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Jerry Retzloff

A Guide to the G. F. Jerry Retzloff Collection, 1973-2013

Collection 113



Descriptive Summary

Creator:                     G. F. Jerry Retzloff

Title:                          The G. F. Jerry Retzloff Collection

Dates:                         1973-2013

Abstract:                   The G. F. Jerry Retzloff Collection spans 1973-2012 and documents Texas music, Lone Star Beer, and Willie Nelson. The collection is arranged in nine series: Personal Papers, Lone Star Beer, Photographs, Willie Nelson, Memorabilia, Oversized Materials, Newspapers & Magazines, Clothing, and Posters.

Identification:          Collection 113

Extent:                        20 boxes; 1 oversized folder (28 linear feet)

Language:                  English.

Repository:               The Wittliff Collections, Texas State University


Container List


Box     Folder


Personal Papers


1          1          Resume, address lists, artist contacts, business cards

1          2          Letters, greeting cards

1          3          Notes

1          4          Printed items, souvenirs


Lone Star Beer


1          5          History of Lone Star Beer (29 pages)

1          6          Barry Sullivan  - resume, packet from Eddie Wilson

1          7          Memos and correspondence, 1974-1989, 2007


1          8          Photographs [chili cook-off, vans, corporate groups]


1          9          Publications and printed material


                                The Bruit Magazine, Spring 1973, Winter 1976, November 1990

                                1975 Annual Report    

                                On Tap, December 1978 [Features Six Pak, vol. 1 album cover with

                                    inside article, “Lone Star Sippin and Skinny Dippin” (2 copies)

                                Lone Star Brewery housing brochure (2 copies)

                                Footnotes of the Buckhorn: A Lone Star State Landmark, 1980

                                Invitation to the Second General Convention of Funseekers, 1986

                                Postcard for the Buckhorn Bar

                                “A Little Bit of Texas” card with artwork by Sam Yeates


1          10               Beer labels [various Lone Star labels, as well as Colt 45, Schmidt’s,

                                Mickey’s, and Mexicali]


1          11               Print Advertisement  [See box 9 for oversize print advertisements]


                                Texas Girl magazine, December 1979 featuring Willie Nelson on

                                    cover; ad on back. Artwork by Sam Yeates.

                                Movement magazine , May 1978; ad on back, Artwork by Yeates

                                Table tents, 1988 (2 copies)

                                Austin Sun back cover ads (clipped): Commander Cody, Willie

                                    Nelson, and “You’re never alone with Lone Star”

                                “Deep in the Heritage…A Texas Tradition” (clipped). Artwork by

                                    Yeates, 1977.



Lone Star Beer, continued


Box     Folder


1          12               Radio Advertisement


                                10 CD copies of cassette tapes that include Lone Star commercials

                                “Long Live Long Necks” lyrics. Glenn Advertising, April 17, 1975


1          13               Publicity packet for the 1975 “Lone Star Country Music Special”

                                featuring Willie Nelson, Sammi Smith, Rusty Wier, B.W.

                                Stevenson, Asleep at the Wheel, Steve Fromholz, Willis Alan

                                Ramsey, and Jimmy Buffett.


                        Advertising Photographs [see box 9 for oversize photos]


1          14                   Models

1          15                   Janet Quist


1          16               Print articles about Lone Star and brewing [see box 5 for oversize

                                articles and newspapers]


2          1          Terrence York packet regarding Silver Eagles Taking Flight [letter,

                                photocopy of publication, 4 photographs]

2          2          Country Music Association – Organization member certificate,

                                programs from October 13, 1975 & October 11, 1976. [the 1976

                                program has many signatures including Charley Pride, Bobbie

                                Nelson, Jody Payne, Roy Clark, Freddy Fender, and Waylon



Photographs [see boxes 9 & 12 for oversize photos]


