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Dian Malouf

A Preliminary Guide to the Dian Malouf Archive

Accession 2015-024

Drafts, photographs, interviews for the Dian Malouf archive. This collection includes drafts in various stages and photographs related to Malouf’s two books, Seldom Heard and Cattle Kings. This collection also contains the numerous audiocassettes of interviews and corresponding transcripts used to develop the two books.  


BOX 1956 (1 of 14)


“Seldom Heard” Continued

1956/1: Seldom Heard—“Photographs Used for Introduction, Bibliography, Biography,    and a PR Packet for Cattle Kings of Texas”

1956/2: Seldom Heard—Armstrong, Edith + Ernest—Near Hebbronville, Plus        Audiocassette

1956/3: Seldom Heard—“Benevides, Memo” Plus Audiocassettes

1956/4: Seldom Heard—“Bruni, Robert”

1956/5: Seldom Heard—“Fulbright, Jack” Plus Audiocassettes

1956/6: Seldom Heard—“Gruy, Viggo” Plus Audiocassette—“Viggo Gruy and Martin        De Leon Cattle Kings of Texas”

1956/7: Seldom Heard—“Regan, Bob” Plus Audiocassette—“Regan/R. J. Red Nunnley”

1956/8: Seldom Heard—“Harper, Mickey” Plus Audiocassette

1956/9: Seldom Heard—“Hill, Sam”

1956/10: Seldom Heard—“Killam, Radcliffe” Plus Microcassette

1956/11: Seldom Heard—“Martin, Tom” Plus Microcassette

1956/12: Seldom Heard—“Muller, Bobby”

1956/13: Seldom Heard—“Palacios, Carlos” Plus Two Microcassettes

1956/14: Seldom Heard—“Regan, Rocky Jr.”

1956/15: Seldom Heard—Richardson, Travis”

1956/16: Seldom Heard—“Stofer” Plus Audiocassette

1956/17: Seldom Heard—“Walker, Jim—Laredo” Plus Two Audiocassettes

1956/18: Seldom Heard—“Wentz”

1956/19: Seldom Heard—“Ray Welder” Plus Audiocassette


BOX 1957 (2 of 14)


“Seldom Heard” Continued

1957/1: Seldom Heard—“Withers” Plus Audiocassette

1957/2: Seldom Heard—“Yeager, Bobby” Plus Audiocassette

1957/3: Seldom Heard—“Murmuring Scuttlebutt Rumors”

1957/4: Seldom Heard—“Hill, Sam—No Original Photo” Plus Audiocassette

1957/5: Seldom Heard—Unmarked Photographs

1957/6: Seldom Heard—“Donnell, Jim” Plus Audiocassette

1957/7: Seldom Heard—“Matagorda Round Up” Plus Audiocassettes (2 of 2)

[Corresponding Folder (1 of 2) in Oversize Box #1964]

1957/8: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Draft, Undated

1957/9: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Draft with Corrections by Karen Smith, Dated                   July 12, 2004

1957/10: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Draft with Comments by Malouf, Dated July       12, 2004

1957/11: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Draft for Final Approval, Dated August 9, 2004

1957/12: Seldom Heard—“Randado”

1957/13: Seldom Heard—“Advertising Info”

1957/14: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Manuscript, With Few Edits

1957/15: Seldom Heard—“Seldom Heard Final Draft, August 2004”

1957/16: Seldom Heard—“Seldom Heard Redline Copy”


BOX 1958 (3 of 14)


“Seldom Heard” Continued

1958/1: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Final Draft with Notes, Dated                     September 29, 2004

1958/2: Seldom Heard—“First Draft, Mix of Cattle Kings and Seldom Heard”

1958/3-4: Seldom Heard—Chapter Materials and Correspondence

1958/5: Seldom Heard—Map of Texas

1958/6: Seldom Heard—“Seldom Heard Consents”

1958/7: Seldom Heard—“Seldom Heard Mock-Up, August 2004”

1958/8: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Early Typescript, Dated May 1988

1958/9: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Early Draft, Undated

1958/10: Seldom Heard—Brooke Elizabeth Malouf Resume

1958/11: Seldom Heard—“Red”

