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Clarence Schultz Texas Humor Collection

A Guide to the Clarence Schultz Texas Humor Collection

Collection 101

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Descriptive Summary

Creator:    Schultz, Clarence C.
Title:    The Clarence Schultz Texas Humor Collection
Dates:    1995-2003
Abstract:    The Clarence Schultz Texas humor collection is made up of Schultz’s research materials and drafts for his unpublished manuscript, “Texas Laughter: A Chronicle of Sixteen Humorists, 1836-2000.” Also included in the collection are 504 books collected by Schultz on humor in Texas and the Southwest.
Identification:    Collection 101
Extent:    13 boxes (6 linear feet)
Language:    Materials are written in English
Repository:    Southwestern Writers Collection, Special Collections, Alkek Library, Texas State University-San Marcos

Biographical Sketch

Clarence C. Schultz was born in Temple, Texas on October 31, 1924. He graduated from Temple High School at the age of sixteen and entered a junior college, where he met his future wife, Margie. They were married October 29, 1943. In 1942, at the age of eighteen, Schultz joined the navy and served until 1946. While in the navy, he entered an officer-training program at Southwest University in Georgetown where he earned college credit. After leaving the navy, Schultz spent a final six months in Temple in a management-training program for McClellan stores. He was transferred to Laredo in August of 1946 where he worked for just a few months before being transferred to McClellan, Texas as an assistant-manager in December 1946. He resided in McClellan until September of 1947 when his landlady convinced him to go back to school and complete his college degree. Schultz knew that he wanted to be a teacher, and throughout a 45 year career never lost his dedication or love for teaching.

With the assistance of the GI Bill, Schultz entered what was then Southwest Texas State Teacher’s College (now Texas State University). He completed his final year of college earning a degree in history, and then completed his master’s degree in history with a minor in sociology. Upon completion of his degrees, he was immediately offered a teaching position as an instructor of History and Sociology and taught at Texas State from September 1949 until May 1952. While teaching, Schultz worked on his doctorate degree in sociology at the University of Texas. Before completing his doctorate degree he was offered a position at Lee College in Baytown, Texas. He taught at Lee College from September 1953 until September 1965 when he returned as an assistant professor to Texas State. He also returned to school and earned his PhD from the University of Texas in December 1970. Schultz became the first chair of the department of Sociology when the Economic and Sociology Department split at Texas State. He held this position from 1971 until 1976. During an interregnum from fall 1979 until spring of 1980, Schultz was the acting dean of the liberal arts department. In December of 1990 Schultz retired from full-time teaching and fully retired in December of 1994. After both Clarence and Margie retired they travelled around the country.

Schultz won numerous honors and awards, including the Piper Professor award in 1976, in 1990 Lee College, despite no longer teaching there, named Schultz outstanding teacher and awarded him an honorary associate degree, and in May of 1998 Schultz was honored Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Texas State. Over Schultz’s career he published two books Texas Probation Handbook (1976) and The Family a Reader (approximately 1980).
Early in Schultz’s career his personal library contained numerous books on humor and a few books on Texas humor. Schultz’s interest in Texas humor grew, and during the 1970s he began to exclusively collect Texas humor books. Schultz went to bookstores, visited the Austin bookseller convention, and searched other venues for books and stated, it “brought great joy” when he found books. Ever since he started collecting humor books Schultz knew that he wanted to write a book on Texas humor. Schultz officially started work on his manuscript “Texas Laughter: A Chronicle of Sixteen Humorists, 1836-2000” after he retired in 1995. This is also when he began collecting articles for his research notebooks. He completed research for the manuscript in 2000 and completed final revisions in 2003. In writing his manuscript, Schultz selectively chose humorists who he believed reflected the evolution of Texas humor. Schultz collected and donated his Texas humor collection because he believed that no institution had adequately compiled a collection of Texas humor.

Note: Information for the biographical sketch was obtained from a telephone interview conducted on September 27, 2010 with Clarence C. Schultz by Maggie DeBrecht.

