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Joyce Gibson Roach

A Guide to the Joyce Gibson Roach Papers, 1961-(1991) ongoing

Joyce Gibson Roach

Bulk Dates 1970-1980

>Collection 003

4 linear feet

8 boxes

Note: six boxes of additional archives were donated by Joyce Gibson Roach in 2011. The archival inventory for these materials is listed below, beneath the original finding aid. Please note that access to unprocessed materials is granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Archivist for details about access to the Joyce Gibson Roach Collection.

Acquisition:  Gift donated by Joyce Gibson Roach, 1991, 1992 , 1994, 2011

[Accession # 91-043,  92-048,  94-189, 2011-127, 2011-159 ]

Access:  Direct inquiries to the Archivist, Southwestern Writers Collection, Albert B. Alkek Library, 601 University Drive, San Marcos, Texas 78666-4604


Processed by:  Gwynedd Cannan, November, 1992 [Revised December, 2004]


Biographical Note

Joyce Gibson Roach was born December 18, 1935 in Jacksboro, Texas.  She received a BFA in 1958 and an MA in 1964 from Texas Christian University. 

Having lived all her life in ranch country, Roach has had a lifelong interest in Western Folklore. She is active in the Texas Folklore Society of which she was president in 1976.  She has contributed articles to magazines such as Western Folklore, Horseman,  and Southwest Heritage.  She received the Spur Award from Western Writers of America in 1977 for The Cowgirls.


Scope and Contents Note

The Joyce Gibson Roach papers date from 1961 to 1991 with the bulk of the material dating from 1970 to 1980.  The archive contains the notes, clippings, interviews, articles, brochures, cassettes and letters used by Roach in the writing of The Cowgirls  and C. L. Sonnichsen: Folk Historian.  There are two series representing the above mentioned works.


Series Description

Series I:  The Cowgirls, 1961-1977.

Boxes 1 – 6

In The Cowgirls, Roach examines woman's role in the forming of the West.  The book considers the woman as rancher, pistol packer and rodeo star. Woman's place in western society and culture is further investigated through a look at movies, songs, dime novels and humor.  This series contains answers to Roach's research queries, notes, articles, brochures, clippings, cassettes, letters, photographs and interviews.  It is organized generally in the chapter order of the finished book.


Series II:  C. L. Sonnichsen, 1950-1991 (bulk 1970-1980).

Boxes 7 – 8

This series contains the clippings, articles, reviews, and letters Roach used to craft her pamphlet on the life and work of C. L. Sonnichsen.  Sonnichsen (1901-1991) was a noted folk historian who spent the major part of his life as a professor at the University of Texas at El Paso.  He retired from UTEP in 1972 and became the director of publications at the Arizona Historical Society.  Sonnichsen authored many books about the West including Cowboys & Cattle Kings, I'll Die Before I Run, Mescalero Apaches, and Pass of the North.  The series includes many letters from Sonnichsen to Roach, some touching on personal matters and encouraging Roach in her writing efforts.


Container List


Box                 Folder


                                                Series I : The Cowgirls, 1961-1977


1          1 - 4                             Responses to research queries, 1969 - 1977, unordered           

