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Black Theatre in Texas - Mayo & Holt Collection

Sandra Mayo & Elvin Holt
Dr. Sandra Mayo, left, with co-author/co-editor Dr. Elvin Holt


Director of Texas State’s Center for Multicultural & Gender Studies, Dr. Sandra Mayo, donated the research files that she and Dr. Elvin Holt collected for their book on the history of black theater and an anthology of plays by black Texas playwrights. Dr. Mayo’s research files include information on theaters in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Within the files are correspondence, press releases, flyers, posters, plays, interviews, and a few business related documents for theatres in Texas. Also included in this collection are files on black Texas playwrights, which include correspondence, bios, and interviews.


Read more about Sandra Mayo & Elvin Holt's anthology, Acting Up and Getting Down: Plays by African American Texans


Click here for Dr. Mayo's online exhibition, Black Theatre in Texas





Accession 2017-093

Archival materials following the history of African American Theatre in Texas. The collection includes research done by Dr. Elvin Holt, who co- authored Stages of Struggle and Celebration: A Production History of Black Theatre in Texas along with Dr. Sandra Mayo. These papers are a companion collection to Dr. Mayo’s archive previously established at the Wittliff. Majority of the collection are production programs, fliers, and photos of productions that went on at the Encore and Ensemble Theatre located in Houston, Texas, 1980-2010.

BOX    2571 (1 of 2)


2271 / 1  Ensemble Theatre flier of The Amen Corner, 1980-1981 /
2271 / 2  Ensemble Theatre programs of Back Alley Tales, Jo Anne, and The Dozens,  1981-1982
2271 / 3 Ensemble Theatre program of Who killed Hazel Patton?, February 1982
2271 / 4 Ensemble Theatre Primary Reference List, 1982-1983
2271 / 5  Ensemble Theatre 1984-1985 Awards Ballot and a Comin’ Uptown program, 1984-1985
2271 / 6   Ensemble Theatre program of Short Eyes by Miguel Pinero, 1985-1986
2271 / 7  Ensemble Theatre program for A Love Song for Miss Lydia, a flier for One  Monkey Don’t stop no Show, and a Photo, 1986-1987 /
2271 / 8   Ensemble Theatre Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom flier, and a photo of Long Time  Since Yesterday, 1987-1988
2271 / 9   Ensemble Theatre The Poison Tree photo and program; Photo of West Memphis  Mojo, and the roster for One Mo‘Time, 1988-1989
2271 / 10  Ensemble Theatre program and photo of Spooks; a paragraph of Eden, and a  newspaper review of Eden, 1989-1990
2271 / 11  Ensemble Theatre photos from Cloud nine and Sisters, and a flier from  Checkmates, 1990-1991
2271 / 12  Ensemble Theatre 1992-1993 Season mailers, pamphlets, photos, posters, and  programs, 1992-1993
2271 / 13   Ensemble Theatre programs and fliers from Brothers and Sisters, Husbands, and  Wife’s; Spunk; and A soldier’s play, 1993-1994   
2271 / 14   Ensemble Theatre 1994-1995 season mailer, Flyin West program, and Lotto  Experience the Dream, mailer, 1994-1995
2271 / 15   Ensemble Theatre 1995-1996 Touring shows mailer, two Sing a Christmas Song  fliers, and A comedy Love story program, 1995-1996  
2271 / 16   Ensemble Theatre primary reference list, 1995-1996
2271 / 17   Ensemble Theatre primary reference list, 1997-1998
2271 / 18   Ensemble Theatre programs of Once on this Island, The Colored Museum, and  Black Nativity, 1998-1999
2271 / 19   Ensemble Theatre program of The River Niger by Joseph A. Walker,    October 24, 1999

2271 / 20   Ensemble Theatre programs of Guess Who is Pregnant?, Riffs, and The River  Niger, 1999-2000
2271 / 21  Ensemble Theatre fliers and programs of Black Nativity, Having Our Say,    Higher Ground, and The Old Settler, 2000-2001
2271 / 22   Ensemble Theatre program of The African Company Presents Richard III,    February 27, 2000
2271 / 23   Ensemble Theatre program of Spirit North; Bourbon at the Border; and Riffs,  April 30, 2000- July 2, 2000
2271 / 24   Houston Forward Times Newspaper, July 18, 2000
2271 / 25  Ensemble Theatre program of The Old Settler, and Black Nativity,     October 15, 2000- December 30, 2000
2271 / 26  Ensemble Theatre program of Crumbs from the Table of Joy, Trick the Devil and Fences, 2001-2002
2271 / 27  Samson and Delilah production program with a printed newspaper article, 2001-2002
2271 / 28  Ensemble Theatre’s two copies of Having Our Say, February 25, 2001
2271 / 29  Ensemble Theatre production program of Home, April 22, 2001
2271 / 30   Ensemble Theatre production program of Shakin’ the Mess Outta Misery, June 24, 2001   
2271 / 31  Ensemble Theatre program of Higher Ground by Marsha Jackson-Randolph,  August 12, 2001
2271 / 32  Ensemble Theatre program of The Dance on Widow’s Row, June 30, 2002
2271 / 33  Samson and Delilah production program at the Encore Theatre, August 2002
2271 / 34  Ensemble Theatre program of Black Nativity Music and Joy, October 13, 2002   
2271 / 35  Ensemble Theatre programs of Black Nativity, Checkmates, and   The Piano Lessons, 2002-2003
2271 / 36  Ensemble Theatre Primary Reference List of programs, handbills, and fliers for  the 2003-2004 season, 2003-2004  
2271 / 37 Encore Theatre: Two Medea production postcards, one Incarceration postcard and three Mother production programs, 2003-2004
2271 / 38 Ensemble Theatre production program of That Serious He-Man Ball by Alonzo D. La Mont, Jr., October 17, 2004
2271 / 39 Ensemble Theatre production program of A Pure Gospel Christmas, December 31, 2004
2271 / 40  Ensemble Theatre primary reference list of production programs and fliers for the 2004-2005 season
2271 / 41  Encore Theatre Stand production program, 2005
2271 / 42  Ensemble Theatre primary reference list of programs, brochures, and fliers for the 2005-2006 season
2271 / 43  Ensemble Theatre primary reference list of production programs of A Raisin in the Sun, Christmas is Comin’ Uptown, and Get Ready, 2006-2007
2271 / 44 An Ensemble Theatre folder filled with interview questions, “Preserving Black  Theatre in Texas” article, and a flier, 2006-2007
2271 / 45  Encore theatre Behind Closed Doors production program and postcard, May 2007

