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Dudley Dobie, Sr.

A Guide to the Dudley Dobie, Sr. Collection, 1917-1980

Descriptive Summary

Dobie, Dudley, Sr.

The Dudley Dobie, Dr.  Collection

1917 - 1980

The Dudley Dobie, Sr. collection spans from 1917 to 1980 and documents Dudley Dobie, Sr.’s life, career, and relationships as an antiquarian bookseller, writer, historian, and educator in Texas.  The bulk of the collection is correspondences between Dudley Dobie, Sr. and colleagues, friends, and family members - including J. Frank Dobie, Ruth Dodson, Henry DuPont, Walter Prescott Webb, and U.S Senator Ralph W. Yarborough.  This collection is also comprised of documents relating to Dudley’s bookselling business and papers from his personal writing career, including many of his published stories and articles.  The collection also contains fragile newspapers, photographs, an audio disc, and a large amount of campaign and political material related to U.S. Senator Ralph W. Yarborough.

Collection 110

24 boxes (12 linear feet)


Southwestern Writers Collection, The Wittliff Collections, Texas State University  

Biographical Sketch

Dudley Richard Dobie, Sr. was a fourth generation Texan, antiquarian bookseller, writer and educator.  He was born in 1904 in Lagarto, Texas, in southern Live Oak County.  His parents, William Neville and Mary E. (Mills) Dobie, were prominent South Texas ranchers.  The Dobies first settled around Harris County, Texas in 1828, a few years before the outbreak of the Texas Revolution.  His branch of the family moved to Live Oak County in the late 1860s. 

Famed southwestern folklorist, J. Frank Dobie, Dudley Dobie’s first cousin, grew up on a neighboring ranch.  Due to a sixteen-year age difference, Dudley and J. Frank were not close as children but developed a strong friendship and shared a similar worldview as adults.  Their shared ranching heritage also strongly influenced and shaped their character.  Dudley attended Lagarto’s primary and secondary school and graduated from Mathis High School in 1923 as valedictorian.  

In 1924, after a year of unproductive job searching, Dudley began attending Southwest Texas State Teachers College (now Texas State University) in San Marcos, Texas.  He graduated with a degree in history in 1927 and soon became the principal of the Westover School in western San Marcos.  A few months later, he married Deborah Galbreath (nicknamed Bibba), and together they had three children.  According to his own recollections, Dudley’s hobby of serious book collecting began in the winter of 1927 - 1928. 

In the summer of 1928, Dudley began graduate school at the University of Texas in Austin.  He visited the campus every summer for four years, completing his MA in history in 1932.  His master’s thesis, “A History of Hays County, Texas,” was supervised by historian and author Walter Prescott Webb.  In 1933, Dudley left the Westover School to become an educational advisor for the Civilian Conservation Corps, a New Deal relief program operating from 1933 to 1943.  Throughout this period, Dudley wrote several historical articles for a variety of newspapers and magazines in Texas.

Dudley Dobie became a San Marcos-based bookseller in 1935, supplementing his income with freelance writing.  Dudley also scouted Texas for artifacts for the Hall of State at the Texas Centennial Exposition and Fair, which opened in Dallas in 1936.  Throughout the 1930s Dudley continued to collect books and made a number of literary connections across the state.  He regularly attended annual meetings of the Texas State Historical Association, the Old Trail Drivers Association, and the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.  He was also a member of the Texas Folklore Society, where J. Frank Dobie, his cousin, served as the secretary-editor for twenty-one years until his death in 1964.  Dudley built long-lasting friendships with various people from these assorted organizations.  He also maintained a friendship with U.S. Senator Ralph W. Yarborough, a liberal Texas Democrat, during these years.

 In the winter of 1940-1941, Dudley assisted with the Texas State Historical Association’s first book auction, now a traditional feature of the organization.  He also ran a mail-order book business out of his San Marcos home, occasionally loading up his car with various books and traveling to Austin and San Antonio to solicit potential customers at their homes or businesses.  Dudley worked at Southwest Texas State Teachers College part-time as a non-tenured history instructor and part-time as a museum director for ten years.  By working part-time for the university, Dudley was able to teach and run his bookselling business.  His first printed catalogue, Spirited Southwest: Roundup No. 1, came out in 1947.  Dudley also served as a San Marcos city alderman from 1949 to 1951.

In 1952, Dudley opened his first bookstore in Austin, at the current site of the Dobie Center, near the University of Texas’s main campus.  However, he did not find much success and was forced to close the store.  Later he dabbled in politics, making an unsuccessful run for school superintendent in Hays County.  In 1955, he opened a bookshop and gift store in San Marcos, but success remained elusive.  Fortunately, during this time he received an unexpected offer to teach history and direct the Big Bend Memorial Museum (now the Museum of the Big Bend) at Sul Ross State Teachers College (now Sul Ross State University) in Alpine, Texas.

Dobie taught at Sul Ross, excluding the 1958-1959 academic year, until his retirement and return to San Marcos in 1966.  From 1966 until his death in 1982, Dudley continued to sell books via mail order from his San Marcos home.  He also served a term as the Hays County Democratic Chairman and was a ten-year member of the Hays County Historical Commission. Although he made several notes intended for his memoirs, he never completed it.  

Dudley was an educator, writer and folklorist who loved sharing stories of frontier life in Texas.  He knew a great deal about this subject from a wealth of reading and his personal and family experiences.  He wrote several newspaper and magazine features and privately published A History of San Marcos and Hays County (1948) and Adventures in the Canyons: Mountains and Desert Country of the Big Bend of Texas and Mexico (1952).  He succumbed to colon cancer on April 17, 1982. 

The Dudley Dobie, Sr. Papers were donated by Dudley Dobie, Jr., and Marcelle Smith.  They were donated to the Southwestern Writers Collection, The Wittliff Collections, Alkek Library, and Texas State University in 2013.