            5                                  Articles on cowgirls, 1974

            6                                  Outline          

            7                                  Drafts, various chapters     

            8                                  Who Were Cowgirls          

            9                                  Horsewomen          

            10                                Indian Women        

11                                                Farm vs. Ranch       


2          1                                  Frontier Women     

            2                                  How Horse Women Tamed the West     

            3                                  Indian Menace         

            4                                  Women in Men's Clothes  

            5 - 6                             Women Generally  

            7                                  Heroines Generally

            8                                  Reputation   

            9                                  Suffrage        

            10                                First Chapter           

            11                                First Chapter, Title, Dedication, Index

            12                                Acknowledgments 

            13 - 14                         Introduction 

            15                                Up the Trail  

            16                                Women on the Trail           

            17                                Backwood Belles     

            18                                Lizzie Johnson         

19                                                Lady Ranchers         


3          1 - 2                             Lady Ranchers

            3 - 5                             Lay That Pistol Down, Babe          

            6 - 7                             Sally Skull     

            8                                  Cattle Kate   

            9                                  Alice Stillwell Henderson

            10 - 12                         Lady Rustlers           

            13                                Cattle Wars  

            14                                Lucille Marshall

            15                                Ruth Roach

            16                                Out of the Chutes   

            17                                Rodeo           

            18                                Rodeo-Tad Lucas    

3          19                                Rodeo - Mabel Woodward

20                                                Rodeo - Don Russell


4          1 - 6                             Rodeo (three audiocassettes in folder 4) 

            7 - 10                           Cowgirl in the Movies       


5          1                                  Cowgirl in the Movies       

            2 - 4                             Clothes         

            5                                  Cowgirls in Literature        

            6                                  Ranch Romance Novels     

            7 - 10                           Dime Novels


6          1                                  Verse and Song       

            2 - 4                             Humor          

            5 - 6                             Last Chapter:  She's Mounted and Gone

                                                (photographs in folder 6)  

            7                                  Manuscript rejections         

            8 - 20                           Final drafts   

            21                                Dust jacket   


Series II : C. L. Sonnichsen, 1950 - 1991 (bulk 1970 - 1980)


7          1                                  Clippings, 1950 - 1978 re Sonnichsen       

            2 - 5                             Letters, 1970 - 1991 

            6                                  Articles by Sonnichsen, 1961 - 1974          

            7                                  Memoir of Henry and Mary Sonnichsen

            8 - 9                             Autobiography


8          1                                  Autobiography                   

            2 - 7                             Articles, clippings, notes                

            8 - 9                             Audio tapes

            10                                Clippings



Additional material donated in 2011:


Accession 2011-127


This collection consists of materials related to the writing career of Joyce Gibson Roach. Included in the collection are articles, reviews, newspaper clippings, correspondence, reel-to-reel audio recordings, and numerous pieces of sheet music written by Roach. In addition to these materials, Roach also donated a large collection of books most of which focus on folklore and the American West and Southwest. Original folder titles are in quotation marks.



Materials in box 1370 were originally located in a box labeled “Copies articles, reviews, unpublished mss., newspaper clippings, unorganized.” Letters, some personal material, and newspaper clippings were separated and combined, but overall the materials are in their original order.


Box 1

Box 1370/1 Biography and CV of Joyce Gibson Roach

Box 1370/2 Personal-Biographical, Photographs, Awards

Box 1370/3 Letters

Box 1370/4 Texas Journal of Ideas, History and Culture, Spring/Summer 1997

Box 1370/5 Magazine articles by or about Roach

Box 1370/6 Magazine articles by Roach

Box 1370/7 Articles by or about Roach

Box 1370/8 Articles, Reviews, Various Publications

Box 1370/9 Articles, Reviews, Various Publications

Box 1370/10 Articles, Reviews, Various Publications

Box 1370/11 Articles, Reviews, Various Publications

Box 1370/12 Articles, Reviews, Various Publications

Box 1370/13 Articles, Reviews, Various Publications

Box 1370/14 Newspaper Clippings

Box 1370/15 Newspaper Clippings

Box 1370/16 Newspaper Clippings

Box 1370/17 Newspaper Clippings

Box 1370/18 Newspaper Clippings


Box 2

Box 1371/1 Draft- “Nancy MacIntyre”

Box 1371/2 Script- Nancy MacIntyre-Bound copy

Box 1371/3 Music- Legend of the Animals

Box 1371/4 Psalm 151

Box 1371/5 Play-Horizons: A Musical Comedy about Paul

Box 1371/6-7 “Horizons Musical Score” #3

Box 1371/8-9 Sheet Music- “Horizons Musical Score” #4

Box 1371/10-11 “Horizons Musical Score” #5 (orchestra and vocal)

