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Panther Hall Collection

A Guide to the Panther Hall Collection, 1963-1978

Collection 093
Descriptive Summary
Creator:                     Wayne Beckham
Title:                          The Panther Hall Collection
Dates:                         1963-1978
Abstract:                    Panther Hall was a concert hall located in Fort Worth, Texas and open from 1963-1978. The collection contains mostly photographs documenting the various artists that performed at the concert hall. Some of these musical artists include Waylon Jennings, Tanya Tucker, Tammy Wynette, Willie Nelson, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tony Douglas, Loretta Lynn, and Conway Twitty. In addition to the photographs, the collection also contains promotional materials, papers, and published materials.
Identification:           Collection 093
Extent:                       8 boxes (3 linear feet)
Language:                  English
Biographical Sketch/Historical Sketch
Brothers Corky and Bill Kuykendall opened the music venue, Panther Hall, in Fort Worth, Texas in 1963. The Hall quickly became a popular destination to hear country music on Saturday nights. Some of the artists that performed at Panther Hall include Bill Anderson, Tanya Tucker, Loretta Lynn, Jerry Lee Lewis, Hank Snow, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty and Fats Domino. Panther Hall also became the site for a local television network’s, KTVT, “Cowtown Jamboree”, which aired some of the Saturday night performances. Panther Hall closed in 1978.
Wayne Beckham was a photographer for Panther Hall. Beckham’s family donated the Panther Hall Collection to the Southwestern Writers Collection in the 1990s through the efforts of The Center for the Study of Texas Music. Beckham took many pictures, both on- and off- stage, of the performers that frequented the concert hall on Saturday nights. In addition to his participation at Panther Hall, Beckham also had other business interests within the country music industry. Beckham was a publisher for the Country Music Reporter, a magazine that contained stories and bios of many of the Panther Hall performers, as well as other country music artists. Beckham also owned Becko Printing and Way-Beck Talent, an agency that booked concerts for other venues in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.
Scope and Content Note
            The Panther Hall Collection spans 1963-1978 and documents Country and Western music in Fort Worth, Texas. The bulk of the collection is photographs with subjects including performances as well as on- and off-stage posed and candid shots. The collection is arranged into six series: Identified Photographs, Unidentified Photographs, Negatives, Promotional Materials, Papers, and Published Materials.
Series Description
Series I: Identified Photographs
Box 1 and 2
 This series is divided into 4x6 photographs and larger photographs. Within those categories the photographs are arranged alphabetically by the last name of one of the subjects within the photographs. However, there still remains a large number of people within the photographs that have not been identified. Some of the identified subjects include Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Hank Snow, Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Jimmy Dickens, Tony Douglas, and Willie Nelson.
Series II: Unidentified Photographs
Box 3 and 4
This series is also divided into 4x6 photographs and larger photographs. Within those categories, the photos are arranged by the type of subject (crowd shot, performance, etc.).
Series III: Negatives
Box 4-7
The negatives are arranged in no particular order. In addition, there has not been careful study of the negatives so they may include images which have not been printed and included in either series I or series II.
Series IV: Promotional Materials
Box 8
This series has been arranged by the type of promotional material: ephemera, artist promotional material, and country music promotional material. Some of the material includes photo books with biographies of Country and Western music artists as well as artist books about Charley Pride, George Jones, and others.
Series V: Papers
Box 8
This is a small series that contains a single letter from Merle Haggard to Wayne Beckham. In addition, a group of contracts from Way-Beck talent have been included in this series and are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the performer that was booked in the contract. Some of the contracts included are for artists like Johnny Rodriguez, Ernest Tubb, and Fats Domino.
Series VI: Published Material
Box 8
This series consists of a variety of published materials including country music newspapers and magazines. This material is arranged with the Country Music Reporter and Music City News first because they have the most issues, and arranged chronologically. The remaining published material, newspapers and magazines are arranged alphabetically.
Administrative Information
Access Restrictions
Open for research.
Preferred Citation
The Panther Hall Collection, Southwestern Writers Collection, Wittliff Collections, Texas State University-San Marcos
Acquisition Information
Donated by the Wayne Beckham Family, 1990s
Processing Information
Processed by Alexis Castro, 2009.
