ode to Albert,” by M.B. [?]
  • “My Friend Albert,” by Mike Cosper
  • “Someday,” by Mike Cosper
  • “Clarksville Creamery, June 4, 1977,” [?]
  • poem by N.S. Kim
  • 4 poems by Elisabeth Huffstickler, daughter
  • “Brown, for A.H.,” by Louise Crago, in Coffeehouse Poets’ Quarterly, Summer 1991 #3
  • “poem for Albert smoking,” by Pat McKinnon in
Poetry Motel #20, 1994, Duluth MN.
  • Limericks for Huff, by fellow library workers
  • Enough Now, collection of previously published poetry dedicated to Huffstickler, by Sylvia Manning
  • Fire No. 21, with Tribute to Albert Huffstickler,
published in Oxfordshire UK by Jeremy Hilton, with poems written by several Austin poets
  • “Reckoning,” by Mark Smith
[End of Box 10]
Box 11:            Related to Press of Circumstance and Mail Sales, Proofs of The Old Man and City of the Rain, Broadsheets, Publicity related to mail sales, Addresses, etc.
File 1:          Second edition proofs for The Old Man
File 2:           Third edition proof for The Old Man           
File 3:            Manuscript for Skirting the Edge, to have been Huffstickler’s last chapbook.
File 4:           Advertisements for Press of Circumstance issues including lists of all available publications, 25 leaves
File 5:           Mail related to Press of Circumstances sales, 47 items include
§ copy of card mailed Nov. 16, 1993 to Sylvia Manning telling her “$467 in sales on City since Oct. 1.”
§ purchase order from Brown University
§ letter from University of Buffalo
§ letters from customers with some reply
§ Manila envelope, contents as found, with Huffstickler’s “Mailing” on it, miscellaneous items saved for addresses? [14 pieces]
File 6:           Examples of chaps distributed by Press of Circumstance and publications, including these titles:
§ 5 (1989)
§ Alienation or The Billy the Kid Syndrome (1998)
§ Anonymous (1991)
§ Armageddon (1998)
§ Big Stan (1996)
§ Bodily Functions (1997)
§ Café du Jour (1985)
§ Certitude of Laundromats (A Jamming Staplers Production, 1995)
§ City of the Rain (1993)
§ Crossing Over (1999)
§ The Dark Flower (1993)
§ Dishwashers and Other Forgotten Angels (1996)
§ The Embassy Suites Poems (1993)
§ Emergency Room (1995)
§ Four Visions (1998)
§ Gleanings (1989)
§ The Hennessey Papers (1996)
§ Hodge Podge (1991)
§ Impressions from Childhood (“Aileron Press Miniature # 3     Austin 1982 Republished 2000 by Press of Circumstance”)
§ It’s Lonely at the Bottom Too (1997)
§ Loneliness of the Long Distance Shopper (1998)
§ Looking at the Ground (2000)
§ The Lost Poem (1998)
§ The Man in the Chair (?)
§ McSwyne and the Goddess (nd)
§ Moonwalk or The Final Hallucination (1993)
§ Mortality and Madness: Bus Stations I Have Known (1999)
§ My Last Madonna and Other Poems (1999?)
§ My Mother at 84 (2000)
§ The Old Man (“Newly Expanded Third Edition, 1995)
§ On the Doorsteps of the Heart (nd)
§ The Perils of Haggerty (1998)
§ Pieces of Brandon: A Fragmentation (1991)
§ Quinlen (1989)
§ Quinlen (1995)
§ A Requiem for Lunchbutt (1997)
§ A Requiem for the Dispossessed (2000)
§ The Ruta Maya Poems (1997)
§ Sequences (1999)
§ She Said (1991)
§ The Smell of Things (1993)
§ South of Saltillo (produced by Suburban Wilderness Press/ Patrick McKinnon, no date)
§ St. Francis Was a Flower Child (1998)
§ Taking the Fifth (1998)
§ Transformation Blues (1992)
§ The True Believer (nd)
§ Vanessa’s Peace (1998)
§ A Wake for Nora Belloe Ordez and Other Poems (1998)
§ The Way Things Come and Go (1992)
§ A Winter Song for Michelle (1988)
§ Work (1993)
File 7:              Broadsheets and cards distributed by Huffstickler, mostly Press of Circumstance imprints, including these:
§    Alley Way
§    Bluebonnets Blue
§    Ceremonial (by Albert Huffstickler and Michael Gilmore,Aileron Press, 1982)
§    The Chameleon
§    The Dark Flower (“produced by REM c1983 Albert Huffstickler”)
§    Deep-Fried (1991)
§    A Dream and a Poem (1975)
§    Four Mantras (1983)
§    The Four Women of the Mountains (1987)
§    Goodbye Poem for Linda (1990)
§    Hospital
§    I Write (1994)
§    Lament for a Dead Child
§    Men and Women by H.L. Hix (“Press of Circumstance Broadsheet #5 c 1986 by H.L. Hix.” ?)
§    Mesquite (1986)
§    ORB/3 6 by Huff (1995?) pub. by The Olympia Review in Olympia WA
§    Red River Café (1991)
§    Sleeping Girl (1979)
§    Spilled Milk
§    Vision (1986)
§    War Wounds
§    When to Cook a Pot of Pinto Beans
§    Woman (1987)
§    Writing to Metta (1986)
§    Christmas [these items in plastic bag]:
§    Bluebonnets Blue (1989),
§    Christmas Hymn 1975
§    Christmas 1977
§    Christmas 1978 (I think I’ll build a manger …),
§    Christmas 1982
§    Christmas 1983
§    Christmas at the Laundromat (1988)
§    Christmas card [approx. 4 x51/2, an angel, no text, no year, but probably 1999 or 2000—sm]
§    A God for the Losers (1993)
File 8:              City of the Rain, “Photo Ready Copy” as Huffstickler saved it in large manila envelope.