Box 1371/12 “Horizons Script” #6

Box 1371/13 Binder for previous

Box 1371/14 Horizons Overture- Notes and Sheet Music (removed from Brook Mays folder located in oversized box 1375)

Box 1371/15 Sheet Music- I am the Song

Box 1371/16 Sheet Music- “Mothers and Others Keller”

Box 1371/17 Sheet Music- Various

Box 1371/18 Sheet Music- Bound Music

Box 1371/19-20 Sheet Music- Various

Box 1371/21 Sheet Music- Various


Box 3

Box 1372/1 Sheet Music- Various

Box 1372/2 Sheet Music- “Texana Extra”

Box 1372/3 Cassette Tapes

Box 1372/4 2 VHS Tapes-unlabeled and ‘Something Within Me’

Box 1372/5 2 CDs-2010 Induction video-National Cowgirl Museum and Joyce Gibson Roach 5/2/11

Box 1372/6 The Best of Texas Folklore 1999- 2 audiocassettes

Box 1372/7 CCTE-Conference of College Teachers of English, Journal, 1992

Box 1372/8 Texas Folklore Society: Eyes on Texas, 1967 and Mody Boatright, 1965

Box 1372/9 Articles by C. L. Sonnichsen in The Journal of Arizona History, 1988 and Arizona and the West, 1971

Box 1372/10 Bullfight Manual for Spectators by Tom Lea

Box 1372/11 Various programs and publications

Box 1372/12 The Texas Christian University Magazine, December 1986 and Fall 2001

Box 1372/13 Ottis Lock Endowment Award, 1990

Box 1372/14 Various articles by or about Roach

Box 1372/15 “Romancing the Rain Shadow”

Box 1372/16 Articles by or about Roach and a photograph of Ann and Elmer Kelton

Box 1372/17 Texas Folklore Society Meeting, various articles

Box 1372/18 Two proverbs

Box 1372/19 Photograph- “10-‘06”

Box 1372/20 “Church”

Box 1372/21 Thesis by Joel Carl Causey- “The Way of the World is not Fixed in Place: An Existential Reading of Billy Parham’s Journey through Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing”

Box 1372/22 Alumni award from Texas Christian University

Box 1372/23-24 Articles by Roach-Audio Column, Horned Toad, Texas

Box 1372/25 Articles-Fort Worth, The Chronicles of Toad

Box 1372/26 Articles- The Chronicles of Toad, et al.

The remaining items in boxes 1372 and 1373 were originally stored in files. These items are still in their original organization and the contents of each folder were simply refoldered into archival folders. The materials consist of short stories, speeches, book chapters, and articles written by Joyce Gibson Roach.

Box 1372/27 An Old-Growth Forest Survey of Crosswinds Ranch Texas by Jesse R. Edmondson, June 30, 2009

Box 1372/28 Script for Horned Toad Texas

Box 1372/29 Photocopy of Articles and Drawings by Charles Shaw

Box 1372/30 “Sermons, Marriage, Ceremonies” Sing a New Song and Cowboy Songs

Box 1372/31 Articles by Roach- Let Angels Prostrate Fall, Don’t let Bear Creek gangs get the Best of you, and Going for the gold, a horseback

Box 1372/32 Handwritten note- The News from Horned Toad Texas: Life in the Slow Lane

Box 1372/33 Adaptation from “Shopping” speech December 13, 1988

Box 1372/34 A Tornado Tale, May 10, 1998

Box 1372/35 One page from a biography of Roach


Box 4

Box 1373/1 “Chronicles of Toad”

Box 1373/2 A Better Christmas- typed dialogue between Joyce and Bob

Box 1373/3 The Night of Moving Shadows

Box 1373/4 Against whom do ye sport yourselves?, et al.

