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Fred Gipson exhibit at the Wittliff

Born and raised in Mason, Texas, Fred Gipson (1908-1973) became a leading writer, publishing a dozen books and hailed for his authentic depictions of Texas. Four of Gipson's books were made into films, including his classic, "Old Yeller."

"Old Yeller" had its roots in an old family tale Gipson had heard from his grandfather about a beloved, heroic dog in 19th century Texas. First published in 1956, it won numerous literary honors and sold millions of copies. Gipson co-wrote the screenplay for the 1957 Walt Disney film based on his novel.

In 2020, Gipson's son, Beck Gipson, made a major donation to the Wittliff Collections consisting of fourteen boxes of Gipson's manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, clippings, videos, and other materials. A small selection from that donation is on exhibit here. The complete Gipson Collection is available for research.

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Images from Fred Gipson exhibit, on view at The Wittliff Collections Feb 1 - May 15, 2024