2271 / 46  Ensemble Theatre production program of Blue, October 21, 2007
2271 / 47  Ensemble Theatre primary reference list, and email correspondence between Eileen J. Morris and Dr. Mayo, 2007-2008
2271 / 48  Encore Theatre production programs and postcards of Women in Prison, Divas and Daredevils and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, 2007-2008
2271 / 49  Ensemble Theatre production program of Ashes to Africa, May 25, 2008
2271 / 50  Ensemble Theatre production program of Ain’t Misbehavin’, July 20, 2000
2271 / 51  Ensemble Theatre production program and postcard of Radio Golf, October 19, 2008
2271 / 52  Transcription of Harold Hayne’s interview, October 28, 2008
2271 / 53  Ensemble Theatre production program and postcard of The Twelve Ways of Christmas, December 28, 2008
2271 / 54  Encore Theatre production programs and postcards of Jezebel, Black on Broadway, and The Music and Magic of Christmas, 2008
2271 / 55  Encore Theatre season list and reference list; I Just Wanna Tell Somebodyplay script, April 2009
2271 / 56  Ensemble Theatre Interview with Eileen Morris, April 8, 2009

2271 / 57   Brer Rabbit one act play script with a black folder and a newspaper article, 2010
2271 / 58   Ensemble Theatre primary reference list, 1983-2008
2271 / 59  Ensemble Theatre newspaper articles from the Houston Chronicle and the Beaumont Enterprise, 1989-2009
2271 / 60  Three laminated photos from an Encore Theatre production, March 22, 1994
2271 / 61  Ensemble Theatre programs and photos, and “The History of Encore Theatre” article, 1996-1997
2271 / 62  Encore Theatre newspaper articles (addendum), Primary reference list, and  archive articles, 1994-2008
2271 / 63  Primary reference list for encore Theatre, 1996-2009

Box / 2572 (2 of 2)

Box / Folder

2272 / 1 Encore Theatre portfolio with photos, programs, and newspaper print outs,  2003-2007
2272 / 2  Ensemble Theatre production program of Indigo Blues, by Judy Ann Mason,  undated
2272 / 3   Photos from the Ensemble Theatre, undated
2272 / 4  Ensemble Theatre’s transcript of BB Wilson’s interview, undated
2272 / 5  Ensemble Theatre interview of Robert Ross, undated



Accession 2013-017


Box 1674 (1 of 10)


1674/1 The Black Academy of Arts & Letters [TBAAL]-“Black Academy of Arts & Letters Primary Reference

          List” plus a sticky note that was placed on the outside of the box, it reads “Done, but with missing items

          TBAAL & Dallas”

1674/2 TBAAL-Posters/flyers organized by year

1674/3 “TBAAL-1977-1978”

1674/4 “TBAAL-1978-1979”

1674/5 “TBAAL-1979-1980”

1674/6 “TBAAL-1980-1981”

1674/7 “TBAAL-1981-1982”

1674/8 “TBAAL-1982-1983”

1674/9 “TBAAL-1983-1984”

1674/10 “TBAAL-1984-1985”

1674/11 “1984-1985 Addendums”

1674/12 “TBAAL-1985-1986”

1674/13 “1985-1986 Addendums”

1674/14 “TBAAL-1986-1987”

1674/15 “TBAAL-1987-1988”

1674/16 “1987-1988 Addendums”

1674/17 “TBAAL-1988-1989”

1674/18 “1989-1990 Addendums”

1674/19 “TBAAL-1989-1990”

1674/20 “1988-1989 Addendums”

1674/21 “TBAAL-1990-1991”

1674/22 “1990-1991 Addendums”

1674/23 “TBAAL-1991-1992”

1674/24 “1991-1992 Addendums”

1674/25 “TBAAL-1992-1993”

1674/26 “1992-1993 Addendums”