Box 1373/5 “Jessie Mae-Full Moon Rising”

Box 1373/6 “Short Story (I.P.) Showers of Blessing”

Box 1373/7 “Christmas at HT Gap”

Box 1373/8 “Short Story Idea Truckers”

Box 1373/9 Psalm 151

Box 1373/10 Baby Lore: The Why and Wherefore of it by Roach

Box 1373/11 “Novel”

Box 1373/12 Various Short Stories, Handwritten Notes

Box 1373/13 Words from the author…

Box 1373/14 Elmer Kelton and World Literature

Box 1373/15 Correspondence-copy of fax from R. Scott Allen of Humble High School

Box 1373/16 Won’t Somebody Shout Amen? - by Roach with notes

Box 1373/17 Words from the author…

Box 1373/18 “Folk Medicine”

Box 1373/19 Short Autobiography

Box 1373/20 Short Autobiography

Box 1373/21 Short Autobiography

Box 1373/22 Cowgirls and Cattle Queens by Roach

Box 1373/23 Women on Horseback

Box 1373/24 The Life and Times of a West Texas Writer

Box 1373/25 Saved to the Uttermost: The Life and Times of a West Texas Writer

Box 1373/26 Bio / Resume

Box 1373/27 “Short Stories” various handwritten notes

Box 1373/28 The Cactus Wrens

Box 1373/29 Stories of Texans in World War II

Box 1373/30 Joyce Thompson Lecture

Box 1373/31 One page of an article

Box 1373/32 A Tex-Mex Wedding

Box 1373/33 Won’t Somebody Shout Amen?

Box 1373/34 Honor at Daybreak

Box 1373/35 Politics Makes for Strange Bedfellows, but then so does Marriage

Box 1373/36 Cowgirls

Box 1373/37 Ghosts of Christmas Past Continue to Haunt Season, December 13, 1988

Box 1373/38 More Pleasure than Business in these Parts, June 28, 1998

Box 1373/39 Sweet Potatoes, Horned Toad-style, November 16, 1997

Box 1373/40 Various Articles / Short Stories

Box 1373/41 What’s that Racket? October 18, 1998

Box 1373/42 Cross Timbers Heritage Alliance, September 21, 2000

Box 1373/43 A Windy Day for Moms and All, May 10, 1998

Box 1373/44 Life in the Slow Lane- 1 page

Box 1373/45 Shopping was an Art

Box 1373/46 Many Learned to Read the Old-Fashioned Way

Box 1373/47 Birdville Pioneers had Reason to Fear the Full Moon

Box 1373/48 Legendary Texas Homecoming: Tale of Cynthia Ann Parker return to Birdville is more sad than heroic

Box 1373/49 Fixin’ to understand Texas? Old-time words take ‘tending

Box 1373/50 Folk remedies for flu still the best medicine

Box 1373/51 There are many reasons to be hog wild about porkers

Box 1373/52 In our hurry to rename places, we lose out history-and ourselves

Box 1373/53 Becoming a Texan requires getting down in the dirt

Box 1373/54 Finding ‘measure of privacy’ easy for those relying on solutions of past

Box 1373/55 Outhouse bring flush of memories

Box 1373/56 Tarantula can evoke memories of past in Cross Timbers

Box 1373/57 Surviving on poke sallet, pintos and hoe cakes

Box 1373/58 Words of wisdom might grow old but they never become outdated

Box 1373/59 Wild roses are salvageable remnants of frontier days

Box 1373/60 Pioneer food just something you cooked up

Box 1373/61 Fourth of July was a popular holiday on the prairie

Box 1373/62 Clubs offered pioneers break from the grind

Box 1373/63 People’s names provide windows into history

Box 1373/64 Bell is tolling for thee after church hours

Box 1373/65 Box top goodies bonded generations of women

Box 1373/66 Family lore still resides in grandma’s old house

Box 1373/67 Visiting graveyards in the fall is a rather cool thing to do

Box 1373/68 Pocketknives were status symbols, rites of passages for boys long ago