Scope and Content Note

The Clarence Schultz Humor Collection contains material related to Schultz’s research for his unpublished manuscript, “Texas Laughter: A Chronicle of Sixteen Humorists, 1836-2000” along with his collection of books on humor and Texas humor. Clarence Schultz donated the collection to Texas State in 2010, and the dates of the collection span from 1995 to approximately 2003. It is divided into four series: Research Notebooks, 1995-2000; Manuscript, 1995-2003; Bibliography Manuscript, 1995-2002; and Book Collection, 1836-2000. Folder titles in quotations are original titles written by Schultz. The book collection contains 504 titles, listed at the end of the container list. They will be available by searching the Alkek Library’s online catalog.

Series Descriptions

Series I: Research Notebooks, 1995-2000 (Boxes 1-9, 12)
This series consists of 48 notebooks containing various articles related to Schultz’s research for his manuscript, and an index of the research notebook articles on note cards. The distinction “RN” on note cards corresponds to the research notebooks, and some note cards refer to books within the collection. Schultz collected articles for his research notebooks from 1995 until 2000, and the notebooks were bound as he collected the articles.

Series II: Manuscript, 1995-2003 (Boxes 9-11, 13)
The second series, Manuscript, contains notes related to Schultz’s unpublished book, “Texas laughter: A Chronicle of Sixteen Humorists, 1836-2000.” It includes the original handwritten manuscript, revisions and drafts, drafts of a “postscript” that was not included in the final manuscript, and an incomplete index of the manuscript on note cards. Schultz completed his manuscript draft around 2000 when he first sent it to be reviewed for publication. This series also contains final revised editions, dated approximately 2003.

Series III: Bibliography Manuscript, 1995-2002 (Box 11)
This series contains the annotated bibliography manuscript “The Comic Imagination of Texas, 1836-2000: A Bibliography.” It also contains worksheets for the bibliography and a list compiled by Schultz of the book titles in his Texas humor collection. The bibliography was originally part of the manuscript but was removed to be its own freestanding work around 2002.

Series IV: Book Collection, 1836-2000
This final series contains a list of 504 books donated by Schultz to Texas State. Most of the books in the collection are related to humor and a majority of the books are either about Texas or written by an author from Texas. The Dates of the books range from 1836 to 2000, but a majority of the books were published after 1940. Included in Schultz’s donation are 6 vinyl records, a VHS tape, a cassette tape, an Ace Reid calendar, and two magazines. The books are stored separately from the manuscript collection.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Open for research.
Preferred Citation: Clarence Schultz Texas Humor Collection, Southwestern Writers Collection, Texas State University-San Marcos
Acquisition Information: Donated by Clarence C. Schultz to Texas State University-San Marcos in 2010.
Processing Information: Processed by Maggie DeBrecht, 2010.

Container List

Series I: Research Notebooks 1995-2000

Box    Folder

1    1-6    Research notebooks 1-6
2    1-5    Research notebooks 7-11
3    1-5    Research notebooks 12-16
4    1-6    Research notebooks 17-22          
5    1-6    Research notebooks 23-28
6    1-6    Research notebooks 29-34
7    1-6    Research notebooks 35-40
8    1-7    Research notebooks 41-47
9    1       Research notebook 48

Series II: Manuscript, 1995-2003

9    2    “Source guides for writing about each author.” Handwritten
9    3    Worksheets for original manuscript.  Handwritten “Texas Laughter: Two Centuries of Texas Humor.”
9    4-5    Original handwritten manuscript. “Texas Laughter: Two Centuries of Texas Humor.”

10    1    Revision of first draft of manuscript. “Texas Laugh Makers: The Lives and Times of Sixteen Texas
10    2    “Postscript” for unused addition to manuscript. Handwritten. “Texas Premier Humorists: A Chronicle,
10    3    Postscript (second draft) but dropped from final manuscript.
10    4    Second manuscript draft. Revised manuscript with postscript. “Texas Premier Humorists: A Chronicle,
10    5    “Personal copy” of sixth revision of manuscript with notes on needed corrections. “Texas Laughter: A
                 Chronicle of Sixteen Humorists, 1836-2000.”

11    1    Last (sixth) Revision of manuscript with needed corrections noted. For Texas State University. “Texas
                    Laughter: A Chronicle of Sixteen Humorists, 1836-2000.”

