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Jesús Salvador Treviño

Jesús Treviño by George Rodríguez

Jesús Salvador Treviño, photograph by George Rodríguez

Born in El Paso, Jesús Salvador Treviño was raised in California and came of age as a college student just as the Chicano movement erupted in the late 1960s. He began documenting the movement with a Super 8 camera and soon became a full-time writer/director.

He is the winner of numerous international film awards including two from the Directors Guild of America. His television directing credits include Law and Order Criminal Intent, Bones, ER, Criminal Minds, Third Watch, NYPD Blue, Resurrection Blvd., Crossing Jordan, The Practice, Nash Bridges, Star Trek Voyager, Babylon Five, Chicago Hope, Dawson’s Creek, New York Undercover, Martial Law, The Pretender, The O.C. and many other prime time programs. 

He was Co-Executive Producer of the four-part PBS documentary series Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement (1997) and of SHOWTIME’s Resurrection Blvd. (2000), the first prime-time Latino drama series on American television. He directed the successful pilot and created the artistic look of the series.  In 1991, the Mexican feature film which he wrote and directed, Raices de Sangre (Roots of Blood), was included as one of the 25 most significant films of Latin American Cinema at the 36th Annual International Film Festival of Valladolid, Spain. He has won numerous international film awards including (twice) the Directors Guild of America Award for best daytime drama and the Imagenes Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Treviño is also a noted writer and is the winner of American Book Award. He is the author of the short story collections, The Fabulous SinkholeThe Skyscraper That Flew, Return to Arroyo Grande  and the memoir Eyewitness: A Filmmaker’s Memoir of the Chicano Movement, all published by Arte Publico Press.

For further information about Mr. Treviño and his career, visit his website:


Collection Inventory


Accession # 2022-129



3116    14



1.         “Yo Soy Chicano (1972 - 60 minutes) This was my first long form documentary which was broadcast over PBS in 1972. In spite of its age, it is still being used in Chicano Studies classes because it captures the early days of the Chicano Movement”; DVD, 1972


2.         “Yo Soy (I Am) (1985 - 60 minutes) I revisited the themes of Yo Soy Chicano in this documentary which I co-directed with Jose Luis Ruiz”; DVD, 1985


3.         “La Raza Unida (1972 - 30 minutes). This is my documentary about the 1972 La Raza Unida

national convention held in El Paso, Texas”; DVD, 1972


4.         “America de los Indios (1972- 30 minnutes). This is a concert performance featuring Daniel Valdez, co-founder of El Teatro Camepsino, as he takes through five hundred years of Chicano history”; DVD, 1972


5.         “Gangs (1987- 30 minutes) This is a half hour Afterschool Special for CBS which I directed and which won best daytime drama by the Directors Guild of America”; DVD, 1987


6.         “Raices de Sangre (1976 - 90 minutes) This is my first long form feature film which I wrote and directed in Mexico. Its cast featured Mexican and Chicano actors and takes place along the

U.S. Mexico border. It was recognized as one of the 25 most significant films of Latin             America at the Valladolid International Film Festival in Valladolid, Spain”; DVD, 1976


7.         “In Search of Aztlan (2005 - 60 minutes) This is a one-hour docu-comedy featuring the comedy team of Culture Clash along with actors Lupe Ontiveros and Mauricio Mendoza. It follows the comedy team as they set out in a 1952 Chevy to find the origins historical Aztlan”; DVD, 2005


8.         “Visions of Aztlan (2015- 60 Minutes) This is a documentary about the birth of the Chicano art movement featuring many first generation Chicano artists from throughout the Southwest. It was broadcast on public station KCET in Los Angeles”; DVD, 2015


9.         “Miracle on Calle Nueve (2005- 60 minutes) This is a staged dramatic reading of my play Miracle on Calle Nueve, based on one of the short stories in my literary collection The Skyscraper that Flew”; DVD, 2005


10.       “The Fabulous Sinkhole (2018 - 90 minutes) This is a staged reading of my play The Fabulous Sinkhole based on the short story by the same name”; DVD, 2018




Accession # 2023-018 (15 boxes + map case)


