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Patricia Browning Griffith

Patricia Browning Griffith Papers

Patricia Browning Griffith
Patricia Browning Griffith


A native of Texas, Patricia Browning Griffith is an accomplished novelist, short story writer, playwright, screenwriter, and journalist. She is the author of several acclaimed novels, including The World Around Midnight, which was named one of the outstanding books of the year by the American Library Association. Her novel Supporting the Sky was a Literary Guild selection. She has published stories in Harper's and The Paris Review and her work has been included twice in the O. Henry Prize Stories. She has had Equity productions of her plays in New York and Dallas. She was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant and is a former president and a former Chair person of the board of the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction.

The manuscripts in this collection consist of drafts and proofs for novels, short stories and plays. The papers also include correspondence, screenplays, newspaper clippings, reviews, publicity, photographs, books, and PEN/Faulkner material.

Listed below is an archival inventory of the Patricia Browning Griffith holdings, which have been donated by the author. Note that access to unprocessed materials is granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Archivist for details about access to the Griffith Collection.

Accession 2013-061

Box 1720 (1 of 8)
1720/1 “End of the World”- Playscript 1989 Plus Notes
1720/2 “End of the World”- Playscript 1990
1720/3 When the Morning Comes- First Treatment and Second Treatment Revised
1720/4 Notes for Expanding “Dust” to a Feature Length Film
1720/5 The Devil Out There- Typed Draft
1720/6 Sophie Dillon- Typed Draft
1720/7 Color Blind- Typed Draft
1720/8 Cowboy Blues, Supermen on 55th Street- Typed Drafts
1720/9 The Counselor in the Cairo Hotel Plus Correspondence
1720/10 The Coffee Break Killer- Drafts and Correspondence
1720/11 Dependability Is A Woman’s Crown
1720/12 Balancing Out
1720/13 The End of the World As We Know It- Playscript
1720/14 Night’s at O’Rear’s and Other Stories- Story Script
1720/15 A Perfect Pattern
1720/16 Alicia
1720/17 Risky Games- Playscript
1720/18 “Midnight Madness,” The Dallas Morning News April 21, 1991 Page 1 of 3
1720/19 Risky Games- Playscripts, Multiple Drafts
1720/20 Mysteries of the Marine Monument- Draft Plus Author’s Galley Copy
1720/21 Orlando- Typed Draft
1720/22 Seasons- Drafts Plus Correspondence
1720/23 “So & Old Stuff”- The Third Event & Carole
1720/24 Texas Observers
1720/25 Zapata- Draft
1720/26 Hiding Places- Drafts with Edits
1720/27 “Family Photos”- Draft Plus Photocopy of Published Story
1720/28 For Old Times
1720/29 Real Mothers/Eleanor
1720/30 The Devil Out Yonder
1720/31 The Calling
1720/32 Brief Legacy
1720/33 Larry L. King
1720/34 Marie

Box 1721 (2 of 8)
1721/1 “Exams- Night’s at O’Rear’s”
1721/2 Night’s at O’Rear’s- Draft with Edits
1721/3 Night’s at O’Rear’s- Screenplay
1721/4 Night’s at O’Rear’s- Movie
1721/5 Pipes- David Field
1721/6 Supermen on 55th Street
1721/7 Lee Strasberg Article- Newspaper Clippings
1721/8 Tennessee Blue- Treatment
1721/9 Moons
1721/10 Theatre Reviews
1721/11 The Dramatists Guild- Contract
1721/12 Royalty Statements
1721/13 The House on “O” Street: Proposal for a Prime Time Television Series
1721/14 Legacies and Ghosts
1721/15 The Liberator of East Texas
1721/16 Luck in Vladivostok
1721/17 China Trip
1721/18 Outside Waco
1721/19 Safety Scripts
1721/20 “Safety- Original”
1721/21 “Great Saturday Nite Swindle-original”
1721/22-23 Great Saturday Nite Swindle- Xerox Copy
1721/24 Foreign Travels

Box 1722 (3 of 8)
1722/1 “Play Correspondence”
1722/2 Correspondence with Center for Texas Studies and the University of North Texas     Press
1722/3-5 Pieces of My Heart First Draft with Editing
1722/6 “Risky Games” Production Script and Playbill
1722/7 Risky Games Production Script
1722/8 Newspaper Reviews of Risky Games
1722/9 “Introductions & Speeches”
1722/10 “Photos”
1722/11 “Agents & Contracts”
1722/12 “Supporting the Sky”
1722/13 Various Correspondence
1722/14 Correspondence About The World Around Midnight
1722/15 Washington Review of the Arts Clippings
1722/16 Reviews by Griffith
1722/17 Newspaper Clippings
1722/18 “British Reviews of “The Future…” “
1722/19 “Agents & Publishers ’71-‘72”
1722/20 “Agents & Publishers 1973-75”
1722/21 The Future Is Not What It Used To Be Promotional Poster
1722/22-23 “The World Around Midnight” Draft with Editing
1722/24 “Midnight- Reviews”
1722/25-26 “WROA- Correspondence”
1722/27-28 “WROA- Correspondence ‘82”