2          3          G. F. Jerry Retzloff


2          4          Retzloff with performers/artists


                                Backstage at the 1986 CMA awards with Ray Charles, J. Thomas,

                                    Kris Kristofferson, George Strait, and Charley Pride

                                Barbi Benton, model [negative, slide, 3 x 5 photograph, 8 x 10


                                Charlie Daniels

                                James Garner, actor

                                Loretta Lynn

                                Louise Mandrell

                                Janet Quist [Lone Star model]

                                Susan Saint James, actress

Photographs, continued


Box     Folder


2          4          Retzloff with performers/artists, continued


                                Cat Sundeen, radio personality

                                Conway Twitty

                                Stevie Ray Vaughan

2          5          Retzloff with various individuals


                                Funseekers Mike Bixby, unidentified, and Retzloff, Canyon Lake, Texas

                                Lone Star special events personnel, 1980

                                Ralph York, recording engineer for Red Headed Stranger, 1981

                                Roger Collins, partner in One Nite Bar & Dive, Austin.

                                Tip of Texas trail ride, 1978 [Special Events Department]

                                Stan Retzloff, Texas Independence Day party, La Vallita, San Antonio,


                                Tip of Texas trail ride, TU Presentation, 1980s. Unidentified

                                Larry Trader, Pedernales Country Club/Golf Club manager

                                Funseeker Dee ____

                                Pappy Yoakum, owner of truck fleet, Florida. Nashville at the CMA

                                    awards, 1976

                                Russ Clanton, Lone Star distributer, Conroe Texas

                                Dave Davis, Austin

                                Gair Allee, Lone Star sales at armadillo race


2          6          Retzloff with various groups


2          7          “In Luck with Casey and the Boys”


2          8          Darrell Royal Gold Tournament [snapshots of attendees, crowd,

                                and performers - Special Events Department]


                        Willie Nelson


2          9                  Photographs of Willie Nelson [Includes candid snapshots, picture of

Nelson with Lone Star beer and talking to reporter, Nelson in studio

after listening to Red Headed Stranger recording, promotional portrait from RCA]               


2          10                   Willie Nelson with Retzloff  [candid snapshots including series of 3

                                    photos where Willie asks if he wants to “burn one.”]




Photographs, continued


Box     Folder


2          11       Willie Nelson with Others


                                Darrell Royal

                                Leon Russell



2          12       Nelson performing at Lone Star sales meetings [2 different years]

2          13       Nelson performing [includes photo of Nelson at CMAs taken by Retzloff]


2          14       Concert scenes [crowds, stage]


2          15       Performers  - Identified


                                Jimmy Buffett [CBS publicity packet including 4 photographs]     

                                Charlie Daniels Band

                                Cheap Trick

                                Kinky Friedman

                                New England

                                Jody Payne

                                Leon Russell

                                Sammi Smith

                                Rusty Wier

                                Steve Wilson [Terror and the Cat]

                                Neil Young


3          1          Performers – Publicity Photos


                                Asleep at the Wheel (2)

                                Baillie and the Boys [signed]

                                Clarence Gatemouth Brown [signed]

                                Freddy Fender [signed]

                                Foster and Lloyd [signed]

                                Steven Fromholz with Susan Saint James [Good Buddies still]

                                James Garner [signed]

                                Alan Jackson [signed]

                                Wynona and Naomi Judd [signed]

                                Last Chance Band [signed]

                                Louise Mandrell [signed]

                                Johnny Paycheck [signed]

                                Billy Walker [signed]

                                Jerry Jeff Walker

                                Unidentified band



Photographs, continued


Box     Folder


3          2          Performers – Unidentified

3          3-5      Photos of Others


Willie Nelson


3          6          Souvenirs


                                Caesar’s Palace program featuring Willie Nelson & Family

                                Caesar’s Palace reserved seating sign for Willie Nelson

                                Golden Nugget table tent featuring Willie Nelson in the Gold

                                    Strike Lounge                                   

                                Ramada Airport hotel, Corpus envelope. Room 270, “Wild, Bill”