Box 1373/69 In times past, groceries were centers of town life

Box 1373/70 Local characters enrich lives, stuff of legends

Box 1373/71 Aera pioneers healed with folk cures, remedies

Box 1373/72 A beginners crash course for learning gardening folklore

Box 1373/73 Traveling anecdotes stand the test of time

Box 1373/74 A historical look at games folks used to pass time

Box 1373/75 History goes the distance to help see how far it is from here to there

Box 1373/76 Frontier women found aprons indispensable because of… September 6, 1998

Box 1373/77 Heat of summer was a good time for preachers to conduct revivals

Box 1373/78 Introduction-Collective Heart

Box 1373/79 This place of memory-introduction-“every man needs a heath”

Box 1373/80 The Best Time- This Place of Memory

Box 1373/81 The News of War- Collective Heart

Box 1373/82 Just as I am-Women of the West

Box 1373/83 Stirring Prose

Box 1373/84 In Broad Daylight-Texas Short Stories

Box 1373/85 Won’t Somebody Shout Amen? - Texas Short Stories 2

Box 1373/86 Adaptation from “All I ever need to know, I learned in Horned Toad, Texas”

Box 1373/87 Adaptation from ‘A High Toned Woman’

Box 1373/88 The Tower of Babel

Box 1373/89 Against who, do ye sport yourselves?

Box 1373/90 Ima Rose Gardener leads parade of female names in Horned Toad

Box 1373/91 Empty folder-labeled

Box 1373/92 Various empty folders


Box 5

Box 1374 Ten audio reel-to-reels of various sizes. Includes recordings for Horizons, Texanna, and Nancy McIntire.



Box 6

Box 1375/1 Sheet Music- Ride Sally Ride

Box 1375/2 Oversize Brook Mays folder, the contents (Horizons Overture) are located in box 1371

Box 1375/3 Sheet Music- I am the Song (bound)

Box 1375/4 Sheet Music- I am the Song (bound)

Box 1375/5 Sheet Music- Various

Box 1375/6 Sheet Music- Various

Box 1375/7 Sheet Music-Various



Box 7

Box 1376 Two oversized cardboard boxes containing various pieces of sheet music



Books donated by Roach, in backlog:


Abernethy, Francis Edward, Hoein’ the Short Rows.

Ainsworth, Len and Kenneth W. Davis, The Catch-Pen: A Selection of

Essays from the First Two Years of the National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration, 1991 (insert laid in).

Alter, Judy and James Ward Lee eds., Literary Fort Worth.

Alter, Judy ed., The Roundup Quarterly, Western Writers of America, Inc., vol. 1, no. 1, September 1998.

Alter, Judy ed., The Roundup Quarterly, Western Writers of America, Inc., vol. 2, no. 3, Spring 1990.

Alter, Judy and Joyce Gibson Roach eds, Texas and Christmas: A Collection of Traditions, Memories and Folklore, 1983 (signed by Joyce Gibson Roach).

Antone, Evan Haywood, Tom Lea: His Life and Work, 1988.

Barney, William D., A Cowtown Chronicle.

Bruckner, Jane Austin ed., Grandmother Stories: From the Heart of Texas, 2002.

Chambers, George W. and C. L. Sonnichsen, San Agustín: First Cathedral Church in Arizona, 1974 (insert laid in, signed by author).

Douglas, Debroah, Stirring Prose: Cooking with Texas Authors.

Farris, Frances Bramlette, From Rattlesnakes to Road Agents: Rough Times on the Frio, 1985.

Flatau, Susie Kelly and Lou Halsell Rodenberger, Quotable Texas Women, 2005.

Flynn, Robert, Growing Up a Sullen Baptist and Other Lies, 2001.

Gish, Robert Franklin, Nueva Granada: Paul Horgan and the Southwest, 1995.

Grider, Sylvia Ann and Lou Halsell Rodenberger eds., Let’s Hear It: Stories by Texas Women Writers, 2003.

Grider, Sylvia Ann and Lou Halsell Rodenberger, Texas Women Writers: A Tradition of Their Own, 1997.