[End of Box 11]
Box 12:            Readings, Publicity, Posthumous miscellany, Huffstickler’s graphic art
File 1:              Related to readings, four leaves; some early readings: Laos House (1970), Clarksville (1977), Liberty Lunch (1977), “Reading Oct. 4, 1979”
File 2:              Huffstickler’s folders of readings [representative examples]:
§ “Eklektikos (Radio program, Austin KUT-SM);
§ “Emergency Reading” (“Good Stand-by Reading”);
§ “Cactus Sept. 12”;
§ “Ruta Maya, Sunday July 13, 1997 8:00”;
§ “Next Reading”;
§ “ Emory & Henry College Reading”.
File 3:              Publicity for readings, misc. [40 + 65 + 16 items];
                        Fliers for readings [60 items]
            Fliers for readings [60 items, in plastic bag]
File 4 :             Posthumous, miscellaneous: [18 items]:
§ Remembering Huff, Poetry by Albert Huffstickler, “Published in August, 2002, by The Waterways Project for a memorial reading at The Muddy Cup Café, Stapleton, Staten Island.”
§ Who Speaks My Secret Name by Albert Huffstickler. ISBN 1-882983-57-2. with letter from publisher, R. Bixby
§ “Eulogy for Albert Huffstickler, Poet, 1927-2002,” by John C. Merritt.
§ Photograph on card with text, “My days pile up like stones in a field. Albert Huffstickler 1927-2002.”
§ card announcing flags at half-staff March 5, 2002
§ announcement of memorial service at Hyde Park Theatre March 4, 2002
§ “Just a Visitor,” 4 poems Margaret Huffstickler set to music and sang at his Memorial Service
§ photograph of “Long Live Huff” on Hyde Park Fresh-Plus grocery store with the date 2-28-02
§ Huff’s handwritten notes to himself about his condition unto death
§ “Remembering Huff,” article. [The Austin Chronicle?]
§ “In memory of Albert Huffstickler…” on Lilliput Review web home page
§ unblinkingeye online “Huff In Memoriam” web page with poem, i dream of rivers
§ obituary notice on page 1 of General Libraries Library Bulletin for March 7, 2002: “Huff Albert C. Huffstickler Dec. 17, 1927 – Feb. 25, 2002
§ Photograph on card with Huff’s last poem on back.
§ Copy of obituary article which ran on pg. 1 of Austin American-Statesman [Feb. 27, 2002?]
 File 5:             Huffstickler’s graphic art, examples
§ card from Don Wentworth, Lilliput Review
§ Lilliput Review #85
§ examples of published artwork [14 leaves, photocopies]
§ Photographs of Huffstickler paintings [20]
[End of Box 12]
Box 13:                        Recorded [i.e. non-print] Materials
—   Cassette sound recording tapes:
§ “Intimacies,” Austin Poets Audio Anthology, c1988, City of Austin Arts Commission
§ “Albert H. 5/12/89”
§ “For Margaret H.”
§ “Huff & Sherry KUT [radio]” June 1989
§ Bisbee Poetry Festival 1991 Sunday Readings
§ “Huff”
§ “Huff @ Ruta Maya Nov. 18, 1999”
§ Mark Smith, Joe Hoppe, and Albert Huffstickler [at] Europa Book 4-4-93”
§ “Albert Huffstickler Cactus Café 1-97”
§ “Poems for Pretty Renée” recorded Nov. 25, 1987
§ “A Christmas Reading for Felicia” dated Nov. 8, 1987
§ [micro-cassette, contents unknown]
—   VHS cassettes:
§ “In the Memory of Huff 1927-2002” [2 copies]
§ “Huff Memorial NYC Muddy Cup (Staten Island)
Aug. 20, ’02”[Waterways; on 2 cassettes]
§ “Bisbee Poetry Festival Aug. 18, 1991”
—   discs
§ Albert Huffstickler, Austin Acoustic Music Festival Nov. 19, 1994
§ Hiram Poetry Review #61 [US ISSN 0018-2036] 1998, with print-out
§ “Godspeed Albert,” Starduster
§ Two [2] floppy discs, 3x3: “Huffstickler – background letter – Selections Walking Wounded”; “Resumé 3 Penny”.
[End of Box 13]
Box 14:            Huffstickler in Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream, NYC
  • 60 representative issues of Waterways [sans staples], 1985 – 2000*
  • copy of Dealing with Differences, c 1994 The Waterways Project of Ten Penny Players, Inc. — example of supplementary Waterways publication in which Huffstickler poetry appeared; Lonely and Anonymous is on pages 5-6; Plain Criminal Tendencies, p. 28; Plain Chant for Carolyn, 48-49; Square Pegs, 50-51.
  • copy of Service Learning: the alternative approach, selections from Streams. c1995 Waterways Project of TenPenny Players (with 2 poems, “Volunteer” and Intention.”
  • Waterways announcement of 2003 Themes with selections from Huffstickler poems as monthly themes for the 24th year of publication, honoring him posthumously.**
  • Issue of September 1996 as it was mailed to Huffstickler with enclosed announcement of 1997 themes
  • Bag containing: galleys for Soul Gallery; copy of Soul Gallery with publishing imprint of Bard Press for distribution by Waterways, ISBN 0-934776-06-7 c. 1987 Albert Huffstickler; September 1987 issue of Waterways containing profile of Huffstickler;
  • Bound original manuscript of Soul Gallery by Albert Huffstickler.