                                Flattened Supertape recording box “Willie Nelson Corpus Christie

                                    Tex Live, 1-4-78” Signed for Retzloff’s birthday

                                Neil Hickey business card w/ notes re: TV Guide photo of Nelson

                                Willie Nelson & Family notepad

                                Golf score card (blank) from Pedernales Country Club

                                Notecard (blank) featuring “Willie Blue Skies” painting by Steve



3          7          Programs


                                Bralley Ranch First Annual Fourth of July Picnic [front and back

                                    cover only; Lone Star Beer ad on back cover]

                                Willie Nelson’s Second Annual Fourth of July Picnic, 1974

                                Willie Nelson’s Third Annual Fourth of July Picnic, 1975 (7

                                    copies) [Inside back cover has mail in form for Lone Star

                                    schooner poster by Jim Franklin]

                                Wrangler presents Willie Nelson and Family, 1986


3          8          Willie Nelson Official Discography (3 copies: 1982, 1983)

3          9          Press Packets: CBS Records (2 copies; one in envelope); Columbia

                                Records (in envelope)


                        Published Books


3          10               The Best of Willie Nelson, 1976


4          1                 Willie Nelson Songbook, 1976

4          2                 Willie Nelson Family Album, 1980





4          3          Travel luggage tags: Puerta Vallarta, Mexico; Las Vegas, Nashville,

                                New Orleans


4          4          Clubs, Businesses


                                Duke’s menu

                                Inner Sanctum Records business card for James Cooper

                                Plaza Hotel: restaurant and room service menus

                                St. James Club advertisement

                                Sunset Marquis postcard (blank)

                                Texas Hatters catalog

                                Union Plaza hotel folded letter (blank)

                                White House office of the Vice President letterhead


4          5          Ticket Stubs


                                Waylon Jennings, Billy Joe Shaver & Ray Wylie Hubbard. Lone

                                    Star Jamboree, Dallas, Texas. June 1, 1974

                                Charlie Daniels Band. Volunteer Jam, Middle Tennessee State

                                    University Murphy Center, Murfreesboro, Tennessee,

                                    September 12, 1975

                                ZZ Top. Fandango, Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, November 29,

                                    1975 [ticket taped to invitation at post concert party at the

                                    Electric Ballroom]

                                Willie & Waylon Live at the Summit, December 31, 1975

                                Charley Pride. Municipal Auditorium, Austin, January 18, 1976

                                Waylon Jennings, Amazing Rhythm Aces. Gregory Gym, Austin,

                                    April 2, 1976

                                Willie Nelson. Benefit for a Friend. Gilley’s, Pasadena, Texas, April

                                    8, 1976

                                Willie Nelson’s Picnic. Day 3. Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas, July 3,


                                Electric Horseman, Caesar’s Palace, December 22, 1979


                                ZZ Top. Expect No Quarter. Convention Center Arena, San

                                    Antonio, Texas, January 4, 1980

                                United States Capitol, Washington D.C. (2 tickets), 1980

                                National Air and Space Museum (3 tickets), 1980

                                The Vice President’s Gallery [Walter Mondale], 1980

                                ZZ Top. Expect No Quarter. December 29, 1980

                                Willie Nelson. Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, December 30, 1980

                                Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, 1981

                                Neil Young. Convention Center Arena, San Antonio, July 18, 1980


Memorabilia, continued


Box     Folder


4          5          Ticket Stubs, continued


                                Texas Renaissance Festival. The King’s Gourmet Feast, October 1,

                                    1983 and October 6, 1984

                                One Knite Reunion. Benefit for Musicares. Stubbs Waller Creek,

                                    Austin. May 23, 2004 (2 tickets)

                                Charlie Daniels Band. Longneck Legends with Kevin Fowler.