Notes to Researchers 
A sample of the Panther Hall photographs are available online at
Detailed Description of the Collection
Series I: Identified Photographs
Box                 Folder
1                      1          A
                                    0001    Anderson, Bill; unidentified
0002    Anderson, Bill
0003    Anderson, Bill
0004    Anderson, Bill
0005    Anderson, Bill; unidentified
0006    Anderson, Bill; unidentified
0007    Anderson, Bill; Howard, Jan
                                    0008    Anderson, Bill; Howard, Jan
1                      2          B
            0009    Beckham, Wayne
0010    Beckham, Wayne
0011    Becko Print Shop
0012    Bell, O.P.; Lowe, Les
0013    Bell, O.P.; Lowe, Les
0014    Bowser, Donnie
0015    Bowser, Donnie
0016    Bowser, Donnie; Mack, Bill; The Shrimpers
0017    Bowser, Donnie; The Shrimpers
0018    Bowser, Donnie; The Shrimpers
0019    Bowser, Donnie; Stewart, Wynn
0020    Bowser, Donnie; Douglas, Tony; The Shrimpers
0021    Bowser, Donnie; Douglas, Tony; The Shrimpers
0022    Bowser, Donnie
0023    Boxcar Willie
0023a  Bozo (Darnell)
0024    Burke, Frenchie
0025    Burke, Frenchie; Bandelaros
0026    Burns, Eddie; Snow, Hank; unidentified
0027    Burns, Eddie
0028    Burns, Eddie
0029    Burns, Eddie
0030    Burns, Eddie
0031    Burns, Eddie; Rustler Rest Gang
0032    Burns, Eddie
0033    Burns, Eddie
Box                 Folder
1                      2          B
                                    0034    Burns, Eddie
            0035    Burns, Eddie
0036    Burns, Lynda
0037    Burns, Lynda 
0038    Bush, Johnny; Smith, Connie; Mack, Bill
0039    Bush, Johnny; Smith, Connie; Mack, Bill
0040    Bush, Johnny; Burke, Frenchie
0041    Bush, Johnny; Burke, Frenchie
0042    Bush, Johnny; Burke, Frenchie
0042a  Bush, Johnny
0043    Bush, Johnny
0044    Bush, Johnny; unidentified
0045    Bush, Johnny; Burke, Frenchie
0046    Bush, Johnny
0047    Bush, Johnny; English, Paul
0048    Bush, Johnny
1                      3          C
                                    0049    Campbell, Archie; Garbell, Bo; Mrs. Garbell
                                    0050    Canon, Ace
                                    0051    Canon, Ace
                                    0052    Canon, Ace; Howard, Wayne
                                    0053    Canon, Ace
                                    0054    Canon, Ace
                                    0055    Cargill, Henson; unidentified
                                    0056    Cargill, Henson; Rustler Rest Gang
                                    0057    Cargill, Henson; Rustler Rest Gang
                                    0058    Cargill, Henson
                                    0059    Chaney, Ray
                                    0060    Chaney, Ray
                                    0061    Chaney, Ray
                                    0062    Chaney, Ray
0063    Chaney, Ray; personnel for session at Mercury studios in               Nashville, TN (1972)
                                    0064    Chaney, Ray; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0065    Chaney, Ray
                                    0066    Chaney, Ray; Allsap, Tommy
                                    0067    Chaney, Ray; Allsap, Tommy
                                    0068    Church, Beverly; unidentified
                                    0069    Church, Beverly
                                    0070    Chambers, George; Snow, Hank
Box                 Folder
1                      3          C
0071    Clark, Roy
                                    0072    Clark, Roy
                                    0073    Clark, Roy
                                    0074    Clark, Roy
                                    0075    Clark, Roy
                                    0076    Clark, Roy; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0077    Clark, Roy; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0078    Conklin, Wanda
                                    0079    Conklin, Wanda
                                    0080    Conklin, Wanda
                                    0081    Couch, Drue
                                    0082    Craddock, Billy “Crash”
                                    0083    Craddock, Billy “Crash”
1                      4          D
                                    0084    Deb’s
                                    0085    Dickens, Jimmy; unidentified
                                    0086    Dickens, Jimmy; unidentified
                                    0087    Dickens, Jimmy; Mack, Bill
                                    0088    Dickens, Jimmy
                                    0089    Dickens, Jimmy; Mack, Bill
                                    0090    Dickens, Jimmy
                                    0091    Dickens, Jimmy; Lewis, Bobby; Beckham, Wayne
                                    0092    Dillingham, Craig
                                    0093    Dillingham, Craig; unidentified
                                    0094    Dillingham, Craig; unidentified
                                    0095    Dillingham, Craig; unidentified
                                    0096    Dillingham, Craig
                                    0097    Dillingham, Craig
                                    0098    Dillingham, Craig
                                    0099    Dillingham, Craig; Mack, Bill
                                    0100    Dillingham Sisters
                                    0101    Dillingham Sisters
                                    0102    Dillingham Sisters; Wood, Deb
                                    0103    Domino, Fats 
                                    0104    Domino, Fats
                                    0105    Douglas, Tony
                                    0106    Douglas, Tony
                                    0107    Douglas, Tony
                                    0108    Douglas, Tony; The Shrimpers
                                    0109    Douglas, Tony
Box                 Folder
1                      4          D
                                    0110    Douglas, Tony
                                    0111    Douglas, Tony; Riley, Jeannie C; Jennings, Chuck
                                    0112    Douglas, Tony; Riley, Jeannie C; Jennings, Chuck
                                    0113    Douglas, Tony; Church, Beverly
                                    0114    Douglas, Tony; unidentified
                                    0115    Douglas, Tony; Garbell, Bo
0116    Douglas, Tony; unidentified; Luman, Bob; Newton, Jim; unidentified
0117    Douglas, Tony; unidentified; Luman, Bob; Newton, Shooter; unidentified
0118    Douglas, Tony; unidentified; Luman, Bob; Newton, Shooter; unidentified
0119    Dudley, Dave
0120    Dudley, Dave
0121    Dudley, Dave; unidentified; unidentified
0122    Dudley, Dave; Mack, Bill
                                    0123    Dyke, Leroy Van
                                    0124    Dyke, Leroy Van
                                    0125    Dyke, Leroy Van
1                      5          E
                                    0126    Edwards, Buck
1                      6          F