  • Remembering Huff: Poetry by Albert Huffstickler, “Published in August, 2002, by The Waterways Project for a memorial reading* at The Muddy Cup Café, Stapleton, Staten Island.”, c. 2002 Ten Penny Players, Inc. [Find in manila envelope sans clasp postmarked April 30, 1996 which itself serves as examples of how Waterways issues were sent to Huff by Barbara Fisher.***]
Notes: See complete bibliography of Huffstickler’s poems in Waterways in the file, Bibliography, in Box 6.   Letters from Barbara Fisher in Box 17: April 17, 1985 asking to see Soul Gallery manuscript; letter of Nov. 6, 1985; letter of Dec. 7, 1985; card mailed Feb. 4, 1986; note mailed July, 1986; note dated July 22, 1987; undated note on printed announcement [1989]; photocopy of article from “The Villager,” dateline April 28, 1988, with picture of Barbara Fisher and Richard Spiegel; note on back of announcement of Waterways Project events for 1996; letters dated as follows: June 15, 1992; October 4, 1992; January 24, 1993; July 21, 1993; November 15, 1993; January 4, 1994; Feb. 19, 1994; July 15, 1994; Aug. 19, 1994; Nov. 21, 1994; Jan. 8, 1995; Jan. 28, 1995; July 3, 1995; July 24, 1995; April 22, 1996; Oct. 27, 1996; April 16, 1997.
   *Complete collection of Waterways issues with Huffstickler poems available at The Center for American History, UT Austin. Complete run of Waterways available at New York Public Library and from
**See also, in Box 13, VHS recording of memorial [in 2 parts, 2 tapes].
[End of Box 14]
Box 15:               Personal items including Huffstickler’s statements about his life and art, documents, metaphysical perspectives, résumés, items relating to The General Libraries at UT Austin, Health, Money, Christian Children’s Fund and Children’s International, Family
File 1:             “Self-Portrait” material
§ copy of typescript of “A Self-Portrait,” ending with his attachment of poem, The Way of Art, the closing word, Peace, and the date June 1, 1995. [This was probably written by request for some publication; it was probably published though at this writing I do not know by whom. – sm] 18 leaves. [summary of 25 years in Austin], 1 pg., lists many small mags and people, ends with handwritten addition.]
§ Atom Mind Vol. 5 No. 17, Winter 1996 (ISSN 0004-704X) with “A Self-Portrait” following his featured poems on pgs. 115-125.
§ letter from Greg Smith, Mother Road Publications, dated May 27, 1995
§ drafted notes, auto-biographical, with poems [12 leaves]
File 2:              other biographical and autobiographical material
§ “bio” for 2nd annual Austin International Poetry Festival, March 31-April 3, 1994) schedule of events, p. 14 [photocopy]
§ Huffstickler summary of 25 years in Austin, 1 page, lists many small mags and people, ends with handwritten addition
§ “Just a Stranger on the Bus,” two pages from Albert Huffstickler’s Greatest Hits 1965-2000 (Pudding House Publications, Johnstown Ohio ISBN 1-58998-006-9.)
§ copy of biographical statement for Waterways Sept. 1987 with handwritten revision
§ “Biography” – one paragraph
§ “How I Became an Underground Poet,” as published in The Certitude of Laundromats, Austin, 1995.
§ prose poem, Visions of Redemption, 4 pgs.
§ “Primary Goal: Take the Poetry to the People” [nd]
§ poem, “Sad Story”
File 3:              documents
—   cards, various
§ Poet-at-Large business card
§ 2 Texas Driver’s Licenses
§ 5 UT Austin identification cards
§ Woodward Inc. identification card
§ Texas Employment Commission card beginning Dec., 1977
§ 7 Voter’s Registration cards
§ 2 AARP cards
— application for military records from National Personnel Records Center dated Oct. 28, 1986
—   birth certificate
—   transcript from Texas State University, then Southwest Texas State College [ possibly Southwest Texas State Teachers’ College but renamed by the time he requested transcript?] – shows a B.A. awarded in 1960. [photocopy]
—   Senate Resolution No. 432 honoring Huffstickler, April 13, 1989, original copy
—   Statutory Heirship affidavit prepared by attorney John Lock
—   death certificate dated March 05, 2002, S145337
File 4:                         metaphysical perspectives
§ “The House is Named Poet” [a chart he made to describe his world] and God schematic [2 leaves]
§ astrology chart [24 leaves, photocopy]
§ “Huff: Progressed for Nov. 1972-73 (Age 45-46)” [probably by Louise Crago]
§ “letter to Shaman” [photocopy, 2 leaves]
§ copy of sketch on list of poems for a reading and/or collection to be called Even Now
§ poem, “That Winter,” [refers to Austin’s Madame Hipple, 3 pgs.]
§ “Notes to Myself, May 5, 1998”, 3 pgs.
§ prose, “Sometimes I think that the most significant thing you can say about me …” dated May 11, 2001
§ “Holy Secrets” [no date, handwritten, 6 leaves]
File 4:                         résumés
§ early typescript résumé with heading “1957-1960”
§ résumé revised 1977 [?] listing four “literary” references including Betty Burkhalter, Dr. Thomas Whitbread, Dr. Ralph Houston, and Ronnie Duggers, with list of publications [2 copies, typescript and photocopy]
§ “Addendum to Résumé” probably meant as part of 1977 revision of a 1976 résumé
§ original of VITA 1991 two pages, 1st page with “Representative Journals” and “Reviews,” 2nd page listing “Interviews,” “Readings and Workshops”
§ application for The Dobie Paisano Project, 4 pgs.