12        Research notebooks/bibliography-index (note cards)
13        Manuscript index-incomplete (note cards)

Series III: Bibliography Manuscript, 1995-2002

11    2    “Worksheets for original bibliography.”
11    3    Annotated bibliography manuscript. “The Comic Imagination of Texas, 1836-2000: A Bibliography.”
11    4    “MS Bibliography.” A copy of the annotated bibliography section of the bibliography manuscript that was
                   donated along with the books intended to be used as a reference for the original book inventory. This
                   copy appears to be an edited version of the original bibliography manuscript.
11    5    “Book titles in Texas humor collection.”

Series IV: Book Collection (Note: books have been separated for cataloging)

Abernethy, Francis Edward-   How the Critters Created Texas   
Adams, Joey-     Encyclopedia of Humor   
Adams, Joey-    It Takes One to Know One   
Adler, Bill ed.- Johnson Humor, The   
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art- Image of America in Caricature and Cartoon, The   
Anderson, Dillon- Billingsley Papers, The   
Anderson, Dillon- Claudie's Kinfolks   
Anderson, Dillon- I and Claudie   
Anderson, John Q. - John C. Duval: First Texas Man of Letters   
Anderson, John Q. - With the Bark On: Popular Humor of the Old South   
Arnold, Oren-    Sun Stroke: The Wit of the West   
Ashby, Clifford and Suzanne DePauw May- Trouping Through Texas: Harley Sadler and His Tent Show   
Ashby, Lynn-    As I Was Saying…   
Ashby, Lynn-    As Your Acknowledged Leader   
Ashley, Carlos    - That Spotted Sow and Other Hill Country Ballads   
Asimov, Isaac- Isaac Asimov's Treasury of Humor   
Aswell, James R. ed.-    Native American Humor   
Atkins, George and Hank Levine- Washington is For The Birds: The Authentic Voices of Lady Bird Johnson, L.B.J.
            and People Like That (rpm)   
Ault, Phillip H. ed.- Home Book of Western Humor, The   
Ayers, Ralph-    Sun Blocks: A Collection of Cartoons About Life on South Padre Island and the Texas Coast   
Barber, LaVonne Christian-    I Laughed So Hard My Stretch Marks Snapped   
Barsotti, Charles- Best of C. Barsotti, The   
Barsotti, Charles- C. Barsotti's Texas   
Barsotti, Charles- Girl Needs a Little Action, A   
Bauman, Richard and Roger D. Abrahams eds- "And Other Neighborly Names:" Social Process and Cultural Image
             in Texas Folklore   
Bell, Tony- Great State of Texas, The   
Bender, Texas Bix- 50 Good Reasons to be a Cowboy/50 Good Reasons Not to be a Cowboy   
Benefield, June- Laughing to Keep From Crying   
Bennett, A. L. ed.- Joe Sap's Tales   
Berger, Melvin- 101 President Jokes   
Berle, Milton-    Milton Berle's Private Joke File   
Berle, Milton-    More of the Best of Milton Berle's Private Joke File   
Bertrand, Helen- Dear Charlotte   
Bines, Jonathan, Andrew Sullivan, and Jacob Weisberg- Bush-isms   
Bird, Sarah- Alamo House
Bird, Sarah- Boyfriend School, The   
Bird, Sarah- Boyfriend School, The   
Bird, Sarah- Mommy Club, The   
Bird, Sarah- Virgin of the Rodeo   
Black, Donald Chain-    Handy as Hip Pockets on a Hog: The Colorful Language of the American Southwest   
Blair, Walter-    Horse Sense in American Humor   
Blair, Walter-    Tall Tale America: A Legendary History of our Humorous Heroes       
Blakely, Doc- Doc Blakely's Handbook of Wit and Pungent Humor      
Boatright, Mody C. - Folk Laughter on the American Frontier   
Boatright, Mody C. - Tall Tales from Texas Cow Camps   
Boller, Paul F. Jr.- Presidential Anecdotes   
Boren, James H. - Bureaucratic Zoo: The Search for the Ultimate Mumble, The   
Botkin, B. A. ed.- Treasury of American Anecdotes, A   
Botkin, B. A. ed.- Treasury of American Folklore: Stories, Ballads, and Traditions of the People, A
