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Jane Sumner

Jane Sumner Papers

Jane Sumner is an award-winning journalist best known for her film writing in the pages of the Dallas Morning News. Her literary papers detail the many topics she reported on during her career, ca. 1973-2015, which paralleled the rise of a viable Texas film industry. Included are college writings, newspapers with published articles, VHS tapes, microcassette tapes, interview cassette tapes (with subjects such as Bill Wittliff, Richard Linklater, Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, etc.), original drafts, and interview transcripts. The folder titles preceding a colon reflect Sumner’s original description.

All material donated by Sumner to the Wittliff Collections in 2015

Accession 2015-107

Box 2102 (1 of 9)

2102/1    College Papers: Untitled Work, “Blue and White,” “Cable Car,” “Philosophy of Life,” and “Bible Story”
2102/2    Dallas Observer Stories: Untitled Drafts for publication for the Dallas Observer
2102/3    Politics: Resume and Application for Public Information Officer
2102/4    Sketching Texas Women PSAs: Biographical sketches of notable women such as Jane
                           Wilkinson Long, EBJ Commencement Speech, Pearl S. Buck, Cynthia Ann Parker, Elizabeth
                           Blackwell M.D., Sissy Farenthold, Mary McLeod Bethune, Lady Bird Johnson, Babe Zaharias,
                           Emily Dickinson, Abigail Adams, Vilma Martinez, Mary Austin Holly, Clare Booth Luce, Martha
                           Graham, Mother Jones, Lucy Stone, Calamity Jane, Oveta Culp Hobby, Marry Cassatt, Barbara
                           Jordan, Louisa May Alcott, Mary Baker Eddy, Billie Holiday, Jane Adams, Francis Perkins, Mae
                           West, Dolly Madison, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Anne Hutchinson, Marian Anderson, Margaret
                           Mead, Lillian Russell, Aimee Simple McPherson, Amelia Earhart, Belle Star, Phyllis Wheatley,
                           Rachel Carson, Isadora Duncan, Abigail Scott Duniway, Hetty Green, Nelly Bly, Shirley Chisolm,
                           Henrietta Szold, Sacajawea.
2102/5    VHS Tapes: Gary Cogill’s Oscar Show, Women in Film Topaz Awards (1 of 2)
2102/6    VHS Tapes: Lone Star Film and Television Awards (2 of 2)
2102/7    Photos: Photos of Sumner, Oliver Stone, Lonesome Dove Set, Brad Johnson, Walker Texas
                           Ranger Cast of Chuck Norris, Sheree J. Wilson, Clarence Gilyard, Noble Willingham, and John
2102/8    Awards: Film Awards, 1978-2005 (1 of 3)
2102/9    Awards: Veteran Feminist of America Award Program, 2010 (2 of 3)
2102/10    Awards: Correspondence 1974-1980 (3 of 3)
2102/11    Resumes: Resumes, Job Applications, and Employment Information
2102/12    Portfolio: Portfolio of Jane Sumner’s work and correspondence (1 of 2)
2102/13    Portfolio: Portfolio of Jane Sumner’s work and correspondence (2 of 2)
2102/14    Magazine Stories: “Theater in Dallas” in Vision 1977, “The Park that Peter Built” in D
                            Magazine 1977, and “The Incandescent Career of Margo Jones” D, The Magazine of Dallas
                            1975 (1 of 6)
2102/15    Magazine Stories: “Portrait of the Revel as Donald Vogel” in D, The Magazine of Dallas
                            undated, “Texas: The ‘State’ of Commercials” in On Location 1985, “Experimenting with Job
                            Site Childcare” in Vision 1978 (2 of 6)
2102/16    Magazine Stories: “All Access Pass” in Texas Highways 2010, “The Rosenthals of Aledo in
                            Home Garden 1979, “Whither in Fair Park?” in Prime Time 1977 (3 of 6)
2102/17    Magazine Stories: “Coping with Child Support” in Vision 1979, “Christians and Jews in Dallas”
                            in Vision 1978, “Howard Mcgredy’s Love Affair” in Dallas 1979, “Convention City” in Vision
                            1979 (4 of 6)
2102/18    Magazine Stories: “Who’s News” in New Women 1975, “The Emerald City on the Prairie” in
                            Location 1991, “’13 East Comedy Comes to Texas” in The Hollywood Reporter 1990 (5 of 6)
2102/19    Magazine Stories: “Another School System” in Vision 1979, “Karl Hoblitzelle: The Man Behind
                            the Mansion” in Home Garden 1980 (6 of 6)
2102/20    TV Picks and Pans: TV Show Reviews and Recommendation by Jane Sumner 1993-1996
2102/21    Interview Transcripts: Heath Ledger, Tom Copeland with photo, Robert Redford, Ned
                            Blessing with call list, Woody Allen, and Tommy Lee Jones (1 of 7)
2102/22    Interview Transcripts: Richard Linklater, Gary Cartwright, Bill Moyers, Tim McCanlies, Tilda
                            Swinton, Michael Caine (2 of 7)
2102/23    Interview Transcripts: Mickey Rourke, Tom Berenger, Ted Nugent, Sarah Bird, Patrick
                            Swayze, Steve Irwin (3 of 7)
2102/24    Interview Transcripts: Kevin Spacey, Debbie Reynolds, Omar Sharif, Robert Duvall, Martin
                            Sheen, Oliver Stone, Antonio Banderas, Sean Young (4 of 7)
2102/25    Interview Transcripts: Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, Kevin Bacon, Esther Williams, John Sayles,
                            Danny Glover, Guillermo del Toro, Denzel Washington (5 of 7)
2102/26    Interview Transcripts: Patrick Swayze, Kris Kristofferson, Joan Collins, Bill Broyles, Warren
                            Skaaren, Judith Ivy, Karl Malden, Michael Caine, Anne Rice, Diane Keaton, Ross Milloy, Chuck
                            Norris (6 of 7)
2102/27    Interview Transcripts: Dennis Quaid, Dennis Franz, Shirley McLain, Ismail Merchant, Rabbi
                           Bemporad, Bud Shrake, Father Taliaferro, John Grisham (7 of 7)