1674/27 “TBAAL-1993-1994”

1674/28 “1993-1994 Addendums”

1674/29 “TBAAL-1994-1995”

1674/30 “1994-1995 Addendums”

1674/31 “1995-1996 Addendums”

1674/32 “TBAAL-1996-1997”

1674/33 “TBAAL-1997-1998”

1674/34 “1997-1998 Addendums”

1674/35 “TBAAL-1998-1999”

1674/36 “TBAAL-1999-2000”


Box 1675 (2 of 10)


1675/1 “TBAAL-2000-2001”

1675/2 “2000-2001 Addendums”

1675/3 “TBAAL-2001-2002”

1675/4 “2001-2002 Addendums”

1675/5 “TBAAL-2002-2003”

1675/6 “2002-2003 Addendums”

1675/7 “TBAAL-2003-2004”

1675/8 “2003-2004 Addendums”

1675/9 “TBAAL 2004-2005”

1675/10 “2004-2005”

1675/11 “TBAAL-2005-2006”

1675/12 “2005-2006 Addendums”

1675/13 “TBAAL-2006-2007”

1675/14 “2006-2007 Addendums”

1675/15 “TBAAL-2007-2008”

1675/16 “2007-2008 Addendums”

1675/17 “TBAAL-2008-2009”

1675/18 “2008-2009 Addendums”

1675/19 “TBAAL-2009-2010”

1675/20 “TBAAL-2010-2011”

1675/21 TBAAL program for 2011-2012 & 2012-2013

1675/22 “Items missing dates”

1675/23 Dallas-Various publications

1675/24 Dallas-“TeCo Theatrical Productions”

1675/25 “Dallas Black Dance Theatre”

1675/26 Dallas-“Blacken Blues Theatre”

1675/27 “Curtis King & highlights”

1675/28 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Primary Reference List”

1675/29 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Newspaper Articles”

1675/30 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Gloria Abbs Interview”

1675/31 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Marian Eastman Interview”

1675/32 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Ed Smith Interview”

1675/33 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Charlese Thomas-James Interview”

1675/34 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Benjamin Espino Interview”

1675/35 “Materials/Resources Jubilee Theatre”


Box 1676 (3 of 10)


1676/1 Jubilee Theatre primary references by season, 1981-2009

1676/2 Jubilee Theatre primary references by season, 1981-2009

1676/3 “Jubilee/Black Theatre in Texas”

1676/4 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Rudy Eastman”

1676/5 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Scripts”

1676/6 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Plays by Rudy Eastman”

1676/7 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1983-1984”

1676/8 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1986-1987”

1676/9 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1987-1988”

1676/10 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1988-1989”

1676/11 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1989-1990”

1676/12 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1990-1991”

1676/13 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1991-1992”

1676/14 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1992-1993”

1676/15 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1993-1994”

1676/16 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1994-1995”

1676/17 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1995-1996”

1676/18 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1996-1997”

1676/19 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1997-1998”

1676/20 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1998-1999”

1676/21 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“1999-2000”

1676/22 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“2000-2001” plus a CD-“God’s Trombones (01) Pictures, by Buddy Myers”

1676/23 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“2003-2004”

1676/24 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“2004-2005”

1676/25 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“2005-2006”


Box 1677 (4 of 10)


1677/1 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“2005-2006 continued 2 of 3”

1677/2 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“2005-2006 continued 3 of 3”

1677/3 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“2006-2007”

1677/4 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“2007-2008”

1677/5 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“2008-2009”

1677/6 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Miscellaneous Box” [business documents]

1677/7 Ft. Worth, Jubilee Theatre-“Renovation Documents Box 2004-2005”

1677/8 Houston, The Ensemble Theatre/Encore Theatre-“Houston Primary Reference”

1677/9 Houston, Ensemble Theatre-“Primary Reference List”

1677/10-11 Houston, Ensemble Theatre-“Newspaper articles Ensemble” [printouts]

1677/12 Houston, Ensemble Theatre-“Photographs from files Ensemble”

1677/13 Houston, Ensemble Theatre-“Ensemble” [programs and a history of the theatre]

1677/14 Houston, Elizabeth Brown-Guillory-“Information/Resources”

1677/15 Houston, Elizabeth Brown-Guillory-“Correspondence”

1677/16 Houston, Elizabeth Brown-Guillory-“When the Ancestors Call”

1677/17-18 Houston, Elizabeth Brown-Guillory-“The Break of Day”

1677/19 Houston, Elizabeth Brown-Guillory-Reginald Edmund’s Juneteenth Street, play

1677/20 Houston-Reginald Edmund

1677/21 Houston-Janette Cosley interview

1677/22 Houston-Treena Herington correspondence

1677/23 Houston-Eileen Morris interview

1677/24 Houston-Rob Ross interview

1677/25 Houston-Brenda Wilson interview

1677/26 Houston-“Kuumba House” plus CD: Janette Cosley interview 10/14/09 Ensemble Theatre

1677/27 Houston-Willie Bright interview on CD

1677/28 Houston-Audrey Lawson interview [plus empty folder “Davis, Dannette Interview”]