Box 4119



1 An Unusual Malady

2 Mrs. Romero’s Sinkhole

3 Uncle Pancho Villa The Fly

4 Don Luis’s Dog (Unusual Malady)

5 Return of Pancho Villa

6 Dialog

7 The Fabulous Sinkhole Table of Contents

8 Last Night of the Mariachi

9 Dialog (Various copies)

10.Dialog Drafts & Correspondence

11 Attack of the Lowrider Zombies drafts

12 Gary Keller on Sinkhole

13 Rolando Hinojosa on Sinkhole

14 Great Pyramid of Aztlan

15 Pilgrimage

16 Fabulous Sinkhole / Contract & Correspondence

17 Cantos de mi Raza (TV proposal 1973)

18 Henry Gamboa scripts (1975)

19 Magón film proposal & treatment (1977)

20 From Out of This Earth / Niños de la tierra – proposal 1972, 1979

(This is original treatment for the novel Children of the Earth)

21 Teatro Campesino Films, McGraw-Hill corresp (1974-1975)

22 Created Especially for TV, 1st draft (1970)

23 Student scripts, 1968-1969 (for Super 8 Camera)

24 PR flyer – Radical Films series, The Ashe Grove, with early Treviño films listed

25 Encounters film proposal (Teatro Campesino & Royal Shakespeare Theatre Co.)

26 Proposal: McGraw Hill / La Raza films


Box 4120



1 La Raza coordinating committee

2 The Non-Graduate, Bill Dana Production (1969)

3 La Raza History, Proposal for Educational Film (1970)

4 Ahora Unresolved Issues, treatment (1969-70)

5 Letters of Agreement / McGraw Hill & Teatro Campesino

6 Teatro Campesino & McGraw Hill – negotiations and proposed films

7 The Cuban People – 15 Years of Socialism Proposal

8 New Vista Partnership, 1970s

9 Brave Sea, 2nd draft 1991

10 Brave Sea, treatments

11 Brave Sea, 12/20/1991 draft

12 Brave Sea, 1/1/1994 draft

13 Brave Sea, 9/1/1991 (1st complete draft)

14 Brave Sea: ICM, Universal, casting, correspondence, locations

15 Brave Sea, 1st American Playhouse draft (9/1/1991)

16 Pipeline, 1980 draft

17 Pipeline: treatment, rewrite, correspondence, step outlines

18 Pipeline final version,10/5/1981

19 Brave Sea – research snapshots

20 Seguin publicity

21 Yo soy Chicano PR, misc publicity, Nosotros salute

22 Seguin teleplay, 5th revision 7/28/1980

23 Children of the Fifth Sun, KCET proposal

24 Children of the Fifth Sun, series outline


Box 4121


1 La Historia second series, complete treatments (1979-1981)

2 Seguin script, Spanish translation

3 Yo Soy script

4 Brave Sea script, 9/1/1991 w/Treviño annotation on title page

5 Sara teleplay by Sylvia Morales, La Historia series

6 Changing Borders: The Latino Immigrant Experience. 1993 treatment

7 Brave Sea script, 9/1/1991 annotated

8 Seguin credits

9 Seguin, the setting

10 The Treaty teleplay, 1982

11 Children of the Fifth Sun treatment, master

12 Seguin dialogue and translation, Tejano Exile: The True Story of Juan N. Seguin by Jaxon

13 Exiles of Colonialism / Refugees of the Cold War, treatment 1993

14 Raices de Sangre screenplay (Director’s bound copy, autographed by cast)

15 Raices de Sangre screenplay (Script Supervisor)

16 The Last Americans screenplay (co-written with Carl Mumm)

17 Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’s special Christmas shot lists

18 Seguin screenplay, Nov 1979

19 Resurrection Blvd “Cholitas” teleplay, crew list, call sheets

20 Gabriel’s Fire “The Neighborhood” shot lists




1 NYPD Blue shot lists

2 Mathnet shot lists

3 Date Rape shot lists & storyboards

4 Gangs shot lists

5 FBI Untold Stories shot lists

6 clippings, Semana de Chicano cine

7 CHICANO! Correspondence, proposal

8  CHICANO! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement – episode treatment

9 meetings of Chicanos ’90 – minutes

10 Mexicanos ’91 (Latino film festival)

11 Mexicanos ’91 (Latino film festival)

12 Directors Guild of America, certificate re support for Directing Fellowship Program

13 “A Wedding Tale” by José Lozano. Privately printed, 2006. Signed to Jesús & Bobbi