                                    0127    Farley, Dave
                                    0128    Farley, Dave
                                    0129    Farley, Dave
                                    0130    Farley, Dave
                                    0131    Farley, Dave
                                    0132    Franks, Tillman; Houston, David
                                    0132a  Franks, Tillman; Houston, David
1                      7          G
                                    0133    Garbell, Bo; unidentified
                                    0134    Garbell, Bo; unidentified
                                    0135    Garbell, Bo
                                    0136    Gibson, Don
                                    0137    Glaser, Tompall
                                    0138    Gray, Billy
Box                 Folder
1                      7          G
                                    0139    Gray, Billy
                                    0140    Gray, Billy
                                    0141    Gray, Billy
                                    0142    Gunter, Jack; Bean, Gary; Bozo (Darnell)
                                    0143    Gunter, Jack; Bean, Gary; Bozo (Darnell)
1                      8          H
                                    0144    Haggard, Merle
                                    0145    Haggard, Merle
                                    0146    Haggard, Merle
                                    0147    Haggard, Merle
                                    0148    Haggard, Merle
                                    0149    Haggard, Merle; Church, Beverly; Gray, Billy
                                    0150    Haggard, Merle
                                    0151    Haggard, Merle; Owen, Bonnie
                                    0152    Hall, Tom
                                    0153    Harmon, Lee
                                    0154    Harmon, Lee
                                    0155    Harmon, Lee
                                    0156    Harmon, Lee
                                    0157    Harmon, Lee
                                    0158    Harmon, Lee
                                    0159    Harmon, Lee; Mack, Bill
                                    0160    Hart, Freddie
                                    0161    Hart, Freddie
                                    0162    Heap, Jimmy
                                    0163    Heap, Jimmy
                                    0164    Heap, Jimmy; Idaho, Ken
                                    0165    Heap, Jimmy
                                    0166    Hicks, Joe; unidentified; Powell, Bo
                                    0167    Hill, Tommy; Gibson, Joe; Cooper III, George; Reeves, Ray
                                    0168    Houston, David; Tabuchi, Shoji
                                    0169    Houston, David; Tabuchi, Shoji
                                    0170    Houston, David; Franks, Tillman; Logan, Horace
                                    0171    Houston, David
                                    0172    Houston, David
                                    0173    Houston, David
                                    0174    Houston, David
                                    0175    Howard, Jan
                                    0176    Howard, Jan
                                    0177    Howard, Jan; unidentified
Box                 Folder
1                      8          H
0178    Howard, Jan; unidentified; Anderson, Bill; unidentified
                                    0179    Hoyer, Mike
                                    0180    Husky, Ferlin; Stack, Billy
                                    0181    Husky, Ferlin; Stack, Billy
                                    0182    Husky, Ferlin
1                      9          I
                                    0183    Idaho, Ken; Heap, Jimmy
                                    0184    Idaho, Ken; Heap, Jimmy
                                    0185    Idaho, Ken
                                    0186    Idaho, Ken; unidentified; Garbell, Bo
                                    0187    Idaho, Ken; unidentified; Garbell, Bo
1                      10        J
                                    0188    Jackson, Wanda
                                    0189    Jackson, Wanda
                                    0190    Jackson, Wanda
                                    0191    Jackson, Wanda
                                    0192    Jackson, Travis; Lewis, Bobby; unidentified
                                    0193    Jennings, Waylon       
                                    0194    Jennings, Waylon; Mack, Bill
                                    0195    Jennings, Waylon; Mack, Bill
                                    0196    Jennings, Waylon
                                    0197    Jennings, Waylon
                                    0198    Jennings, Waylon
                                    0199    Jennings, Waylon
                                    0200    Jennings, Waylon; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0201    Jennings, Waylon; Powell, Bo; Garbell, Bo
                                    0202    Jennings, Waylon; unidentified; Garbell, Bo
                                    0203    Jennings, Waylon; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0204    Jennings, Waylon; Garbell, Bo; Mack, Bill
                                    0205    Jennings, Waylon
                                    0206    Jennings, Waylon
                                    0207    Jennings, Waylon; unidentified; Charlie Pride
                                    0208    Jennings, Waylon; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0209    Jennings, Waylon; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0210    Jennings, Waylon; unidentified
                                    0211    Jennings, Waylon; Garbell, Bo
                                    0212    Jennings, Waylon; unidentified
                                    0213    Jennings, Waylon; Mack, Bill
Box                 Folder
1                      10        J
0214    Jennings, Waylon
0215    Jolley, Mickey and the Jacks (unidentified drummer); unidentified; unidentified
0216    Jolley, Mickey and the Jacks (unidentified drummer); unidentified; unidentified
                                    0217    Jolley, Mickey and the Jacks
                                    0218    Jones, George
                                    0219    Jones, George; Wynette, Tammy
                                    0220    Jones, George; Wynette, Tammy
                                    0221    Jones, George; Wynette, Tammy
                                    0222    Jones, George
1                      11        K
                                    0223    Kershaw, Doug          
                                    0224    Kershaw, Doug          
                                    0225    Kershaw, Doug
                                    0226    Kershaw, Doug; Powell, Bo
                                    0227    Kershaw, Doug; Powell, Bo
                                    0228    Kershaw, Doug; unidentified; Beckham, Gloria; Beckham, Wayne