1958/12: Seldom Heard—“Lasater”

1958/13: Seldom Heard—“Randado” Notes

1958/14: Seldom Heard—“Alaniz” Notes, Dated May 1987

1958/15: Seldom Heard—“Matagorda” Notes

1958/16: Seldom Heard—“Tobin Armstrong” Notes, Dated May 1987

1958/17: Seldom Heard—“Bennett” Notes, Dated May 1987

1958/18: Seldom Heard—“McBride” Notes

1958/19: Seldom Heard—“Jim Walker” Notes, Dated May 1987

1958/20: Seldom Heard—“Cartwright, Lon” Notes, Dated May 1987

1958/21: Seldom Heard—“Bobby Yeagar, Mickey Idamper, Viggo Gruy, Idacienda Los      Oryelos, Bud Wentz” Drafts

1958/22: Seldom Heard—“Walker, Jim”

1958/23: Seldom Heard—“Red Nunnley, SH”

1958/24: Seldom Heard—“Johnsom, Belton Kleberg; La Pryor, Texas”

1958/25: Seldom Heard—“Garcia, Estavan”

1958/26: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Incomplete Draft, Undated

1958/27: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Draft, Arranged by Chapter Corrections, Dated               2005 (1 of 2)

1958/28: Seldom Heard—Seldom Heard Draft, Arranged by Chapter Corrections, Dated   2005 (2 of 2)

1958/29: Seldom Heard—“Seldom Heard Original Draft with Edits,” Dated August 2003

BOX 1959 (4 of 14)


“Seldom Heard” Continued and “Interviews for Seldom Heard”

1959/1: Seldom Heard—“J. A. Garcia CK”

1959/2: Seldom Heard—“Tom Martin SH”

1959/3: Seldom Heard—“Tom Martin SH” Audiocassette Transcripts

1959/4: Seldom Heard—“Dudley Storey SH”

1959/5: Seldom Heard—“Preston Stofer SH”

1959/6: Seldom Heard—“Finished Prints”

1959/7: Seldom Heard—“Holmes Dinn”

1959/8: Seldom Heard—“South Texas Scenes”

1959/9: Seldom Heard—“Cover Hat, Seldom Heard”

1959/10: Seldom Heard—“Mr. Killum SH”

1959/11: Seldom Heard—“Sam Hill, SH”

1959/12: Seldom Heard—“Larry Sharim SH”

1959/13: Seldom Heard—“Mary Katy Withers SH”

1959/14: Seldom Heard—“Travis Richardson SH”

1959/15: Seldom Heard—“Jack Fulbright, Hebbronville, Texas, SH”

1959/16: Seldom Heard—“Chris Heller—Artist Who Did Cattle Brand Skull”

1959/17: Seldom Heard—“Ernest Armstrong SH”

1959/18: Seldom Heard—“Bud Wentz SH”

1959/19: Seldom Heard—“Matagorda Round Up SH” (1 of 2)

[Corresponding Folder (2 of 2) in Oversize Box #1965]

1959/20: Seldom Heard—“Rocky Reagan SH”

1959/21: Seldom Heard—“Robert East SH”

1959/22: Seldom Heard—“Carlos Palacios SH”

1959/23: Seldom Heard—“Dennis McBride SH”

1959/24: Seldom Heard—“Yeager, Jr. Robert SH”

1959/25: Seldom Heard—“Bob Reagan SH”

1959/26: Seldom Heard—“Bibliography SH”

1959/27: Seldom Heard—“Hill, Sam SH, No Photo”

1959/28: Seldom Heard—“Withers, Mary Katy SH, Encinal, Texas”

1959/29: Seldom Heard—“Walker, Jim, Laredo SH”

1959/30: Seldom Heard—“Mesquite Story Seldom Heard”

1959/31: Seldom Heard—“Mrs. Tom East, San Antonio Viejo Room SH”

1959/32: Seldom Heard—“Preston Stofer Related to Stephen F. Austin”

1959/33: Seldom Heard—“Jim Duvant, Matagorda Round Up SH”

1959/34: Seldom Heard—“Bobby Muller SH”

1959/35: Seldom Heard—“Paco—Hebronville”