File 6:              Family
— Mother, Pearl Denton Huffstickler
§ “Dedication to a Houseplant,” poem
§ “My Mother at 84,” manuscript [see published version in Box 11]
§ “To My Mother,” poem handwritten on envelope
—   Sister, Martha Huffstickler Earp
§ photograph of her family
§ envelope postmarked Dec. 16, 1994
§ letter dated Dec. 19, 1983
§ “show schedule” for her business
§ clipping from “The Antique Press” dated July 1980
§ envelope postmarked Dec. 16, 1986
§ letter dated July 122, 1980
§ letter dated Dec. 19, 1987
§ business card
—   Brother, Jack Huffstickler
§ poem, “In the Blood”
§ photograph with Jack photocopy
§ photograph with Jack and Mother, photocopy
§ “Naked in My Brother’s Heart,” handwritten poem to Jack
—   Twin born dead
§ letter published with poem, “Concerning a Twin Brother Born Dead,” in Twinsletter, Winter/Spring 1994, photocopy
—   Aunt and cousin
§ news item from front page, The Austin American-Statesman, Jan. 24, 1977, about deaths of aunt, Mazie Birge, and cousin, Eloise Birge. [3 pieces]
—   Son, Joe
§ 2 photographs, one of Joe Huffstickler with his social worker in California and one of Albert and Joe together in Albert’s apartment in Austin [1994?]
§ letter from Joe [no date] and photocopy of letter
§ 11 poems relating to son Joe [12 leaves, photocopies] including Dream, Hiding from Joe, A Smorgasbord Dream, To My Son, Crosscurrents, Karma, Origins, Traveller, Freeze Frame, Son
—   Daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Carol and April Huffstickler
§ 2 photographs of Carol from the 1960s
§ Christmas card from Carol with letter
§ pamphlet for the Metaphysical Arts Center, Houston, with picture of Carol
§ 2 poems relating to Carol
§ poem with letter to Carol
§ poem for April [3 leaves]
§ letter to April from Samantha the Chicken
§ letter to Huff from Carol, Dec. 1970
§ poem, “Vengeance”
—   Daughter, Margaret
§ photograph of Margaret with Huff
§ letter to Margaret dated 10-31-93
§ letter to Margaret dated Sept. 16, 2000
—   Daughter, Elizabeth (Beth)
§ letter from Beth dated Jan. 15, 2002
§ photocopy of clipping from Nov. 24, 1977
§ letter dated Feb. 5, 1987
§ wedding photograph
§ photo from Jan. 18, 1986
§ clipping showing weight loss
§ letter from Star Warford, Elizabeth’s mother [once on the faculty of SWT], dated April 7, 1986
File 7:              Health (misc.)
      • card with everything he ate that day typed out
      • notes counting cigarettes smoked
      • Theme—Exposure, a prose piece dated June 16, 1999
      • 13 leaves, miscellany
      • bill postmarked March 12, 1981
      • clipping as saved by Huffstickler about Woodward, Inc
      • envelope as left labeled “Insurance”
File 8:             Financial
§ 3 checkbooks
§ 8 miscellaneous items Food Stamps voucher dated Feb. 15, 1978
§ 15 miscellaneous items relating to UT credit union
§ 3 poems relating to finances
§ “The Whole Picture” — August 1992 financial sheet, handwritten
§ Bankruptcy document dated May 4, 1995 with letters from attorney
§ Teacher Retirement System of Texas [18 leaves]
§ 3 tax return preparations
§ 1 royalty statement from iUniverse
File 9:                         Charitable giving
§ 11 photographs of children helped through donations to Christian Children’s Fund and Children International
§ mailing from Christian Children’s Fund dated Feb. 9, 2002
§ letter from Children International dated June 27, 1994
§ hospital reports on children
§ description of a child
[End of Box 15]
Box 16:   Austin: Hyde Park neighborhood and work in University of Texas General Library system
File 1:              Working on My Death Chant
§ copy of Working on my Death Chant by Albert Huffstickler. Austin: Backyard Press, c1992. ISBN 0-9631569-0-X;
Working on My Death Chant in the Hyde Park Bar and Grill, two leaves, title poem;
§ letter from Phillip T. Stephens, publisher, dated Sept. 16, 1991 with affidavit regarding Texas Arts Commission funding.
§ material on Don Snell, illustrator of cover for Working on My Death Chant, includes the following:
— jacket of Working on my Death Chant with Don Snell painting, note about Don Snell on inside back.
— 8x10” canvas, unnamed painting (two men’s faces) 1985
— correspondence: card announcing Snell exhibit, Gallery Lombardi, 1997; card announcing release of Bucking the Texan Myth [“Snell’s in!” wrote Ruth Roberts]; note from Don Snell in envelope postmarked April 12, 1997; copy of letter from Don Snell with no date; note of thanks from Don Snell with no date.
— card with photograph of painting, Holding On 1992
— 3 leaves of color copies of photographs of other paintings by Don Snell, titles unknown; photographs of paintings.