Bowman, Bob- I Ain't Sure I Understand Everything I Know About This   
Bowman, Bob- If I Tell You A Hen Dips Snuff…   
Bowman, James Cloyd- Pecos Bill: The Greatest Cowboy of All Time   
Bradford, Reuben A. - Opera: Once Over Lightly   
Bradshaw, Landon- These People Actually Lived in East Texas…A Collection of Humorous Stories Compiled from the
              Works of the Late Author   
Brady, Ken and Jeremy Solomon eds- Wit & Wisdom of George Bush, The   
Brantley, James- Don't Throw Away That Dead Armadillo!   
Brayman, Harold- President Speaks off the Record, The   
Breathed, Berke- Academia Waltz, The   
Breathed, Berke- Academia Waltz: Bowing Out, The   
Bret, Bill- There Ain't No Such Animal, and Other East Texas Tales   
Brett, Bill- This Here's a Good'un   
Brewer, J. Mason- Dog Ghosts/The Word on the Brazos   
Briggs, Joe Bob- Cosmic Wisdom of Joe Bob Briggs, The   
Briggs, Joe Bob- Guide to Western Civilization or My Story by Joe Bob Briggs   
Briggs, Joe Bob- Iron Joe Bob   
Briggs, Joe Bob- Joe Bob Goes Back to the Drive-In   
Briggs, Joe Bob- Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In   
Brinkley, William- Peeper: A Comedy   
Brite, Mary and P. Dave Venable- Armadillo Fact and Fiction   
Brock, Barbara Fay- Feast of the Holy Goat, The   
Brock, Barbara Fay- Holy Goat of Gillespie County, The   
Brownlow, Leroy- Time to Laugh: Or Grandpa was a Preacher, A   
Bryant, Helen- Fixin' to be Texan   
Burchett, Jean- Daze of Our Lives   
Burton, Alex- Alex Burton Papers, The   
Burton, Alan- "…'Til the Fat Lady Sings": Classic Texas Sports Quotes   
Burton, Alex- Widest Float in the Parade, The   
Burton, Michael C. - John Henry Faulk, A Biography: The Making of a Liberated Mind   
Bussard, Paul ed.- Catholic Treasury of Wit and Humor, A   
Byrd, James W. - J. Mason Brewer: Negro Folklorist   
Cable, Carole- Cable on Academe   
Caldwell, Neil- Inside The Texas Legislature   
Callahan, Bob ed.- New Comics Anthology, The   
Camp, Todd- Life Underground   
Canemaker, John- Tex Avery: The MGM Years, 1942-1955   
Carlinsky, Dan ed.- Century of College Humor, A   
Carr, Waggoner and Byron Varner-    Texas Politics in my Rearview Mirror   
Cates, Ann- Guilt Trips   
Cerf, Bennett ed.- Encyclopedia of Modern American Humor, An   
Cerf, Bennett- Good for a Laugh   
Cerf, Bennett-    Laugh Day   
Cerf, Bennett-    Laugh's On Me, The   
Cerf, Bennett-    Life of the Party, The   
Cerf, Bennett-    Try and Stop Me   
Chariton, Wallace O. - Texas Highway Humor   
Chariton, Wallace O. - Texas Wit & Wisdom       
Chariton, Wallace O. - This Dog'll Hunt: An Entertaining Texas Dictionary   
Chick-fil-A, Adventures From The Book of Virtues-Pecos Bill & Slue Foot Sue: A Story of Humility   
Christensen, Lowell-    Coping With Texas and Other Staggering Feets   
Clayton, Lawrence and Kenneth W. Davis ed.- Horsing Around: Contemporary Cowboy Humor   
Clouter, James- Great Texas Joke Book, The   
Cohen, Hennig ed. and William B. Dillingham- Humor of the Old Southwest   
Cohen, Myron- Laughing Out Loud   
Compton, Mary Lou- Hysterectomies Can Be Hilarious   
Cowan, Jack- Nothing Serious: The Best of Jack Cowan, It's   
Crockett, Davy- Davy Crockett's Own Story: As Written by Himself   
Crume, Marion ed.- World of Paul Crume, The   
Crume, Paul- Texan at Bay, A   
Dale, Allan- Cracker Barrel Comments   
Daniel, Theo S., 3rd- River Bottom Humor   
Davis, Alice- Snap To!   
Dawson, Jerry F. - Elmer and the Peas and Other Dawsonisms   
DeVoto, Bernard- Mark Twain's America   
Diamond, Rick- Bobby Baylor Book, The   
Dingus, Anne- More Texas Sayings than You can Shake a Stick At   