1677/29 Houston-James Thomas interview 2 CDs 6/17/10

1677/30 Houston-Chris Wycliff interview on 2 CDs 6/24/10

1677/31 Houston-Encore Theatre-Season’s List

1677/32 Houston-Encore Theatre-“Primary Reference List”

1677/33 Houston-Celeste Bedford-Walker-“Information/resources”

1677/34 Houston-Celeste Bedford-Walker-“Correspondence”

1677/35 Houston-Celeste Bedford-Walker-“Interview” transcript plus CD

1677/36 Houston-Celeste Bedford-Walker-“Walker, C. Camp Logan”


Box 1678 (5 of 10)


1678/1 Houston-Harold J. Haynes-“Information/Resources”

1678/2 Houston-Harold J. Haynes-“Correspondence”

1678/3 Houston-Harold J. Haynes-“Interview”

1678/4 Houston-Harold J. Haynes-“I Just Wanna Tell Somebody” play script

1678/5 Houston-Harold J. Haynes-“Schezelle” play script

1678/6 Houston-Harold J. Haynes-“Incarceration” play script

1678/7 Houston-Harold J. Haynes-“Isolation” play script

1678/8 Houston-Harold J. Haynes-“Jezebel” play script

1678/9 Austin-Pro Arts-“Primary Reference List”

1678/10 Austin-Pro Arts-Flyers

1678/11 “City of Austin Cultural Affairs” Financial Assistance Application 1990-1991

1678/12 “City of Austin Cultural Affairs” Financial Assistance Application 1991-1992

1678/13 “City of Austin Cultural Affairs” Program Support Application 1992-1993

1678/14 Austin-“Root Wy’mn Theatre Company” [1 page]

1678/15 Austin-Pro Arts Background Materials-“Business Materials”

1678/16 Austin-Pro Arts Background Materials-“Boyd Vance”

1678/17 Austin-Pro Arts Background Materials-“Resources”

1678/18 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Angela Ausbrooks

1678/19 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Durvell “Dewy” Brooks

1678/20 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Lisa Byrd

1678/21 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Stephen Gerald

1678/22 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Laverne Gray

1678/23 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Billie Harden, August 10, 2009

1678/24 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Carol Horn

1678/25 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Ora Houston

1678/26 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Cassandra Knobloch

1678/27 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Linda Lewis

1678/28 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Lyn Koenning

1678/29 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Boyd Vance

1678/30 Austin-Pro Arts Interviews-Ken Webster

1678/31 Theatre Austin-“1988-1989”

1678/32 Theatre Austin-“1989-1990”

1678/33 Theatre Austin-“1990-1991”

1678/34 Austin-Pro Arts 1992-1993

1678/35 Austin-Pro Arts 1993-1994

1678/36 Austin-Pro Arts 1994-1995

1678/37 Austin-Pro Arts 1995-1996 Addendums

1678/38 Austin-Pro Arts 1996-1997

1678/39 Austin-Pro Arts 1997-1998

1678/40 Austin-Pro Arts 1998-1999

1678/41 Austin-Pro Arts 1999-2000

1678/42 Austin-Pro Arts 2000-2001

1678/43 Austin-Pro Arts 2001-2002

1678/44 Austin-Pro Arts 2002-2003

1678/45 Austin-Pro Arts 2003-2004


Box 1679 (6 of 10)


1679/1 Austin-Pro Arts 2004-2005

1679/2 Austin-Pro Arts 2005-2006

1679/3 Austin-Pro Arts 2006-2007

1679/4 Austin-Pro Arts 2007-2008

1679/5 Austin-Pro Arts 2008-2009

1679/6 Austin-Cassandra K. Theatre-photocopies of programs, financial assistance application

1679/7 Austin-Cassandra K. Theatre-“A Soldier’s Play”

1679/8 Austin-Cassandra K. Theatre-“Ellington at Eight”

1679/9 Austin-Cassandra K. Theatre-“Fences”

1679/10 Austin-Cassandra K. Theatre-“Joe Turner’s Come & Gone”

1679/11 Austin-Cassandra K. Theatre-“Spunk”

1679/12 Austin-Cassandra K. Theatre-“Tribute to the Nat King Cole”

1679/13 Austin-Cassandra K. Theatre-“Two Trains Running”

1679/14 “Copies of material collected from Gloria Abbs”

1679/15 San Antonio Black Papers-Reference List

1679/16 San Antonio Black Papers-“Misc. San Antonio” [Performing Arts directories]

1679/17 San Antonio Black Papers-“No Date” [handwritten notes]

1679/18 San Antonio Black Papers-1931 [photocopies of newspapers]

1679/19 San Antonio Black Papers-1934 [photocopies]

1679/20 San Antonio Black Papers-1938 [photocopies]

1679/21 San Antonio Black Papers-1939 [photocopies]

1679/22 San Antonio Black Papers-1941 [photocopies]

1679/23 San Antonio Black Papers-1944 [photocopies]

1679/24 San Antonio Black Papers-1945 [photocopies]

1679/25 San Antonio Black Papers-1946 [photocopies]

1679/26 San Antonio Black Papers-1949 [photocopies]

1679/27 San Antonio Black Papers-1950 [photocopies]

1679/28 San Antonio Black Papers-1951 [photocopies]