Hellenthal, Michael, Christian Krug, and Peter Bischoff eds., Studies in the Western, vol. III, no. 1, 1995.

Hill, Billy Bob ed., Texas Short Stories, 1997.

Horgan, Paul, The Collector’s Eye: Selections from the Sally Zaiser Collection, 1991.

Jakes, John and Martin H. Greenberg eds., New Trails: 23 Original Stories of the West, 1994.

Jameson, W. C., Notes From Texas: On Writing in the Lone Star State, 2008.

Kauhs, Billie and Joyce Gibson Roach, What Ya’ Got Cookin’? Recipes and Remembrances from Hearth and Home, 2004.

Kelton, Elmer, James Ward Lee, Joyce Gibson Roach et al., The Best of Texas Folklore 1999, cassette tape (2 copies).

Kelton, Elmer, Honor at Daybreak, 1991.

Lea, Tom, The Brave Bulls, 1949.

Lea, Tom, The Brave Bulls, 1949 (signed by author).

Lea, Tom, Bullfight Manual for Spectators, 1957.

Lea, Tom, The Hands of Cantú, 1964.

Lea, Tom, The Primal Yoke, 1960.

Lea, Tom, The Southwest, It’s Where I Live, 1992 (insert laid in, signed by author).

Lea, Tom, The Wonderful Country, 1952, 1984 (signed by author).

Lee, James Ward ed., Carolyn N. Barnes, Kent A. Bowman, and Laura Crow eds, 1941: Texas Goes to War, 1991.

Linck, Ernestine Sewell and Joyce Gibson Roach, Eats: A Folk History of Texas Foods, 1989 (signed by Joyce Gibson Roach).

Longhorns the Texas Cattle.

Major, Mabel and T. M. Pearce, Southwest Heritage: A Literary History with Bibliographies, 1972 (signed by author).

Massey, Sara R. ed., Black Cowboys of Texas, 2000 (signed by author, inserts laid in).

Massey, Sara R., Texas Women on the Cattle Trails.

Payne, L. W. Jr., Songs and Ballads—Grave and Gay, 1927.

Ptacek, Kathryn, Women of the West: Short Stories by Contemporary Women Writers, 1990 (two copies, one with inserts).

Roach, Joyce Gibson, C. L. Sonnichsen, Western Writers Series, 1979.

Roach, Joyce Gibson ed., Collective Heart: Texans in World War II, 1996 (two copies).

Roach, Joyce Gibson, The Cowgirl of Rocking R, 2004.

Roach, Joyce Gibson, The Cowgirls, 1977 (signed by author, insert laid in).

Roach, Joyce Gibson, The Cowgirls, 1990.

Roach, Joyce Gibson, Horned Toad Canyon, 2003.

Roach, Joyce Gibson, The Horned Toads’ Christmas, 1997.

Roach, Joyce Gibson, The Little Town That Could: Westlake, Texas, Origins and Legacies, 2009.

Roach, Joyce Gibson and Billie Jsy Kauhs, eds, Lost in the Fifties: A Sentimental Journey Home to a Small West Texas Town, Jacksboro, 2004.

Roach, Joyce Gibson ed., The Pathfinder: The Historical Preservation Journal of Westlake,

vol. 1, no. 1, Summer 2002.

Roach, Joyce Gibson ed., This Place of Memory: A Texas Perspective (two copies).

Roach, Joyce Gibson ed., Texas and Christmas, 2004.

Roach, Joyce Gibson, Wild Rose: A Folk History of a Cross Timbers Settlement Keller, Texas, 1996.

Rodenberger, Lou Halsell, Laura Payne Butler, and Jacqueline Kolosov eds., Writing on the Wind: An Anthology of West Texas Women Writers.

Sonnichsen, C. L., The Ambidextrous Historian: Historical Writers and Writing in the American West, 1981 (insert laid in, signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L., Arizona Humoresque: A Century of Arizona Humor, 1992.