14 Certificates/Proclamations/Awards:

* Proclamation City of El Paso April 23, 1985

*  LA TV Academy Emmy LA Collective 1972

*  National Academy Daytime Emmy Nominations (1988-1989, 1991-1992)

*  LA TV Academy Emmy Nominations (1972, 1979)

*  Certificate of Appreciation Independent Feature Project West

*  San Antonio Chicano Film Festival Screening certificate “America Tropical”

and “Raices de Sangre” 1978

*  American Film Festival Red Ribbon Award (1978)


15 Atlanta Film Festival 1971 (Soledad) label is missing, has fallen off/damaged

16 Economic Justice Award – Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, 2002

17 Soledad, framed PR ad

18 Yo Soy Chicano – poster mockups with drawings by Malaquias Montoya; drawings of Dolores Huerta, Lalo Guerrero, and Corky Gonzales in the style of postage stamps, signed by the artist; copy of drawing by Francisco X. Camplis, 1970, signed by the artist to Jesús Treviño; photo of young Treviño making a face in a jukebox

19 misc materials: Fuera de Indochina copy of print; Malaquias Montoya art- original mockup for La Batalla esta Aquí: Chicanos and the War by Lea Ybarra and Nina Genera; PR materials and ephemera, Adolfo “Rudy” Vargas memorial,









* Benalmadena Film Festival, Benalmadena, Spain, 1982: Jesús Treviño Homenaje (ship with oars inside a box)


* Girls Today Women Tomorrow, Leadership Mentoring Program/ Youth Film Festival


* Directors Guild: Walks the Talk 2004 Latino Committee plaque


* Seguin award plaque from San José Media Professionals


* Directors Guild of America, Corazon recognition 2004


* Armando Acevedo personal tribute on occasion of Imagenes Tribute 2016


* Seguin bust presented by the Seguin Society, San Antonio, TX




Box 4124


* Mexican American Fine Arts Association Award, 1976


* Occidental College Alumni Award, 2008


* Hispanic Public Relations Association Award, 2001


* Arté Público Piñata Party, 2004


* MATHNET Silver Award, New York International Film Festival, 1992



Box 4125


* Directors Guild of America, Pioneer Award, 2013


* Imagenes Lifetime Achievement Award, 2013


* 2 glass paperweights, Directors Guild of America (Negotiation Committee and Television Creative Rights Committee)



Box 4126


Award Plaques:


* DF Semana de Cine Chicano, Feb 14, 1990


* Visions of Aztlán Award, Phoenix, 2010


* American Book Award, 2016


* Occidental College Ernesto Galarza Award, 1996


* Trabajadores de la Raza Award, 1991


* New Latino Filmmakers, 1995


* City of Dallas, Key to the City


* Long Beach International Film Festival, 2015



Box 4127


* Lifetime Achievement Award, XicanoIndie Film Festival, 2007 (Denver)


* Fabulous Sinkhole and Other Stories – framed cover art


* Skyscraper that Flew – framed cover art


* Directors Guild of America, 2012 Award Dinner, Director (name on memento is “Bobbi Murray,” Treviño’s spouse.)



Box 4128


* National Council of La Raza, 2006 Alma Award, Outstanding Director of a Television Drama or Comedy, “Prison Break”


* National Council of La Raza, 2002 Alma Award, Outstanding Director of a Television Drama or Comedy, “Third Watch, Adam 553”



4129 (oversize)


LA Weekly, Sept 1985: El Cine Chicano: A Conversation with Jesús Treviño

Carteles Cubanos de Cine posters

First Annual Jesús Salvador Treviño Film Festival posters

Other misc PR posters

The Art of Akira Kurosawa

Gangs PR

Seguin PR

Yo Soy Chicano PR

Misc magazines/PR


Box 4130 (oversize)


* Framed photograph: cast & crew of Seguin, 1980

* Framed photograph: Chicana/o filmmakers, ca. 1980

* ”Coral Award” First International Festival of Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano for Retrospective of Chicano Cinema 1979