1959/36: Seldom Heard—Various Seldom Heard Notes

1959/37: Seldom Heard—“Very Important Photos of Robert East”

1959/38: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Tom Allen, Jesus Maria”

1959/39: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Ernest Armstrong, Side A”

1959/40: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Calcutta—Cage Ranch, Side A”

1959/41: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Jim Donnell—Side A”

1959/42: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Esteban Garcia, Tacuvila, Encino, Side A”

1959/43: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Dick Jones, El Sordo Ranch, Hebbronville,          Side A”

1959/44: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“David Killiam—Side A”

1959/45: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Tom Martin—Side A”

1959/46: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Dennis McBride

1959/47: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Red Nunnley”

1959/48: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“George Saunders—Side A”

1959/49: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Leo Welder—Side A”

1959/50: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Notes on D. Butler at Ranch”

1959/51: Interviews for Seldom Heard—“Fausto Yuturria Notes—Side A”

1959/52: Interviews for Seldom Heard—Deaccession Notice from Southern Methodist    University DeGloyer Library


BOX 1960 (5 of 14)


 “Cattle Kings” and “General”

1960/1: Cattle Kings—“Miscellaneous”

1960/2: Cattle Kings—“Cattle Kings”

1960/3: Cattle Kings—“Anne + Tobin Armstrong CK”

1960/4: Cattle Kings—“Welder, Leo CK”

1960/5: Cattle Kings—“Jim De Leon, Cattle Kings”

1960/6: Cattle Kings—“Jo Finley”

1960/7: Cattle Kings—“Viggo Grui”

1960/8: Cattle Kings—“Miscellaneous, Dian Malouf”

1960/9: Cattle Kings—“Chon Martinez CK”

1960/10: Cattle Kings—“Saunders, George, Brooks County, Texas CK”

1960/11: Cattle Kings—“J. A. Garcia”

1960/12: Cattle Kings—“Storey, Anna Lee Nance, Cotilla, Texas CK”

1960/13: Cattle Kings—“Heller, Chris”

1960/14: Cattle Kings—“Butler, Dan Yuturria, Raymondville, Texas CK”

1960/15: Cattle Kings—“Robert Holbein CK”

1960/16: Cattle Kings—“Nunnley, Red, Sabinal, Texas CK”

1960/17: Cattle Kings—“Memo Benevides CK”

1960/18: Cattle Kings—“M/M Garland Lasater CK”

1960/19: Cattle Kings—“King Ranch When Alice Gertrudis Kleberg East Grew Up”

1960/20: Cattle Kings—“Miscellaneous Letters Malouf”

1960/21: Cattle Kings—“Cartwright, Lon, Dinero, Texas”

1960/22: Cattle Kings—“Lasater, Garland M., Falfurrias, Texas”

1960/23: Cattle Kings—“Jimmy Donnell CK”

1960/24: Cattle Kings—“Finley, Jr. Joe CK”

1960/25: Cattle Kings—“Annie Lee Nance Storey CK”

1960/26: Cattle Kings—“Introductions CK”

1960/27: Cattle Kings—“Jim McAllen, Rare Photo of Argyle McAllen”

1960/28: Cattle Kings—“Danny Butler CK”

1960/29: Cattle Kings—“Jim De Leon CK”

1960/30: Cattle Kings—“George Saunders”

1960/31: Cattle Kings—“Albert Gates CK” Plus Audiocassette

1960/32: Cattle Kings—“De Leon, Jim CK”

1960/33: Cattle Kings—“Cartwright, Photos in Black Book CK”

1960/34: Cattle Kings—“Robert Muller SH”

1960/35: Cattle Kings—“McBride, Dennis “Tio” CK”

1960/36: Cattle Kings—“McCan Cattle Kings”

1960/37: Cattle Kings—“Dick Cage, Cattle King”

1960/38: Cattle Kings—“Helen Storey CK”

1960/39: In the Company of Texans Mock-Up

1960/40: “Gates—5/3/87 Edited—Needs Typing—Then Review Again”

1960/41: “Nunnley”

1960/42: “Sam Hill”

1960/43: “Tobin Armstrong”

1960/44: “Lasater” (1 of 2)

1960/45: “Lasater” (2 of 2)