Al Lowman, "DOBIE, DUDLEY RICHARD, SR.," Handbook of Texas Online (, accessed December 2, 2013. Published by the Texas State Historical Association.

Scope and Content Note

The Dudley Dobie, Sr. Collection includes documents from the 1910s through the 1980s.  The collection contains 24 boxes (including 8 boxes of oversized materials) and is 12 linear feet.  There are 11 series within the collection, most holding multiple subseries.  The collection is comprised of: Series I – Biographical Material; Series II – Correspondence; Series III – Writings by Dudley Dobie, Sr.; Series IV – Bookstore; Series V – J. Frank Dobie; Series VI – Milton and Ruth Dodson; Series VII – Henry DuPont; Series VIII – Walter Prescott Webb; Series IX – Ralph W. Yarborough; Series X – Writings by Others; and Series XI – Oversized Materials.   

Much of the collection was preserved in its original filing order to maintain the integrity of the collection.  Further, in order to maintain original integrity, many of the folders have retained their original headings; where originally labeled by Dobie, headings are within quotation marks.  However, the contents within the folders have often been reorganized either alphabetically or chronologically. 

A number of books and publications from the collection were removed to backlog.  Several of these materials were written and signed by Dudley Dobie, Sr. – including Gregg Shorthand, New and Revised Edition [Signed by Author-Dudley Dobie]; Gregg Speed Studies [Signed by Author-Dudley Dobie]; and Pancho Villa’s Last Hangout- On Both Sides of the Rio Grande in the Big Bend Country, Dudley Dobie [Signed by Author]. 

Other backlog materials also have inscriptions or signatures, including: College Prose, Boatright and Hughes [Inscriptions Inside Front Cover]; Ed Nichols Rode A Horse as Told to Ruby Nichols Cutbirth, J. Frank Dobie ed. [Signed]; Green Russell and Gold, Emma Dill Russell Spencer [Signed by Author]; J. Frank Dobie: Bibliography, Compiled by Spruill Cook [Signed by the Compiler]; and A Texas Cowboy, Siringo, Introduction by Dobie [Hardcover, Signed by Author]. 

Non-signed historical works in the backlog include: Coffee In The Gourd, Edited by J. Frank Dobie; From Hell to Breakfast, Mody C. Boatright and Donald Day eds; A Texas Cowboy, Charles A. Siringo; A Texas Cowboy, Siringo, Introduction by Dobie [Hardcover]; and The Voice of the Coyote, by J. Frank Dobie.

The backlog also contains a variety of textbooks and other educational materials, including: Adventures in Appreciation, Standard Second Edition, by Cook, Miller, and Loban; Adventures in Appreciation, Second Edition, by Cook, Miller, and Loban; Adventures in Reading, Second Edition, Ross and Thompson [Laid in Item]; Adventures in Reading, Standard Second Edition, Ross and Thompson; Adventures in Reading, Third Edition, Ross and Thompson [Plastic Dust Jacket]; Literature and Life, Book One, Miles and Keck [Laid In Item]; Literature in the Senior High School: American Literature, Briggs, Herzberg, Jackson, Bolenius; and Our Literary Heritage: Literature We Appreciate, Blankenship, Nash, and Werner.

Non-book backlog publications include: E342, No. 1, 1940; E342, Volume One, 1940; E342, Volume Three: Typically Texian, 1942; E342, Volume Four, 1943; Lincoln-Mercury Times, November-December 1950 [2 Copies]; Publications of the Texas Folk-Lore Society, Number IV, May 1925; and Publications of the Texas Folk-Lore Society, Number V; and The Texas Monthly, August 1929 [Laid In Item].  

Additional archival material about Dudley Dobie, Sr., can be found at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin.  The Dudley R. Dobie Papers span 1930 to 1974 and cover circa 1 foot.  The materials primarily pertain to Dudley’s years in Alpine, Texas, at Sul Ross State Teachers College (now Sul Ross State University).  For additional documentation regarding Dudley’s cousin, J. Frank Dobie, see relevant collections at Texas State University’s Wittliff Collections, the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, and the Austin History Center. 

S     Series Descriptions

Series I contains biographical material related to Dudley Dobie, Sr.  Folders contain articles about Dobie, Sr., information regarding the Dobie family, photographs, and other memorabilia.  Folders also include documents pertaining to Dobie, Sr.’s career, including his time at Southwest Texas State Teachers College (now Texas State University) and Sul Ross State Teachers College (now Sul Ross State University) and his work for the Texas Centennial Exposition.  Other folders hold travel journals and notes by Dobie, Sr.

Series II contains personal correspondence, organized alphabetically.  Some folders include photographs and published materials.  Certain letters are only addressed to or from nicknames, including “Bibba” (Deborah Dobie) and “Guyo” (Guy Skiles).  Of particular note is a series of letters sent between Dobie, Sr., and his wife Deborah Dobie in 1935-1936, while he was traveling the state collecting historical artifacts for the Texas Centennial Exposition’s Hall of State. 

Series III contains documents relating to writings by Dudley Dobie, Sr., comprised of four subseries. The first subseries contains documents pertaining to Dobie’s published works, arranged alphabetically. Included are handwritten manuscripts, typed manuscripts, notes, and newspaper articles. Also contained within this subseries is Dobie’s 12-part series that appeared in the San Marcos Daily Record about his excursion to the Rio Grande, funded by Henry DuPont. Additionally, his notes and manuscripts about Milton Milam Dodson, or “Son of the Texas Revolution,” are included. The second subseries encompasses Dobie’s notes and research, 7arranged alphabetically. The third subseries is comprised of catalogues and bulletins pertaining to Dobie’s works. The fourth subseries holds photographs of Frederick Binkley and Claude Elliott.