* Resolution San Jose City Council April 13, 1982

* Resolution California State Assembly, February 16, 1982

* Resolution State of Texas, August 21, 2009

* Certificate of Recognition City of Pomona, California, October 12, 2013

* Certificate of Recognition California State Assembly, March 22, 2003

* Certificate of Commendation, City of Los Angeles, November 9, 2009

* ”Proclamation-Jesús Treviño Day” City of Denver, Colorado, April 16, 2007

* 3 Obama posters, 1 MLK poster, Obama sticker

* El Gallo (Chicano News) photocopies



Box 4131 (oversize)




* Resolution California State Assembly “Eyewitness,” May 24, 2002

* Certificate of Recognition Local Hero,” City of Los Angeles, California October, 2011

* Certificate of Recognition City of Los Angeles, California October 3, 2013

* Congratulations Alliance for a New Economy, City of Los Angeles, May 24, 2002

* Full Circle County of Los Angeles November 2, 2009

* mounted front page: LA Times 10/4/1968 “Castro Restored to Teaching Job”

* mounted front page: LA Herald-Examiner, 9-27-1968 “Sit-In at School”

* framed: “Raices de Sangre” Tribute, Reel Rasquachi Film Festival, 2006



Box 4132 (oversize)


Posters and other oversize materials:


Primer Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano

Yo Soy Chicano

Wayne Healy: East LA: the Way I remember it

Acción Chicano / KCET 28. Chicano News, Culture, and Public Affairs

UTEP Hispanic Heritage Celebration, 2012

Celebration of Summer, Día de las flores

3- El Teatro Campesino

2- Viva La Huelga!

9- 1978 Malaquias Montoya calendars, signed

Chicano Studies Department, Cal State Los Angeles

“To Strive, To Seek, To Find”

photo – Jesús Treviño (director) with cast of Bones TV series, signed by the actors

2 handmade Happy Birthday/Valentines Day posters for Jesús from wife Bobbi

Frente Cultural de El Salvador

Siqueiros 1985 exhibit poster

Photo – Día de los Muertos altar

Several posters: Films, Videos, and Books of the Chicano/a Identity by Jesús Salvador Treviño

¡68 Vive La Lucha Sigue

The Wall by Sergio Hernandez. Poster of painting. Signed to Jesús by artist

35th Anniversary of the East LA High School Walkouts, 2003 Cal-State Long Beach

Boycott Arizona: Kill Bill 1070

Col Juan N. Seguin / Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation

La Virgen Comes to the New World, 2015. Signed by artist

2 – César E. Chávez Memorial

Photo of Jesús Salvador Treviño by Harry Gamboa Jr, 1992

Newspaper clipping: Visions of Aztlán

Newspaper clipping: Chicano Art Heroes

Newspaper clipping: Post-Chicano Art Looks Outward

Chicano Moratorium, March & Rally, 1970

Mounted photo of young Jesús Salvador Treviño, seated, with his hands behind his head and a striped shirt

Califas del Norte, Universidad de Irvine, 1973

2 – Los Four: Almara/de la Rocha/ Lujan/ Romero. Art exhibit poster. 1973

3- KCET ¡Ah Ora!

Drawing of Treviño, Daniel Valdez, Juan Cortina and others by Bartell

Posada woodcut, El Jarabe Tapatío

Newspaper clipping: Finally, Transparency in the Ruben Salazar Case

Pg 39 from a book showing a Flores Magón woodcut by Leopoldo Méndez

Chicano Mexican Film Festival, 1979

Original drawing, 7-4-92

Original artwork/drawing for a poster: Casa de la cultura Mexica

Activist Reunion 1979 Texaztlan

Siqueiros by Ignacio Gomez, 2010

2- El Movimiento, the photography of Oscar Castillo, 2009

Little Willie G,, signed

20th anniversary handmade greeting from Treviño’s wife, Bobbi Murray



Map Case Drawer 31 File 5: 13 large posters



Box 4133 (oversized, collared Paige box

Nosotros Golden Eagle Awards 1997 Outstanding Documentary. National Latino Communications Center Chicano Series


Video Links

• Dos & Don'ts of Directing: Treviño talking to a group of graduate film students


• Treviño interviewed about the death of journalist Ruben Salazar


• Treviño interviewing producer/actor Dan Guerrero on his career