1960/46: “Helen Storey”

1960/47: “Withers”

1960/48: “Jesus Maria”

1960/49: “Lasater”

1960/50: “Garcia”

1960/51: “McBride, 5/3/87 Redo”


BOX 1961 (6 of 14)



1961/1: “David Killam”

1961/2: “Dan Y Butler”

1961/3: “J. A. Garcia”

1961/4: “Possible Introduction 2-5-87”

1961/5: “Jesus Maria”

1961/6: “Jesus Maria Ranch” and “Tom Allen, Jesus Maria”

1961/7: “Leo Welder”

1961/8-10: Early Notebooks

1961/11: Proofreading and Copyediting Guides Used by Malouf

1961/12: Corrected Draft of Cattle Kings, Dated May 1991

1961/13: Corrected Draft of Cattle Kings, Undated

1961/14: Incomplete Drafts of Cattle Kings, Undated

1961/15: Various Chapter Drafts and Handwritten Notes

1961/16: Invoices Related to Jewelry Designs

1961/17: Other Invoices

1961/18: Flyers for “Flowers, Ferns & Rainforest” Collection

1961/19: Correspondence, 1987-1991

1961/20: Transcripts for Dudley Storey and Bobby Yeager Interviews

1961/21: “The Matagorda Round Up” Draft, Copyrighted 1988

1961/22-23: Handwritten Notes & Notebooks


BOX 1962 (7 of 14)



1962/1: “Randado—Pronounced RAN-dow”

1962/2: “Cage”

1962/3: “Jim Donnell”

1962/4: “Maria + Isedro Noricietas”

1962/5: “Welder Family History”

1962/6: “Saunders”

1962/7: “E. Armstrong”

1962/8: “Yuterria”

1962/9: Blake Malouf High School Documents, Resume, Essays

1962/10: “Butler, Dan—Welder Family History”

1962/11: Notes on Viggo Gruy

1962/12: “New Work”

1962/13: Notes On Tom Allen

1962/14: Tape Transcripts for Mary Katy Withers and Bud Wentz

1962/15: Various Corrected Drafts, Dated June 1987

1962/16: Incomplete Drafts

1962/17: Various Drafts with Handwritten Corrections

1962/18: August 1991Correspondence with Bill Sanders

1962/19: Unsorted Notes

1962/20: “Travis Richardson”

1962/21: “Viggo—In Revision”

1962/22: “Diane Intro”

1962/23: “Killam”

1962/24: “Finley, Joe”

1962/25: “Callahan Ranch”

1962/26: “Jim Donnell”

1962/27: “East”

1962/28: Research on Publishing and South Texas

1962/29: Various Book Catalogs

1962/30: Newspaper Clippings Featuring Malouf

1962/31: Photograph Mock-Ups and Unsorted Photographs

1962/32: Incomplete, Undated Drafts of Cattle Kings Chapters

1962/33: Drafts of Cattle Kings Marked “Old” or Otherwise Not Included in Publication

1962/34: Cattle Kings Press Releases and Endorsements

1962/35: Cattle Kings Drafts, Copyrighted 1988 with Few Edits

1962/36: Cattle Kings Drafts, Undated with Few Edits

1962/37-38: Cattle Kings Drafts with Significant Edits, Including Typescripts that   Appear to be Original Drafts

1962/39: Blank or Unrelated Material





BOX 1963 (8 of 14)     Oversize Box


“Seldom Heard” Continued

1963/1: Seldom Heard—Photographs of Malouf and Randado

1963/2: Seldom Heard—Promotional Materials

1963/3: Seldom Heard—Photograph of Henry Clay Koontz


Ten Mounted Pages from Seldom Heard:     



                        Table of Contents

                        Robert East

                        Raymond Welder Jr.