Dobie, J. Frank- John C. Duval: First Texas Man of Letters, His Life and Some of His Unpublished Writings   
Dolan, George    - Come Quick! Rodger's Had a Fit!   
Dolan, George- Slightly Left & Right of Center   
Dooley, Kirk and Eben Price- "Read My Lips": Classic Texas Political Quotes   
Dorson, Richard M. - American Folklore   
Doud, Earle and Alen Robin- "Lyndon Johnson's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (rpm)   
Doud, Earle and Alen Robin- "Welcome to the LBJ Ranch!," The Robin-Doud Comedy Interviews (rpm)   
Dougan, Michael- East Texas: Tales From Behind the Pine Curtain   
Dougan, Michael- I Can't Tell You Anything   
Draper, Elizabeth Fowler- …Whistle, Baby, Whistle   
Dromgoole, L.- Traveling in Texas in Early Days   
Duval, John C. - Adventures of Big Foot Wallace, The   
Earle, Jim- Slouch- The Aggie's Aggie   
Emden, F. W. Van- Sure Enough, How Come?   
Erickson, John R. - Ace Reid: Cowpoke   
Erickson, John R. - Alkali County Tales   
Erickson, John R. - Cowboys are a Separate Species       
Erickson, John R. - Cowboys are Old Enough to Know Better   
Erickson, John R. - Cowboys are Partly Human   
Erickson, John R. - Devil in Texas: and Other Cowboy Tales, The   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: A Condensed Version   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog and Every Dog Has His Day   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog and Faded Love   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: And Monkey Business   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog and Murder in the Middle Pasture   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog and The Case of the One-eyed Killer Stud Horse   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog and The Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: It's a Dog's Life   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: Lost in the Dark Unchanted Forest   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: Lost in the Blinded Blizzard   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: Moonlight Madness   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Black-Hooded Hangmans   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Car-Barkaholic Dog   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Deadly Ha-Ha Game   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Double Bumblebee Sting   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog and The Case of the Halloween Ghost   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Haystack Kitties   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Hooking Bull   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Kidnapped Collie   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Measled Cowboy   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Midnight Rustler   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Missing Cat   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Swirling Killer Tornado   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Vampire Cat   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Vanishing Fishhook   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Fiddle-Playing Fox   
Erickson, John R. - Hank the Cowdog: The Wounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve   
Erickson, John R. - Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, The   
Erickson, John R. - Panhandle Cowboy   
Erwin, A. W. - Hooves & Horns: Close Encounters of the Cow Kind   
Erwin, A. W. - Hooves & Horns Jus' Horsin'-Round   
Erwin, A. W. - Hooves & Horns Pasteurized   
Erwin, A. W. - Hooves & Horns Round-Em Up   
Erwin, A. W. - Hooves & Horns: Tales from the Outhouse   
Erwin, A. W.    More Horsepower!   
Esar, Evan- Comic Encyclopedia, The   
