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AT FIRST SIGHT: Recent Acquisitions

Angel at Lunch Counter, Historic Center, Mexico City, 2016 by Keith Dannemiller
Angel at Lunch Counter, Historic Center, Mexico City, 2016 by Keith Dannemiller

JANUARY 30 — JUNE 25, 2017

AT FIRST SIGHT showcases The Wittliff Collections’ newest additions, featuring 46 artists/collections in over 90 images. All on view for the first time, this exhibition illustrates the range and scope of The Wittliff’s photography collecting goals. Inspired by their personal projects or working on assignment, these photographers have captured images of children, cowboy culture, celebrity, family, and nature. Also presented are documentary images that reveal the people, customs and culture of Mexico; the influence of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexican and Southwest culture; the U.S.–Mexico border; and images that explore everyday life and the human condition—both tragic and poignant—across the U.S. These photographs were created with a variety of photographic and printing techniques, including gelatin silver, photogravure, color postcards, pinhole, chromogenic and archival pigment prints.

Please enjoy these recent acquisitions to the Wittliff Collections’ growing Southwestern & Mexican Photography archive. The artists and collections on view are:

Manuel Álvarez Bravo  |  Alicia Ahumada  |  Byron Brauchli  |  Kenny Braun  | Kate Breakey  |  Hugo Brehme  |  Keith Carter  |  J.B. Colson  |  Keith Dannemiller  |  Dennis Darling  |  Joe Pat Davis  |  Bieke Depoorter  |  Faustinus Deraet  |  Gabriel Figueroa  |  Miguel Gandert  |  Judith Golden  |  Ivonne Hop  |  Graciela Iturbide  |  Caleb Jagger  |  David Johndrow  |  Carlos Jurado  |  Russell Lee  |   John Lewis  |  Jackie Mathey  |  Wyatt McSpadden  |  Elsa Medina  |  Mexican Border Town Postcard Collection  |  Gibbs Milliken  |  Delilah Montoya  |  Rodrigo Moya  |  Liz Moskowitz  |  Michael Nye  |  Michael O’Brien  |  Eric O’Connell  |  Paolo Pellegrin  |  Postcards of Acapulco, Guerrero Collection  |  Al Rendon  |  Stephanie Duprie Routh  |  Rocky Schenck  |  Marcela Taboada  |  Arthur Tress  |  Will van Overbeek  |  Bob Wade  |  Eric Weller  |  Bill Wittliff  |  Mariana Yampolsky