                        Raymond Welder Jr. Continued

                        Mary Katy Withers

                        Don Raphael De La Garza

                        The Matagorda Roundup



BOX 1964 (9 of 14)     Oversize Box


“Seldom Heard” Continued

1964/1: Seldom Heard—“Matagorda Round Up” (1 of 2) [Corresponding Folder (2 of 2)   in Box #1957)]

1964/2: Seldom Heard—“Randado, Raphael de la Garza” Plus Audiocassette

1964/3: Seldom Heard—“Matagorda Round Up”

1964/4: Seldom Heard—“Helen Storey Perhaps; Dudley Storey Tape” Plus            Audiocassette

1964/5: Seldom Heard—“Tobin and Ann Armstrong, Armstrong Ranch” Plus         Audiocassettes

1964/6: Seldom Heard—“Randado”

1964/7: Seldom Heard—“Bob Bruni SH”

1964/8: Seldom Heard—“Fulbright Armstrong Cow Photos”

1964/9: Seldom Heard—“Matagorda Round Up SH”


BOX 1965 (10 of 14)   Oversize Box


“Seldom Heard” Continued and “Cattle Kings”

1965/1: Seldom Heard—“Viggo Gruy SH”

1965/2: Seldom Heard—“Raymond Welder SH”

1965/3: Seldom Heard—“Isedro Gutierrez SH”

1965/4: Seldom Heard—“Matagorda Roundup SH”

1965/5: Seldom Heard—“Matagorda Roundup SH” [Corresponding Folder (1 of 2) in        Box # 1959]

1965/6: Seldom Heard—“Carlos Palacios + Dog Randado Coin SH”

1965/7: Seldom Heard—Other Photographs, Unsorted

1965/8: Seldom Heard—“Matagorda Round; Matagorda Spirit”

1965/9: Seldom Heard—“Gutierrez, Isedro and Marta”

1965/10: Seldom Heard—“Sharin” Plus Microcassette

1965/11: Cattle Kings—“Fausto Yturria CK”

1965/12: Cattle Kings—“Kerry McCan, McFadden Ranch CK”

1965/13: Cattle Kings—“Perez, Tavo, Rio Grande City, Texas”

1965/14: Cattle Kings—“Dick Jones, Jones Ranch, Alta Vista, Texas”


BOX 1966 (11 of 14)   Oversize Box


 “Cattle Kings” Continued

1966/1: Cattle Kings—“Tavo Perez, Ray Alaniz CK” Plus Audiocassette

1966/2: Cattle Kings—“Jesus Maria CK”

1966/3: Cattle Kings—“Dennis McBride CK”

1966/4: Cattle Kings—“Henry Clay Koontz”

1966/5: Cattle Kings—“Helen Harbison, Cattle Kings”

1966/7: Cattle Kings—“Chon Martinez CK”

1966/8: Cattle Kings—“Mickey Harper CK SH”

1966/9: Cattle Kings—“General John Bennett CK”

1966/10: Cattle Kings—“David Killame CK”

1966/11: Cattle Kings—“Tom Allen…Brother of John Houghton Allen (Wrote         “Southwest”) Jesus Maria Ranch CK”

1966/12: Cattle Kings—“Alice East”

1966/13: Cattle Kings—“Jimmy McAllen CK”

1966/14: Cattle Kings—Unsorted Photographs


BOX 1967 (12 of 14)   Cassette Box

Cassettes for Seldom Heard and Cattle Kings

“Chris Hello, T”

“Mr. Schrader, 1 and 2”

“Holmes Dian, Bill Armer”

“Dick Cage, Presnall Cage—Falfurras”

“K. McCarr, A and B”

“Chris Heller, A and B”

“Dick Cage, Presnall Cage, A and B”

“David Killiam, A and B”

“Red Nunnley, Nunnley or Bob Regan”

“R. J. Nunnley,  B. “Red” Nunnley”

“Notes + Observations”

“Lon Cartwright, Dinero, Texas”

“Tom Martin”

“A. Trip to Mrs. East Ranch, B. 11-8-80—East Ranch De La Garza, Mrs. Tom East—            Heller Harbison”

“Robert Idolbein, Guy—Ranch—Robert Idolbein”

“A. Dana + Hap Roberts Kingsville—Dennis McBride—Round Up, Isedro—Dana— Round Up”

“A. J.A. Garcia, B. J.A. Garcia”

“A. Gen. John Bennett III Garcitas Ranch”

“Harbison Ranch”

“Dick Jones”

“A. Memo Benevides + Son, B. Memo”

“Fausto Yuterria”

“George Saunders, Dick Holmes”