                                    0229    Kilgore, Merle
                                    0230    KTVT Engineer
0231    Kuykendall, Corky; unidentified; Lewis, Jerry Lee; unidentified; Kristofferson, Kris
0232    Kuykendall, Corky; Kristofferson, Kris; unidentified; Lewis, Jerry Lee
                                    0233    Kuykendall, Corky
                                    0234    Kuykendall, Corky
                                    0235    Kuykendall, Corky
                                    0236    Kuykendall, Corky
                                    0237    Kuykendall, Corky
                                    0238    Kuykendall, Corky; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0239    Kuykendall, Corky; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0240    Kuykendall, Corky; Church, Beverly; Kuykendall, Bill
1                      12        L
0241    Lane, Jerry Wax; Conklin, Wanda; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified
0242    Legendary Stardust Cowboy
0243    Lewis, Bobby
0244    Lewis, Bobby
Box                 Folder
1                      12        L
0245    Lewis, Bobby
0246    Lewis, Bobby
0247    Lewis, Bobby
0248    Lewis, Bobby
0249    Lewis, Bobby; Jackson, Stonewall
0250    Lewis, Bobby; unidentified
0251    Lewis, Jerry Lee; Gayle, Linda
0252    Lewis, Jerry Lee
0253    Lewis, Jerry Lee
0254    Lewis, Jerry Lee; unidentified
0255    Lewis, Jerry Lee; Williams, George; DJ KBOY; Powell, Bo
0256    Lewis, Jerry Lee, Williams, George; DJ KBOY; Powell, Bo
0257    Lewis, Jerry Lee
0258    Lewis, Jerry Lee; Beckham, William Charles
0259    Lewis, Jerry Lee; unidentified
0260    Lewis, Jerry Lee; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0261    Lewis, Jerry Lee; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0262    Lewis, Jerry Lee; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified;                                                                 unidentified
                                    0263    Lewis, Jerry Lee; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0264    Lewis, Jerry Lee; unidentified
                                    0265    Lewis, Jerry Lee
                                    0266    Longhorn Ballroom
                                    0267    Louvin, Charlie
                                    0268    Lowe, Les
                                    0269    Lowe, Les; unidentified
                                    0270    Lowe, Les; unidentified
                                    0271    Lowe, Les
                                    0272    Luman, Bob
                                    0273    Luman, Bob
                                    0274    Luman, Bob; Beckham, Wayne; Beckham, Gloria
                                    0275    Luman, Bob; Beckham, Gloria
                                    0276    Luman, Bob; Garbell, Bo; Mrs. Garbell                                                                                 0277    Luman, Bob; Garbell, Bo; Mrs. Garbell
                                    0278    Lynn, Loretta; Gayle, Crystal
                                    0279    Lynn, Loretta
                                    0280    Lynn, Loretta
                                    0281    Lynn, Loretta; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified
1                      13        M
                                    0282    Mack, Bill; unidentified
Box                 Folder
1                      13        M
                                    0283    Mack, Bill; Church, Beverly; Gray, Bill
                                    0284    Mack, Bill
                                    0285    Mack, Bill
                                    0286    Mack, Bill
                                    0287    Mack, Bill; Lynn, Loretta; unidentified
                                    0288    Mack, Bill
                                    0289    Mack, Bill; Church, Beverly; Gray, Billy
                                    0290    Mack, Bill
                                    0291    Mack, Bill; unidentified
                                    0292    Mack, Bill; unidentified; Conklin, Wanda; Chaney, Ray
                                    0293    Mack, Bill; unidentified; Conklin, Wanda; Chaney, Ray
                                    0294    Mack, Bill; unidentified; Conklin, Wanda; Chaney, Ray
                                    0295    Mack, Bill; Stack, Billy
                                    0296    Mack, Bill
                                    0297    Mack, Bill; unidentified
                                    0298    Mack, Bill; Young, Faron
                                    0299    Mack, Bill; Luman, Bob
                                    0300    Mack, Bill; Smith, Connie; Bush, Johnny
                                    0301    Mack, Bill; Smith, Connie; Bush, Johnny
                                    0302    Mandrell, Louise; Mandrell, Barbara
                                    0303    Mandrell, Louise; Mandrell, Barbara
                                    0304    McAuliffe, Leon
                                    0305    McAuliffe, Leon
                                    0306    McAuliffe, Leon
                                    0307    McAuliffe, Leon
                                    0308    McAuliffe, Leon
                                    0309    McAuliffe, Leon
                                    0310    Mercury Studios in Nashville, TN
                                    0311    Mercury Studios in Nashville, TN
1                      14        N
                                    0312    Nelms, Ol; Wood, Deb
                                    0313    Nelson, Guy  
                                    0314    Nelson, Guy
                                    0315    Nelson, Guy
                                    0316    Nelson, Guy
                                    0317    Nelson, Guy; Delville, Count; Payne, Jody; Ray, Ronnie
                                    0318    Nelson, Guy; Twitty, Conway; Pickett, Wes
                                    0319    Nelson, Guy; Twitty, Conway; Pickett, Wes
                                    0320    Nelson, Guy; Pickett, Wes; Payne, Jody; Ray, Ronnie
                                    0321    Nelson, Willie Picnic
Box                 Folder
1                      14        N
0322    Nelson, Willie Picnic
                                    0323    Nelson, Willie
                                    0324    Nelson, Willie
                                    0325    Nelson, Willie; Mack, Bill
                                    0326    Nelson, Willie
                                    0327    Nelson, Willie
                                    0328    Nelson, Willie
                                    0329    Nelson, Willie
                                    0330    Nelson, Willie; unidentified
                                    0331    Nelson, Willie; unidentified
                                    0332    Nelson, Willie; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0333    Nelson, Willie; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0334    Nelson, Willie; unidentified; unidentified band member