Series IV focuses on Dudley Dobie, Sr.’s work as a bookseller.  It includes materials regarding his mail-order book business and his two bookstores, called Dobie’s Books.  The first subseries holds correspondence spanning from the 1930s to the 1950s, including an array of letters, receipts, invoices, etc.  Its first folder includes letters relating to high-profile clients of Dobie’s, such as U.S. Senators Clinton P. Anderson and Barry Goldwater.    Another folder contains correspondence to/from clients with multiple letters each, arranged alphabetically.  Later folders contain correspondence in chronological order.  The second subseries consists of administrative files related to Dobie, Sr.’s bookselling operations.  The third subseries includes advertisements and catalogs by or for Dobie’s Books.  The fourth subseries contains advertisements and catalogs by various publishers and authors.  The final subseries has information regarding the Southwest Writer’s Conference. 

Series V contains documents relating to J. Frank Dobie, first cousin to Dudley Dobie, Sr. This series is divided into five subseries. The first subseries consists of three correspondences, including a letter to J. Frank Dobie’s wife, Mrs. Bertha Dobie, from Ralph W. Yarborough. The second subseries holds copies and notes pertaining to J. Frank Dobie’s published works. These are arranged chronologically. The third subseries contains advertisements for J. Frank Dobie’s published works. The fourth subseries encompasses published works about J. Frank Dobie. These are arranged chronologically, with dates ranging from 1926 through 1977. The fifth subseries has various publications collected by Dudley Dobie, Sr. pertaining to J. Frank Dobie.

Series VI holds documents pertaining to Milton and Ruth Dodson. Milton Dodson, the “Son of the Texas Revolution,” was the subject of one of Dobie’s publications. Ruth Dodson, a Texas folklorist and historian, was an associate of J. Frank Dobie, as well as Dudley Dobie, Sr. There are four subseries within this collection. The first subseries is correspondence, mostly from Ruth Dodson to Dudley Dobie, Sr. The bulk of these letters is from 1930 through 1933; however, they continue through 1951. The second subseries has documents relating to the article about Milton Dodson, including an original draft. The third subseries contains writings by Ruth Dodson. The fourth subseries contains articles about Ruth Dodson, encompassing the years 1935 through 1963.

Series VII includes documents relating to Henry DuPont, in particular his funding of Dudley Dobie’s Big Bend excursion. This collection has three subseries. The first subseries contains correspondence regarding DuPont and Dobie’s relationship as well as the Big Bend excursion. Included in this correspondence subseries are a letter from J. G. Flowers, President of Southwest Texas State Teachers College, and two negatives. The bulk of the correspondence is from 1946 through 1951. The second subseries includes various articles relating to DuPont and Dobie’s association. The third subseries contains the publication This Is DuPont: The Story of Life in a Large Corporation with inscribed notes by Dobie.

Series VIII pertains to Walter Prescott Webb, Texas historian and former director of the Texas State Historical Association. This series holds three subseries. The first subseries includes personal correspondence as well as correspondence related to the Texas State Historical Association. There are several letters within this collection that are fragile. The dates included within the correspondence are 1922 through 1964. Also included in this subseries is an article relating to the beginnings of the Handbook of Texas. The second subseries contains published works by Webb, as well as articles written in collaboration with J. Frank Dobie. The third subseries includes published works about Webb. The dates of these articles range from 1935 through 1977.

Series IX is divided into six subseries and contains a variety of personal and political material from U.S. Senator Ralph W. Yarborough (D- Texas), collected by Dudley Dobie, Sr. from the 1930s to the 1980s. The first subseries contains correspondence covering a wide range of subjects, from personal notes about books and Dobie’s bookstore to Yarborough’s thoughts on war and politics.  This subseries also contains correspondence between Yarborough and the following people: Dr. Claude Elliott; Mr. John Jenkins; Mrs. H.P Gaddis; Mr. R.L. Bunting. The second subseries includes Yarborough’s personalized political material to Dudley Dobie, Sr., as well as generic campaign documents from 1931 to 1979.  Within this subseries, there are a number of monthly senatorial newsletters discussing bills considered and debated in particular legislative sessions.  Many of Yarborough’s campaign documents address important policy issues that he, as a progressive Democrat, either supported or opposed. The third subseries contains Yarborough’s political writings and speeches.  There are a number of published Yarbrough writings in this collection, including articles such as “Texas Teachers Sold Down the River” (1953), “A Tribute to Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark” (1967), personalized notes about Richard M. Nixon’s presidency, “Crisis in America’s Healthcare” (1969), and “Battle for a Federal Violent Crimes Act” (1973).  Many of these items have personalized dedications to Dudley Dobie, Sr.  The fourth subseries contains published items, newsletters, and newspaper articles about the senator.  A notable document in this subseries is from the dedication ceremony of Yarbrough’s birthplace as a new Texas State Historical Marker.  There are also six copies of the “Texas Salute to United States Senator Ralph W. Yarborough,” with one copy personally dedicated to J. Frank Dobie, cousin of Dudley Dobie, Sr.  The last two subseries are comprised of various writings and a few photographs, many of which are personally signed by Yarborough to Dudley Dobie, Sr.  The ninth series in the Dudley Dobie, Sr. collection contains personal and political materials from U.S. Senator Ralph W. Yarborough and reveals a long friendship with Dudley Dobie, Sr., as well as their shared political views and interest in all things Texas.

Series X holds various writings by others as collected by Dudley Dobie, Sr. These writings are arranged alphabetically. They include authors Col. M. L. Crimmins, Bill Leftwich, Merze Marvin Seeburger, C. V. Terrell, Edna May Turns, and Sam Woolford. The newspaper articles written by Edna May Turns are from the years 1931 through 1936 and are very fragile. The dates of the writings contained in this series range from 1927 through 1977.

