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Image Use Policy


Agreement — Use of images of any artifacts, objects, page scans, or photographs held by The Wittliff Collections implies agreement with The Wittliff Image Use Policy.

Contact:  The Wittliff Collections: email; phone 512.245.2313.

Purpose — As a collecting repository, educational institution, and exhibition and event center, the Alkek Library’s Wittliff Collections at Texas State University-San Marcos seek to promote our activities and the authors and artists who have entrusted their work to us while fully protecting their copyright. Therefore, this policy requires advance permission for visual reproduction of works of any kind and outlines specific requirements for image use.

Advance Permission Required — Individuals or organizations wanting to reproduce any visual imagery—in print or online—from the Wittliff Collections holdings must obtain advance permission from the specific collections curator, or Wittliff director.

Image Use — Permission granted is for one-time use and only for the purpose agreed upon. Permission for any subsequent publication of the image must be obtained separately. All artistic images/works used must be represented authentically — overlay of text, cropping, addition/changing of color(s), or other alterations are not allowed without specific approval. Any use of images/artistic works for purposes other than what the Collections have given express consent for is prohibited. All digital copies of image files provided by the Wittliff Collections must be deleted from the publisher’s files once the publication layout itself has been designed and archived.

Attribution — All artistic images/works used MUST be properly attributed with title and artist Name (and © date, if applicable). All productions/publications using Collections materials must prominently include the appropriate credit line:

Item, Collection Name,
Courtesy of the Wittliff Collections, Texas State University
Title by Artist Name, date
Courtesy of the Wittliff Collections, Texas State University

Reproduction Information — Information regarding all places where images from The Wittliff Collections have been reproduced should be divulged to the director. At least one copy of the publication in which the images are reproduced must be sent to The Wittliff Collections upon release.