1679/29 San Antonio Black Papers-1952 [photocopies]

1679/30 San Antonio Black Papers-1953 [photocopies]

1679/31 San Antonio Black Papers-1954 [photocopies]

1679/32 San Antonio Black Papers-1955 [photocopies]

1679/33 San Antonio Black Papers-1988 [photocopies]

1679/34 San Antonio Black Papers-1991 [photocopies]

1679/35 San Antonio Black Papers-1992 [photocopies]

1679/36 San Antonio Black Papers-1993 [photocopies]

1679/37 San Antonio Black Papers-1994 [photocopies]

1679/38 San Antonio Black Papers-1995 [photocopies]

1679/39 San Antonio Black Papers-1996 [photocopies]

1679/40 San Antonio Black Papers-1997 plus handwritten notes

1679/41 San Antonio Black Papers-1998

1679/42 San Antonio-Jump Start Theatre

1679/43 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center

1679/44 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“Black Nativity”

1679/45 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“Camp Logan”

1679/46 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“The Colored Museum”

1679/47 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“From the Mississippi Delta”

1679/48 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill”

1679/49 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“Most Valuable Player”

1679/50 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“PO, a Musical Comedy”

1679/51 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“Praise House”

1679/52 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“Sayings from the Life & Writings of Junebug Jabbo Jones”

1679/53 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“Tan-N-Sassy”

1679/54 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“Two Can Play”

1679/55 San Antonio-The Carver Cultural Center-“Carver Newspaper Articles”

1679/56 San Antonio-Myra Hemmings Players-Interviews, correspondence, programs, and photos on a CD

1679/57 San Antonio-Myra Hemmings Players-Articles and three published plays: Angel Street,    The Cat and the

             Canary, and Mama’s Baby Boy

1679/58 San Antonio-Myra Hemmings Players-“Hemmings materials from Delta House”

1679/59 San Antonio-Hornsby Entertainment Theatre, Pt. 1-“Kathy Hornsby Interview”

1679/60 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 1-“Early Teal interview”

1679/61 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 1-“Kathy Hornsby”

1679/62 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 1-“Materials/Resources Hornsby Entertainment”

1679/63 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 1-“Amen Corner 5/31/1987”

1679/64 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 1-“Killingsworth 7/1989”

1679/65 San Antonio-Myra Hemmings players, Pt. 1-“For Colored Girls… 11/1993”

1679/66 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt.1-“A Soldier’s Play 3/1994”


Box 1680 (7 of 10)


1680/1 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 1-“A Raisin in the Sun 11/1994”

1680/2 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 1-“Fences 7/1995”

1680/3 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 1-“To Be Young Gifted & Black 95-96”

1680/4 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“Talent Fest 5/1996”

1680/5 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“Order My Steps 10/1996”

1680/6 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“Run & Tell Somebody! 9/1997”

1680/7 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“Summer Theatre Fest 7/31/1999”

1680/8 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“The Colored Museum 7/21/1999-2000

1680/9 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“Of Mice & Men” plus empty folder

1680/10 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“Gospel Drama(s), Joy for the Journey 10/5/2003, The Redemption of Rev.


1680/11 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“Meetin’ in the Ladies Room”

1680/12 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“New Beginnings” photographs, plus empty folder

1680/13 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“The Second Vote”

1680/14 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“2010-2011”

1680/15 San Antonio-Hornsby, Pt. 2-“Unidentified Production Photos”

1680/16 San Antonio-Hornsby-Videocassettes: Talent Show 94, YMCA, & Azus a Street Revival

1680/17 San Antonio-Hornsby-DVDs: A Soldier’s Play and Ceremonies, “Hornsby Entertainment” Raisin in the

              Sun Photos, & Hornsby photos on disk and CD

1680/18 San Antonio-Hornsby-Videocassette: Ceremonies in Dark Old Men and Step of the Blind Pig

1680/19 San Antonio-Hornsby-“Newspaper Articles” [printouts]

1680/20 San Antonio-The Renaissance Guild-Interview with Paul Riddle and Danielle King

1680/21 San Antonio-The Renaissance Guild-“Paul Riddle and Danielle King Interview” plus empty folder

1680/22 San Antonio-The Renaissance Guild-T-Shirt

1680/23 San Antonio-The Renaissance Guild-“Materials/Resources”

1680/24 San Antonio-The Renaissance Guild-“2009-2010”

1680/25 San Antonio-The Renaissance Guild-“Newspaper Articles”

1680/26 Playwrights-Playwrights File Index

1680/27 Playwrights-Contact info., “Plays Featured in BTIT” on CD, and “Canon Corrections”

1680/28 Administrative Documents-Playwright Contracts

1680/29 Playwrights-Celeste Bedford-Walker, Pt. 2-“Camp Logan” plus interview with Celeste Bedford-Walker

on CD

1680/30 Playwrights-Celeste Bedford-Walker, Pt. 2-Camp Logan promo on videocassette

1680/31 Playwrights-Celeste Bedford-Walker, Pt. 2-Camp Logan play

1680/32 Playwrights-Celeste Bedford-Walker, Pt. 2-“Distant Voices”