Series XI contains oversized materials.  Its first subseries includes non-newspaper materials that range from campaign materials for U.S. Senator Ralph W. Yarborough, to photographs, a map, and an audio disc.  The other subseries all contain newspapers, ranging from the 1920s to the 1970s.  Two subseries include newspapers featuring articles by Dudley Dobie, Sr.’s cousin, J. Frank Dobie.   The remaining subseries have a wide variety of newspaper issues from across Texas.  Many are fragile.  A significant amount of the issues are commemorative, special, historical editions published upon the anniversary of the founding of the city, county, state, or newspaper itself.  (An example is the Dallas Morning News’ 1936 commemorative issue regarding the Texas Centennial Exposition – for which Dobie was on staff.)  Normal editions often also include historical articles.  Some represent a newspaper’s inaugural period of publishing (as with the 1971-1972 issues of The North San Antonio Times).     

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions
No Restrictions

Preferred Citation
The Dudley Dobie, Sr. Collection, The Wittliff Collections, Texas State University

Acquisition Information
Donated by Dudley Dobie, Jr. and Marcelle Smith

Disposition Information
Some materials were donated to the Texas State University Archives, per the donors and Steve Davis – including Southwest Texas State Normal College Student’s Handbook, 1922 -1923; Yearbook Pictures of the Class of 1927 of Southwest Texas State Teachers College; Three Framed Photos of the University Play “Tommy” Produced in 1928; Playbill for “Tommy” Production (4 copies); “Tommy” Script with Dobie’s Acting Notes; The College Star, dated October 2, 1946; The College Star, dated April 9, 1947; The College Star, dated October 22, 1954 (4 copies); The College Star, dated October 29, 1954; The College Star, dated November 5, 1954; The College Star, dated October 3, 1958; The College Star, dated November 19, 1971; The College Star clipping, not dated. 

Processing Information
Processed by Jennifer Barkdull, Caitlin McColl, Kelli Shapiro and Katie Whitehurst, 2013. 

Notes to Researchers
Many items in the collection are fragile and should be handled with care, especially the historical newspapers.  The collection contains a large amount of material relating to significant figures in twentieth-century Texas, including J. Frank Dobie, Walter Prescott Webb, and U.S. Senator Ralph W. Yarborough, as well as a plethora of personal correspondence from Dudley Dobie, Sr.  Many of the items in the collection’s Yarborough series are signed by Ralph W. Yarborough. 

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Biographical Material

Box     Folder

1          1         Newspaper Articles about Dudley Dobie, Sr.

1          2 
         Southwest Texas State University Includes: Class record, college directory

1          3
         Sul Ross State University and Alpine, TX area

1          4
         Texas Centennial Exposition, 1936 (Dudley Dobie’s exhibit project) Includes: correspondence; Dobie’s ID card; Centennial News newsletter; Exposition poster; certificate from Exposition honoring Dobie’s work

1          5
         Travel Journals and Research Notes (other than those related to specific writings, etc.)    

1          6
         Information on Dobie Family Includes: family tree; history of the Dobie family written by J. Frank Dobie; article on Dudley’s son attending the University of Texas; Notice of Land Sale for Dobie Ranch

1          7

Series II: Correspondence

1          8         Baxter Berry, Includes photos

1          9         Herbert Brandt,  Includes photo

1          10       George Bush, Political Solicitations

1          11        Deborah Dobie [nicknamed Bibba], Dudley Dobie, Sr.’s wife (1935-1936) [photocopies]

1          12         D through L

1          13         Frances McMinn, Includes photos

1          14         Ben Carlton Mead, Includes published materials. Note: “Gold” magazine and a souvenir play program (for “Texas” at Palo Duro Canyon) both have illustrations by Mead. Program is inscribed by Mead to Dudley Dobie, Sr.

1          15         N through Z

Series III: Writings by Dudley Dobie, Sr.

                 Published Works by Dudley, Dobie, Sr.   

2          1         “About Cattle and Horses and Men Who Live With Them” - Manuscript (handwritten)

2          2
         “Adventures in the Canyon, Mountain and Desert Country of the Big Bend of Texas and Mexico” - Manuscript (handwritten) and printed copy

2          3 
         “Adventures in the Canyon, Mountain and Desert Country of the Big Bend of Texas and Mexico” (3 typed copies)

2          4
         “Adventures in the Canyon, Mountain and Desert Country of the Big Bend of Texas and Mexico” – Various notes

2          5
         “Photographs and Galley Sheets for D.R., “Adventures in the Canyon” – 11 photographs

2          6
         Arnold, Dr. M.L. – manuscript (handwritten) – featured in San Marcos Daily Record

2          7
         “Between Two Rivers of the Rocky Mountains” – drafts (handwritten) (1of 2)

2          8
         “Between Two Rivers of the Rocky Mountains” – drafts (handwritten) (2of 2). Includes a newspaper article by Dr. Robert T. Hill and a program, "Thirty-sixth Annual Meeting, Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division, American Association for the Advancement of Science," May 1960. 

2          9
         “Camp Kleberg on Lake Nueces” – manuscript (typewritten)

2          10
        “John Connally and the Democratic Party,” by Dudley R. Dobie, Sr. – manuscript (handwritten and typewritten)

2          11
        A College Teacher in Alpine, Texas” by Dudley Dobie – notes (handwritten)

2          12
        “Notes on ‘Cave Dwellers” – handwritten notes for “Cud Chewers and Cave Dwellers” article

2          13
        “Cud Chewers and Cave Dwellers” – manuscript (handwritten)

2          14
        Cud Chewers and Cave Dwellers” – manuscript (typewritten)

2          15
        “Divided We Stand” pamphlet by Dobie (3 copies) – International Union, United Automobile, Aircraft and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (U.A.W. – C.I.O)

2          16
        “Gone But Not Forgotten (Yet)” – draft (typewritten)   
3          1
          The History of Hays County, Texas, August 1932, by Dobie

3          2           “William Ivey Johnson – In memoriam”

3          3
          “Lagarto, Pages from an Old Ledger Learning Names of Some Settlers or Ranch Residents of Lagarto”