Evans, Joe M. - Corral Full of Stories, A   
Everhart, Jim- 40 is…?   
Everhart, Jim- 60 Something   
Everhart, Jim- CB Slanguage Illustrated   
Everhart, Jim- Illustrated Texas Dictionary of the English Language Vol. 1, The   
Everhart, Jim- Illustrated Texas Dictionary of the English Language Vol. 2, The   
Everhart, Jim- Illustrated Texas Dictionary of the English Language Vol. 3, The   
Everhart, Jim- Illustrated Texas Dictionary of the English Language Vol. 4, The   
Everhart, Jim- Illustrated Texas Dictionary of the English Language Vol. 5, The   
Everhart, Jim- Illustrated Texas Dictionary of the English Language Vol. 6, The   
Everhart, Jim- Up Your Bracket   
Farris, Charles R. - Everything the Urban Cowboy Needs to Know About Texas   
Faulk, John Henry- Fear On Trial   
Faulk, John Henry- Fear On Trial   
Faulk, John Henry- Uncensored John Henry Faulk, The   
Felton, Harold W. - Pecos Bill: Texas Cowpuncher   
Finebaum, Paul- I Hate Texas A&M: 303 Reasons Why You Should, Too.   
Finebaum, Paul- I Hate Texas: 303 Reasons Why You Should, Too   
Flemmons, Jerry- Plowboys, Cowboys and Slanted Pigs   
Forman, Maury and Robert A. Calvert- Cartooning Texas: One Hundred Years of Cartoon Art in the Lone Star State   
Fox, H. B. - 2000-Mile Turtle, and Other Episodes from Editor Harold Smith's Private Journal, The   
Fox, H. B. - Dirty Politics is Fun   
Frantz, Dr. Joe B. ed.- Texas History Movies: Story of the Lone Star State   
Freeman, Gary- Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven, A   
Freewheel, Freddy- Freddy's Bike Diary   
Friedman, Kinky- Armadillos and Old Lace   
Fry, Michael- Michael Fry's Scotty II: Born to be Mild   
Fry, Michael- Scotty's Houston: The View from Café Phil   
Fry, T. C. - Laugh Your Way to Health   
Gardner, Gerald- All the Presidents' Wits: The Power of Presidential Humor   
Gardner, Gerald- Mocking of the President: A History of Campaign Humor from Ike to Bush, The   
Gardner, Gerald- Mocking of the President: A History of Campaign Humor from Ike to Ronnie, The   
Garner, Cindy- How Are Men Like Noodles?: The Ultimate Jokebook About Men   
Garner, Cindy- How Are Men Like Noodles? 2: The Ultimate Jokebook About Men   
Garner, Cindy- If Women Ran Things   
Garson, Barbara- Mac Bird!   
Garson, Barbara- Mac Bird! (33 1/3 rpm)   
Gerard W. Purcell Associates- LBJ in the Catskills (rpm)   
Gibson, Jewel- Joshua Beene and God   
Gill, William Davis- Texas Yarns and Jokes: A Collection of Stories   
Gillet, Grover and John Lemburg- Dallas Jolks and Corn   
Glassman, Lenore and Yvette Jackson- You Ain't Lived 'Til You Grow Old       
Gray, Vaughan- Funny One-Liners You Can Use & Enjoy   
Green, Stanley- World of Musical Comedy, The   
Griffith, Joe, Robert Henry, Jeanne Robertson, and Doc Blakely- How the Platform Professionals Keep em'
Guernsey, Otis L. Jr.- Best Plays of 1977-1978, The        
Haan, Marina N. and Richard B. Hammerstrom- Graffiti in the Southwest Conference   
Hale, Leon- Turn South at the Second Bridge: About People Who Live Way Off the Beaten Track   
Hall, Wade- Smiling Phoenix: Southern Humor from 1865 to 1914, The   
Hammett, Samuel Adams- Piney Woods Tavern; or, Sam Slick in Texas   
Hanrahan, Jack and Phil Hahn- Great Society Fun and Games Book, The   
Harral, Stewart- When It's Laughter You're After   
Hauck, Richard Boyd- Crockett: A Bio-Bibliography   
Heck and Ilda- Little Moron   
Heck, Bryan and Howard Hilliard- Celebrated Luckenbach, Texas: Standard of the World   
Helpus, Lord- It's A Laugh   
Hendersons, Bartholomews, Bowles, Ruckers, and Vogels- My Favorite Joke for Clarence   
Hendra, Tony- Born to Run Things: An Utterly Unauthorized Biography of George Bush   
Henley, Marian- Maxine!   