1680/33 Playwrights-Celeste Bedford-Walker, Pt. 2-“Sassy Mamas” & “Praise the Lord & Raise   the Roof”


1680/34 Playwrights-Celeste Bedford-Walker, Pt. 2-“Once in a Wife Time” & “Harlem After Hours”


Box 1681 (8 of 10)


1681/1 Playwrights-P. J. Gibson-“Information/Resources” plus empty folders

1681/2 Playwrights-P. J. Gibson-Plays: Red, Weeding, Jesse, Anna Louise Waterman, and Why Didn’t You Just Stop

1681/3 Playwrights-Don Wilson Glenn-“American Menu”

1681/4 Playwrights-Don Wilson Glenn-“American Menu”

1681/5 Playwrights-George Hawkins-“Correspondence”

1681/6 Playwrights-George Hawkins-“Brer Rabbit”

1681/7 Playwrights-Sterling Houston-“Information/Resources” plus photos on CD

1681/8 Playwrights-Sterling Houston-“Correspondence”

1681/9 Playwrights-Sterling Houston-“Plays”

1681/10 Playwrights-Sterling Houston-Plays: La Fontera, Cameoland, and Miss Bowden’s Dream

1681/11 Playwrights-Sterling Houston-Driving Wheel

1681/12 Playwrights-Sterling Houston-The Living Graves

1681/13 Playwrights-Eugene Lee-“Information/Resources”

1681/14 Playwrights-Eugene Lee-“Correspondence”

1681/15 Playwrights-Eugene Lee-List of plays, headshots, and interview on CD

1681/16 Playwrights-Eugene Lee-Fear Itself

1681/17-18 Playwrights-Eugene Lee-Killingsworth

1681/19 Playwrights-Eugene Lee-Stones in My Passway

1681/20 Playwrights-Eugene Lee-Somebody Called: A Tale of Two Preachers

1681/21 Playwrights-Thomas Meloncon-“Correspondence”

1681/22 Playwrights-Thomas Meloncon-“Information/Resources”

1681/23 Playwrights-Thomas Meloncon-“Johnnie B. Goode”

1681/24 Playwrights-Thomas Meloncon-Johnnie B. Goode

1681/25 Playwrights-Venus Opal Reese-“Information/Resources”

1681/26 Playwrights-Ted Shine-“Information/Resources”

1681/27 Playwrights-Ted Shine-“Correspondence”

1681/28 Playwrights-Ted Shine-“Interview” CD plus transcript

1681/29 Playwrights-Ted Shine-“Flora’s Kisses” and “Good Old Soul”

1681/30 Playwrights-Ted Shine-The Night of Baker’s End-“old versions”

1681/31 Playwrights-Ted Shine-The Night of Baker’s End

1681/32 Playwrights-Ted Shine-The Night of Baker’s End


Box 1682 (9 of 10)


1682/1 Playwrights-Ted Shine-Ancestors

1682/2 Playwrights-Ted Shine-Ancestors

1682/3 Playwrights-Antoinette Winstead-“Information/Resources”

1682/4 Playwrights-Antoinette Winstead-“Correspondence”

1682/5 Playwrights-Antoinette Winstead-Common Ground

1682/6 Playwrights-Antoinette Winstead-The Interrogation, Too Long Coming, and Somebody Else’s Life

1682/7 Primary Reference List for Cassettes and DVDs [located in box 1682]


DVDs and Cassettes located in box 1682:

DVDs list of DVDs also available in folder 1682/7:

Encore Theatre:

3Blind Mice, Directed by Harold. J Haynes, 2002.

Antigone, Directed by Latrina L. Rice, n.d.

Giving Up the Ghost, Directed by Errol Anthony Wilks, 2001.

God’s Mad Clown, Directed by Broderick Jones, 2002.

I Just Wanna Tell Somebody, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 1996.

Incarceration, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 2004.

It Ain’t Over ‘til the Fat Lady Sings, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 2001.

Jezebel, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 2008.

Medea, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 2004.

Othello, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 2000.

Poetry: The Music of the Soul, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 2004.

Rage, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 1998.

Reunion at Bartersville, Directed by LaTrina L. Rice, n.d.

Romeo & Juliet, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 1999.

Samson & Delilah, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 2002.

Shout! Hallelujah, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, n.d.

Spirits of the Mississippi River, Directed by Errol Anthony Wilks, 2002.

Stand, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 2005.

Women in Prison, Directed by Harold J. Haynes, 2005.


Cassettes list of cassettes also available in folder 1682/7:


LaVerne Gray and Dewy Brooks, 6/10/2009; 6/15/2009 (2 tapes)

Celeste Bedford-Walker, 4/26/2010

Curtis King, 10/8/2010

Eugene Lee, 6/17/2009 (2 tapes)

Ora Houston, 12/1/2009

Ed Smith, 6/29/2010

Cassandra Knobloch, 11/31/2008 (2 tapes)

Dr. Stephen Gerald, 6/24/2009

Boyd Vance, 12/6/1996

Billie Harden, 8/10/2009

Carol Horn, 11/4/2009

Dianne Tucker

Linda Lewis, 12/1/2009

Ken Webster and Ted Shine, 7/8/2009; 7/17/2009 (2 tapes)