File 2:              Hyde Park, Austin. Miscellaneous, includes
§ Portrait of Huffstickler “by miko” signed “love, Miko…”
§ letter from Hyde Park Animal clinic
§ poem, Neighborhood Poet
§ “A Tribute to Albert Huffstickler” program for Austin International Poetry Festival at Hyde Park Theatre, April 2, 1997
§ Memorial Service announcement, Hyde Park Theatre
§ poem, Note for a Literary Historian
§ 3 letters and 1 card from Grant Thomas, Editor of Pecan Press, Hyde Park
§ poem, Found
§ letter from Hyde Park United Methodist Church
§ Joseph Wiseman article from Austin American-Statesman Dec. 25, 1986
§ Front page obituary article from Austin American-Statesman, 2 pgs.
File 3:              Hyde Park Poets
§ Pecan Press poetry pages, examples. [66 pieces] (Austin, Hyde Park neighborhood, Grant Thomas editor/publisher; Huffstickler was the poetry editor from 1992 until his death in 2002. Tear sheets bearing Huffstickler’s poems and those of others.
§ Hyde Park Poets [other]
o   card for Hyde park Poets
o   description of Huffstickler’s work mentioning Hyde park Poets
o   clipping, “Hyde Park Poems reflect feeling,” from Daily Texan, July 17, 1978
o   letter to David Fowler, Dec. 30, 1983 from Huffstickler
o   letter announcing Hyde Park Poets won the year’s Innovative Volunteer Service Award
o   flyer for Hyde Park Poets reading Sept. 13, 1984
§ Publications of Hyde Park poets, examples:
o   Hodge Podge
o   Transformation Blues
o   People
o   Hyde Park Spark
File 4:              “Final Hyde Park” — [This file is exactly as Huffstickler made it. His handwritten title on file folder. Includes a photograph of him and Felicia Mitchell sitting at a table outside a Hyde Park café, probably Julio’s, a poem by attorney John Lock, some issues of Pecan Press.]
File 5:              Relating to General Libraries, UT Austin
§ letter to Harold Billings, director
§ Everything Begins with a Goodbye, a collection with photographs prepared “for Huff on his retirement, Jan. 31, 1990 [sic]”
File 6:              Relating to General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin [Other]
§ The Talkin’ PCL Blues by Albert “Huff” Huffstickler, Special Limited Edition, “Retirement” Collection, January 1991.
§ Essay on subject of the poet in the community reprinted in Litera column (Ric Williams’) The Austin Chronicle Feb. 8 1991 p. 50. [This essay was published in the Small Press Review earlier.]
§ Poems: The Library (Sept. 30, 1981, 3 pgs.); The Legionaires (August 1, 1991); Talking PCL Blues No. xkz (July 29, 1990)
§ Information Desk, PCL—8-9A.M. (in The Library Bulletin Feb. 4, 1982 p. 10)
§ pgs. 3 and 4 of The General Libraries Newsletter, Number 24, 1985, with photograph of Huff on pg. 2
§ Christmas at the Mall from Library Bulletin Dec. 11, 1987
§ Library Bulletin note of Huff’s returning from reading at Emory & Henry College in Virginia, (May 11, 1990, p. 4)
§ The Library Bulletin Dec. 14, 1990 copy of first page with
§ Bluebonnets Blue as “seasonal poem.”
§ “Staff Profile: Albert Huffstickler” on p. 4 of The Library Bulletin dated March 18, 1988.
§ “Albert Huffstickler retires” on pg. 1 The Library Bulletin Feb. 8, 1991.
§ Obituary statement by Peggy Mueller, Library Bulletin March 7, 2002 pg. 1
§ Memos, 6 [3 from Harold Billings?]
§ letter from Thomas Whitbread to Huff at library post
§ notes to Huff from James Whitaker [in inter-campus mail envelope]
§ Acknowledgement of gift to library of Road to Llano from Harold Billings
§ evaluation of Huff’s Marking and Plating Unit by Loretta Acevedo, his supervisor, Oct. 29, 1986
§ [in bag:] Classified Personnel Service Rating Report, 1981
§ [in bag:] Classified Personnel Service Rating Report, 1982
§ [in bag:] Classified Personnel Service Rating Report, 1983
§ [in bag:] Classified Personnel Service Rating Report, 1984
§ [in bag:] Classified Personnel Service Rating Report, 1985
§ [in bag:] Classified Personnel Service Rating Report, 1986
§ [in bag:] Classified Personnel Service Rating Report, 1989.
§ [in bag:] Supervisor’s Evaluation, 1981
§ [in bag:] Supervisor’s Evaluation, 1982
§ [in bag:] Supervisor’s Evaluation, 1984
§ [in bag:] Supervisor’s Evaluation 1985
§ [in bag:] Supervisor’s Evaluation, June 17, 1987
§ letter from Huff to “Mr. B.” (Harold Billings, Director) dated 11/2/88
§ “Tentative Conclusions Drawn from My Own Personal Inquiry into the Non-Rehiring of Mel Jordan”
§ letter of appointment dated August 17, 1981
§ Letter of appointment dated Aug. 15, 1985
§ “Poet in Motion” – crossword puzzle
§ Recognition by The Memorial Fund of gift from Huff and Chestaline Pintozzi; card for Huff from Chestaline.
§ Note from an employee in M&P Unit about his hours.
§ letter of thanks from employee
§ card from many people congratulating him on retirement
§ Memo from Huff, Jan. 30, 1991, to all staff of General Libraries
§ UT System Employee Separation Form
[End of Box 16]
Box 17:            Correspondence, examples
File 1:              Huffstickler’s letters as essay
§ Letter Writers and Letter Answerers, humorous essay by Albert Huffstickler (1 page)
§ Letter from Albert Huffstickler [photocopy of published version (?) about absurdity of demand for “No previously submitted material.”