Box 2103    (2 of 9) Oversized Newspaper Box
2103/1    Politics: Newspaper editorials written by Jane Sumner 1976-1982
2103/2    Awards: Achievement Award for Women in Film, Special Recognition Award from the City of
                            Dallas, Veteran Feminists of America, Flowers Memorial Award 2000, 2010, Undated (1 of 2)
2103/3    Awards: Correspondence 1975-1992 (2 of 2)
2103/4    Women for Change (Feminist Newspaper-Edited): Collection of Newspapers with articles by
                            Jane Sumner 1970-1974 1 of 2
2103/5    Women for Change (Feminist Newspaper-Edited): Collection of Newspapers with articles by
                            Jane Sumner 1973-1975 2 of 2
2103/6    Obituaries: Obituaries written by Jane Sumner 1993-1997
2103/7    Movie Reviews: Reviews Written by Jane Sumner 1987-2015
2103/8    TV Related Stories: Reviews of TV Shows and Television Networks by Jane Sumner 1990
2103/9    News Stories Misc: News articles by Jane Sumner regarding historic homes in Austin,
                            including some on LBJ and Ladybird Johnson’s homes 2009-2012
2103/10    Film Festival Stories: News articles on film criticism, The Dallas Film Festival, and film
                            production by Jane Sumner’s 1986-2014
2103/11    TV Movie Picks and Pans: News articles on TV and movie reviews by Jane Sumner in The
                            Austin American Statesman and The Dallas Morning News 1986-2011