                                    Concrete Street Amphitheater, June 12, 2009  [3 tickets plus


                                Columbia / Epic / Monument Records: The Nashville Family of

                                    Music. Dinner show, October 18, [no year], Municipal



4          6          Terlingua International Chili Cookoff, November 3, 1984. [3 judges



4          7          Backstage Passes, Badges


                                CMA Awards Show, 1983 and 1984 [Willie Nelson guest]

                                Charlie Daniels Band, January 12, 2009

                                Charlie Daniels Band, January 8 [no year]

                                Charlie Daniels Band [6 badges], 2007-2013

                                Indie Bash and Brew at the Brewery, October 24, 2009

                                Willie Nelson & Family [First picnic? Name badge with photo]

                                Willie Nelson & Family, Palladium, Dallas. February 26, 1979

                                [Willie Nelson, Del Rio] VIP Parking. October 21, 1980

                                Willie Nelson, San Antonio, December 3, 1980

                                Willie Nelson Backstage Pass, 1981 tour (metal)

                                One Knite Reunion (2 VIP passes), May 23, 2004

                                Merriweather Post Pavilion, 1980 season

                                Hank Wilks        

                                Wrist band (green, orange, white)

                                Artist badge




Memorabilia, continued


Box     Folder


4          8          Sew and Iron on Badges


                                Lone Star: 2 small badges; 1 large; 1 “Lone Star 150 Private Stock”

                                American Flag

                                Texas Flag (2)


                                Charlie Daniels Band Volunteers [large]


                                Welcome to Backstage Texas [artwork by Jim Franklin]

                                Viva Terlingua

                                Texas Hatters “We Top the Best” [large]

                                Texas Opry House [iron on] (3)

                                Tarpon Rodeo, South Padre Island, 1980 (2)

                                South Padre Island Billfish Association, 1982

                                Port Mansfield Fishing Tournament

                                Port Aransas Deep Sea Round up, 1978 and 1980

                                Premium Quality Certified

                                Travis County Constable


4          9          Bumper Stickers


                                Lone Star Beer (19)

                                Willie Nelson (11)

                                The Winters Brothers Band

                                David Allen Coe (3)

                                The Charlie Daniels Band

                                “I Shot JR”

                                The Alliance Wagon Yard, Austin

                                “I Love Jill”

                                “Live Music is Better”

                                “Official Car: U.S. Secret Service”

                                KOKE FM (3)


                        Pins and Buttons


5          1                 Mississippi [yellow guitar]

                                CDB [Charlie Daniels Band]

                                State of Texas [textured]

                                State of Texas with “Willie” (2 copies)

                                LBJ [Lyndon Baines Johnson]

                                Republic of Texas [Chilympiad] [blue State of Texas]

                                Lone Star Beer [red with white lettering]


Memorabilia, continued


Box     Folder


                        Pins and Buttons, continued


5          1                 Lone Star Beer [bottle]

                                Texas Sesquicentennial [Texas flag]

                                Lone Star Light [State of Texas]

                                Southern Trailriders [Horseshoe]

                                State of Texas with confederate stripes

                                Lone Star [Armadillo in State of Texas] 2 copies

                                Armadillo pin [Gift of Bob Dylan]

                                1994 Go Western Gala [State of Texas]

                                Fiesta San Antonio, April 14-25, 1993

                                Willie Nelson lettering


5          2                 Merle Haggard

                                Smiley Face

                                Lone Star [Armadillo]

                                The San Antonio [Rose] [State of Texas]

                                Texas Hatters

                                Carter/Mondale/Willie Nelson, October 12, 1980 [green circle]

                                Lone Star [red, plastic]

                                Lone Star [Armadillo holding bottle]


5          2                 Lone Star Beer [blue oval]

                                Willie and Family: Me and Paul Productions [State of Texas]

                                Lone Star, Texas Aggies [bottle]

                                Lone Star [boot]

                                Republic of Texas Chilymiad [white State of Texas]

                                Lone Star Beer [Bottle cap]

                                Lone Star Light Beer [blue with white lettering]

                                K-BUC AM 1310/FM 107.5

                                Tennis shoe with wings


                                Lone Star [bottle]

                                Lone Star Light [blue, plastic[


5          3                 Neil Young Solo Tour

                                Canadian Flag

                                World Class Hobie Association [Lone Star sponsored Hobie Cat]

                                Alabama / RCA

                                Rolling Thunder Revue [4 buttons: yellow, red, green, orange]