                                    0335    Nelson, Willie; Church, Beverly; Gray, Billy
                                    0336    Nelson, Willie; Church, Beverly; Gray, Billy
                                    0337    Nelson, Willie; unidentified
                                    0338    Nelson, Willie; unidentified
                                    0339    Nelson, Willie; Beckham, Steve; Beckham, Karen
                                    0340    Nelson, Willie; unidentified
                                    0341    Nichols, Joe Paul; Five Pennies
                                    0342    Nichols, Joe Paul
                                    0343    Nichols, Joe Paul
                                    0344    Nichols, Joe Paul
                                    0345    Nilavo
1                      15        P
                                    0346    Panther Hall
                                    0347    Panther Hall
                                    0348    Panther Hall
                                    0349    Panther Hall
                                    0350    Panther Hall
                                    0351    Panther Hall
                                    0352    Panther Hall
                                    0353    Panther Hall
                                    0354    Panther Hall Office Staff; Kuykendall, Corky
                                    0355    Panther Hall Security
                                    0356    Panther Hall Security
                                    0357    Panther Hall Ticket Booth
                                    0358    Payne, Jody; Hick, Devall; Smith, Kenny
                                    0359    Pierce, Webb; Jackson, Donna
                                    0360    Pierce, Webb
Box                 Folder
1                      15        P
                                    0361    Pierce, Webb
                                    0362    Plowman, Linda
                                    0363    Plowman, Linda
                                    0364    Plowman, Linda
                                    0365    Plowman, Linda; unidentified
                                    0366    Poovey, Joe
                                    0367    Poovey, Joe
                                    0368    Porter, Curtis
                                    0369    Powell, Bo; Twerp, Icky; Farley, Dave
                                    0370    Powell, Bo; Twerp, Icky
                                    0371    Powell, Bo; Twerp, Icky
                                    0372    Powell, Bo; Lewis, Bobby
                                    0373    Powell, Bo
                                    0374    Powell, Bo
                                    0375    Powell, Bo
                                    0376    Price, Kenny
                                    0377    Price, Kenny
                                    0378    Price, Ray
                                    0379    Price, Ray
                                    0380    Price, Ray
                                    0381    Price, Ray
                                    0382    Price, Ray
                                    0383    Price, Ray
                                    0384    Price, Ray
                                    0385    Price, Ray
                                    0386    Price, Ray
                                    0387    Price, Ray
                                    0388    Price, Ray
                                    0389    Price, Ray
                                    0390    Price, Ray
                                    0391    Price, Ray
                                    0392    Price, Ray
                                    0393    Price, Ray; unidentified
                                    0394    Price, Ray; Starnes, Bill
                                    0395    Price, Ray; Starnes, Bill
                                    0396    Pride, Charley
                                    0397    Pride, Charley
                                    0398    Pride, Charley
                                    0399    Pride, Charley
                                    0400    Pride, Charley
                                    0401    Pride, Charley
Box                 Folder
1                      15        P
0402    Pride, Charley; Pride, Kraig; Pride, Dion; Pride, Angela; Jennings, Waylon
0403    Pride, Charley; Pride, Kraig; Pride, Dion; Pride, Angela; Jennings, Waylon
0404    Pride, Charley
0405    Pride, Charley
0406    Pride, Charley
0407    Pride, Charley; Mack, Bill; Deaton, Billy
0408    Pride, Charley; Mack, Bill; Deaton, Billy
0409    Pride, Charley
0410    Pride, Charley
0411    Pride’s, Charley family
1                      16        R
0412    Rabel, Buddy; Gensel, Bobbie; McDuff, Donnie; Craig, Eddie; McDuff, Cathy
0413    Rausch, Leon
0414    Ray, Susan; Buck Owen Band
0415    Ray, Susan; Buck Owen Band
0416    Revell, Reggie
0417    Rich, Charlie
0418    Rich, Charlie
0419    Rich, Charlie
0420    Rich, Charlie
0421    Rich, Charlie
0422    Riley, Jeannie C
0423    Riley, Jeannie C; Powell, Bo
0424    Ritter, Tex
0425    Ritter, Tex
0426    Ritter, Tex; unidentified; Kuykendall, Corky
0427    Ritter, Tex      
0428    Ritter, Tex; unidentified; Kuykendall, Corky
0429    Ritter, Tex; unidentified; Kuykendall, Corky
0430    Ritter, Tex; unidentified; Kuykendall, Corky
0431    Ritz
0432    Robbins, Marty
0433    Robbins, Marty
0434    Robbins, Marty
0435    Robbins, Marty; unidentified
0436    Rodriguez, Johnny
0437    Rodriguez, Johnny
Box                 Folder
1                      16        R
0438    Rodriguez, Johnny
0439    Rodriguez, Johnny
0440    Rodriguez, Johnny; unidentified
0441    Rodriguez, Johnny
0442    Rodriguez, Johnny; unidentified; unidentified
0443    Rodriguez, Johnny; Thompson, Don
0444    Russell, Johnny
0445    Rustler Rest Gang
0446    Ryles, John Wesley; Wood, Deb
0447    Ryles, John Wesley; Wood, Deb
0448    Ryles, John Wesley; Wood, Deb
1                      17        S
                                    0449    Sample, Jr.
                                    0450    Sample, Jr.; Campbell, Archie
                                    0451    Sample, Jr.; Campbell, Archie; Potter, Curtis
                                    0452    Sample, Jr.