§ letter to Dr. Brandt with poem, Concerning a Twin Brother Born Dead, as published in Twinsletter [no year] pg. 4
§ letter to Patrick McKinnon as published in Poetry Motel #22 and reprinted in Small Press Review
§ photocopy of original version of letter to McKinnon
§ “Dear Sir Mr. Editor Woodruff Sir:” [a spoof cover letter, photocopy of original version of letter to McKinnon and the original typescript]
§ copy of “Dear Sir Mr. Editor Woodruff Sir” with fictional answer, all typescript on dot-matrix printer paper.
File 2:              Letter and notes from Huffstickler, misc. [47 letters, notes]
§ notes, 3 [in bag] including
§ to Short Fuse 6-24-95
§ card to Editors of Gryphon 2/10/86
§ Haight Ashbury Literary Review, “Dear Eds.” note with batch of poems, their response on back, 5/25/87
§ to Thomasina Reed, returned [?]
§ letters to prominent people, including letters to
§ Ross MacDonald April 13, 1975
§ John Kelso dated Sept. 18 1992
§ Lindsey, author of Mercy, c/o publisher, May 8, 1990
§ Frank Herbert, author, dated July 9, 1981
§ President Bill Clinton Sept. 28, 1994
§ Governor, dated March 20, 1991
§ personal letters, including
§ letter to Carolyn Jan. 5, 1981
§ to Granddaughter, April Huffstickler, from Samantha the Chicken, with Lonesome Chicken Blues [April, daughter of Joe and Carol Huffstickler, died at the age of 4.]
§ “Shaman” [?], handwritten, no date
§ Valerie Inman
§ daughter
§ Jill and Jocelyn
§ Michele Stewart
§ letters to doctors, including
§ Dr. Gordy Nov. 10, 1981 and June 13, 1986
§ Dr. Ribble
§ Dr. Brandt
§ Dr. Bartos
§ letters relating to publishing, reading
§ note to Ed Buffaloe with poem May 12, 1982
§ Mr. Sales [? a query letter] July 23, 1995
§ Robert Bixby March 5, 2001 [and Bixby’s] relating to Who Speaks My Secret Name [published posthumously]
§ Alf Wilhelm July 29, 1994 relating to contract
§ Alf Wilhelm Nov. 7, 1994
§ to John [editor of City Rant?] June 20, 1990, handwritten
§ Mark Brimm, Royal Vagrant Press, regarding no permission to edit a manuscript, May 15 1996
§ Mark [Brimm] May 9, 1996
§ Mr. John Gustafson [relating to reading fees in Duluth MN] Nov. 1, 1990
§ Pat McKinnon 6-22-93 [published in Poetry Motel #22 and elsewhere; see previous file for photocopy of published version, maybe Taproot Reviews?]
§ Pat McKinnon 7-21-95
§ letter to landlord
§ letter to Texas Teachers’ Retirement System
File 3:              Form acceptances, examples [48 leaves]
File 4:              Rejections, examples
§ small format [20 leaves]
§ letter sized [24 leaves]
§ article from New York Times about rejections, sent him by Sherry Solomon
File 5:              Letters from Barbara Fisher, publisher [27 leaves]
File 6:              Letters from other publishers, examples [241 leaves]
File 7:              Letters from publishers, small format
[End of Box 17]
Box 18:            Correspondence [Continued]
File 1:              Selected letters from readers [32 letters, notes]
File 2:              Selected letters from notable people [23 letters/notes] including letters or notes from
      • Naomi Shihab Nye
      • Ann Richards [3]
      • Mark White
      • George W. Bush
      • Sue Grafton
      • Ronnie Dugger
      • Tony Hillerman
      • Bill Clinton
      • Anne Tyler
      • Luciano Pavarotti
      • Robert Pinksky, Poet Laureate
      • Thomas Whitbread
File 3:              Susie Bowers, examples
      • letters from Huff to Susie [8]
      • letters from Susie to Huff [3]
      • other selected memorabilia including
— 6 photographs
— “Night Poems for Huff,” manuscript [20 leaves]
File 4:              Louise Crago
      • letters from Huff [4]
      • letters from Louise [11]
      • 1 Christmas card with handwritten poem, 1975
File 5:              Sylvia Manning
      • letters from Sylvia [3]
      • letters from Huff [21]
File 6:              Felicia Mitchell
      • letters from Felicia [5]
      • letters from Huff [6]
      • 1 postcard, 1 photo, 1 chapbook
File 7:              John Ramington
      • small notes [15]
      • letters [13]
File 8:              Will Inman, letters (many with poems)
      • 1998 [8]
      • 1997 [12]
      • 1996 [30 leaves, includes 2 pgs. from Small Press Review]
      • 1994-95 [17 leaves]
      • 1991-92 [78 leaves]
      • 1993 [30 leaves]
[End of Box 18]
Box 19:            Correspondence, continued
File 1:              Laurel Speer (writer and editor, Small Press Review)
      • postcards [in bag, 38]
      • letters to Huff [15]
      • letter dated 7-25-94 with copy of 5&10+2 with Speer’s essay, “The Intellectual Redneck?”