Benjamin Espino, 10/7/2010

Dr. Angela Ausbrooks and Lyn Koenning, 6/16/2009; 6/18/2009


Encore Theatre:

Harold Haynes, 10/18/2008


Ensemble Theatre:

James Thomas, 6/17/2010

Audrey Lawson, 6/22/2010

Chris Wycliff, 6/24/2010

Willie Bright, 6/18/2010

Eileen Morris, 6/8/2009


Hornsby Entertainment:

Earley Teal, 12/9/2009

Kathy Hornsby (3 tapes)

Hornsby, 11/2/2009



Marian Eastman, 2/8/2010



Lisa Byrd, 2/27/2009


Renaissance Guild:

Latrelle Bright, 1/29/2010


Box 1683 (10 of 10)


Pro Arts-Black Nativity

Pro Arts-Having Our Say

Doors by Susan Zedar

Pro Arts-Hospice/Late Bus to Mecca

Robert Johnson: Trick the Devil

Pro Arts-Topdog Underdog

Pro Arts-Driving Miss Daisy

The Carver Cultural Center-A Raisin in the Sun

Hornsby-To Be Young

Portfolio of Encore Theatre posters. Includes primary reference list of posters.


SWWC Mapcase Drawer 25


The Ensemble Theatre-The Whiz, 2009 [signed poster, attached to poster was a note that read “Ensemble Posters,

         rejected-not in exhibit”], 18 ½” x 24”

Hornsby Entertainment-Twelve Angry Women, 24” x 31”



*          *          *


Accession 2014-137


Additional items for Dr. Sandra Mayo’s collection of material representing black theater and playwrights in Texas. This donation includes primarily framed visual pieces including playbills, photographs of playwrights, production photographs, posters, and one wooden set design model. 


Box 1876 (1 of 5)

Framed Photograph of “Playwright: Thomas Melancon”

Framed Photograph of “Founder: RG—Danielle King, Paul Riddle, Latrelle Bright”

Framed Photograph of “Founder: TBAAL—Curtis King”

Framed Photograph of “Artistic Director (2nd): Jubilee—Ed Smith”

Framed Photograph of “Artistic Director: RG—Paul Riddle”

Framed Photograph of “Founder: Ensemble—George Hawkins”

Framed Photograph of “Founder: Hornsby—Kathy Hornsby”

Framed Photograph of “Artistic Director: Ensemble—Eileen Morris”


Box 1877 (2 of 5)

Framed Photograph of “Artistic Director: ProArts—Lisa Byrd”

Framed Photograph of “Playwright: Sterling Houston”

Framed Photograph of “Playwright: Celeste Bedford Walker”

Framed Photograph of “Playwright: Eugene Lee”

Framed Photograph of “Playwright: Ted Shine”

Framed Photograph of “Founder: ProArts—Boyd Vance”

Framed Photograph of “Playwright: George Hawkins”

Framed Photograph of “Founder: Jubilee—Marian & Rudy Eastman”


Box 1878 (3 of 5)

Framed Photograph of “Artistic Director: Jubilee—Rudy Eastman (1st)”

Framed Photograph of “Artistic Director: Hornsby—Kathy Hornsby”

Framed Photograph of “Artistic Director: Jubilee—Tre Garrett (3rd Current)”

Framed Photograph of “Artistic Director: Encore—Harold Haynes”

Framed Photograph of “Artistic Director: TBAAL—Curtis King”

Framed Photograph of “Founder: Encore—Harold Haynes”

Framed Photograph of “Playwright: Elizabeth Brown-Guillory”


Box 1879 (4 of 5)


1879/1: “Illustrations” Guide

-Framed Photographs of “Encore Theatre:

Samson & Delilah,

Unknown 8,

Unknown 9,

Unknown 12,


-Framed Photographs of “The Renaissance Guild:


Living Graves,

Crimes of the Heart,

Dearly Departed,

Blues for an Alabama Sky”                            

-Framed Photographs of “Playwrights Production Shots:

Celeste Bedford Walker—Camp Logan,

Elizabeth Brown-Guillory—When the Ancestors Call,

Sterling Houston—Driving Wheel

-Framed Photographs of “Hornsby:

New Beginnings,

Order My Steps (Kathy Hornsby, Photographer: Ava Hornsby),

A Raisin in the Sun [2],

A Soldier’s Play

-Framed Photographs of “The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL):

Wild Women Blues;

Profiles of Me (Tonea Stewart);

Tousslant: Angel Warrior in Haiti (Antonio Fargas);

Men, Money & Gold Diggers;

Medal of Honor Rag


Box 1880 (5 of 5)


1880/1: “Sandra Mayo: Program for Her Frederick Douglass Play”

-Framed Photographs of “Ensemble Theatre:

West Memphis Mojo,


Spooks (1989- 90),

Sisters 2 (1990-1991),

East Texas Hotlinks

-Framed Photographs of “Jubilee Theatre:

The Ballad of Isom Dart (1997, Juan Fernandez, Gary Payne, Photographer: Glenn Killman),

Go Tell It on the Mountain (1991, Blake Moorman, Photographer: Robert LaPrelle),

Fear Itself (1996, F. Carl Brown, Lloyd Barnes Jr, Photographer: Robert LaPrelle),