                                    0453    Shamarie Club
                                    0454    Shamarie Club
                                    0455    Sikes, Bobby
                                    0456    Sikes, Bobby
                                    0457    Silver Saddle; Mack, Bill
                                    0458    Smith, Carl
                                    0459    Smith, Don; Church, Beverly; Gray, Billy
                                    0460    Smith, Sammie; Hicks, Darrell; Payne, Jody
                                    0461    Smith, Sammie
                                    0462    Smith, Sammie
                                    0463    Smith, Sammie
                                    0464    Snow, Hank
                                    0465    Snow, Hank
                                    0466    Snow, Hank
                                    0467    Snow, Hank; Mack, Bill
                                    0468    Snow, Hank
                                    0469    Stack, Billy
                                    0470    Stack, Billy
                                    0471    Stack, Billy
                                    0472    Stack, Billy
                                    0473    Stack, Billy
                                    0474    Stage Coach
                                    0475    Stage Coach Picnic
                                    0476    Steagall, Red
Box                 Folder
1                      17        S
0477    Steagall, Red
                                    0478    Steagall, Red
                                    0479    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0480    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0481    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0482    Stewart, Wynn; Payne, Jody; Hicks, Darrell; Smith, Kenny
                                    0483    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0484    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0485    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0486    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0487    Stewart, Wynn; Dillingham, Craig
                                    0488    Stewart, Wynn; Dillingham, Craig
                                    0489    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0490    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0491    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0492    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0493    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0494    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0495    Stewart, Wynn; Lowe, Les; unidentified
                                    0496    Stewart, Wynn; Lowe, Les; unidentified
0497    Stewart, Wynn; unidentified
0498    Stewart, Wynn; unidentified
0499    Stewart, Wynn
0500    Stewart, Wynn
0501    Stewart, Wynn; unidentified
0502    Stewart, Wynn; Garbell, Bo
                                    0503    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0504    Stewart, Wynn
                                    0505    Stewart, Wynn; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0506    Stewart, Wynn; unidentified
                                    0507    Stonemans, The
                                    0508    Stonemans, The                     
0509    Stonemans, The
0510    Stonemans, The
0511    Strange, Tommy
0512    Sue, Peggy
1                      18        T
                                    0513    Thompson, Hank
                                    0514    Thompson, Hank
                                    0515    Thompson, Hank
Box                 Folder
1                      18        T
                                    0516    Thompson, Hank
                                    0517    Thompson, Hank; Garbell, Bo
                                    0518    Thompson, Hank; Bowser, Donnie
                                    0519    Thompson, Hank; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0520    Thompson, Hank; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0521    Thompson, Hank; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0522    Thompson, Hank; unidentified
                                    0523    Thompson, Hank; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0524    Tubb, Ernest
                                    0525    Tubb, Ernest
                                    0526    Tubb, Ernest
                                    0527    Tubb, Ernest; Mack, Bill
                                    0528    Tubb, Ernest
                                    0529    Tubb, Ernest; Lynn, Loretta; Mack, Bill
                                    0530    Tubb, Ernest; Lynn, Loretta; Mack, Bill
                                    0531    Tubb, Ernest; Lynn, Loretta; Mack, Bill
                                    0532    Tubb, Ernest; Lowe, Les
                                    0533    Tubb, Ernest; Lowe, Less
                                    0534    Tubb, Ernest; Lowe, Les; Thompson, Don
                                    0535    Tubb, Ernest; Lowe, Les; Lowe, Glenda
                                    0536    Tubb, Ernest, Lowe, Les; Lowe, Glenda
                                    0537    Tubb, Ernest
                                    0538    Tucker, Tanya
                                    0539    Tucker, Tanya
                                    0540    Tucker, Tanya; Harper, Cliff
                                    0541    Tucker, Tanya
                                    0542    Twerp, Icky
                                    0543    Twitty, Conway; Mack, Bill
                                    0544    Twitty, Conway
                                    0545    Twitty, Conway
                                    0546    Twitty, Conway; Mack, Bill
                                    0547    Twitty, Conway
                                    0548    Twitty, Conway; Mack, Bill
                                    0549    Twitty, Conway
                                    0550    Twitty, Conway
                                    0551    Twitty, Conway
                                    0552    Twitty, Conway
                                    0553    Twitty, Conway; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0554    Twitty, Conway; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0555    Twitty, Conway; Nelson, Guy; Bradeson, Joe; Mrs. Bradeson
