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Cenobio Hernández

 Cenobio Hernández (1863-1950) was born into a musically talented family in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. He moved to San Antonio in the 1920s and played in orchestras that accompanied silent films in the Palace and Majestic Theaters. He composed hundreds of original songs throughout his life—not just upbeat polkas, but also classically-inspired pieces with hypnotic harmonies and elegant melodies. His music has been featured in Olympic ice skating competitions. The Hernández family preserved his original handwritten compositions and donated them to the Wittliff Collections in 2005.

cenobio hernandez

Accession # 2005-114
Received from Veronica Hernández
Materials from the Cenobio Hernandez collection. Items included: original scores, photos, DVD documentaries, compact discs and correspondence. 

Detailed list of items listed below. Please contact the archivist at the Wittliff Collections to learn about research in this collection.

- folder titled “pencil scratch ideas”, contains various sheets of music with hand written musical notes
- brown folder titled “Instrumentocion Concierto para Piano y Chillo - C. Hernandez”, contains
- folder containing various sheets of music from other composers
- loose sheets of music of various titles
- 8x10 b/w photo of Cenobio with the Palace Symphony Orchestra
- 8x10 b/w photo of Cenobio In Mexico at the Turn of the Century
- compact disc titled “AMHMAHL” and dated 05/14/2005
- 2 compact discs titled Recuerdos Musica para piana por Genovio Hernandez - located in backlog