Henry, O. - Postscripts   
Henry, O. - Rolling Stones   
Herring, Charles Jr. and Walter Richter- Don't Throw Feathers at Chickens: A Collection of Texas Political Humor   
Herskowitz, Mickey- Letters from Lefty  The Houston Astros: The Way They Were   
Hess, Stephen and Milton Kaplan- Ungentlemanly Art: A History of American Political Cartoons, The   
Hicks, Michael- How to Be a Texan   
Hightower, Jim- There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos   
Hill, Rev. Leon- O' For the Life of a Preacher!   
Hitt, Dick- Classic Clint: The Laughs and Times of Clint Murchison, Jr.   
Hobelmann, Lisa Marie- Bed, Breakfast & Bedlam!   
Hodge, Jeff- 101+ Ways To Get Out of A Traffic Ticket   
Hoffman, Daniel- Paul Bunyan: Last of the Frontier Demigods   
Hoig, Stan- Humor of the American Cowboy, The   
Hoke, Helen- Family Book of Humor, The   
Hoke, Helen with Boris Randolph- Puns, Puns, Puns   
Holland, Richard A. ed.- Larry L. King: A Writer's Life in Letters, Or, Reflections in a Bloodshot Eye   
Hooker, Richard and William E. Butterworth- M*A*S*H Goes to Texas   
Hoole, W. Stanley- Sam Slick in Texas   
Horn, Maurice- Comics of the American West   
House, Boyce- As I Was Saying   
House, Boyce- Cowtown Columnist   
House, Boyce- Friendly Feudin': Alaska vs Texas   
House, Boyce- I Give You Texas   
House, Boyce- I Give You Texas   
House, Boyce- My Favorite Stories   
House, Boyce- Tall Talk from Texas       
House, Boyce- Texas Laughs and the Amazing Truth About Texas   
House, Boyce- Texas- Proud and Loud   
House, Boyce- You Can Always Tell A Texan (But you Can't Tell Him Very Much)  
Howard, Will- Arthur's Austin ABC: Arturo En Austin-Un Abecedario   
Howard, Will- Arthur's Austin ABC: Arturo En Austin-Un Abecedario   
Hoyle, John- Good Bull: 30 Years of Aggie Escapades According to (J.) Hoyle   
Hughes, Langston ed.- Book of Negro Humor, The   
Hughs, Neal- Grab A-Holt!: Texas Rodeo & Cowboy Humor   
Humes, James C. - Podium Humor: A Raconteur's Treasury of Witty and Humorous Stories   
Hurt, Sam- Eenie Meenie Minie Tweed..Eyebeam and the Real World   
Hurt, Sam- Eyebeam: Teetering on the Blink   
Hurt, Sam- Eyebean, Therefore I Am.   
Hurt, Sam- Eyebeam: Render Unto Peaches   
Hurt, Sam- …I'm Pretty Sure I've Got My Death-Ray in Here Somewhere!   
Hurt, Sam- Mind's Eyebeam, The   
Hurt, Sam- Our Eyebeams Twisted   
Hutson, Jan- Chicken Ranch: The True Story of the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The   
Imus, Don- God's Other Son     
Inge, M. Thomas- Frontier Humorists, The     
Institute for the Arts, Rice University- Jim Love Up to Now   
Ivins, Molly- Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?     
Ivins, Molly- Nothin' but Good Times Ahead   
Jackson, Thos. W. - "I'm From Texas, You Can't Steer Me!"   
James, Jeff E. - First Cow Tales Collection, The   
James, Joe- 100 Funniest Golf Limericks   
James, Joe- Laugh Your Way Across Texas!       
James, Joe- Nothin's Funnier Than Golf in Texas   
James, Joe- So You're Taking Up Golf?   
Jameson, W. C. - Bubba Speaks: Texas Folk Sayings   
Jansen, Donny- Collage Revue, The       
Jenkins, Dan- Baja Oklahoma   
Jenkins, Dan- Baja Oklahoma   
Jenkins, Dan- Bubba Talks   
Jenkins, Dan- Fast Copy   
Jenkins, Dan- Life It's Ownself   
Jenkins, Dan- Rude Behavior   
Jenkins, Dan- Semi-Tough   
Jenkins, Dan- You Gotta Play Hurt   
Jones, Ernest- Best of Bones, The   
Jones, Preston- Texas Trilogy, A   
Jones, Preston- Western Writers Series   
Joseph, Ron- Monument Maker, The   
Judge, Mike and Greg Daniels- The Boy Ain't Right by Hank Hill   
Kaplan, David and Daniel Griffin eds- Best of Bum, The   
Kavet, H. (Skeeter)- How to Love a Texan   
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