Box 2104    (3 of 9) Microcassette and Cassette Tapes

Interview Tapes: 139 Microcassette interviews. Labels in quotation marks reflect the author’s original labels:
1.    A: “Matt McConaughey”/B: “ED TV”
2.    A: “Teresa Wright”/B: “Pech”
3.    A: Christopher “Gordon”/B: “Jonathan Demme”
4.    A: “Stokes Hackman”/B: “Joseph M. Bride”
5.    A: “Harry Thompson”/B: “Harry Thompson”
6.    A: “MTM” Mary Tyler Moore/ B:“Mary Tyler Moore”
7.    A: “Will Taylor”/B: “John Sayles”
8.    A: “Tilda” Swinton/B: “Joe Mantegna”
9.    A: “Sissy” Spacek/B:_____
10.    A: “Alamo”/B: Stephen “Tobolowsky”
11.    A: “Frank”/ “Tom Copeland”
12.    A: “Bruce Beresford”/B:_____
13.    A: “Tim McCanlies”/B: “Tim” McCanlies
14.    A: “Evan Adams”/B: Tommy “Lee” Jones
15.    A: “Bill Broyles”/ “Carwash”
16.    A: Tom “Berenger”/ “RR”
17.    A: Charlton “Heston”/ B: “Lilly”
18.    A: “Barney”/ “W. Wittliff” William Wittliff
19.    A: “Auto Focus”/B: “Debbie R.” Debbie Reynolds
20.    A: Meryl “Streep”/B:_____
21.    A: “Fred Barzyck”/B: Bill “Wittliff”
22.    A: Robert “Duvall”/B:_____
23.    A: “Isabella Rosellini”/B: “Frank Thomas”
24.    A: “Fred Barzyk”/B: Bill “Wittliff”
25.    A: Robert “Duvall”/B: _____
26.    A: “Isabella Rossellini”/ B: “Frank Thomas”
27.    A: “HAAS”/B: “Eric Roberts”
28.    A: “Gov. Ann Richards”/B:_____
29.    A: “Steve Irwin”/ B: Ian “McGregor”
30.    A: “Garry Shandling”/B: “Garry Barry”
31.    A: “Boroski”/B: “Russell Crow”
32.    A: “Ron Howard”/ B: Tom “Hanks”
33.    A: “Star”/B: “John Lee Hancock”
34.    A: “Anne Rapp”/B: “Keiko”
35.    A: “Control Room”/B: Richard “Linklater”
36.    A: “Tommy Lee” Jones/B:_____
37.    A: “Robert Redford”/B:_____
38.    A: “BBT”/B: “Tommy Lee Jones”
39.    A: Bill “Moyers”/B: Bill “Moyers”
40.    A: “Buzz Bissinger”/B: “Tim”
41.    A: “Maya Angelou”/B:_____
42.    A: “Rodrigo”:/B: “Star Wars Chewy”
43.    A: “M. Corenblith” Michael Corenblith/B: Michael “Corenblith”
44.    A: Robert “Duvall”/B:_____
45.    A: Hector “Babenco”/B: Hector “Babenco”
46.    A: “Paul Shrader”/B: “Ross”
47.    A: “Auto Focus”/ B: ”Vanessa Martinez”
48.    A: “Ned Blessing”/B: “Ned” Blessing
49.    A: “Emily Watson”/B: “Jim Caviezel”
50.    A: Christopher “McQuarrie”/B:_____
51.    A: “Danny Glover”/B:_____
52.    A: Peter “Bogdanovich”/B: “Tory Windle”
53.    A: “Cyd Charisse”/B: “Cynthia”
54.    A: Matthew “Damon”/ B: Stephen “Ambrose”
55.    A: “Antonio Banderas”/B:_____
56.    A: “Platt”/B: “Platt”
57.    A: “Tommy Lee” Jones/B: “Shirley MCL” MacLaine
58.    A: “Matthew McConaughey”/B: “Richard”
59.    A: “Roberts”/B: “Bill Wittliff”
60.    A: “Jason”/B:_____
61.    A: Benicio “del Toro”/B: “Tom Berenger”
62.    A: “Sean”/B: “Robert Drew”
63.    A: Barry “Levinson”/B: “Barry Levinson”
64.    A: “Thom”/B: “John Hannah”
65.    A: “Robin Tunney”/B: “Hartley”
66.    A: “Selena”/B: “Selena Set”
67.    A: “Tim McGraw”/B:_____