Sonnichsen, C. L., Billy King’s Tombstone: The Private Life of an Arizona Boom Town, 1972 (signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L., Colonel Greene and the Copper Skyrocket, 1974 (signed by author, insert laid in).

Sonnichsen, C. L., From Hopalong to Hud: Thoughts on Western Fiction, 1978 (signed by author, inserts laid in).

Sonnichsen, C. L., I’ll Die Before I’ll Run: The Story of the Great Feuds of Texas, 1988 (signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L., The Grave of John Wesley Hardin, 1979 (signed by author, inserts laid in).

Sonnichsen, C. L. ed., The Laughing West: Humorous Western Fiction, Past and Present. An Anthology. 1988 (signed by author, inserts laid in).

Sonnichsen, C. L., A Memoir of Henry and Mary Sonnichsen, 1973 (signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L. ed., Morris B. Parker’s White Oaks: Life in a New Mexico Gold Camp, 1880-1900, 1971 (signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L., One for the Road: Recollections of a Wayfaring Scholar (signed by author, a letter is laid inside).

Sonnichsen, C. L., Outlaw: Bill Mitchell alias Baldy Russell: His Life and Times, 1965 (signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L., Pass of the North: Four Centuries on the Rio Grande, 1968 (signed by author, two copies).

Sonnichsen, C. L., Pilgrim in the Sun: A Southwestern Omnibus, 1988 (signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L., Pioneer Heritage: The First Century of the Arizona Historical Society, 1984 (signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L. and M. G. McKinney, The State National Since 1881: The Pioneer Bank of El Paso, 1971 (signed by authors). 

Sonnichsen, C. L., The Story of Roy Bean: Law West of the Pecos, 1943 (signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L., Ten Texas Feuds, 1957, 1971 (signed by author).

Sonnichsen, C. L., Texas Humoresque: Lone Star Humorists From Then Till Now, 1990 (two copies).

Steagall, Red, Ride for the Brand, 1993 (signed by author).

Texas Highways, August 1994.

Untiedt, Kenneth L. ed., Celebrating 100 Years of the Texas Folklore Society 1909-2009, 2009 (insert laid in).

Vick, Frances Brannen ed., Literary Dallas, 2008

Walker, Dale L., C. L. Sonnichsen: Grassroots Historian, 1972 (signed, insert laid in)

The Western Writers of America, The Women Who Made the West: The Stories of the Unsung Heroines of the American Frontier, 1980.

Wheeler, Richard S., Tales of the American West: The Best of Spur Award-Winning Authors, 2000.

Wheeler, Richard S., Tales of the American West: The Best of Spur Award-Winning Authors, 2001.

Williams, Catherine ed., Texas Journal of Ideas, History and Culture, vol. 21, no. 1 & 2, Spring / Summer 1999.



Accession 2011-159


Box 1343 folder 28 misc – notes from a college course, newspaper clippings and correspondence


The following have been added to the backlog:

1. New Trails: 23 Original Stories of the West edited by John Jakes and Martin H. Greenberg, hardcover with dust jacket, contains story by Roach


2. Password published by the El Paso County Historical Society, Volume XXXVII, No. 4, Winter 1992; paper back in fair condition, contains article by Roach on Tom Lea


3. Elmer Kelton: essays and memories edited by Judy Alter and James Ward Lee, paper back in new condition; contains article by Roach


4.  Growing Up a Sullen Baptist and other lies by Robert Flynn, hardcover with dust jacket, foreword by Roach


5. The Dog of My Nightmares: stories by Texas columnist Dave Lieber, paperback with slight tear and crease to top left corner; introduction by Roach


6.  Great Plains Quarterly published by the Center for Great Plains Studies, Winter 2001, VOL. 21, NO. 1; contains a review of Roach’s book Cowgirls: Commemorating the Women of the West


7. two copies of Texas Toys and Games, publication of the Texas Folklore Society XLVII, edited by F. E. Abernethy, hardcover books with dust jackets in good condition; contains article by Roach