“Dana and Hap Roberts Kingsville”

“Harbison Ranch”

“Kerry McCan, Cattle Kings”

“Ray Alanez Cattle Kings, Tavo Perez”

“Ray Alanez CK”

“J. A. Garcia”

“Cullum On Nunnley”

“David Killiam”

“George Saunders”

“George Saunders”

“R. J. Runnley Sabinal—Texas”

“Jim Powell + Observations”

“Notes on Rio Grande City Tavo Perez”

“Kerry McCan”

“Kary McCan”

“Tom Allen, Jesus Maria”

“Ernest Armstrong”

“Bob Regan Ray Ranch A”

“Bud Wentz


BOX 1968 (13 of 14)   Cassette Box

Cassettes for Seldom Heard and Cattle Kings

“B. Johnson”

“Dick Jones, El Sordo Ranch—Hebbronville—Nov 17. 1980”

“Dick Holbein, Hebbronville”


“Dolon Briscoe, Uvalde 3-84”

“General John Bennett III, Garcitas Ranch”

“Mrs. Cage, Calcutta—Cage Ranch”

“Cartwright, Dinero, Texas”

“Mrs. Storey, Heller”

“Tom Martin”

“Dolores Salinas (Grew Up At Randado)”

“Mrs. Storey, Bill Maltzher”

“Estaban Garcia, Tacuvila—Encino, El Solo—San Felipe”

“J. A. Garcia”

“Pause—Jim De Leon”

“Joe Finley”

“Memo Jr. Benedes, Laredo”

“Dennis McBride”

“Jim McAllen, McAllen Ranch, Lynn, Texas, June 81”

“Maltzher, Refusal to Be In Book”

“Garland M. Lasater, La Mota”

“Albert Gates Ranch, Caterine, Texas ‘81”

“Dennis McBride 3/86”

“Dolph Briscoe, Former Gov. of Texas”

“Gen Bennett”

“W. W. Jones”

“B. Johnson”

“Martad Isedro, Seldom Heard”

“Jim De Leon”

“Joe Finley”

“Don Raphael del la Garza, Randado”



BOX 1969 (14 of 14)   Cassette Box

Other Cassettes


1969/1: Notes on Cassettes Marked 1-27, Dated January 2015

“1. Dr. Rick Ramirez, Sides 1 and 2”

“2. Dr. Rick Ramirez, Side 3”

“3. Texas Settlers”

“4. Viggo Guy”

“5. Johnny Glick, Caribou—Matagorda”

“6. Bob Regan, Ray Ranch”

“7. Ricky Regan”

“8. Welder, Leo”

“9. Robert Holbein”

“10. Names Sally”

“11. George Saunders”

“12. Richardson”

“13. 11-8-80—East Ranch, Mrs. Tom East—Helen Harbison—De La Garza”

“14A. H. Clay Koontz”

“14B. H. Clay Koontz”

“14C. Henry Clay Koontz”

“15. John Lyndecker”

“16. Description of Round Up Jones Ranch—3-84”

“17. Dr. Salinas los DJleous—Lorraine Humble”

“18. Bobby Yeager”

“19. John Lyndecker, Laredo”

“20. Jim McAllen”

“21. Notes”

“22. Manager of San Anthony Hotel”

“23. Clear Cut Picture of What Picture Is”

“24. Rathwell”

“25. Travis Richardson”

“26. Los Ojuelos”

“27. Dr. Salinas—Los Ojuelos, Lorraine Humble”


Accession 2015-105

Additions to the Dian Malouf Collections. Includes interview CDs and Microcassettes.


Box No. 2101

2101/Folder 1             2 CDs, “Rick R. 3 Part Interview” and “Dian Interview w/Rathmell, 12/11/2012”

2101/Folder 2             5 Microcassettes, “George light,” “Palafox,” “Dolones,” “Judge Mecieno Martinez at La Porada 12/12/12,” and “Emma Monsibalas at Enrique Dolores Ranch Guerra” Side A/ “Enrique Guerra (conti’d)” Sid B

2101/Folder 3             3 Microcassettes, “Laska Herfind” Side A/ “12. Light” Side B, “Light,” and “Cuevitas”