3          4
          “Largoto Near Vanishing Point, Once Flourishing College Town” – manuscript (typewritten) Includes a copy of a newspaper article

3          5 
          “Issues of The Mathis News, 1934, Bearing Articles by Dudley R. Dobie,  Who Wrote Anonymously – ‘People and Places’ and ‘By the  Observer’” (May 1934 – June 1934)

3          6          The Mathis News, “People and Places” by The Observer – notes (typewritten) Includes a newspaper article

3          7          “The Mexican Raid” and “True Account of the Capture of Hipolito Tapia and Andres Dabilo” – manuscripts (typewritten)

3          8          “A Queen of the Low Country” – manuscript (typewritten) Includes handwritten notes and The Cattleman, July 1956

3          9          “Reunion Day at Camp Ben McCulloch” by Dudley R. Dobie, Sr. –  manuscript (typewritten) Includes six photographs

3          10        “D.R. – Outline on ‘Rio Grande’, other useful notes”

3          11        “Rio Grande Rumors” – manuscript to be typed (handwritten)

3          12        “Smithers, W.D.” - manuscript (handwritten)

3          13        “Son of the Texas Revolution,” The Frontier Times, Volume 9, Number 12 (2 copies) – Milton Milam Dodson

3          14        “Son of the Texas Revolution,” The Frontier Times – various materials. Includes correspondence with The Frontier Times and newspaper articles, San Antonio Express

4          1          “Son of the Texas Revolution Looks Back on that Day When Texas was in the Wild and Wooly Stage,” article. Includes San Antonio Express article, May 1, 1932 about Milton Milam Dodson

4          2          “Texas Siftings” – “Dudley R. Dobie: Big Bend” (12 parts) The San Marcos Daily Record (September 1941 – November 1941) (1 of 2)

4          3          “Texas Siftings” – “Dudley R. Dobie: Rambles Through the Big Bend”  (12 parts) The San Marcos Daily Record (September 1941 – November 1941) (2 of 2)

4          4          “Texas Siftings, Narratives of Dudley R. Dobie” The San Marcos Daily Record (unknown dates)

4          5          “Texas Siftings, Narratives of Dudley R. Dobie” The San Marcos Daily Record Includes typewritten notes and newspaper articles

4          6          “Texas Siftings, Assortment of Articles Written Under Texas Siftings”  The San Marcos Daily Record (July 1941 – March 1942)               

                 Research and Notes by Dudley Dobie, Sr.

4          7          “Judge Roy Bean Collection” with Blueprints

4          8          “Big Bend Aids”

4          9          “Mrs. Ansell on D.R.D and Big Bend”

4          10        “Big Bend” Notes (1939) W. H. Dodd, etc.

4          11        “Notes - Big Bend - Langtry”

4          12        “Other - Big Bend Notes”

4          13        “D.R.D - “Star” on Big Bend Grant” (3 copies)

5          1          “Big Bend Support” Notes

5          2          “Border Man Barler” Notes

5          3          D.R.D's Composition Book Notes (1934) on High Schoolers

5          4          “Col. M.L. Crimmens, 312 Geneso Road, San Antonio, TX” notes- fragile (silver leaf) papers

5          5          “Christian Civilian Conservation Corps” Notes by D.R.D.

5          6          “William Melville Dobie,” Remarks to D.R.D., September 5, 1930

5          7          “Notes on Mayor W.H. Emory & Others”

5          8          “Ford Memoirs, the Road to El Paso”

5          9          “Freeman - Grand Canyon” Notes

5          10        “Gregg - Presidio Co., Westward - Rio Grande” Notes

5          11        “House Trail & Wagon Road - West of the Pecos”

5          12        “Langtry - Trans. Pecos” Notes

5          13        “Mead Excursion,” Notes by D.R.D. (1932)

5          14        D.R.D's Trip to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, etc. (1972) Includes notes, research, & correspondence

5          15        “Rio Grande - Shaflter Crossing”

5          16        “San Antonio Express Feature - July 17, 1932”

5          17        “Trips” various notes, correspondence, & articles

6          1          “Texas' Southern Pacific Railroad” Includes notes, maps and blueprints

6          2          Various Notes “Texas Material”

Catalogues and Bulletins for Dudley Dobie, Sr.’s works

6          3          “Book News: A Round-Up of the Most Interesting Books of All Time,” October 7, 1945 (3 copies)

6          4          Spirited Southwest, Roundup 1 and 2 (2 copies each)

6          5          “Sul Ross College Bulletin,” Volume XLI, Number 3 (4 copies) (1 of 2)

6          6          “Sul Ross College Bulletin,” Volume XLI, Number 3 (4 copies) (2 of 2)

6          7          “The Texas State Historical Association Annual Meeting,” April, 1946 (6 copies)


6          8          Frederick Binkley, Cotulla, Texas and Claude Elliott

Series IV:  Bookstore


6         9          Correspondence to/from important figures. Includes: U.S. Senator Clinton P. Anderson; Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library Committee; Barry Goldwater; Texas Attorney General Ben Shepperd; Judge Adolphus Ragan

6         10           Correspondence to/from people with multiple letters. Includes: Samuel E. Asbury, Rees H. Bowen, M.S. Boyce, Irene Francis (of San Antonio Public Library and Texas Library Association), L.B. Harbison (of Harbison-Fischer Manufacturing Co.), Bill Leftwich (Western artist), Dr. Pat Ireland Nixon, H.M.  Phillips (editor/publisher of “Sheep and Goat Raiser: The  Ranchman’s Magazine”), Percy D. Quinby, Dr. Carl Coke Rister  (Distinguished Professor of History, Texas Technological College [now Texas Tech University]), Texas Folk-Lore Society, Louis J. Wilson, E.R. Wyatt, E.L. Yeats (Pastor, First Methodist Church, Albany, TX).