                                Stevie Ray Vaughan, World Premiere Album Riverboat Cruise

                                    April 17, 1984

Memorabilia, continued


Box     Folder


                        Pins and Buttons, continued


5          3                 344

                                Willie Nelson [photo]

                                Lone Star: The National Beer of Texas

                                Yo Santa. Jingle This


5          4                 Lone Star 150: Private Stock Beer

                                Viva Terlingua! Behind the store in ‘84

                                Lone Star Beer. Let’s Rodeo

                                Kinky [Friedman] for Governor, 2006


5          5                 One More in ‘74

                                Willie Nelson Live, Caesar’s Palace (2 copies)

                                Willie Nelson “The King of Luck”


5          6                 Firefall

                                The Charlie Daniels Band. Saddle Tramp

                                Peter Frampton “I’m In You”

                                Not to Worry [Yellow circle]


5          7                 Out to Lunch

                                Charlie Daniels Band. On Stage

                                Not to Worry [white circle]


5          8                 Jerry Retzloff nametag for Houston Pod Casi Hot Stuff

                                Jerry Retzloff sponsor nametag for the Darrell [Royal] & Willie

                                    [Nelson] Invitational

                                Jerry Retzloff paperweight business card


5          9                 San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo, 1983. Calf Scramble

                                San Antonio Conservation Society

                                Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Trail Ride Committee

                                Whiskey Flats Honorary Sheriff, Kernville, CA


5          10-11         Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo “Committeeman” nametags,

                                    (8 nametags) 1993-1997


5          12               Lone Star beer cuff links [?], Gerald Ford tie clip


5          13       Official Lone Star Drinking Glove


Memorabilia, continued


Box     Folder


                        Belt Buckles


6                             Willie Nelson [tennis shoes]

                                Texas Hatters

                                Grand Ole Opry. 50 Years

                                Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986

                                Lone Star Beer. Kinky Friedman “Texas Jew Boy” acrylic with


                                Lone Star Beer [shield]

                                Pull Tab buckle

                                Hoyt Axton

                                Rolling Thunder Revue

                                Unidentified, 1975

                                Luckenbach Post Office


7                             KEXL 104 ½ Stereo

                                Kessler American Whiskey

                                Maxell cassette tape

                                ZZ Top “That little band of Texas”

                                ZZ Top “Tejas”

                                Armadillo Van Clan

                                Drilling Tools, Inc.

                                Pearl inlay

                                Plain buckle

                                Darrell & Willie Invitational [luggage tag]

                                Horseman Officer. Houston Rodeo [badge]


                        Matchbooks & Rolling Paper


8          1                 Hotel Riviera, Las Vegas, NV

                                Sportsman’s Lodge, Studio City, CA

                                Zig-Zag rolling paper

                                Four Queens Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

                                Oat Willie’s, Austin

                                Doug Weston’s Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA

                                Hall of Fame Motor Inn [Nashville]

                                Beverly Hills Hotel, CA




Memorabilia, continued


Box     Folder


8          2          Guitar Picks


                                CDB [Charlie Daniels Band]

                                Willie’s Fourth of July Weekend, 2008 (red w/gold)

                                Willie’s Fourth of July Weekend, 2008 (white w/blue)

                                Willie’s Fourth of July Weekend, 2008 (white w/red)

                                Kinky Friedman (blue w/ white)


8          3          Jewelry


                                Armadillo ring

                                Plain gold ring


9                      Audiocassettes


                                Willie Nelson Picnic, Vol 1: Rusty Weir, Greasy Wheels, Willia Alan


                                Willie Nelson Picnic, Vol 2: B.W. Stevenson, Michael Murphy

                                Willie Nelson Picnic, Vol 3: Willie Nelson

                                Freda / Alvin Crow at One Knite

                                D.K. Little (Moon Pie) / Storm’s 3rd at One Knite

                                Six Pak commercial audiocassette

                                Flatlanders. Side A: Album / Side B: Live Possibly at One Knite


Oversized Materials


10                   Scrapbook  [Texas Declaration of Independence]


                        Oversized Photographs


10       1                 Group photographs (3 copies)