68.    A: “Shirley Barrett”/B: Tommy Lee “Jones”
69.    A: “Hugh Grant”/B: “Hugh” Grant
70.    A: “Jon Voight”/B: “Jon Voight”
71.    A: “Tim McCanlies”/B: “Tim” McCanlies
72.    A: Ian “McGregor”/B: John “Sayles”
73.    A: “Haley Joel Osment”/B:_____
74.    A: “G. Oldman” Garry Oldman/B: “I-LD”
75.    A: Bill “Paxton”: /B_____
76.    A: “Foote”/B:_____
77.    A: “Sonora Locke”/B: “Irma Hall”
78.    A: “Barry Levinson”/B: “FNL BBT”
79.    A: Leonardo “DiCaprio”/B: Debbie “Reynolds”
80.    A: Chuck “Norris”/B:_____
81.    A: Ken Loach/B: “H. Long” Howie Long
82.    A: “Chavez”/B: “Peter Berg”
83.    A: Edward James “Olmos”/B: Al Moovari
84.    A: “Heath Ledger”/B: “Butler”
85.    A: Ray “Liotta”/B:_____
86.    A: “Rodrigo”/B: Stephen “Frears”
87.    A: “AFC”/B: “Diane Keaton”
88.    A: Norman “Jewison”/B: Illegible  
89.    A: “Travis Stacy”/B: “Chewie/Star Wars”
90.    A: Peter “Mullan”/B: “Luke Wilson”
91.    A: “Geo. Burns” George Burns/B: George “Burns”
92.    A: “K. Malden” Karl Malden/B: Karl “Malden”
93.    A: “Eric Valli”/B: “Marie Bon Maysles”
94.    A: “Walker”/B: “Cross”
95.    A: “Andie McDowell”/B: Antonio “Banderas”
96.    A: “Stecker/B: “Himalaya”
97.    A: Robert “Duvall”/B: “Wes” Anderson
98.    A: “Gael Garcia”/B: Illegible
99.    A: Matthew “Damon/B: Stephen “Ambrose”
100.    A:_____/B: “M. D. Fox”
101.    A: “Mike Judge”/B:_____
102.    A: “Tom Schatz”/B: “UT”
103.    A: “Hampton Francher”/B:_____
104.    A: “Elark”/B: “Link Later”
105.    A: “Anne” Lamott/B: “Anne Lamott”
106.    A: “Brian Grazer”/B:_____
107.    A: “Patrick Wilson”/B:_____
108.    A: “Patrick Swayze”/B:_____
109.    A: “Esther Williams”/B: Dennis “Quaid”
110.    A: “Maysles”/B:_____
111.    A: “Reynolds”/B:_____
112.    A: “M. Caine” Michael Caine/B:_____
113.    A:_____/B: “Paul Peter”
114.    A:_____/B: “Link Later”
115.    A: “Paul Sen”/B: “Paul Sen”
116.    A: Dennis “Quaid”/B: Unintelligible
117.    A: “Steve Wilson”/B:_____
118.    A: Edward James “Olmos”/B: “C. Stevens” Cat Stevens
119.    A: Unintelligible/B: “Alamo”
120.    A: Peter “Wier”/B:_____
121.    A: “Masterson”/B: “Marx”
122.    A: Jacqueline “Lovell”/B: “Ind. Author”
123.    A: “Bill Broyles”/B: Dennis “Quaid”
124.    A: “Elizabeth Pena”/B:_____
125.    A: “Hayde”/B: “Gov. Ann Richards”
126.    A: “R. Witherspoon” Reece Witherspoon/B:_____
127.    A: Unintelligible/B: “T. H. Bacon”
128.    A: Charleston “Heston”/B: _____
129.    A: Dennis “Quaid”/B: “Hudlin”
130.    A: “Debbie Reynolds”/B:_____
131.    A: Tom “Hanks/B: “Nick Stahl”
132.    A: Paul “Hogan”/B: “Paul Hogan”
133.    A: “Leander Kennedy”/B: “Leander Kennedy”
134.    A: “Star Wars Chewie”/B: “Tom” Hanks
135.    A: “Malena” Alterio/B: “Ti Wright”
136.    A: “Boettinger”/B: “Boettinger”
137.    A:_____/B: “Randy Fritz”
138.    A: “Hume Cronyn”/B: “Tx Jus”
139.    A: Steven “Tobolowskey”/B: “S. Tobolowskey”