      • note dated 5-1-92
      • note dated 10-11-90 with Small Press Review column
      • Small Press Review May-June 1998
      • autographed copy of Laurel Speer chapbook, Sin
      • Small Press Review July-August 1990
File 2:              Mary Teague (therapist)
      • 1 photograph
      • letters from Huff to Mary Teague [66 leaves]
File 3:              Chuck Taylor
      • letters from Taylor [6, with 1 photograph of daughter]
      • letter from Pat Little Dog [Taylor], 1
File 4:              Don Wentworth (publisher, the Lilliput Review)
      • notes [in bag, 29]
      • notes [in bag, 38]
      • notes [3]
      • letters [9] from Wentworth
      • letters from Huff
      • miscellaneous [7 leaves]
File 5:              Christopher Woods
      • letters with various enclosures [31]
      • letter with issue of Small Press Review (with a review written by Woods)
[End of Box 19]
Box 20:            Representative publications
File 1: Books and chaps, examples   
Albert Huffstickler Greatest Hits 1965-2000. Greatest Hits Series #87. Johnstown, Ohio: Pudding House Publications, 2001. ISBN 1-58998-006-9. [contains bibliography and “Just a Stranger on the Bus: Albert Huffstickler on His Life and Writing” as well as these poems: Woman, Judgment, Adiós, Father Form, The Suit, Nocturne, Inmate, Engraving, In Passing, Good Friday Piedras Negras, I’ve Been Through the Fire, and Litany.]
Cosmology of Madness, The, by Albert Huffstickler. St. Paul, Minnesota: Pariah Press, 2000 [second printing]. 36 pgs. ISSN 1091-9449.
The Certitude of Laundromats, by Albert Huffstickler. [chapbook produced by Michael Ambrose] Austin: A Jamming Staplers Press production, 1995.
[Preface by James Rossignol refers to Huffstickler as “the uncontested Poet Laureate of the small press.”]
her, by Albert Huffstickler. Austin: Aileron Press, 1982. Chap includes her, A Goodbye Poem for Pamela, A Comfort Song, Elegy for a Beautiful Woman, Sixteen Initiation, October 31 1981, Adios Maria. [Huff’s cover art]*
image in brown, by Albert Huffstickler. Austin: First Thursday Press, 1984.
Letter to Another Planet. Austin: Lucky Tiger Press, 1991. [9 poems written between June 30 and July 19, 1982.]
Night Diner: A Report to Edward Hopper, by Albert Huffstickler. Austin: Aileron Press/L’Ecole Whitman, 1985. 
Road to Llano, by Albert Huffstickler. Austin: Aileron Press, 1983.
File 2:              Examples of books and chaps, cont.
Walking Wounded. Austin: Backyard Press, 1989.
Wanda, by Albert Huffstickler; drawings by K. Cecile Bogan. Austin: Plain View Press, 1986. ISBN 0-911051-31-7. “The poems in this collection are part of a larger work entitled Walking Wounded, written while the poet was recovering from back surgery which impaired his ability to walk for a long period of time.”
The Wander Years, by Albert Huffstickler. Austin, Texas: SRLR Press, c1998. 90 pgs. ISBN 0-9657687-3-2.
A Web of Light, poetry by Albert Huffstickler. the fallen chap series #2. Austin: McOne Press, 1990. 
Why I Write in Coffee Houses and Diners: Selected Poems, by Albert Huffstickler. San Jose: Authors Choice Press, c2000. 100 pgs. ISBN 0-595-14014-9. Edited and with an introduction by Felicia Mitchell. [Felicia Mitchell oversaw the publication of this book from idea onward. It’s available through as a print-on-demand book. – sm] Foreword by Chuck Taylor. 
 Working on my Death Chant, by Albert Huffstickler. Austin, TX: Backyard Press, c1992, 77 pgs. ISBN 0-9631569-0-X.
File 3:             Anthologies, examples
Antología: Edición bilingüe inglés-español. Austin International Poetry Festival/Festival Iberoamericano ’97, 1999. ISBN 968-7808-57-8. Don’t Ask the Angels How They Fly/ No preguntéis a los ángeles cómo vuelan, p. 198-201.
The Best is Yet to Be. Watsonville CA: Papier-Maché Press. ISBN 1-57601-032-5. Meditation for Twilight, p. 32
Best Texas Writing. Dallas: Rancho Loco Press, 1996. ISBN 0-9656349-1-4. The Passing of Our Days, p. 39
Periplum/Austin: an anthology of Austin poetry. ed. by John Herndon. Austin: The Open Theatre, 1987. What It Came Down To, p. 48.
Poesía y Calle: Anthology of Poetry 1995-1996.   Austin: Mexic-Arte Museum. Woman, p. 38.
Ragged Lion: A Tribute to Jack Micheline. Brooklyn NY and Ellensburg WA: The Smith Publishers & Vagabond Press, c1999 John Bennett. ISBN 0912824-40-9. Sullinger, p. 128.
File 4:              Foreign publications, examples
— The Brobdingnagian Times, No. 22, Winter 2002. Cork, Ireland
ISSN 1393-3302. The Song. [in brown envelope]
                                    — Gros Textes. France. 
— Literatura. Russia. [Tabloid publication in Russian. 1996? in white large envelope sent from David Chikhladze, Republic of Georgia. Presumably there’s a poem by Huffstickler in Russian somewhere in this.]
— Moodswing. Issue No. 1 Autumn 2001. “Pocket Broadsheet published by Talking Pen. England: Moorside, County Durham [?] Talking Pen, 2001. ISSN 1475-4096. Purification. [in green paper envelope]
File 5:              Examples of small and very small format publications
— Cotyledon 22. Oct. 2001. Huntsville AL. He hacked love…
Cotyledon 23. Dec. 2001. Huntsville AL. Before the beginning….