6         11         Correspondence, 1930s

6         12         Correspondence, 1940s

6         13         Correspondence, 1951

7         1          Correspondence, January – May, 1952

7         2          Correspondence, June – December, 1952

7         3          Correspondence, 1954-1955

7         4          Correspondence, undated

7         5     Administrative Files

         6     Advertisements / Catalogs by/for Dobie’s Books

7         7     Advertisements / Catalogs by publishers and authors

7         8     Southwest Writer’s Conference

Series V:  J. Frank Dobie


7         9         From J. Frank Dobie (1972 and 1979)

7         10         To Mrs. Bertha Dobie from Ralph W. Yarborough (real signature), March 25, 1968

                 Published works by J. Frank Dobie

7         11         “Deer Hunt Proves Uneventful” (1950)

7         12          “J. Frank Dobie – ‘Owls’ – Zerox (sic) Copy” (1950)

7         13         “What’s New, Christmas, 1952”

7         14         “Deer Hunters’ Camp” (1952)

7         15         True West, April, 1968, featuring ‘My Mother’ by J. Frank Dobie”

7         16           Various Published Works by J. Frank Dobie (1923, 1944, undated) Includes:  “Texas-Mexican Border Broadsides”; “A Corner Forever Texas”; “The Archives Wars of Texas”; “Other Men’s Flowers”

7         17         “Days & Nights – In Camp – with J. Frank Dobie” – notes (handwritten)

7         18         “D.R. & J.F.D.” – notes (handwritten)

7         19         “J.F.D. Preparation” – various notes, receipts, articles

                 Advertisements for J. Frank Dobie’s published works

8         1         “Advertisements for Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver by J. Frank Dobie”  (15 copies)

8         2         “Advertisements on JFD – The Longhorns – sent out by Dudley R. Dobie”

8         3         Advertisements for J. Frank Dobie’s Books

8         4         Advertising for J. Frank Dobie

8         5          “Catalog – Fall Books, 1953, University of Texas Press”

8         6         “Use the Philpott Adjectives!” Includes Information about J. Frank Dobie’s writings and costs

                 Published works about J. Frank Dobie

8         7         Various articles about J. Frank Dobie (1926 – 1930)

8         8         “J. Frank Dobie” Speech Presented by Walter Prescott Webb at Dobie Folklore Dinner (1955)

8          9         Various articles about J. Frank Dobie (1960 – 1965)

8         10         “Frank Dobie: Man and Friend,” address by Ralph W. Yarborough (April 1967)

8         11         “The West and J. Frank Dobie,” inscribed by Ralph W. Yarborough (May 1967)

8         12         Duncan, Bill, “Wild Ride to Border Saved Dobie’s Life,” San Antonio Express (June 28, 1972)

8         13         Walraven, Bill, “He’s a Young 89,” Corpus Christi Caller (May 19, 1977)

                 Various Publications

8         14          “Official Inaugural Program, January 20, 1961,” Inscribed to James Frank Dobie II

8         15         Harry Oliver’s Desert Rat Scrapbook (2 copies)

8         6         “A Program for Texas History: The Texas State Historical Association” (5 copies)

Series VI:  Milton and Ruth Dodson


8         17         From Ruth Dodson (June 9, 1930 – June 23, 1951; bulk – 1930-1933)

8         18          W.P. Burke, Lena Porter, Henrietta Rodd

                 Articles about Milton Dodson by Dudley Dobie, Sr.

8          19         Original Draft

9         1                      Interview Notes from Milton and Ruth Dodson

9         2                      Thesis “Rancho Perdido” by Sister Mary Ann Roddy

                 Writings about Ruth Dodson

9         3                      Drafts of Articles

9         4                      Frontier Times (1944)

9         5      About Ruth Dodson (1935 – 1963)


Series VII:  Henry DuPont

                 Correspondence (1946 – 1960; bulk 1946 – 1951)

9         6         Various Authors regarding Dobie’s relationship with DuPont (1 of 2) Includes:   2 negatives and a letter from J.G. Flowers

10         1         Various Authors regarding Dobie’s relationship with DuPont (2 of 2)  Includes:   2 negatives and a letter from J.G. Flowers

10         2         Various Authors on DuPont Funded Big Bend Excursion (February 1946 - September 1946)

                 “Dobie – DuPont” (1946 – 1948)

10         3          Various articles and papers collected about DuPont. Includes:  Big Bend Donation, Newspaper article regarding DuPont divorce, Eastern Airlines flier

10                  “Dobie – DuPont, 1941 and Woodall – Rio Grande” – newspaper article

10         5         Sul Ross State College Dedication of Science Building (May 1960). Includes:  Programs, Newspaper articles, Copy of speech

                 Various Publications about DuPont

10                  This Is DuPont: The Story of Life in a Large Corporation with inscribed  notes by Dobie

Series VIII:  Walter Prescott Webb

              Correspondence (1922 – 1964)

10         7          Personal. Includes:  Fragile items, article about the Beginning of the Handbook of Texas          

10                  Texas Historical Association (1935 – 1946)

                 Published Works by Webb

10         9         “The Texas Rangers” – drafts (typewritten). Includes articles regarding “The Texas Rangers,” Austin American-Statesman (May 24, 1959 and October 10, 1965)

10         10          “On the handwriting of W. P. Webb: ‘From The Texas Rangers Walter Prescott Webb’”

10         11         Various Articles by Webb (1927 – 1959)

10         12         Various Articles by Webb and J. Frank Dobie, Dallas Morning News (1942 –1943)

11         1     Published Works about Webb (1935 – 1977)