Old Interview Tapes: 4 audiocassette tapes of authors and actors. The titles in quotation marks indicates the original labels provided by Sumner:
1.    A: “Beschloss”/ B: “Beschloss”
2.    A: “Shirley” MacLaine/ B: “Shirley MacLaine”
3.    A: “Martin, Mary”/ B: “RJ”
4.    A: A. A. “Taliaferro 10-25”/B: “A. A. Taliaferro 10-25”

Box 2105    (4 of 9)
2105/1    Interview Transcripts (continued): Brad Johnson, Mitzi Gaynor, Suzanne Finstad, Marcia Gay
                            Harden, Kirk Douglas, Jack Warden, Donald Petric, Patsy Swayze (1 of 7)
2105/2     Interview Transcripts: Peter Weller, Danny Aiello, Stephen B. Ambrose, Will Taylor, Pat
                            O’Connor, Selena and Edward James Olmos, Edna Buchanan, Mary Martin, Fay Wray (2 of 7)
2105/3     Interview Transcripts: Katie Oslin, Larry Clark, George Burns, Jason Patric, Eleanor Bergstein,
                            Geena Davis, Sylvia Komatsu, Frank Muller, Nelson Runger, Sally Daring, Barbara Rosenblatt,
                            William Hootkins      (3 of 7)
2105/4    Interview Transcripts: Ali McGraw, Tony Danza, Tim Roth, Randy Quaid, Brian Dennehey,
                            John Sayles, Kathy Bates, Mike Van Diem, Jim Brown, Cameron Diaz, Oliver Stone, Chuck
                            Norris, Errol Morris, Sonia Braga, Jeremy Brett (4 of 7)
2105/5    Interview Transcripts: Jason Alexander, Steve Jaracho, Ross Milloy, Peter Fonda, Janine
                            Turner, James Lee Burke, Maria Riva, Maury Povich, Peter Mayle, Raul Julia (5 of 7)
2105/6    Interview Transcripts: Lou Diamond Phillips, John Bodham, Charlton Heston (6 of 7)
2105/7    Interview Transcripts: Haley Joel Osment, Michael Jackson, Gary Cartwright, Deborah Laake,
                           Eric Valli, Peggi Taylor (7 of 7)

Box 2106    (5 of 9) Oversized Newspaper Box

2106/1    Film/TV Outtakes Columns: News articles covering various film and TV series 1985-1997 (1
                            of 5)
2106/2    Film/TV Outtakes Columns: News articles about Movies and TV series, including Tom Hanks,
                           Sally Fields, Chuck Norris, 1985-1995 (2 of 5)
2106/3    Film /TV Outtakes Column: News articles covering Films and TV series including articles on
                            Tim Roth, Stephen Fry, Kevin Costner, Ann Richards, Oliver Stone, 1984-1992 (3 of 5)
2106/4    Film/TV Outtakes Column: News articles covering movies and TV series including Lou
                            Diamond, 1984-1992 (4 of 5)
2106/5    Film/TV Outtakes Column: News article covering films and TV series including Bill Wittliff,
                           Chuck Norris, Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Johnson, Clint Eastwood, 1984-1993 (5 of 5)
2106/6    Re Texas Film and TV Production: News Articles on Films and TV shows, Lonesome Dove, The
                            Alamo, JFK 1987-2004 (1 of 2)
2106/7    Re Texas Film and TV Production: News Articles on Film and TV shows, The Ballad of the Sad
                            Café, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Robocop, 1987-2004 (2 of 2)
2106/8    News Stories Misc: Newspapers articles on Theater Productions, Texas Parks and Gardening,
                            and Vegetarian Restaurants by Jane Sumner in The Dallas Morning News, 1986-2006
2106/9    TV- Related Stories: News Articles about TV Shows and Celebrities by Jane Sumner, 1989
2106/10    Audio Book Reviews: Book Reviews by Jane Sumner, 1991-1996