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Not Enuf (1995, Photographer: Buddy

            Myers, Actors: Mary Jordan, Yvette Perry-Buchanan, Renee Michielle, Beth Ivey, Crystal Smith, Regina Washington, Carolyn Hatcher”

 The Colored Museum (1997, Carolyn Hatcher, Photographer: Buddy Myers)”

-Framed Photographs of “ProArts Collective:

Black Nativity,

Funny House of a Negro,

Having Our Say (Carla Nickerson & Jennifer Cumberbatch),

Master Harold & the Boys,

Death & the King’s Horseman

Stack of CDs on “BIIT Interviews”


Unboxed Materials: “BIIT Posters” [with collection]

Framed Collage of “Hornsby—The Amen Corner, Run and Tell Somebody, The Called: A Tale of

            2 Preachers, Fences

Framed Collage of “ProArts—Jitney, Trick the Devil, King Hedley, Black Nativity, The Colored

            Museum, Driving Miss Daisy

Framed Collage of “Ensemble—Johnny B. Goode, Crowns, Who Killed Hazel Patton, Piano

            Lesson, East TX Hot Links, To Be Young Gifted & Black

Framed Collage of “Jubilee—Zimwe and The Drum, God’s Trombone, Negroes in Space, Season

            Brochure, Dreamin’ on a Hot Summer Night

Framed Collage of “Renaissance—Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Raisin in the Sun, Dearly     Departed, Two

            Evenings’ of One Act Plays, Crimes of the Heart

Framed Collage of “TBAAL—Medal of Honor Rag, Our Heritage, Profiles of Me, Ain’t I a

            Woman, Dream Girls

Framed Collage of “Encore—Incarceration, Women in Prison, Medea, Samson & Delilah,

            Behind Closed Doors, Schezelle, Divas & Daredevils


Framed Poster of “Ensemble—Five Guys Named Moe” [Signed]

Framed Poster of “Ensemble—American Menu” [Signed]

Framed Poster of “ProArts—Common Ground

Framed Poster of “ProArts—Funny House of a Negro

Framed Poster of “Encore—It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings

Framed Poster of “Encore—Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom


Mounted Poster of Frederick Douglass Playbill

Mounted Poster of To Be Young, Gifted & Black Playbill

Mounted Poster of The Gospel at Colonus Playbill

Mounted Poster of Ain’t Misbehavin’ [Signed]

Mounted Poster of The Black Academy of Arts and Letters’ 31st Season


Rolled Poster of The Black Academy of Arts and Letters’ 29th Season

Rolled Poster of The Black Academy of Arts and Letters’ 26th Season

Rolled Poster of The Black Academy of Arts and Letters’ 25th Season [Not For Exhibit]

Rolled Poster of 24 Hour FilmFeast with Donnie L. Betts [Not For Exhibit]


-One wooden set design model, 10” x 16.5” x 22.5”



*          *          *



Accession 2017-087


Location: SWWC Ongoing Box 2472 Folder 14; Framed Items; Mapcase Dr. #3

Additions to the Sandra Mayo Collection of 22 framed photographs (only 17 of which are titled) and 17 posters, banners, and signs used in the “Stages of Struggle and Celebration: History of Black Theatre in Texas” traveling exhibit, 1926-2010. 



Additions to the Sandra Mayo Collection of 22 framed photographs (only 17 of which are titled) and 17 posters, banners, and signs used in the “Stages of Struggle and Celebration: History of Black Theatre in Texas” traveling exhibit, 1926-2010. 



SWWC Ongoing Box 2472 Folder 14


2472    14        Exhibit labels for the “Stages of Struggle and Celebration: History of Black                                      Theatre in Texas”, including list from Steve Davis of materials within                                      accession, undated



Framed Items


1.         Drums

2.         Jubilee Theatre

3.         Sty of the Blind Pig

4.         Common Ground

5.         Spell #7

6.         Negroes in Space

7.         Killingsworth

8.         Imaginary Invalid

9.         The Ensemble Theatre 3535 Main Street Location

10.       American Menu

11.       Wheatley Dramatic Guild Players

12.       Women in Prison

13.       Jo Long, Executive Director

14.       Carver Community Cultural Center

15.       The Black Academy of Arts and Letters

16.       Myra Hemmings, Founder

17.       Yonnie Blanchette, Executive Director



Map Case Dr. #3


1.         7 Banners used in the traveling exhibit

2.         exhibit poster for traveling exhibit on Black Theatre in Texas

3.         2 “40th Season” signs - Ensemble & Black Academy of Arts and Letters

In total, there are 17 posters, banners, and signs that were used in the traveling exhibit







A Guide to the Neal Barrett, Jr. Papers, 1981 – 1992, Collection 004 (PDF, 38.3KB)
This series contains manuscripts, research notes, correspondence with editors, magazines, reviews, and drawings. Some examples of the material that can be found here are: correspondence between the editor of Omni magazine and the author resulting in changes in the short story, "Diner"; research notes on the Big Thicket (used as a setting in two of Barrett's westerns, Snaketown and Lone Star and the Texas Gambler); and the different stages in the development of the comic book from the script, through the layout and rough drawings to the final product.