Series IX:  Ralph W. Yarborough

                 Correspondence:  1937 – 1980

                      Dudley Dobie, Sr. and Ralph W. Yarborough

11                  1937 – 1939

11         3         1940

11         4         1941 – 1942

11                 1943 – 1945

11         6         1946 – 1948

11         7         1950

11         8         1955 – 1956

11         9         1957 – 1959

11         10         1961, 1963, 1965

11         11         1966

11         12         1967

11         13         1968

11         14         1969 – 1970

11         15         1971 – 1972

12         1          1973 – 1975, 1980

12         2          Correspondence – Empty Envelopes

                   Ralph W. Yarborough and Others

12         3          Dr. Claude Elliot:  1940 – 1941, 1952

12         4          Mr. John Jenkins:  February 1968

12         5          Mrs. H.P. Gaddis:  March 1968

12         6          Mr. R.L. Bunting:  January 1973

                 Political Materials/Campaign Documents

12         7          1931

12         8          1941

12         9           1947

12         10         1952 – 1953

12         11         1954

12         12         1955

12         13         1957

12         14         1958 – 1959

12         15         1960

12         16         1960 Richard Nixon & Lodge Political Materials

12         17         1961 – 1962

12         18         1963

12         19         1964

12         20         1965

12         21         1966

12         22         1967

12         23         1968

13         1           1969

13         2           1970

13         3           1972 – 1973

13         4           1978-79 Political Correspondence – RWY & The American Cancer Society

                 Speeches and Writings by Ralph W. Yarborough

13         5          Yarborough’s Charge to Grand Jury of Travis County, Texas, October term (1939)

13         6          Yarborough’s Address at the Texas Weights and Measures 5th Annual Conference, May 8 & 9, 1940 **personalized for Dudley Dobie, Sr.

13         7          “Analysis of Proposed Texas Medical Act” (1946)

13          8          “The Junior Historian – Texas Historical Association” (1946) Introduction by Yarborough”

13         9          The Emancipator, “Texas Teachers Sold Down the River,” (1953)

13         10         “Yarborough Describes the Civil War,” The Austin American, Friday, January 22, 1954.

13         11         “In Memoriam – Graham Best Smedley” (1954)

13         12         “Aibates Flint Quarries: A National Monument” RWY Introduction (1963)

13         13         “The West” pamphlet (1965) **Personalized for Dudley Dobie, Sr.

13         14         Kennedy Lecturer: A Presentation of the President’s Scholarship Trophies, May 9, 1966

13         15         Tributes: Justice Tom Clark, Texas Law Forum, 1967

13         16         Senate Notes **mentions Richard M. Nixon’s presidency

13         17         Modern Maturity: “Crisis in American’s Healthcare,” (Oct- Nov., 1969), page 40.

13         18         Yarborough’s Forward in Defenders, Henderson County, TX (1969)

13         19         “The Big Thicket’s Advocate in Congress, A Congressional Record Bibliography, 1970

13         20         Speech at the dedication of Sam Houston’s Commemorative Stamp  **Stamp designed by William (Bill) Wittliff, 1971

13         21         Announcement Statement from Yarborough (1972)

13         22         “Battle for a Federal Violent Crimes Act – S. California Law Review (1973)

                 Writings about Ralph W. Yarborough

14         1         “Bienvieda Home-Coming, Senator Yarborough,” 1970 (2 copies)

14         2           “Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, United States Senate, One Hundredth Anniversary,” 1869 – 1969

14         3          “Dedication of the Texas State Historical Marker for the Birthplace of Ralph W. Yarborough,” 1966

14         4          “National Conference on Educational Opportunities for Mexican Americans,” April 25 – 26, 1968

14         5          “One Hundredth Anniversary of the District Courts of Travis County, Texas, 1840 – 1940” (2 copies)

14         6          “Parade Magazine,” January 18, 1970, p. 2

14         7          “Texas Salute to United States Senator Ralph W. Yarborough” (6 copies)  **1 copy dedicated personally by Ralph W. Yarborough to J. Frank Dobie

14         8          “Time Magazine,” May 11, 1970, p. 37

14         9          “Time Magazine,” November 16, 1970, p. 23

14         10          “Tribute to Ralph W. Yarborough upon Retirement from the United States Senate,” 1971

14         11         “Tribute to Ralph W. Yarborough at the Austin Country Dinner  Playhouse” (2 copies), Playbill for The Country Dinner Playhouse (3 copies), September 17, 1972

14         12         Yarborough of Texas, by William G. Phillips (2 copies)

                 Newspaper Articles and Newsletters

14         13         Newspaper Articles: 1946, 1956 – 1957

15          1          Newspaper Articles:  1958, 1960

15          2          Newspaper Articles:  1964 – 1966

15                  Newspaper Articles: 1967 – 1969

15          4          Newspaper Articles: 1970

15          5          Newspaper Articles:  1971

15          6          Newspaper Articles: 1972 – 1975

15          7          “Texas Observer,” February 19, 1957

15         8          “Texas Observer,” February 28, 1959

15         9          “Texas Observer,” April 17, 1964

15         10         “Science,” January 9, 1970

15         11         “Texas Observer,” 1970

15         12         “Washington Report,” January 4, 1971

15         13          “Texas Observer,” November 2, 1973

                 Various Writings

15         14         Ainu Life and Legends, by Kyōsuke Kindaiti, 1941

15         15         “Montanarama:  Historical Highlights” and “Unveiling and Presentation Ceremony of Charles M. Russell’s Statue,” Program (3 copies), 1959

15          16         A Bibliography and Writings and Illustrations, by Tom Lea, 1971 – 1972

15         17         “Excellence in Politics,” Program by Paul H. Douglas, 1967

15         18         A Pair of Texas Rangers: Bill McDonald and John Hughes, by Virgil E. Baugh, 1970

15         19         “Story of the 97th Infantry Division”

15         20         Texas Laughs:  Including the Amazing Truth about Texas, by Boyce House, 1950

15         21         Yarborough, Charles R., Centenarian, 1864 – 1964 – In Memoriam