Box 2107    (6 of 9) Oversized newspaper

2107/1    Film/TV Outtakes Column: News articles covering films and TV series including articles on
                            Robert Redford, Steven Spielberg, Ethan Hawke, Brad Pit, Willie Nelson 1987-1992 (1 of 3)
2107/2    Film/TV Outtakes Column: News articles covering films and TV series including articles on
                            Patrick Swayze, Robocop, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 1984-1992 (2 of 3)
2107/3    Film/TV Outtakes Column: News articles covering films and TV series including articles on
                            Lou Diamond Phillips, Don Henley, Project X, Dennis Hopper, Robert Duvall, Kenny Rogers
                            1984-1986 (3 of 3)
2107/4    Sunday Magazine Columns: Various stories in Scene Magazine by Jane Sumner 1977-1983
2107/5    Informer Columns: Articles by Jane Sumner in Dallas Life 1982-1983 (1 of 2)
2107/6    Informer Columns: Articles by Jane Sumner in Dallas Life Magazine 1983-1984 (2 of 2)

Box 2108    (7 of 9) Oversized newspaper box

2108/1    Informer Columns: Articles by Jane Sumner in Dallas Life Magazine 1983-1985 (1 of 5)
2108/2    Informer Columns: Articles by Jane Sumner in Dallas Life Magazine 1982-1983 (2 of 5)
2108/3    Informer Columns: Articles by Jane Sumner in Dallas Life Magazine 1982-1984 (3 of 5)
2108/4    Informer Columns: Articles by Jane Sumner in Dallas Life Magazine 1982-1984 (4 of 5)
2108/5    Informer Columns: Articles by Jane Sumner in Dallas Life Magazine 1982-1984 (5 of 5)

Box 2109    (8 of 9) Cassette Tapes

Old Interview Tapes: 21 cassette tapes of interviews with authors, actors, directors, and other notable persons. Those titles in quotes reflect the author’s original label.

1.    A: “Avery/James”/ B: “Lou Diamond Phillips 12-7-87”
2.    A: “Debbie Reynolds”/ B: “Joan Benny Martin Apr. ‘90”
3.    A: Bill “Moyers”/B: Bill “Moyers”
4.    A: “Allen Weintraub”/B: Gail “Bugliosi”
5.    A: “Danza/Sharif”/ B: “Humann (LPS)”
6.    A: “Korda 3-07-91”/ B: “Joan Collin 10-91”
7.    A:_____/ B: “Sonia Braga”
8.    A: “Bill Engvall”/ B: “Bill” Engvall”
9.    A: “Ali McGraw”/ B: “Ali McGraw”
10.    A: “Oliver Stone”/B:_____
11.    A: “Stone/Adams 5-06-91”/ B: “Oliver Stone”
12.    A: “Hopper”/B:_____
13.    A: “G. Rogers”/B: “AA Taliaferro 10-29”
14.    A: “Fay Wray”/ B: “Geo Burns”
15.    A: “Rise Stevens 12-20-90”/ B:_____
16.    A: “Oliver Stone 4-6-91”/ B: “Stone Cont’d”
17.    A: “Peggy Taylor”/ B: “Peggy”

Box 2110    (9 of 9) Oversized Newspaper Box

2110/1    Author Interviews: Interviews between Sumner and various authors published in The Austin-
                           American Statesman and The Dallas Morning News including interviews with Bill Wittliff, Gary
                           Cartwright, Shirley Temple Black, Michael Caine, John Grisham, Bill Moyers, and Maya
                           Angelou, 1988-2015
2110/2           Film Interviews: Interviews with various actors and directors about their films and careers
                           including articles on Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Copeland, Willie Nelson, Debbie Reynolds,  
                           Patrick Swayze, Bill Engvall, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jon Bodham, Chuck Norris, Martin Sheen
                           James, Earl Jones, 1990-2015 (1 of 2)
2110/3           Film Interviews: Interviews with various actors and directors about their films and careers
                           including articles on Charlton Heston, A.A. Taliferro, Patrick Swayze, Diane Keaton, Shirley
                           MacLaine, Jeff Bridges, and Jon Voight, 1985-2014 (2 of 2)
2110/4    Book Reviews: Book reviews written by Jane Sumner in The Austin- American Statesman and             
                            The Dallas Morning News, 1985-2015