                                    0556    Twitty, Conway; Nelson, Guy; Bradeson, Joe; Mrs. Bradeson
                                    0557    Twitty, Conway
Box                 Folder
1                      18        T
0558    Twitty, Conway; Pickett, Wes; Nelson, Guy
                                    0559    Twitty, Conway; Beckham, Gloria
                                    0560    Twitty, Conway; unidentified
                                    0561    Twitty, Conway; unidentified
                                    0562    Twitty, Conway; Garbell, Bo; Pickett, Wes
                                    0563    Twitty, Conway; unidentified; unidentified
1                      19        W
                                    0564    WBAP Station
                                    0565    We Three Country; Harmon, Lee
                                    0566    We Three Country
                                    0567    We Three Country; Garbell, Bo
                                    0568    We Three Country; unidentified
                                    0569    We Three Country; unidentified
                                    0570    We Three Country
                                    0571    We Three Country; unidentified
                                    0572    Wilburn, Doyle
                                    0573    Williams Jr., Hank
                                    0574    Williams Jr., Hank
                                    0575    Williams Jr., Hank; Bowser, Donnie; unidentified
                                    0576    Williams Jr., Hank; unidentified; unidentified
                                    0577    Williams Jr., Hank; unidentified
                                    0578    Williams Jr., Hank; unidentified
                                    0579    Williams Jr., Hank; unidentified
                                    0580    Williams Jr., Hank; Diamond, Jan; Kilgore, Merle
                                    0581    Williams Jr., Hank; unidentified; Kilgore, Merle
                                    0582    Williams Jr., Hank; unidentified; unidentified; Kilgore, Merle
                                    0583    Willie, Boxcar
                                    0584    Wills, Bob
                                    0585    Wills, Bob
                                    0586    Wills, Chill
                                    0587    Wills, Chill
                                    0588    Wills, Chill
                                    0589    Wills, Chill
                                    0590    Wills, Chill
                                    0591    Wills, Chill; Beckham, Gloria; unidentified
                                    0592    Wills, Johnnie Lee
                                    0593    Woods, Cousin Bob
                                    0594    Wood Show, Bob; Parish Sisters
                                    0595    Wynette, Tammy
                                    0596    Wynette, Tammy; unidentified; unidentified
Box                 Folder
1                      20        V
                                    0597    Vaughn, Carl
                                    0598    Vaughn’s, Carl Birthday Party at Deb’s Danceland
1                      21        Y
                                    0599    Young, Faron
                                    0600    Young, Faron
                                    0601    Young, Faron
                                    0602    Young, Faron; Mack, Bill; unidentified
                                    0603    Young, Faron; Garbell, Bo
2                      1          Large Photographs A-L
            0604    Al; Al Jr.; Skeeter
0605    Alabama
0606    Alabama
0607    Alan, Buddy
0608    Allison, Joe; unidentified; unidentified
0609    Bare, Bobby
0610    Burke, “Fiddlin’” Frenchie
0611    Craddock, Billy “Crash”
0612    Dallas, Johnny
0613    Dallas, Johnny
0614    Domino, Fats
0615    Domino, Fats
0616    Gill, Vince; Parton, Dolly
0617    Gilley, Mickey
0618    Haggard, Merle
0619    Haggard, Merle
0620    Hall, Tom; Rodriguez, Johnny
0621    Ivey, Paul
0622    Jennings, Waylon; Steagall, Red
0623    Johnson, Squirrelly
0624    Jones, George
0625    Luman, Bob
2                      2          Large Photographs M-W
                                    0626    Mitchell, Billy
                                    0627    Nichols, Joe Paul; Tubb, Ernest
                                    0628    Nichols, Joe Paul
Box                 Folder
2                      2          Large Photographs M-W
                                    0629    Nichols, Joe Paul
                                    0630    Presley, Elvis
                                    0631    Reeves, Jim
                                    0632    Smith, Cal
                                    0633    Smith, Margo
                                    0634    Spears, Billie Jo
                                    0635    Tim, Tiny
                                    0636    Tubb, Ernest
                                    0637    Tubb, Ernest
                                    0638    Tucker, Tanya
                                    0639    Tucker, Tanya
                                    0640    Velveteens
                                    0641    Wharton, Pee Wee
                                    0642    White, Bill
                                    0643    White, Bill
                                    0644    White, Bill Buried Alive Show
                                    0645    White, Bill Buried Alive Show
                                    0646    White, Bill Buried Alive Show
                                    0647    White, Bill
                                    0648    White, Bill Buried Alive Show
                                    0649    White, Bill; Kuykendall, Bill
                                    0650    White, Bill Buried Alive Show
                                    0651    White, Bill Buried Alive Show
                                    0652    Williams, Don
                                    0653    Wills, Bob
Series II: Unidentified Photographs
Box                 Folder
3                      1          Large Photographs Performers