10       2                 Lone Star advertising

10       3                 Janet Quist


10       4          Lone Star Beer – Articles about, and Print Advertisements


                                “For the Good Times” Full page ad, The Action, November 1975

                                “The Best of Company” Full page ad, The Action, September 1976                                                        [Featuring Willie Nelson ]

                                “No Place But Texas” Full page ad, Action Magazine, March 1978

                                    [artwork by Sam Yeates]

                                Full page ad, The Action, September 1977 [beer cans on river]

Oversized Material, continued


Box     Folder


10       4          Lone Star Beer – Articles about, and Print Advertisements, continued


                                All About Beer, vol 1, no. 4. published by the Beer Drinker’s Intl.,

                                    Inc. Includes article, “Lone Star Beer: The 98 Per Cent Solution”

                                    by Bruce Lorange  and full page ad on page 7 with artwork by


                                Austin Sun, Vol. 1, No. 15, April 3, 1975 [Lone Star ad on back

                                    featuring B.W. Stevenson, Rusty Wier, and Steve Fromholz for

                                    the Cross Country Music Specials] Cover sheets only.

                                Austin Sun, Vol. 1, No. 27, September 19, 1975 [Lone star ad on

                                    back featuring Ray Benson]

                                Austin Sun, December 16. 1977. Interior pages only [Lone Star ads

                                    with artwork by Sam Yeates]

                                Texas Sun, September 17, 1976

                                Iconoclast, September 6, 1976 “Lone Star Gambles to Win Texas


                                Iconoclast, August 30, 1976 “Lone Star Bottles Beer Drinking



10       5          Albums Covers [no LPs]


                                Six Pack, Vol. 1 featuring Willie Nelson, Ray Wylie Hubbard,

                                    Cooder Browne, Don Bowman, Steve Fromholz, and

                                    Geezinslaw Brothers. Lone Star Records.

                                Red Headed Stranger, Willie Nelson. [inscribed, signed]

                                Redneck Mothers

                                Juz Love dem ol’ Greezy Wheels [cover art by Jim Franklin]

                                Urban Cowboy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


10       6          Posters


                                Continental Club, December 1981 calendar, 11 x 17

                                Kinky Friedman. Rockefeller’s Night Club, Houston. November 20-

                                    21, no year. [Inscribed to Jerry & Sally], 11 x 17

                                Kinky Friedman “Invasion of the Killer Jews” Austin Opry House.

                                    Artwork by Micael Priest, October 31, 1977., 11 x 17                 

                                Michael Murphey. Cedar Frost – Armadillo Headquarters, March

                                    22-23, 1974. Artwork by Jim Franklin, 11 x 17

                                Austin’s First Spring Concert, Bull Creek Party Barn. 1974.

                                    Artwork by Kerry Awn, 11 x 17

                                Stormy Monday. One Knite Dive Bar, March 11, no year. 8.5 x 11


Oversized Material, continued


Box     Folder


10       7          Willie Nelson Posters


                                Pineywoods Country Festival, April 6 & 7, no year, 8.5 x 11

                                Tribute to Cosmic Cowboys. Benefit concert, February 10, 1974.

                                    Artwork by Micael Priest, 8.5 x 11

                                “A Big Willie at the One Knite” December 15, 1975.  Artwork by

                                    [GOlliver] 2 copies – one on cream, one on green, 11 x 17

                                “Willie Nelson Show” Bull Creek Party Barn, May 27, no year, 11 x 17

                                Willie Nelson with Billy Joe Shaver, Milton Carroll, and

                                    Geezinslaws Brothers, May 27, no year. Bull Creek Party Barn.

                                    11 x 17

                                “Second Annual Fourth of July Picnic” College Station at the Texas

                                    World Speedway. July 4, 5, and 6, 1974. Artwork by [Boo

                                    Thomas Byerly] 2 copies, 11 x 17

                                Willie Nelson with Geronimo Trevino. April 2, 2002. John T.