15         22     Photographs

Series X:  Writings by Others

16        1          The Austin American, Sports Section (April 1, 1970)

16        2          Col. M. L. Crimmins – Poem – ‘When I Behold the Rising Sun”

16        3          “Donald E. Everett: Friends of the P. I. Nixon Medical Historical Library, 1974” – reference to J. Frank Dobie and Dudley Dobie

16        4          Farm and Ranch, “They Justify Faith by Work” (November 5, 1927)

16        5          Bill Leftwich, “Longhorns are Back” pamphlet

16        6          The Corps at Aggieland, inscribed by Bill Leftwich

16        7          “Rice University Library (Fondren)” Includes:  The Flyleaf (1975), The William B. Bates Collection (1965, 1971) and the Texana Collection (1975)

16          8          “______, Robert letter addressed to the “Hon. (Once) Richard Nixon”  (1975)

16         9          Seeburger, Merze Marvin Gringos Across the Border, inlaid notes by Dobie

16         10         Southwest Museum, The Masterkey (Jan/Feb 1958 and May/Jun 1958  issues)

16         11         Southwestern Annual, 1917, inlaid notes by Dobie

16         12         Terrell, C. V. – newspaper articles – Hogg-Clark Campaign

16         13         Texas Centennial Review, Volume I (1935 – 1936)

16         14         Turns, Edna May – newspaper articles (very fragile) (1931 – 1936)

16         15         University of Houston Library “ALDVS” (1976 – 1977)

16         16         Woolford, Sam – newspaper articles – named “Guy Skiles, Shelby Dobie, et al…” (3 copies)

Series XI:  Oversized Materials

                 Assorted Non-Newspaper Materials

17         1          Ralph W. Yarborough Campaign Materials

17         2          Southwest Scene: The Dallas Morning News – “Yarborough Isn’t Through Yet" Dated October 11, 1970 [3 Copies]

17         3          McGovern-Shriver Campaign Materials

17         4          Photographs, Etc. Includes: “(Pack Saddle) or Pommel Peak of Chisos Mt. by Vic Bracher- 1941”; image of Big Bend National Park from Sheep and Goat Raiser: The Ranchman’s Magazine, May 1948              

17        5          J. Marvin Hunter publications about Bandera, TX

17        6           “Map- The State of Coahuila and Texas”

17        7          Audio discs featuring Pop Songs from 1920s-1950s Labeled by Title                                             

                 Newspapers with Articles by J. Frank Dobie

18        1          Newspapers Featuring Dobie’s Stories- The Austin American-Statesman, The allas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram (1936-1961)

18        2          The Sunday American Statesman, Dated October 6, 1935, Featuring Story by J. Frank Dobie [3 Copies]

18        3          “J. Frank Dobie- “Divided We Stand”- With Photograph, The Dallas Morning News Dated Feb. 24, 1942 [2 Copies]

18        4          The Dallas Morning News Dated February 24, 1943 Featuring Dobie’s “Divided We Stand” [3 Copies]

18        5          “1) 7 Copies: “Portrait of a Ranch Country Matriarch” From The Dallas Morning News, Dec. 5, 1948. 2) 2 Copies: “Mrs. R. J. Dobie, Pioneer South Texas, etc” Beeville Bee Picayune, Nov. 25, 1948”

18        6          “J. Frank Dobie’s Essay On Sandburg” From The Dallas Morning News, Dated Nov. 18, 1951 [3 Copies]

18        7          Austin American-Statesman, 1962

18        8          Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1962

18        9          Houston Now, 1962

18        10         San Antonio Light, 1962

 19        1          “The Fort Worth Press- Texas Centennial Scrapbook (Newspaper) 1936. Featuring J. Frank Dobie- “The Flavour of Texas” in Thirty Chapters” [4 Copies]

19        2          “The Daily (First) Issues of J. Frank Dobie- ‘The Flavour of Texas’ Fort Worth Press, April-May 1936”

                 Texas Newspapers - 1920s

20        1          The Austin American-Statesman, 56th Anniversary Edition dated August 14, 1927

20        2          The Kyle News Quarter Century Edition, dated April 20, 1928

20        3          Various Texas Newspapers, 1920s Issues. Includes: Beeville Bee Picayune, Gonzales Inquirer, [Harris County] Semi-Weekly Tribune, Hays County Herald, Kyle News                                              

                 Texas Newspapers - 1930s

21        1          The Dallas Morning News Dated January 5, 1936 [3 Copies]

21        2          Fragile- South Austin Advocate- 100 Years”, 1936

21        3          Various Texas Newspapers, 1930s. Includes: Edna Weekly Herald, Galveston Daily News, Houston Chronicle, Houston Post, The Houstonian, Navasota Daily Examiner, San Antonio Express News, Uvalde News-Leader

                 Texas Newspapers - 1930s to 1950s

22        1          San Antonio Express News, 1930s-1940s Issues       

22        2          Various Texas Newspapers, 1940s Issues. Includes: The Bourne Star, The Concho Herald, The Devil’s River News, Eagle-Pass News Guides, Hays County Herald, The Luling Newsboy, San Marcos Record                                                        

22        3          Various Texas Newspapers, 1950s Issues. Includes: The Clifton Record, Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Mason Country News, Pleasanton Express                                                        

22        4          Corpus Christi Caller-Times Sunday, July 12, 1953, Featuring King Ranch”

                 Texas Newspapers - 1960s to 1970s

23        1          Various Texas Newspapers, 1960s Issues. Includes: The Alpine Avalanche, The Canyon News, San Angelo Standard-Times, San Marcos Record

23        2          Pleasanton Express, Various Issues, 1969-1973

23        3           The Victoria Advocate 1968-1974 Issues, Various

23        4          New Braunfels Herald, April 2, 1970, New Braunfels 125th Anniv. Ed.”

                 Texas Newspapers - 1970s

24          1         The North San Antonio Times, March 1971-August 1972