Box 1723 (4 of 8)
1723/1 “Theatre Three”
1723/2 “Waco- Early Drafts”
1723/3 Outside Waco, Final Draft Sent for Readings [Previously Inside the Contents of Next Folder]
1723/4 Outside Waco, Final Draft Sent for Readings [Contents in Previous Folder]
1723/5 Newspapers
1723/6 “Reviews etc.”
1723/7 “Clippings, Reviews, etc.”
1723/8 “Big Moments, Mary Lee Sections & Outlines”
1723/9-10 “Tennessee”
1723/11-13 The Future Is Not What It Used To Be Original Edited Manuscript
1723/14 “Music…”
1723/15 “WROTA” (Washington Review of the Arts)
1723/16 Miscellaneous Correspondence
1723/17-18 Pictures from F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference and PEN/Faulkner Awards
1723/19 Production Photographs
1723/20 “PEN/Faulkner”
1723/21 “PEN/Faulkner”
1723/22 “The The Proves Why Rockers Do Not Improve With Age” Newspaper Article
1723/23 The New York Times Dated March 30, 2013
1723/24 Carving Print by SC. E. M. Washington Dated 1938

Box 1724 (5 of 8)
1724/1 Outside Waco “First Reading Draft, Done June 4, 1981, American Place Theatre”
1724/2 “Correspondence ‘87”
1724/3 “Agent & Publishers 1969-1970”
1724/4-5 “Short Story Collection”
1724/6-8 “Night’s At O’Rear’s”- Griffith (Short Story Collection- 2 Copies)”
1724/9 “Theatre Three- Patricia Griffith”
1724/10 “Griffith Contracts”
1724/11 “Correspondence ‘92”
1724/12 “Correspondence ‘93/94”
1724/13 “Pay Records”
1724/14 “Outside Waco Reviews”
1724/15 Harper’s Magazine and Publisher’s Weekly Featuring Griffith’s Stories
1724/16 “Yale Reports” from February and March 1961, February 1962
1724/17 D.C. Gazette December 1973, April and May 1974, and Washington Review of the Arts    Fall 1976
1724/18-19 Edited Manuscript of The Future Is Not What It Used To Be Returned From Clarkson N. Potter
1724/20-21 Manuscript of Variations On A Narrow Highway Returned From International Famous Agency
1724/22 “Goodman”

Box 1725 (6 of 8)
1725/1 “1st Script WARM”
1725/2-3 The World Around Midnight Screenplay Early Drafts with Editing
1725/4 The World Around Midnight Draft Dated November 1999
1725/5 “Workers” The World Around Midnight Revised Draft Two
1725/6-7 The World Around Midnight Revised Draft with Editing Suggestions by     Noah Golden
1725/8 “WARM”
1725/9 “WARM”
1725/10 The World Around Midnight Screenplay Draft and Reader’s Comments
1725/11-12 The World Around Midnight Screenplay Drafts Dated 1999
1725/13 “Midnight”
1725/14 The World Around Midnight Screenplay Draft
1725/15 “Midnight-Final?”
1725/16 “Early, Early Draft WARM”
1725/17 The World Around Midnight Screenplay
1725/18-20 “Playwriting Clips”

Box 1726 (7 of 8)
1726/1-4 Supporting the Sky Master Copy with Editing Dated February 21, 1996
1726/5-8 Supporting the Sky Author/Editor’s Set of Pages Dated March 26, 1996
1726/9-12 Supporting the Sky Second Pass Draft Dated March 26, 1996
1726/13 When the Morning Comes First Draft of Screenplay Dated March 1989
1726/14 Safety Promotional T-Shirt
1726/15 “City Program Grants Panel Draft of Lamar with Editing by Griffith”

Box 1727 (8 of 8)
1727/1 “City Program Grants Panel Draft of Lamar with Editing by Griffith” [Continued]
1727/2-3 “City Arts Projects Program Grants Panel, Patricia Browning Griffith”
1727/4-5 City Projects Programs Panel Dated August 2000”

Backlog Materials (to be added to library catalog)

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be by Patricia Browning Griffith [Published London, 1971]
The Future Is Not What It Used To Be by Patricia Browning Griffith [Published New York, 1970]
Supporting The Sky by Patricia Browning Griffith
Tennessee Blue by Patricia Browning Griffith [2 Copies]
Dream Me Home Safely: Writers on Growing Up In America featuring Patricia Browning    Griffith’s “The Spiral
Skin Deep: Black Women & White Women Write About Race featuring Patricia Browning Griffith’s “Legacies and
Djuna: The Life and Work of Djuna Barnes by Phil Herring, with an inscription to Patricia Browning Griffith
The Hours by Michael Cunningham, with an inscription to Patricia Browning Griffith
Billy Bathgate by EL. Doctorow, with an inscription to Patricia Browning Griffith
Waiting by Ha Jin, with an inscription to Patricia Browning Griffith
The World Around Midnight by Patricia Browning Griffith