                                    Floore Country Store. 2 copies, 11 x 17


10       8          Jim Franklin calendar, 1976


Newspapers and Magazines [see also oversized newspapers, box 11]


                        Newspapers and magazines related to Willie Nelson


11       1                 Billboard, June 16, 1979

                                Country Music, February 1976

                                Cream, February 1976

                                Life, August 1983 [cover and article only]

                                Life, April 1985

                                Newsweek, August 14, 1978

                                Record World, March 6, 1976

                                The Texas Flyer Parade, April 1974

                                Texas Monthly Birthday Tribute to Willie, 2003

                                Texas Music, May 1976

                                Texas Music, Spring 2003


11       2                 Willie’s World, Spring 2003 [Willie Nelson Fan Club]

                                San Antonio Star, January 8, 1984

                                Southern Voice, June 28, 1974 “Everything you Wanted to Know

                                    about Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic but Didn’t Know Who to


                                Weekender [San Antonio Express News], January 6, 1984

                                Austin Notes, July 1977 “Willie and Waylon Open the Austin Opry


Oversized Material, continued


Box     Folder


Newspapers and Magazines


                        Newspapers and Magazines Related to Willie Nelson, continued


                        Sunday, September 5, 1976 “A Visit with Willie Nelson’s Momma

                                    and Poppa”

                                Austin American Statesman insert: Austin Music: Progressive

                                    Country, July 14, 1974 (2 copies)


11       3          Clippings relating to Willie Nelson

11       4          Clippings relating to Music and Performers


12                   Music Magazines and Newspapers


                                AARP Modern Maturity, September/October, 2002

                                Austin Sun, Vol. 1, No. 14, November 14, 1975 [Death of Ken

                                    Featherston] (2 copies)

                                Austin Sun, Vol 1, No. 17, May 1, 1975 [Kinky Friedman on cover;

                                    Lone Star ad featuring Craig Hills on back cover]

                                Billboard, October 1, 1975

                                Billboard, December 20, 1980

                                Billboard, December 25, 1982

                                Billboard Spotlight: The First Century, 1877-1977

                                Buddy, February, 1975

                                Circus, August 31, 1978

                                Country Music, December 1975

                                Country Music, September 1981 [no cover]

                                Country Rambler, December 2, 1976

                                Country Song Roundup, December 1976

                                Entertainment Weekly, November, 1993

                                Hit Parade, April 1976

                                Iconoclast, February 21, 1975

                                Iconoclast, April 26, 1974

                                Iconoclast, November 14, 1975

                                Images, August 9, 1976

                                Pearl, March 1975

                                Pearl, October 1974 “Texas Beer Trilogy”

                                Rocky Mountain Music Express, May 1978 [Lone Star ad on back

                                    featuring Merle Haggard]

                                Texas Monthly, May 1973




Oversized Material, continued


Box     Folder


Newspapers and Magazines  


                        Music Magazines and Newspapers, continued


12                           Texas Monthly, February, 1982

                                Texas Monthly, May 2000

                                Texas Music, June 1976

                                Texas Sun, April 15, [1977] [Lone star ad on back: Travis County

                                    Waterways map]

                                Texas Sun, March 25, [1977]


13       1          Oversized photo of Willie Nelson’s TV Guide Cover portrait

                        2 framed photographs


                        Oversized Newspapers


13       2                 Newspapers relating to Willie Nelson

13       3                 Daily Texan newspapers

13       4                 Nashville Banner newspapers

13       5                 Tennessean newspapers

13       6                 Newspaper clippings relating to music


Framed Items


14       8 x 10 photograph of Kinky Friedman with cigar and Lone Star beer can.

                        Inscribed: “Reverend & Sally – God Love you folks. Thanks for bein’ an

                        American. Fondly, Kinky”

14       9 x 14 black and white photograph of a group with Lone Star beer bottles.

14       8 x 10 Willie Nelson Spirit [inscribed]

14       12 x 15 Willie Nelson collage: Framed newspaper photograph of Nelson. Taped to

                        the outside of the frame: Willie Nelson guitar pick, a sticker name tag from

                        the 1974 July 4th picnic, a 2013 Willie Nelson & Family wristband, and a

                        Record World clipping about Redheaded Stranger.