— Little Cotton Gin 1:96.   Greensboro NC.   The Ambiguous Heart, At the Café du Jour.
Little Cotton Gin [Drive thru Beer issue]. Greensboro NC Apprenticeship, Tribute.
—Hummingbird. Vol. VII No. 4, June 1997. Richland Center WI. ISSN 1053-6485. Matrix, p. 39.
— Lilliput Review. Pittsburgh PA: Don Wentworth.
§ #14, #34, #36, #68, #91, #93, #95, #103, #107, #109, #111, #113, #116, #117, #119, #120, #121, #123, #124 – all with poem(s) or artwork by Huffstickler
§ Long Line Issue #32 with Café Poem
§ Twilight on Trinity and Pre-dawn Cycle [very small format chaps/poems] 
File 6: Internet material
—   McSwyne and the Goddess at The Far Cry [letter and print-out]
—   results of a Yahoo search in 2004
—   flyer for iUniverse book sales
—   print-outs from internet poetry publication
[End of Box 20]
Box 21:            Serials — rags, mags and zines, examples
Aileron. Vol. III No. 1, 1982. Austin: Aileron Press. Journey West, p. 42.
Austin Arts downtown Vol. 7 #8, Nov-Dec 2001. Austin: DiverseArts, 2001. Mortality on the Half Shell, p. 13.
BAD (Breakfast All Day), Issue 4, Nov. 1996. London, England: Bad Press. ISSN 1361-0465. Momento and Sea Change, p. 20.
Balcones Vol. 1 No. 2 Summer, 1987. Austin: The Balcones Review, 1987. ISSN 0893-8865. The Loneliness of Bridges, p. 84.
Black Dog No. 3 Feb. 1988.    Austin: Black Dog, 1988. Beethoven Attends the First Performance of the Ninth Symphony, p. 15.
Black Dog Vol. 1 Issue 2 Sept. 1987.    Austin: Black Dog, 1987. The First Lie, p. 14.
Bristlecone Vol. 1 Number IV Spring 1989. Carson City, Nevada: Western Nevada Community College, 1989. ISSN 1044-0232. Drive-On Man, p. 8.
The Cannon. volume 1. Austin: The Cannon, 1985. The Loneliness of Bridges.
Clark Street Review #8. San Luis Obispo CA: Clark Street Review, 2000. The Cosmic Crawl [prose] p. 16.
Clockwatch Review: A Journal of the Arts. Vol. III, No. 2, 1986. Hartland, Wisconsin: Driftwood Publications, 1986. Levels, p. 11.
Concrete Wolf: a journal of poetry Vol. 1 No. 4 Winter 2002. Bedford, NH: Concrete Wolf, 2001. ISBN 0-9717671-1-4. Novitiate, Hard Rock Elegy, Reflection, pgs. 44-46.
Feelings: A Journal of Poetic Thought and Verse. Autumn, 1996 Vol. 8, No. 1.    Easton, Pennsylvania: Anderie Poetry Press, 1996. ISSN 1050-6136. “Feelings Feature Poet,” p. 30. Sustenance, Felicity, A Lamentation of Swans, Light of the World, p. 30.
Fennel Stalk No. 9. Phoenix, AZ: Words & Spaces, c1990. Notes for a Death Chant, pgs. 15-18; Love Affair, p. 31; Drop to Earth, p. 33.
Galley Sail Review, The: a journal of new poetry. Vol. VIII No. 2 (Issue No. 5 of Series 2) Summer 1987. Berkeley, CA: Stanley McNail, 1987. ISSN 0016-4100. Thursday’s Child, p. 10.
Haight Ashbury Literary Journal Vol. 3 No. 2. San Francisco: Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, 1988. Forever, p. 7; The Revelation of St. Francis, p. 11.
Haight Ashbury Literary Journal Vol. 4 No. 1. San Francisco: Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, 1989. Metamorphosis, p. 11.
Heeltap. No. 3, Winter/Spring 1998. St. Paul MN: Richard D. Houff, Pariah Press. 
ISSN 1091-9449. Issue dedicated to Huffstickler, Death by Transfiguration, p. 7-9; Butchery, p. 10-11; Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes, p. 11-12.
Hyde Park Spark # 2. Austin: Gregory J. Gauntner, 1989. What You Get Instead When You Ask for Everything, p. 2 and art, “Burnout – July 22, 1982”.*
         ISSN 1088-713X. What Counts as Love, Fugitive, Light Mother Dark Mother, pgs. 7-8. [also Huffstickler art pg. 8, 30, 44, 55]*
Journal for Anthroposophy. No. 57 Fall 1993. Dripping Springs, Texas: Journal for Anthroposophy. ISSN 0021-8235. Graveyard, Flatonia, Texas,p. 18.
Journal for Anthroposophy… No. 59 Fall 1994. Dripping Springs, Texas: Journal for Anthroposophy. ISSN 0021-8235. The Edge of Doubt, p. 75.
Lactuca #7, August 1987. Suffern NY: Lactuca [Mike Selender], 1988. Now You Bury Your Dead, p. 5, Dunaya and the Unicorn, p. 6.
The Long Beach Guts-ette. #7 Jan., 1993. Long Beach, CA: Guillotine Press. Meeting.
The Long Beach Guts-ette. #8 May, 1993. Long Beach, CA: Guillotine Press. R.I.P. Koresh And Company.
Main Street Rag Vol. 6 No. 2 Summer 2001. ISSN 1529-9236. Drowned Child and Parting, p. 68.
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[End of Box 21]
Box 22:            Serials, representative, continued
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