3                      2          Large Photographs Various Venues and Locations
3                      3          Large Photographs Individual Shots
Box                 Folder
4                      1          Construction
4                      2          Groups Shots on Stage
4                      3          Group Shots
4                      4          Crowd Shots
4                      5          Individual Shots
4                      6          Studio Shots
4                      7          Unknown Venue Performers
4                      8          Panther Hall Performers
Series III: Negatives
Box                 Folder
4                      9          395 Negatives
5                                  5 Slides
                                    276 Negatives
6                                  385 Negatives
7                                  60 Negatives
Series IV: Promotional Material
Box                 Folder
8                      1          Ephemera
Press Button for the 8th Annual Acadmeny of Country & Western Music
Panther Hall Post Card
Country Music Reporter Rate Card
Longhorn Ballroom Brochure
Longhorn Ballroom Brochure
Buddy-Miller Starlite-Jo’s Brochure
Buddy-Miller Starlite-Jo’s Brochure
8                      2          Clippings
                                    Cowboy Copas
                                    Hawkshaw Hawkins
                                    Stringbean, Carl & Pearl Butler, and Tex Ritter
                                    Uncle Dave Macon and his son, Dorris
                                    Tanya Tucker and Johnny Rodriguez
                                    Cousin Jody, Roy Acuff, and unidentified musicians
Academy of Country and Western Music Award presentations with Red Steagal, Corky Kuykendall, Bill Mack, Cindy Mack, Gloria Beckham, Wayne Beckham (wearing press button), Les Lowe, and Linda Lowe
Bob Luman
                                    Wayne Beckham and Gloria Beckham at the White House
                                    Lester Flatt and Earl Scuggs
Judge Hay
Cousin Jody
Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper
George Morgan
Tex Ritter
Bob Luman
Unidentified musicians
Unidentified musician
Country Music Reporter clippings including Panther Hall clipping
8                      3          Artist Promotional Materials and Artist Programs
                                    Merle Haggard promotional brochure
Box                 Folder
8                      3          Artist Promotional Materials and Artist Programs
                                    George Jones promotional book
                                    Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic 1974 program
D.J. Fontana Remembers Elvis promotional book
Charley Pride promotional book
Charley Pride promotional book
Charley Pride promotional book
Ronnie Milsap promotional book
8                      4          Country Music Picture Books
                                    The Best of Country Music book
                                    Grand Ole Opry History Picture Book
                                    Pictorial History of Country Music, vol 1
Series V: Papers
Box                 Folder
8                      5          Letters and Contracts
                                    Letter to Wayne Beckham from Merle Haggard
Waybeck Talent Contract for Fats Domino performance
Waybeck Talent Contract for Ronnie Milsap performance
Waybeck Talent Contract for J Rodriguez and Tanya Tucker performance
Waybeck Talent Contract for J Rodriguez and Tanya Tucker performance
Waybeck Talent Contract for Wynn Stewart performance
Waybeck Talent Contract for Ernest Tubb performance
Waybeck Talent Contract for Ernest Tubb performance
Series VI: Published Material
Box                 Folder
8                      6          Country Music Reporter,June 1970-Feb. 1972
                                    Country Music Reporter, June 1970
                                    Country Music Reporter, June 1970
                                    Country Music Reporter, July 1970
                                    Country Music Reporter, Aug.-Sept. 1970
                                    Country Music Reporter, Aug.-Sept. 1970
                                    Country Music Reporter, October 1970
                                    Country Music Reporter, July 1971
Box                 Folder
8                      6          Country Music Reporter, June 1970-Feb. 1972
                                    Country Music Reporter, February 1972
8                      7          Country Music Reporter, Jan. 1973- Feb. 1974
                                    Country Music Reporter, January 1973
                                    Country Music Reporter, March 1973
                                    Country Music Reporter, May 1973
                                    Country Music Reporter, July 1973
                                    Country Music Reporter, July 1973
                                    Country Music Reporter, July 1973
                                    Country Music Reporter, October 1973
                                    Country Music Reporter, February 1974
8                      8          Music City News, October 1973
                        Music City News, vol. XI, No. 4, October 1973
                        Music City News, October 1973 (volume and number unknown)
                        Music City News, October 1973 (volume and number unknown)
8                      9          Music City News, March 1974 and May 1974
                                    Music City News, vol. XI, No. 9, March 1974
                                    Music City News, vol. XI, No. 11, May 1974
8                      10        Various Newspapers and Magazines
                                    American Country, April 1984
                                    California Music Scene, vol. XVI, No. VIII, Aug.-Sept.
                                    Country Corner, December 1972
                                    Kountry Korral Magazine, April 1973
Drawer 1                    “Texas Music Review.” Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton, Brownwood
Coliseum, January 25, 1977. Broadside. 11 x 17.
                                    Enlarged photograph. Richard Nixon on stage greeting musicians.
                                    Oversize negative.