14       12 x 15 photograph of Willie Nelson on stage with Lone Star beer sign. Taped to

                        the outside of the frame: Willie Nelson & Family wristbands from 2010,

                        2011, and 2013

14       5 x 7 photograph of blond woman drinking from a plastic Lone Star beer cup.




Coasters & Drink Koozies




14       5 ceramic coasters with photographs of venues [Poodie’s Hilltop, Luckenback

                        P.O., The Continental Club, The Hole in the Wall, & Willie Way street sign],

                        circa 2013.


14       Foam drink koozie, “Compliments of Texas Hatters”  in remembrance of the first

                        annual second signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence.


Clothing and Accessories


15       One Knite Dive & Tavern T-shirt. White.

            One Knite, “The dive too tough to die” T-shirt. White.

            Willie Nelson: Roll Me up and Smoke Me. T-shirt. Yellow/Green.

            Willie Nelson Running Society T-shirt. White

            “Proud to be a Jew” The Kinky Experiment T-shirt

            Lone Star Texas Music Special: Longnecks Love Luckenbach T-shirt

            First Funseekers Fourth Frolic T-shirt. Purple

            Charlie Daniels band Volunteers short-sleeved Henley. White

            Willie Nelson & Family on the Road Again. Satin jacket with “Jerry” embroidered

                        on front. Black.

            Lone Star beer “Sidekick” embroidered satin jacket with “Jerry” on front. Orange.

            Funseekers satin jacket with “Jerry” on front. Red.

            Lone Star hat band from Texas Hatters. Leather [cracked]

            Leather belt with Lone Star belt buckle

            Willie Nelson bandana. Red. [2 versions]

            Willie bandana. Blue


16       Straw hat with Lone Star hat band and “Willie Nelson Family” badge pinned to it.

                        Crushed and with some tears.


17       Lone Star “Dude” hat (tan) by Master Hatters of Texas sold in Texas Monthly

                        magazine. Felt with leather Lone Star hatband

18       Light grey cowboy hat with Lone Star pin [Master Hatters?]

19       Grey felt hat with woven hat band belonging to Stan Retzloff


20       Black suede hat with braided band similar to one Willie Nelson wore. 

20       Blue Paia Maui [Nelson home in Hawaii] baseball cap inscribed “To Jerry Love

                        Willie Nelson, 2009”






Map                Proposed Revision to the Texas Declaration of Independence (6)

Dr. 25             Willie Nelson – Live Broadcast from the Troubadour

                        Third Annual Country Music Jamboree, May 1, 1976

                        Neil Young / Hawks & Doves

                        Neil Young / Comes a Time


Map                Lone Star: Schooner in a Long Neck [artwork by Jim Franklin] (2)

Dr. 25             Lone Star: Texas Gold [artwork by Jim Franklin]

                        Texas Gold [without the Lone Star ad text]

                        Lone Star: Long Live Long Necks [artwork by Jim Franklin]


Map                Elect Richard “Kinky” Friedman Justice of the Peace, Pct 1, May 3 1986

Dr. 25                     [inscribed, signed]

                        The final goodbye of the legendary One Knite, 2013

Oversized Framed Items


            “A Proposed Revision of the Texas Declaration of Independence” [signed], 24 x 34

            Oil painting of the signing of the Texas Deceleration of Independence

            Willie Nelson’s 8th annual Fourth of July Picnic, 18 x 28

            Photograph of Willie Nelson performing at Bull Creek, 1974, 16 x 20

            Charlie Daniels Band album cover [inscribed] and fiddle bow, 32 x 23

            “25 Years with a bullet” framed record in commemoration of the Retzloff’s 25th

                        anniversary, 17 x 21


Oversized Artifacts


            Silver metal case with bumper stickers

            Retzloff’s brown leather briefcase with bumper stickers

            Black trunk “Fragile: Sound Equipment

            “Jerry’s Den of Dis & Dat” wooden paddle






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